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hi i'm k : and I'm Bobby Hayes caicos boyfriend and I'm really excited because today I am going to be styling him with the help of JCPenney and Bobby's pretty into styling himself but he can be a little bit of a creature of comfort am I wrong in

saying that no I basically just wear like graphic tees and jeans yes so basically what we wanted to do is find some pieces that our girlfriend approved but also that he would like and feel comfortable in so I cannot wait to show you what we came up with

so for the first look I wanted to kind of break him out of the logo tee and gym shorts thing that he's gotten into so we went with a tee shirt but I went with something that had a really fun kind of retro print it kind of reminds

me of vintage Florida souvenirs and so just the t-shirt and some nicely fitted shorts they actually have an elastic waistband so they're very puffy super comfy solid so they go with everything and then instead of sneakers that are supposed to only be worn in the gym which is

like obviously I feel so attacked right but that's like honestly one of our biggest style arguments is that he wears these shoes I love my shoes she hates my shoes they're just meant for the gym they have like a white toast bread I mean they're a step above

the ones that had individual toes they're meant for everything the hair event for the Jennifer Trail run anyway we went with a very sleek minimalist sneaker that could be worn with anything they're very comfy right maybe not for the gym we want to keep them nice but overall

a very casual comfy look that looks put together so for our next look we have something I would call like elevated casual I guess elevated casual it's casual but it's not you know t-shirt and shorts it's a button-down short sleeve shirt and jeans and you really like short-sleeve

button-down so anyway so I was kind of looking for those knowing that that's something that's like a go-to for you they look really good his tattoos Bobby can sometimes have a little bit of an issue finding jeans that fit him properly and he tends to gravitate toward and

I'm not trying to attack you but jeggings so here's my problem I have massive thighs and so when I wear anything it basically I have a 32 waist but I have to wear things that are more like a 36 just to be able to fit them in and

so that's why I like a lot of stretch in my jeans but they don't have a tendency last cake it makes fun of me because they look painted on I prefer something with a little bit more structure not totally painted on so we had to find something that

could accommodate his muscles but was you know fitted everywhere else and that can be a little bit bit of an issue when you're not looking for something with stretch so I have two tips for that we're gonna start with the first one okay one is size up so

you want it to fit in your legs because you can always take it with I mean JCPenney has such good value with everything they sell take it to a tailor nipping in at the waist so don't be afraid to size up to accommodate those muscular legs alright do

a little twirl for us slower twirler all right so even with these like we don't even have a belt on them they look really good they look just like a little relaxed this is a nice tapered fit we did a little bit shorter because I like to show

a little bit of ankle when it's warmer and we're doing the same sneakers because I think it's important to have super versatile pieces in your closet and these are extremely versatile so my next tip for finding jeans to fit you if you are more muscular in your thighs

is to look for things that are labeled athletic fit they are at an athletic cut which means they have a more generous cut in the thighs they still have like a nice taper and they fit perfectly in the waist so you took his regular size in these particular

jeans so either size up so that they fit your thighs go for a little bit more relaxed fit or get the athletic fit this outfit is pretty similar to the last one except we did a white t-shirt underneath and left this one open instead of tucking it in

it's got a little bit more of a bold print so this kind of breaks it up and then we cuffed the pants and kept the same sneakers so a little bit of versatility if you layer it as I mentioned a few times Bobby is very athletic he loves

working out I love because I don't love working out I'll take it from here Bobby literally got this video obviously because he had to go work out and then come back to finish things I wanted to put together an outfit that he could wear maybe to brunch and

the gym because he often has the excuse of just go to the gym later so he's wearing something that's like a little stained maybe advertising some sort of kettlebell or something I wanted something that could be used for both so these are actually athletics camps but they have

a really nice fit to them and they're solid they're very sleek and I mean I think it's super I love this actually this is this is definitely something I'd wear all the time it's always gonna wear now it's all I'm gonna wear now she was gonna be like

making her next video be like he used to wear G like jeans and logo twos but now he just wears this all he wears is athleisure so I mean at least it looks good I love these sneakers I mean would you wear these to the gym or would

you change I change but I'd wear them pre gym what do I know about gym clothes anyway this is a very lightweight breathable hoodie so this is perfect for transitional outfit and I think you look really put together but you could easily go to the gym and just

swap out your sneakers and be good to go our last look is a little bit more dressed up it's still pretty casual and the thing that makes me so happy is he put this on and he was like I love this so the top is linen and with

linen you can go for a little bit more of a boxy bigger cut because you like to have this drape and when you have something that has a nice drape like this go for a more tailored pant so we went with chinos and I can't stress this enough

I'm not a professional status but most people who are shopping are also not professional stylist so we just went with things that I knew he would love and then I applied some principles that I applied to my own personal style so when I'm wearing linen I like to

go for a little I'm a loser cut and I like to balance it out with something a little bit more tailored and for the shoes we went with something that is my favorite I think they're highly underrated and that's just classic loafers for men because these can dress

up or dress down any outfit and we went sock free because we're going casual we're just going casual mm-hmm but I think you look super pulled together and I love this outfit on you yeah yeah I mean the clothing in general is just really comfortable the pants alone

I love these are Dockers flex 360s so they really again help with my big thigh issue it's not an issue embrace it thank you so much for watching this is so much fun really is I love telling you what to do I wish I could do it all

the time you do honestly I think we put together some really fun looks that or a mix of what you love and what I approve of compromise so anything that you've seen here is available on JCPenney comm so make sure to check it out and thank you so

much for watching [Music]