Reviewing GQs Best Street Fashion from NYFW – 2019

Hey what's up guys? Welcome back to my channel so today what I want to do is I want to talk about street fashion so as you guys know it's New York Fashion Week one of the websites that I go to and even magazines that I go to for fashion inspiration is GQ magazine You know I'm subscribed to their newsletters I read their magazines every their blog posts etc So if you're a guy that's into fashion I definitely recommend checking out GQ magazine you're gonna find tons of really cool fashion inspirations out there So GQ magazine actually just did a blog post, where the curate ate some of the hottest looks from a New York street fashion So today what I want to do is I want to kind of go through them with you guys and kind of share my opinion of what I think about these looks and also kind of help you guys identify some trends that are really gonna take off in 2019 Alright guys So let's get into these looks I'm gonna leave the link to this blog post in the description box down below so feel free to check that out Ok so as you guys can see this first look is actually pretty cool This Vest that this guy is wearing I don't know what this is I mean honestly he's wearing this vest over what looks like a denim hoody or some kind of Yeah, that looks kind of like a denim material but he's wearing this vest that looks like a carpet pretty much Over this hoodie and to be honest with you guys I mean this look is so 20 2017 2018 I think that we could definitely skip this look in 2019 this vest fashion I mean it's it's kind of played I was kind of done? I'll rather not see this in 2019 to be honest with you guys all right so this next look it's interesting It's interesting you know he has on the oversized jacket oversized sweater cropped pants and that looks like a six sneakers What I like about this look is actually the color and the mood you know the color palettes of this look is very earthy very kind of fall and drab a little bit alright this next look This look is gonna be a no for me dog like this is just a no I mean what is this like some kind of Print shirts and it's oversized and it looks like he's wearing a cardigan underneath that shirt and also a turtleneck I mean it's like make up your mind like what are you trying to wear and then you're wearing a trench coat on top of That not to mention his pants are way oversized they're almost Practically dragging to the ground and if you actually zoom in here it looks like his shoelace is untied all right so this next post this older gentleman he actually looks really fashionable he looks like some kind of creative director or some kind of Fashion, designer or something but he's really cool you know he's rocking what he's wearing it's not for everybody mind you whatever he's wearing is? working for him You know he has onto all black and the the that looks like off White's version of their converse which looks pretty cool he has a black frame glasses of cool haircuts you know the salt-and-pepper beard you know he looks pretty cool, he looks sharp he looks so New York All right so this next guy looks pretty cool, I love his look He has a total 70s vibe one thing to keep in mind is that the 70s is actually kind of coming back in 2019 so you're gonna see a lot of like 17 style Inspiration this year and this this spring pretty much so this next look you can't really see the full outfits But what really stands out and what is really cool is this haircuts I mean this haircut is killing it When you look at his hair cut with this glasses that person seems to be wearing I mean it looks dope it looks pretty fresh and fashion-forward All right so this guy wearing this adidas parka longline coats I Don't know why he's on this blog to be honest with you.

I don't know what's going on but this is not necessarily a look He's just wearing a coats and the coats is actually wearing him not to mention when you zoom in he's wearing some kind of sandals with socks and it's like I mean think about the functionality of everything you're wearing don't just think about throwing outfits together Are you HOT or are you cold you know what I'm saying like he's wearing us he's wearing sandals? Which you would normally wear in hot weather but then you're also wearing a longline coats which you're wearing the in the freaking cold? So make up your mind Which is it's you know? the 70s look again this looks pretty cool these guys look like they're rockin it's they look like they're straight from the 70s or so like they're about to go to a Beatles concert or something now this guy is interesting because this is an example of Your clothes wearing you and not you wearing the clothes now when I see this guy The only thing I notice about him is his outfits but I don't really notice him or his attitude or his swag All I notice is this green coat that he was he's wearing and the pants that has all these embroideries and Logos and things but I don't necessarily notice the person wearing the outfit so the clothes is definitely wearing him All right so this guy is actually really cool he's fashion-forward you know is wearing a simple suit He has on what looks like? a neon cardigan strapped around it's like a cross bag with a bright pink hot pink shirt basically it's a really cool look it's interesting I wouldn't necessarily wear this trench coats it looks like a leather trench coats I don't think he needs it for this look well I Understand that it's cold in New York love the matching socks if you guys know me personally you know I love colored socks I also like this Claire Handbag that he's carrying that's something that's really cool right now is like having Claire bags Claire jackets things like that Another thing to point out is his hair his hair is actually really working for his look because it's kind of like a monochromatic look but then you have the pops of colors in there next this guy this guy looks like a typical kind of like LA slash New York kind of vibe he's really cool he's not doing too much but this is a very safe and simple Fashionable look all right so I actually kind of liked this look And I know that this look might not necessarily be for everyone but what I like about this look is how bold she seems to be rocking this look You know what I mean like you know she's wearing something is very fashion-forward It's very edgy and she's putting it together and she's walking with a nice stride Again this look this look necessarily isn't for me but then what I wanted to point out to you guys was the 70s vibe that's coming back in 2019 oh My goodness this fur coats is life this fur coat is everything like you guys have no idea How bad I've been looking for a fur coats? Just like this like I've always wanted a fur coats because it's like it's just totally cool when you can put on your fur coat so you have on your shades you know top of the world like I mean if you if you have a fur coat like this like It's over it's done like I mean, no one can tell you anything again 70s vibe coming back love the shirts don't love the pants This guy looks like he's straight from the 70s going to play for Jimi Hendrix then I wouldn't necessarily wear this but I mean it's a vibe it's a need Again this is in a way still the 70s you can see the black turtleneck which I'm actually wearing right now you can see the black turtleneck Is very reminiscent of the 70s the Black Panther movements and all of that you can see has on the Kwanzaa hats And also some kind of tribal Varsity jackets which looks pretty cool all right so what I like about this one even though it's not much again You can't really see the full outfit what I like about it is his confidence you can just tell that this person is very confident Individual I do like the brooch pin that he has on over his jackets that looks pretty cool, I love the glasses it looks like he has on a earring that looks pretty interesting He, also has a leather bag which looks pretty cool as well but what I really like about it not necessarily the outfit per se but more so of his swag and his vibe I Think that's what's most important? when you Dress up is how confident are you what kind of swag do you have are you wearing the clothes or is the clothes wearing you? So, I think that's probably the most important things that you can put on is your confidence all right so this guy he looks very high beast everything he's wearing looks pretty Athleisure if you will you know he has on sort of like a whistle which looks pretty cool, his glasses are dope as hell these are some really cool glasses actually this person look is actually very Tokyo is very cool love their haircuts if you know Tokyo Street fashion they love a lot of colors all right guys I don't know what the hell this is I don't know what this is that he has on his head I don't know if he's going out of space I don't know if he's in a hazmat suits I don't know I just don't know what's going on Man like this is like this is enough for me dawg like If you guys know what's going on with this look drop of comments maybe I'm missing something alright guys so that's my reaction to GQ street fashion of New York Fashion Week I Hope you guys enjoyed this video I'm going to be dropping more videos and more fashion tips On my channel pretty soon and if you're looking for fashion is for I suggest that you do check out my Instagram channel I do post a lot of cool looks a lot of outfit of the day type of pictures every now and then So do check out my channel for some inspiration don't forget to subscribe guys thank you guys for watching this video I'll see you guys on my next one.