hi everyone kevin here from golf guyreviews and in this video today i wanted to do something a little bit differenti wanted to ask the question why did nike keep insistingon making golf versions of their existing trainersi can't tell are they just being lazy are they geniusesor is it a little bit of both now i can already feel the nike fanboys rushing towrite their comments just saying that i'm bashing nike for no reasonwhatsoever and that's not what this video is abouti think some of nike's latest golf shoes that they've usedtheir trainer designs on have been some of the best golf shoes that they've madefor quite a while and certainly some of the best golfshoes released this year in 2020 but you've got to admit that nike justseemed to be refusing to make a normal pair of golf shoes at the moment andinstead just keep rehashing their trainers and making thema little bit more suitable for golf it is a bit of an interesting strategyand i just wonder what's going on over at nike golf hq you want to turn one of our runningshoes into a pair of golf shoes yeah go for it i love it can you do aspiked version yes this is awesome keep going keepdoing it look guys i really like it but i just want you to rememberwe can still make normal golf shoes you are onsuch a roll and then you give me this it looks like oscar grouch made love to anair max one let's pump the brakes a little bit andmake something that looks a little bit more like a golf shoeyou did it again what's going on down there did someone re-landscape theirgarden and have a load of artificial turf left oversort it out listen to me very carefully i do not want another trainer style golfshoe and you better not have said anything tothose air jordan guys down the hall i'm speechless i'm actually speechlessyou've made a spiked golf shoe yes a spiked golf shoe of one of our runningtrainers no i give up that's iti'm done at the moment i think there's onlyone dedicated pair of traditional golf shoes out there at the momenton the nike website certainly here in the uk that's the air zoomvictory tour and if i'm totally honest i don't really like the look of thatgolf shoe anyway it looks quite big and bulkyi haven't personally tested it yet so i can't speak for actually how it performsbut you know it it doesn't look all that to mei would prefer something a little bit more updated a little bit more slimlinenow you can find other pairs of golf shoes on otherretailers so for example the react vapor 2 which is one of myfavorite pairs of golf shoes at the moment but that's not currentlyon sale on the nike website and also the roche g tour you can't getthat on the nike website either also the tw17 or the tall premiereneither of those shows are currently on saleon the nike website here in the uk so what's the future for nike golf shoes atthe moment are they just gonna keep pumping outgolf versions of their existing trainer lines and just accept that the fact thatthey're gonna ignore a pretty significant proportionof their audience who actually want a dedicated golf shoefrom nike rather than just an update to a pair oftrainers golfers at the moment wanting a more traditional style golf shoeare simply just gonna have to go elsewhere and it seems thatnike are okay with that now i've personally reviewed a lot of the latestofferings from nike golf in regards to their trainer style golf shoes and i'veincluded a link down below in the description so you can check out all ofthose reviews but actually when you look at these golfshoes some have been incredibly successfulthey've been some real real standout golf shoes the air max 1gi was really impressed with this one right here the air max 270g the latest onescome out was really really impressive it'sincredibly comfortable it's surprisingly stable it's entirelywaterproof which is fantastic for a pair of golf shows and the grip was actuallyreally impressive too so that's just been anout and out stunner of a golf show but then if you look at the air zoominfinity tour yes it was incredibly comfortablebecause you had a boatload of air zoom in the bottom ofthat shoe but it did have issues with stabilityand in my opinion that's probably the reason why brookskepka ditched those shoes after just two tournaments they were hissignature shoes there was so much press and hype aroundhow brooks koepka helped design the shoes for him forprofessional golfers for elite athletes and then after two tournamentshe goes back to his old shoes what's that aboutalso if you have a look out on the tour i don't think many other golfersif actually any other golfers have actually swapped over to the air zoomsMcIlroy risked up with the roche g tour patrick reed has stuck with thereact vapor 2's no one's moved over to them and they'rebased on a pair of running shoes so it's been a bit hit or miss in regards towhether actually these trainer style golf shoesactually perform out on the course and yet nike just keep releasingnew colorway after new colorway after new colorwayand then a limited edition and another limited edition and another limitededition and it goes on and on and in fact that'ssomething i just wanted to talk about as wellhow do you feel about all these limited editionsand all the various colorways as well there's just so many to choose fromnow variety is great you know variety is the spice of lifei don't know why i said it like that but are nike beginning to saturate their ownmarket is there too much choice out thereand is it a little bit too frustrating to buy a pair of golf shoes and then acouple of days later a completely different pair of golfshoes is then released what do you think let me know down in the comments belownow just to be clear i'm not a nike golf hater as i said at the beginningthere are some great shoes at the moment that they're out there doing and i thinkthat it's really really impressive to have such a wide range of golf shoes tocover so many varying tastes and it's not only nike that are doingthis adidas at the moment are doing this so they've just released their spikedversion of the iconic trainers the superstars and thenactually even more recently they've just released a spikeless versionof the zx8000 i think it's 8 000 1000 let me checkyep zx 8000 now that's a shoe from kind of like the late 80s early 90s that alot of people are gonna have a lot of kind ofrecognition for again with puma puma have just released the rsg golfshoes and again that's a pair of golf shoes that are based on a pair of verypopular trainers from puma or puma depending upon whether you sayit right or wrong but i'm not gonna say which one it isso clearly there's a massive demand for these type of trainer style golf shoesand the likes of nike and puma and adidas have got a huge advantage overthe more traditional manufacturers because they've already got thispre-existing back catalogue of trainers that people have lived withfor the last 20 30 years and have got a lot of loveand a lot of you know affinity for these shoes if you take alook at footjoy's attempt at making a trainer style golfshoe the footjoy flex is a bit of a grandad looking shoe in myopinion i don't think it looks the best they've tried to reiterate it with againlimited edition versions or the footjoy coastal and i think youknow they're starting to get the hang of it certainly with the coastalbut they're just at such a disadvantage because everybodyalready knows and loves the likes of your superstarsyou know your 270s you jordan air five lowsyou know everybody already knows and loves them already and so there's a lotof people out there who are going to want to buy at them asa pair of golf shoes so maybe this massive influx of these trainer stylegolf shoes is a real positive for the game giveseveryone a lot more choice and it really allows golfers to express themselves outon the course which can only be a good thingalso a lot of people say that it will encourage more peopleto take up golf if they recognize these shoes and trainers and brands thatactually they can use out on the golf coursealthough i'm not entirely convinced by that argument if someone's looking tostart golf i really don't think that the main thing holding them backis the fact that they can't get a pair of trainers that they can usefor golf i honestly think you know a better way to approach this would bejust to let everyone play in trainers it doesn't matter youknow if golf shoes are now starting to look like trainersbut can perform like golf shoes there's no reason for golf courses to stoppeople playing in trainers they may not give asgood a performance you might slip they might not be as stable as you needthem to be but for a beginner starting golf you can still play golf in them itdoesn't matter so i don't really buy that argument thatthese trainer style golf shoes are going to encourage more peopleto start playing golf i don't know why i said that so weird then to startto start to start playing golf i've lost the plot another majoradvantage to all these new golf shoe trainersis actually nothing to do with golf whatsoever for the first timeyou're now able to buy all your favorite okay that's exaggerating a bit too muchit's not all your favorite a lot of your favorite golf shoes in awaterproof version take these 270gs these are notwaterproof in their trainer versions it's just amesh upper but in their golf versions these are totally waterproof i wasreally really impressed with the amount of waterproof properties that theseshoes have so for me walking to work or you knowjust being casually out and about when the weather ain't that greatmeans that i've now got a load of pair of trainers that are waterproofbrilliant so let me know down in the comments what do you think of all thesetrainer style golf shoes are nike going in the right directionand you want to see even more of them or actually would you like to see a moretraditional pair of golf shoes from nike for me personally i think they shouldmaybe just pump the brakes a little bit i would love to see a new pair ofdedicated golf shoes specifically if i could have my wish i'dactually want to see a nike react vapor 3.

if they can putjust a little bit of air zoom in the bottom of that react golf shoe i thinkyou are on to an absolute winner because it's alreadyvery comfortable but it's far more stable than the air zoominfinity tool there you go that's what i think as isay i just wanted to make this video today just more of a discussion trysomething a little bit different let me know down in the comments if youenjoyed this video today and you like this slightly different styledon't worry i'm still gonna be doing all my latest golf shoe reviews and techreviews here on my channel so if you haven't done so already makesure you subscribe and make sure you hit that bell notification so you can keepup to date on all my latest videos right here on golfbidder reviews you.