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hold on a second what they do care about the surfeited up in there sigh so uh so technically it's even you know what at the kawaii Tokyo Japan this is a land known for order and discipline but for every social custom and rule there are those who seek

to break them I'm here to find a core ago more than ten years after this iconic fashion subculture began a new generation is pushing the limits even further this is a culture where there are school uniforms here there are uniforms work three months uniforms for everything cat is

a German Decorah living and teaching English in Tokyo how does this allow you to really express who you are the core of fashion is fun fashion it's very against this with the mainstream of things it's not in a magazine it's not elegant it's very much boom in your

face you can't scare people a little bit some people just go oh that might be weird person there while decorum might be a direct rebellion against Japan strict uniform culture these girls aren't outcasts or learners in fact some of them are celebrities all with over half a million

followers on social media Kuribayashi is one of the most famous Decorah girls in the world right now and union is one of the red Decorah boys with an equally fanatic following I meet them at their favorite cafe a self styling salon in the neighborhood of Harajuku why do

people feel that they have to come here to get ready they can't do it at home optimist a to cut off so you sit up a bit how much difficult started how long have you both been dressing Decorah about six or seven years so this is your favorite

Decorah store fun as it may be I have to wonder could they be using the colorful barrettes and accessories to hide behind you see this as being like a mask like you were playing a character terrifying meditative of our meal proposal but for most of the month they're

super salsify English like that koala – nincada alcala by Eric O'Keefe readers or euro Kogarah saw none they are not team ecology Kuribayashi and union seemed to embody this style completely but what did Decorah look like when it first began June right that's their motto be a scary

day to put that today so she okie is the founder of fruits magazine the most respected publication in Japanese street fashion Oh God for doing a fashion studio today he has been documenting Japanese street style for more than 20 years kokoro merited a piranha fashion God even sampling

hawkers did she kind of get coded for more there means more packed under the decor girls that I've seen have really pushed the amount of accessories they wear to the limit the Veronica pastula no they're called okay cannot take this amount or not we're having a sort of

a fashion cut cameras that do contain a concern Japanese culture values the group over the individual it's the way social order is maintained decorum may be breaking the mold but maybe it's still within the framework of what is accepted I'm hoping to get some perspective from a Decorah

girl who lives outside the city to go jungle boy out there Imani so I've written about them this is a 23 year old Kenai a lives in the suburbs of Tokyo with her husband baby and extended family tonight we're going to meet her friends in Harajuku and she

wants to show me how a decor alert comes together we call it um there yes so how long does it normally take you to get ready your car has a marathon music on horizon two hours whoo how do you decide the arrangement of all the hair clips Somali

knock even though don't want to get it there – yeah let's get it nothing nothing good there well pop amended spit with it a slow introduction into the coral or you just one morning decided I like this style and you did the whole thing in the heart isn't

it more he so Connie you know it all color and I will note anaconda it Kenny popped it start the convalescent the look is complete more to this what do you think of can I dressed in Decorah as we leave the gray suburbs behind I see can i

as the meaner begin to change Sakura isn't an elaborate costume or even something to hide behind it's just an outer expression of something inside that's just waiting to get out display a very pivotal Ottawa given them almost a body no committed almost the most regatta mascota is therefore

important that they could have you talking about I think it's the freedom of expression you don't have to look every day the same you wear the things you love the way you want to wear them this is not a label it's not someone else's thing as my thing

I was going faster moving in the world but I was high up gotta go for it is okay to do at any angle its non-core you know I'm not the same but in a movie the core truly is a fearless fashion a celebration of who you are it's

a reminder to let go of the rules and just wear what makes you feel good have fun with fashion