Vacation Summer Haul Fashion Nova Men

all know about you but I know right nowI can use a vacation so what did I do I pack up my suitcasewe don't go somewhere welcome back to the channel what's up with you guys howyou doing how you been if you do not know by now my name is DJ and this isthe DNA show subscribe button man join the family join the squad you alreadyknow what to do drop a comment if you're new to the family so I can give you awarm welcome in the comment section if you oh just let me know how your deadgoing and if you looking for our vacation where would you go if you wastrying to go on a vacation right now also don't forget to drop a like cuz youalready know that helps the algorithm oh so much I got another haul for you guysfrom fashion over this time we're gonna do a vacation edition so what did I do Ipacked up my suitcase let's go ahead and open it up see what we got inside seewhat clothes we got in here oh yeah we're on a vacation if we wereto go with the full fashion of alpha T far shore more flourishes black pantsblack shirt palm tree shirt white shorts okay so before we get into this haul Ihave to show you one more thing cuz you know you know I had to switch her outright here I gotta get my sunglasses all you know say it gotta feel cooler thatis you know say I gotta get ready for the beach gotta get ready for the vibesokay so shallots fashion over for these as well okay looks good let's just getstarted with the first item and work our way down the chart we'll see what we gothow much it is all those different things for you guys that did not know Iam a size 13 I am 6 foot 2 I have an athletic build I'm trying to think whatelse you guys need to know for information I think that should be goodto give you guys a pretty good perspective normally I wear about ACLand pretty much all the stuff I'll wear like a 34 to 36 so that's all that let'sgo ahead and get started with item number one and that is the black andpink Chophouse hoodie now the reason why I'm going with this item first and Ialways take a hoodie or some type of zip up or something with me whenever I'll goon a vacation if it's tropical or not whatever it may be we're gonna assumethis is a tropical vacation I always take this honey with me because I needsomething maybe in the airport or it might get cold one nights when we'rewalking on the beach or going to a club or something I needed leave it in thecar or something like that so always make sure that I have a hoodie on me soright here I got a black all black hoody and it says the pink Chophouseright here and then it's got the money signs here on the sleeve one thing thatI do really love about this is the thickness the softness and then thecomfort of this hoody also the money signs that are on both of the sleevesright here and then the trap that's printed on the front of the chest theprinting is actually really really nice it's very thick it has a good texture toit so it's definitely not like a cheap quality hoody honestly think this is avery very nice hoody and probably one of my favorite ones out of all the hoodiesthat I've got from them so far I got this city in an extra large in theretail on this is 40 299 I think that's a pretty good price for a hoodie I'mhonestly not mad at this thing at all I really love this hoodie again like Isaid so now let's go ahead and get into the more tropical stuff we're gonnaassume that we wore this in the airport and now we're just now getting over towhatever country that we decided to go to on some beach or whatever and we'regonna take it to the club the first night because we got in late so we'regonna put a little outfit on so that way we can go to the bars or something likethat so this right here is the good greif tee right here it's a tie tiejoint black and yellow it also has Charlie Brown right here onthe back of it honestly I love it it's just bringing back childhood memoriesdifferent stuff like that something like it's a cool little tee Rock on avacation with the you know bright vibes and everything at nighttime or somethingeven in the daytime whatever it may be it fits pretty good it's the size extralarge retail on this is $21.

99 think it's a solid price for the shirthonestly I really like it I would see myself wearing this pretty often so I'mexcited to get this thing on whenever I go and wear you'll probably see merocking this on Instagram sometime soon so stay tuned for that but overall itfits really good it's a classic you know cotton tee so it feels pretty solidagain this is a size extra large so I'm rocking with this one next up is theTravis twill pants right here these are all black pants with a white stripe downthe inside and the outside of the leg they have about an 8 to 10 inch zipperline here at the bottom near the ankle that opens up and then you got your backpockets here on both sides of the pants and then working our way to the insideof the pants you can see you got your normal pockets right here and then yougot your long drawstring that hangs down right there just for style andeverything I think you got to have at least one pair of pants when you go onthe trips you never know where you're gonna be all black pants for me is aeasy way to go so I picked these for the choice for the trip I feel like they'llbe solid I got these in a size extra large retail on these is $34.

99 I feellike that's a pretty solid price for a pair of pants so you can't go wrong withhe's definitely a cool little thing rocking with a fit as you see I gotthose on with my black and white Jordan once something clean something solidvery simple nothing crazy okay so now this one is a very interesting one thisis a white extra large tank top I usually get an X on a lot of stuff butit's kind of baggy on the sides and I always have that problem for my bodytype it's not like I'm wide around the belly or anything like that so for meit's kind of baggy around the sides it fits better up top it's a little bitwider around the neck as well I think maybe if I would have went with a largeit might have been better but I'm not exactly sure how it would have gone Iprobably would stay with this one just in case if I you know wash it and shrinkit in and dry it overall it's really not that bad thoughwhen I first put it on and I seen it and I was like damn this thing is huge butthen I put it on I was like okay I can get away with it I'm not mad at it but Iprobably would try to find maybe a different size I might consider a largeagain I'm just not exactly sure though I can't really tell because I don't have alarge army and for this tank top being only $9.

99 I mean you can't really gowrong right another tank top for 10 bucks you can do a tie-dye on this youcan do so many different things as well just besides having just a white tanktop so if you wanted to customize it that would be also a good option forsomething like this as well which low-key I might do next up is anotheritem that's $9.

99 and this is your essentials black tea I got this in asize extra large as well very basic you kind of already get the concept behind ashirt like this I think to be able to pick up multiple shirts like this isalways a good option because you can grab a tee for 10 bucks white blackwhatever it may be you can always wear these with a lot of different outfits sofor sure what I always pack a shirt like this in the suitcase okay so theseshorts right here are something I actually really like very simple verybasic I got these in an extra-large and these are called they get messy shortsright here they're basically like a basketball shorts not like a swim truckor anything something simple something clean you kuraki know a white tee or awhite tank or a black tee with it whatever you want just kind of like achiloe vibe you know I'm saying going out kicking it with the homies orsomething so this is like you know rocking to a day party you're going outto grab some food in the middle of the day whatever it may be something likethat so I feel like having some choice like this in the Arsenal's especiallyfor like a tropical trip or something like that you know I'm saying it justfits the vibe we got to go with it definitely on a vacation I'm rockingwith something like this retail on these is $24.

99overall everything is being pretty solid pretty cool it fits really wellI'm not mad with the materials or anything like that if you guys are likein this video make sure you hit a like on the video as well to help thatalgorithm now let's take it to the last three items this one's like a littlecombo deal I ended up getting both of these just because I was like oh youcould rock this with the white shorts you know everything I'm saying so we'regonna go with the shirt first you're saying this one is where you really justjust bring out the vibe you know saying when you're out there you got to you gotto taco meat out you know I'm saying you're chillin you know take no tank topunderneath no shirt underneath just just skin and Windu you know I'm saying wejust out there flapping in the wind just hit just feeling ourselves so so thisright here is the sunset view button up right here I got this in a size extralarge retail on this is $24.

99 I feel like that's a solid price and honestlybro this thing right here is so comfortable like the materials andeverything it feels amazing this just makes youjust want to be out on a beach somewhere sipping on something just chilling withthe you know with the lady or with the homies or whatever you know saying justjust vibe and whatever it may be so this right here I definitely was happy when Igot this one hand when I tried it on it felt even better like honestly this oneright here just goes crazy and now I'll really like bro I need to get on a tripso I can actually wear this day somewhere so to go with the button-up Ithrew these shorts on there as well and I was like this is cool yeah I'm sayingthey called the fresh and clean denim shorts right hereretail on these is $29.

99 I got these in the size 36 it fit pretty good they movepretty well they are kind of stretchy as well I know you can't really see it herein the video but they do stretch pretty well so it feel really solid I'm not madat these I feel like when you go on a vacation or something you always gottahave like that that light khaki or that white pair of pants you might be slidingto an all-white party or just you know I'm saying I don't know I just feel likethat's always like a vacation vibe whenever you go somewhere you always gotto have like a lighter pair of pants or shorts or something just to kind ofmatch with the vibes and everything can't be wearing dark all the time cuz Iknow I always like to wear black and everything but I just switch it up alittle bit you know say just a little bit so now let's take it to the lastitem and I'll see you guys at the end of the video so these are the floral bloomsdrawstring swim trunks right here and a breath I felt like this is solid they'reactually pretty comfortable I like the color I like the pattern everything withit and you know your eyes gotta have at least like one pair of swim trunks youmight go ahead and dip it or go ahead and hop in the sea or theocean or whatever it is that you got whatever country you in becausesometimes you know there's always different types of waters but if theygot sharks and everything just know I'm in the pool I'm about ankles deep and myshorts ain't even gonna get wet because I ain't trying to get a tub so theseswing trucks come with the mesh liner on the inside but they don't have thediaper on the inside there's no like little diaper in there it actually justgoes all the way down to the bottom of the short line but it's not likeuncomfortable or stiff or anything like that if you do decide to go with nodrawers and just swim trunks you would be comfortable but I can't say I triedthat but I can't say I feel like it might still be comfortable if you did itthat way me personally I rock drawers when I wearmy swimming trunks still you could drop a comment down below and let me knowwhat you do but I don't know I just always gotta at least keep like somedried fruit Nikes on or something underneath my swimming trunks but that'sthat's just me pretty simple pretty basic it's a pair of swim trunks I likethe color I like the pattern I feel like to be a dope buy for a little vacationtrip so I had to go with these I'm not mad at these at all and then obviouslythe last thing I cannot forget to mention these are called the roadtripping neon pink sunglasses right here these are $9.

99 bro I had to cut like itonly made six right I needed to get these I got it remember on the goofymovie when he was in he had the sunglasses that was kind of like thisthat's the kind of vibe I was thinking like I was like man I remember twochildhood days when he had them sunglasses he was singing on the stage Imean if you don't remember that maybe I was just the only one but I know thatwas a good era and a good time so with all that being said I hope this haul washelpful for you to see how it all fits on me helping you know what your bodytype all the different things to buy I have everything linked for you downbelow each item and the name and all the stuff right there so that way you canget directly to it if you are looking for anything and yeah I hope you guysenjoyed this don't forget to Like comment share and subscribe again ThankYou Sasha know before the haul I appreciate you guys my name is DJ I'msigning out I gots to dull I'm gone please.