Short Girls Style With Me: Mountain Outfit Ideas

well now i got a gal and i ain't no doubt my kids are so sweet [Music] [Applause] [Music] what up shorties my name is luwani welcome to the how to five to channel where i take my formal fashion education and experience as a professional wardrobe stylist to uplift you literally and figuratively so if you're short and often feel betrayed by clothes make sure to subscribe one of my favorite things to do is to put outfits together but one of my least favorite things to do is getting dressed i know that sounds a good contradiction but hear me out back when i was making a living styling i didn't love the pulling from the showrooms or the shopping or the fittings the only thing that i truly loved about my job and dearly miss is the challenge of putting together a cohesive set of outfits with a limited number of garments and to be honest i suck at getting ready in the morning because i always feel like my time would be better spent working then figuring out an outfit if all i'm going to be doing that day is working from home in a sense i love the planning of the outfits which is crazy because i've yet to make a video showing you my process so that's what i'm going to be doing today i typically only show you shorties the end result the final polished looks but today i will be filming my process we're going up to the mountains this weekend to escape the fireworks and so i need to plan my outfits for that trip i don't really know how this is going to go it's probably going to get messy and one thing is guaranteed my room is about to get destroyed [Music] so i kind of like last week set some pieces away that so i wouldn't wear them and get them dirty and have to wash them if i wanted to wear them so i'm gonna pull those out of the closet so the first are just these like soccer shorts um super comfy i also got these uh cotton sweatpants so i definitely want to wear those i did buy these biker shorts from this brand called year of ours they're super flattering the waistband has this v-shape and so it like hugs your love handles and then makes you look like you have really tight abs i know for the baggies dad sweatpants that i need like a tighter top the nice thing about not having a ton of clothes is that like you know you're limited i don't really want a bodysuit because they maybe might get hot and so we're just gonna do this tank top can we add [Music] [Music] is [Music] just [Music] until i fell in love [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] um so this is what i was thinking of now that i'm wearing it i don't particularly love it the shirt looks so cheap for some reason maybe it's the shorts too maybe the shorts are i know so i definitely like this as a set i knew it looks cool i just need to find um a jacket or a shirt to go on top no [Music] yeah this doesn't go it's not awful but also i don't love it because no it's just it's enough [Music] i'm just not sure if the oversized thing goes with the set like is it just meant to be a more like sporty look [Music] yeah this is it [Music] step out [Music] oh [Music] all right britney shirt i kind of want to go for a faux dress look for this um i think i'm gonna try this shorter shorts so it just kind of looks like i don't have any pants underneath this i think the accessories really do it for this uh i'm wearing these shoes and security shorts and the first i was thinking of bringing would be this which is cool for like l.

a and whatnot so this thing made it yeah i kind of like these more [Music] because then that also brings the off white color into it to the shoes i'm liking this one and maybe we don't do these glasses because the black is just too harsh what do you guys think these ones from afar i actually just like these ones i think the this decision is too much with what is already going on in the end accessories so maybe it's just this [Music] when i rise you smile when i smile [Music] i'll come back again [Music] is i wore this outfit the other day i went on a walk and i really liked it kind of want to wear it again is super simple it's like a razorback athleta sports bra with leggings it was like all black on black and then i wore this flannel over it [Music] what's up do you want to go on a walk yeah i'm coming [Music] [Music] got him please uh i don't know the sweatshirt is cut so wide and the boots are so clunky that i feel like i really need an elongating piece of clothing and i think that's going to be the high waisted leggings that are full length it's much more my vibe um it's a good option to keep in mind i'm going to try on the other tops to see if i can figure something better or if this is it [Music] i've been waiting for the opportunity to wear this shirt but i don't think this is it [Music] i like the uh sweatshirt more sweatshirt still winning all right kind of taking the same outfit formula from the other outfit just throwing on a flannel or a tank top and leggings i think i like it um i might try on uh the little bandana around my neck just drinking sparkling water looking at a rock good times [Music] cheers [Music] around the river [Music] lily rock is pink [Music] i realized that we are planning to go on a picnic so i am going to bring that dress with this bandana because i've worn that before it's super cute [Music] just sitting here thinking about you well i'm tired of waiting sick and tired of the things you do and all the things you see here you are staying out all night this is your last warning you're in store for a hell of [Music] [Music] if you're wondering what kind of a dog mop i am the kind of dog mom that will cut a cup in half so that kansas can get out of the puppet my tears.