Street Style Ragda Chaat recipe at Home Mumbai Style.

welcome to my channel always beautiful this is Kara back again I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend yes I did as well so today I'm back again with a brand new and healthy recipe which is actually really very tangy very exciting and quick as well so um

the main hero of the recipe is dried green peas now why abuse dried green peas because it has got really really nice proteins in it so if you are a person who really likes to eat something which is like a you know snack you want to snack on

something and you're feeling the craving of eating Street foods so without going outside and you know eating the street foods which has got a lot of pollution and dirt if you're a healthy person or a finicky person like me because I really think that if you're eating not

eating outside and there's a lot of dirt which is mixed in the food that's not always hygienic but yes if you can do the same thing in the in your own kitchen and you can actually do it in the comfort of your home so why not do it

so that's why I'm using this green dried peas which is soaked overnight about 200 grams of the spring peas I'm using you if you want you can use the white dried peas as well and soak it overnight the next thing that i'm using is potatoes so it's like

one potato two potatoes actually sliced in two halves so it's the size that I'm using two hops of it so this is to house keep medium sized okay then what do we have is we have red chili powder red chili powder yeah this looks really nice then we

have turmeric then we have coriander and jeera powder mix so this is coriander and jeera powder mix okay then we have the hero of the dish which is and choose because this is this will make it like the street you know it will make it taste like the

street the food that we eat little sour little tangy but the catch here is I have used two kinds of tamarins one is a black tamarind which is called the mulberry tamarind or we call it Garcinia cambogia and the normal tamarind that we used to have the SAR

effect so I'll tell you something the garcinia combogia or the mulberry Tan you know tamarind that we use it has got a lot of health benefits because it actually helps you lose weight you know if you use it on a regular basis you can you know just soak

it overnight in water and you can just drink that water in the morning you will have fantastic glow on your face plus you will be losing weight you know all the stubborn fat from your belly area especially and that's joke that was just a tip so I have

got some chopped tomatoes I've got some chopped onions green chillies chopped and I've got some coriander chopped of God some cayenne garlic cloves I've got black pepper powder I have got salt to taste and I have got aspartate so this is you can it's like hing that we

have and the best part of this recipe is that this recipe is actually cooked without oil without oil yes coat me on that without oil so it's actually boiled food but it's very very tasty and it gives you the feel of street food and wonder anything like that

I can tell you I am using the potato to make it a little thick and little like little mushy mushy types but if you want you can avoid the potatoes and you can use any other vegetable that you P is nice so you can either use like carrots

maybe you can put in carrots because carrots also are the same binding effect that it has to make it more healthy however carrot also has a little bit of sweetening effect so that's why I'm not using carrot but then if you want you can use it because any

which way you PR trying here using the tamarind juice here which will actually give it a tangy flavor to it okay and last but not the least the main hero of this dish is this spice this is the spice that people on the streets use to make it

really really young smell good and actually give you the feel of rubber that you're eating so that's pure gratitude that we call it everywhere in India it's a local street food but yet very very yummy so this is actually made of five dried and roasted spices so there

are five ingredients I'm sorry six ingredients in fact so this is a secret recipe that I got it from my mother but don't worry I will also make another video to show you guys how to make this particular spice which will actually give you the feel of street

food without you going outside and you can eat it at the comfort of your home so this is really a nice very nice spice to have this actually goes in at the last portion of your dish this is for decoration okay so great all right so for this

we need a pressure cooker so I'm using this one okay so let's switch on the gas all right the gas is switched on now we are going to put in the boil sorry the overnight soaked green peas that I've kept it here okay so now I've put in

the dried green peas that was soaked overnight with water now I'm going to add the spices to it so first what goes in is the garlic cloves you can put it like that because any which way you're going to boil it then you need to put in the

black pepper powder okay then you put in the salt and the a Zapotec so you just need to put in all the ingredients okay now you need to put in the potatoes in those potatoes okay now you need to put in a little bit of chili powder a

little bit of turmeric powder and a little bit of Dania jeera powder okay if you want you can you know use food color but I'm not using food color because any which way I'm using a Kashmiri language which actually gives you that color but if you want it

to look like an orange color that you get it on the streets you can always add the food color to it so now what we are going to do is we are going to put it on pressure cook for good about like three to four whistles till the

time it's there so that it's boiled and once we get the boil and we get the whistles up for like two to three bristles will come back again and we'll check how it is alright so I think it's all like about good 15 to 20 minutes of pressure

cooking like about 5 to 10 cities and once this pressure cook cities are done I put it on simmer for another 5 minutes and then finally a closer so the vapor remains inside this pressure cooker so now we're going to open this lid and check this wow this

is so yummy this is so delicious it smells delicious okay so now what we're going to do is we are going to do the plating of this particular dish waiting we need to take all nice and beautiful plate like this okay so this kind of a plate that

we are taking so this is the plate that we will be using for this plating so I'll just put in some of this rubber arm and so like this you need to put a paragraph in here this particular and you need to mash the potatoes like this okay

this is this itself looks yummy however once I do the decoration it would look further more yummy now it's time for the stammering juice to make it more sour okay wouldn't like to tablespoon if you're a person who likes to have moral stamina sphere food you can always

add it or like me I like too much of timeliness asks too much then I'll add a little bit of rock salt to it okay then I'll add this chopped onions that we started the video with some finely chopped onions some Tomatoes some green chilies mmm it's smelling

YUM you know the smell of the garlic the smell of the ass Appetit if you want you can add here some more and I like how they are bhajiyas that you get you can put in that as well to make it more yummy but I prefer not to

use those because those are really really not very healthy but yeah once in a while if you are in a mood to actually do the cheat you can always go ahead and do that so now it's the final hero so this is the spice that I'm gonna make

it just gonna drizzle it around like oh my god it's like yeah me and you need to just butter and this is you can use this as a snack for your evening and if you are really a person who likes to eat something which is really tangy like

me and see the color its popping up so nicely if you want you can add a little bit of code on it as well if you don't that's absolutely fine you can heat it like this um this is really really nice it goes well with mocktails as well

if you want to have a mocktail party and you've got a friends invited this is a healthy recipe without our recipe and the spices will do its wonders and you are also not putting on weight because I have put in the Garcinia cambogia which will help you to

cut down on your belly fat so if you like my video if you like this recipe please give me a thumbs up and also you can subscribe to my channel for more exciting videos that I will be uploading so you can always be in touch and if you

guys have any suggestions or any anything that you want to know you can always leave your comments till then leave early and eat healthy and always stay beautiful Tara