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Today I'm going to show you how to make South Indian style chicken bhunna lot of flavors from south of India are added in this and this is going to taste just awesome so to make this first make sure you havea pan which is getting hot and you have to understand see some of these spices only when they're slightly roasted on a no heat that's when awesome aromas come so here I've got red chillies so lot of them because we're not going to add any more chili powder ok add red chillies see when this heat isapplied onto this red chillies the moisture from these red chillies go away and you'll be able to make it into a nice powder that is what they make in making all these masalas ok in this add coriander seeds and also slices of drycoconut and in this add pepper corn, cardamom, cinnamon, clove and star anise so make sure do not add too much ofstar anise just you know half of star anise is good enough otherwise it will bring in lot of strongflavor which you do not want on a slow flame we're going to cook this till all the ingredients give you a nice aroma now once we have roasted we're going to take it in a plate now once this is cooled put in a blender and make it into a fine powder don't try this so now let's begin theshow so first we're going to add some oil inthis and for any kind of bhunnau these things you can even add little extra oil so what usually I prefer to do is Iprefer to add little less oil in the start but no in the end i add little ghee into it and roast that's when really really awesome flavors come but today I'm just going to make it with oil, for this first we're going to add some choppedonion and little bit curry leaves and when the curry leaves sizzle that's when the best aroma come that's when add chopped onion and we're going to cook this onion till they're slightlycolored, in this we're going to add some salt you know why because we want thisonions to ooze out of the water and get fried much faster now you want this onion to be slightlygolden and once they're slightly coloring that's when you can add little bit ofturmeric, fennel powder and little bit of cumin seed powder and once they are slightly getting cooked in this add ginger-garlic paste okay not too much and mix this you wantto make sure that the ginger garlic paste is cooked well and the raw flavoris all gone now you know look at this, this is all gettingnicely fried in this we're going to add pieces of chicken ok i'm just making a small quantitybecause already I've eaten a lot now i'm just going to enjoy this so justadd this chicken pieces and roast look at it now slowly this chicken haveto be cooked in this but you know the best thing is just add the chicken putthe lid on and just let it cook if you're making a lot of chicken then youdon't put the lid on if you're making a small portion put thelid on so that the chicken will get cooked in its own steam now since it is small quantity of chicken you will seethat it is getting nicely roasted even in the bhunnau chicken you can add little bit of tomato puree and here little bit of tomato puree and this also has to dry out don't worry because we are bhunnauning all this moisture will be evaporated so let this be cooked and in this we're going to add our awesomemasala what we did ok look at this just put you know this will become avery nice masala that you can enjoy eating with rice or anything so justadd this and keep cooking without the lid on, this chicken is getting nicelyroasted but to this masala we need to give some kind of awesome royal touch so we're going to add little bit of cashew nut powder but not too much just you know just one teaspoon of youknow this cashew nut powder to this will give a nice body and consistency tothe chicken and we'll give you a nice grainy effect also that will be very good while you're eating just put the lid on and let it sit in its own juices make sure that the flame is sim so that where ever the masala has not entered let it seep in that's when your chicken is nice juicyand awesome masaledaar you know there's lot of oil in the chicken so I have toexercise a little bit before eating it is so yummy haha now we're going to look at thechicken see of course see the masala isperfectly coated and also look at it look at it look at it mama look at it so dear friends I'm going to try this, this is so good I have to wow one piece two piece three piece four piece 5 piece 6 piece 7 piece all piece my piece see usually this kind of preparation I love to eat it with my hands, dear friends when this is done in South Indian style with all these aromas, flavors of course I have to eat it with my hands so haha hmm hmm hmm wow no words to explain how awesome this chicken is I have done the needful duty I have done two minutes of jogging here to but dear friends you know these are awesome recipes which you can try at home and serve your guest they will tell you how wonderful it is but do notforget vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post 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