Wall Street Style – Can You Really Dress Like Gordon Gekko? – Men's Style Question & Answer

Wall Street Style: Can You Really Dress LikeGordon Gekko – Men's Style Question & Answer Hi! I'm Antonio Centeno, the founder of Real MenReal Style.

Today I'm going to be answering the question, “Antonio, what do you think of Gordon Gekko's style from the movie Wall Street?” This was a question posed to me by a viewer, and so I'm going to be taking a few minutes today and I'm going to give you my opinion.

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With that, let me go ahead and pull up theviewer's question.

He's asking, “Antonio, I was wondering, whatdo you think of the shirt-style by Gekko from the movie Wall Street? How wearable is that clothing for a regularoffice job? Should only the collar be white on a blueshirt to make it less formal? I've seen that Thomas Pink is selling thistype of shirts.

Do you recommend that I go out and purchaseone?” So it sounds like the gentleman, he's in awhite-collar job, maybe in the finance industry.

He has seen the movie Wall Street, maybe WallStreet 2 and he's wondering, “Okay, could I pull this off? That's a really sharp look.

I like it.

” Okay.

As I talked about before, Alan Flusser actuallydesigned all of those outfits for the movie and when he did that, before that stuff reallydidn't exist in reality.

In fact, I've seen the number of — I've seenpictures of men imitating this.

It's one of those things reality copying Hollywood;Hollywood copying reality whereas the circle.

But when I look that, what I see and the feeling, the emotion that I got from this clothing is that of aggressiveness, of strength.

It's very memorable.

It's almost overpowering.

So if that is the message that you want tosend, then go for it.

What made Gordon Gekko's clothing so striking, so strong? 1.

Strong Contrast The gentleman talked about in there but hewould use, let's say, a blue shirt and then he would have a white collar with white contrastand cuffs.

Now, this could exist and in some cases, I'veeven heard of this existing quite a few years ago whenever, well, let's just say, wheredo you think the blue collar came? The blue collar came from because women gottired of washing their husbands' white collar stuff all the time because it stained easily.

And so if you work in the fields, you woredarker clothing that was colored by indigo, but white colors were very hard and they usedto be interchangeable.

It was very possible to actually have a light-coloredshirt with interchangeable collars and cuffs and just change those out.

You have to get that custom-made to get thatnowadays but that's a little bit of history.

But I think and when I see that contrast, to me it's very sharp and it draws attention.


Accessories If you go look in the movie, you're goingto see pocket squares, the cufflinks, other little details that these guys are using, very high end, very well made and those were sending a very clear message whenever theman puts his hand on the table and you can see his multi-thousand dollar cufflinks that, “Yeah, I'm here to intimidate you.

” 3.

Clean Lines The fit was immaculate on almost all the clothing, not so much on Wall Street 2.

Wall Street, the first one, yes, the fit wasdown and all the details that went into the lines.

You could see from when Michael Douglas wouldtake off his jacket and you could see the suspenders to the fit of his shirts, to thefit of his trousers, the break on the trousers, Alan Flusser did a really good job with thatclothing.

That right there says this man pays attentionto detail.


Colors A lot of bold colors, not just the contrastbut the use of gold, the use of very strong blues, so very good use of colors.

What is my opinion? Well, that clothing was a costume so my opinionis if you dress like this, to me it's a little bit too much.

I think it's a costume.

That's where I think it should be left.

Now, some men, they want to send the messagethat “I don't care what you think.

I'm going to dress how I want.

” He's one of my inspiration, one of my heroes.

But I think Gordon Gekko wasn't he based offof — wasn't this stuff based off of the 1980 tycoons and all of the stuff that was goingon at Wall Street which is still going on today? I think Michael Milken had a little bit ofinfluence on them.

If you don't know who Michael Milken is, youcan do a little bit of research.

But I don't know if that's who I want to drawinspiration from.

But to each his own and I wish you the best.

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I will see you guys in the next video.

Hopefully, that answered the question.

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Take care.