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What's up, guys? I'm Brian Sacawa, you'rewatching He Spoke Style.

Back today with another street style reaction video.

Thistime we are taking a look at some shots from the most recent Pitti Uomo.

[MUSIC] Well, judging by the comments on theLondon street style reaction video I did last week, I think you guys aredefinitely going to be more into the looks that we're going to see today fromFlorence.

Pitti, of course, is a humongous menswear tradeshow that is attended bybrands, designers, buyers, editors, and not just a place where a bunch of reallystylish dudes stand around smoking cigarettes and those little Italiancigars, looking to get their photo taken.

You know, there definitely is some ofthat.

People just want to be seen and have their picture taken and end up inone of these, you know, street style roundups.

As I'm sure you know, they are knownas the Pitti peacocks.

They have no reason to be there.

And they are lame.

There isactually a very funny mockumentary about this phenomenon that I'll link to downbelow in the description.

But seriously though, on this topic, I just wantto say, that if you are going to one of these events, whether it's Pitti orFashion Week, for the sole purpose of standing around to get your photo taken, you need to take a huge step back and reconsider what it is exactly that youare doing with your life.

I mean, seriously!Okay, rant complete! Let's get into looking at the street style front Pitti.

I'mactually going to be using two roundups today.

The first is from British GQ andthe second one is, again, from Vogue online.

I thought it would be interestingto have both perspectives, since one publication is more menswear-specificand the other is more on the fashion side.

So here we go! Alright, let's see.

Robert Spangle.

Thousand Yard Style.

Great photographer.

Definitely recommendchecking out his Instagram.

So, looking forward to seeing these photos.

This iskind of, like, a strange photo to start off with, I think.

But, anyway.

Let's getinto this.

Okay, we are off to the races here.

So, I likethe pleat on the trousers.

And, obviously, the the classic color palette.

You cansee that this is a, it's got a coat underneath, and it's kind of this blanketshawl thing.

Not really for me but, you know.

Let's see if we can zoom in here.

Alright, moving on.

I mean, that's a great flannel suit.

And I can't, oh, we can zoom in.

So, let's checkout his shirt, here.

I can't tell if that's a, mmmm, no, it might be a tab collar, which is nice.

That's cool.

But let's go down to the watch.

Oh, you see what thatis, that is the IWC Ingenieur, the Genta version.

So that that's pretty awesome.

Very nice detail.

That's a watch you don't see very often.

Going on.

Super Ko.

This is a good example of dressing your body type.

It's definitelymore on the, kind of, progressive side.

His is, like, a nice not what you wouldmaybe consider classic, but still, it's a great look.

And the interesting use ofthe beret there.

Okay, here we go.

Some white jeans here.

And military-inspired jacket.

Some good layering.

Nice Persol 749s there.

I don't knowhow cold it is there.

I mean, based on some of the other looks we've seen sofar, I'm assuming it's kind of chilly.

So, tome, this is, like, you know, you would be a little cold without a scarf or a tie ofsome sort.

But, hey, I like the the color of the frames of the Persols.


A nice little contrast to the rest of the look.

Alright, nextone.

Very cool look.

So, let's just talk about how this coat is belted.

I think ifyou've ever tried to belt a coat like this and have this knot like hehas here, it's very difficult to do.

To have it look so perfect like that.

Butperfectly like, like, he didn't care about it.

But he obviously did spend a lot oftime doing that.

It's done very well.

It's a lot, a very loose silhouette.

It's notnot really my style, but I like the coat.

I think the overall look is really, really cool.

Here's a very classic look.

Let's zoom in and check out the coathere.

Yeah, the herringbone.

I love that.

The lapels are super, super nice.

I likethat.

Love the little pop of his glasses there.

And it looks like he is wearing a, I was gonna say, chalk stripe, which it looked like from a distance.

When you getin closer you can see that it's not exactly a chalk stripe.

One littleinteresting thing that I notice here that I'd like to point out, is that he'swearing a scarf, but the scarf is tucked inside the suit jacket, which i think is, it's brilliant.

If you've ever worn a scarf like that, and, and under a coat, butnot tucked in, you know, like, it'll fly all over the place.

And it can be kind ofannoying.

So, I think, this is like a really nice practical solution todealing with that problem.

And it's very stylish.

Nice look.

Nice color combo.

Very tonal.

The belt.

Belt is cool.

It's very, very, um, kind of comfortable andcasual, which is nice.

Looks like he's standing by the place to get his photo taken.





Again, we're seeing whitepants here.

I'm going to say it, right now, thatwhen we look back at this we're going to say that white trousers, or white jeans, or any kind of white pants, are a trend that, we'll say, came out of this Pitti.

Moving on.

I love a great brown suit.

What's going on here is pretty nice.

Have some pretty simple pattern mixing in the shirt, with the shirt andthe tie.

The shirt is a very, let's zoom in so we can see.

Yep, it's kind of acheck.

And then the tie has a very bold stripe.

If you've seen the pattern mixingvideo that we did, this is a very good example of that.

We have two patterns.


One bold.

And the tie becomes the focal point of the outfit.

I just want tocheck out the suit here.

Okay, I thought there might have been some kind of, like, looks, it's hard to tell from the photo, but I think it's a herringbone.

But let'stalk about this coat, also, which is looks like a really wide wale corduroy coat ina really deep green, which is beautiful.

I want it! Because it pairs very, very nicelywith the brown.

Well done.

Another really really nice coat with the belt.

There's acool complementary couple there.

One thing I see that's neat is the thewallet she's carrying is pulled in with the color of her sock.

And that's abeautiful belted suede safari jacket, I'm gonna call it.

Yeah, very nice.

And twovery nice light-colored turtlenecks.

Dig it.

White trousers again.

I think, again, thisis sort of more on the fashion-forward side of what you would see.

I'm notsure, not sure who this person is, but, so can I just point this out here? So, I havethis joke that I call this “menswear thumb”It's, like, models kind of do this, which leads me to believe that maybe.



Oh, what'shis name?! I can't remember his name.

But, yes.

He does sort of that kind ofthing.

So, he's an Italian “influencer, ” so that's whyhe's doing “menswear thumb.

” I was going to make that a meme, or was going to try to.

Noone would care! Anyway, moving on.

Very sharp suit right there.

I want tocheck out the collar because either it's a really well-done collar, or it's a tab collar.

Let's see if wecan tell.

Oh, no, it's a button-down collar.


It's nice how it breaks aroundthe tie there.

Alright, next look.

There's Angel looking good! Very monochromatic there.

Nice tie pop ofcolor there.

Alright, next look.

Alright, Let's start with the gentleman on theright.

He's wearing white pants.

So we have a very nicetonal outfit here.

I like how he pulls in the browns in the sock, and thenhe's got white pants on, but then, if you look, like, so what I'm noticing here isthat I was expecting it to have a cuff, and there is no cuff here.

It looks morelike the bottom is, yes, the bottom is sort of like torn or unfinished, which isreally interesting.

Alright, I mean, this is just just a really nice, nice lookthere.

That coat really isn't for me, but the suit is very nice.

Kind of a statement-making tie here.

It's a little baggy, for me.

But it looks good on him.

That's an interesting coat and kind of like a neatbackpack there? Alright, moving on.

That's definitely a statement.

So, let'sjust say that I do sort of a dig the, I can't tell if that's part of a coat orsweater of if it was a scarf that he's wearing there? I guess it's maybelike, it's a really big turtleneck? But, like, look at the detail there on thecoat.

That's interesting.


And his glasses are very, very nice.

Ilike those.

Alright, next.

White pants.

Let's say that.

Okay, yeah.

We're justgoing to move on from that.

There's David! David always looks good.

And we're going to zoom in.

That's a beautiful herringbone on thecoat there.


I'm going to, I'll place a bet that, that isa Drake's tie and a Drake scarf.

Possibly a Drake's shirt as well?David has great style.

Very classic and very relaxed.

There's an easeabout what he does that I always really like.

There is Mr.

Jonathan Edwards!Jonathan runs Milan Style.

You should check him out on Instagram.

Jonathan is avery, very tall and lean guy.

He's very, very elegant.

Very beautiful personality.

He's such a nice guy.

He, I'm going to say, he works a lot with Dominic from EdwardSexton.

This is a very simple, classic look.

And, I mean, look at the photo isperfect! He's got the greys and anyway, anyway.

Moving on to the pants.

These are cut perfectly.

I love this slight break thathe has.

And these look, to me, to be the “Hollywood Top” trousers that EdwardSexton makes.

I could be wrong, though, so I'll have to find that out.

I'll have to DMhim or something.

But, yeah.

Beautiful look.

I like the coat here, but I thinkthe scarf, like, kind of ruins it for me.

It's like candy.


There's Mr.

MattHranek looking good.

He's got a cigar.

I'm going to say that it's either a PartagasSeries D No.

4 or No.


I'll see if we can tell if we zoom in.

Definitelya Partagas.

You can see the red band there.

But I can't really tell size-wise.

It looks like the smaller one so, anyway.

Oh! One other detail to point out withMatt here.

He's got the turtleneck on.

But then we have the shirt coming up.

He's always got, like, some interesting details like that, whether it's, like, anascot sort of inside a button-up, but not worn like an ascot.

Sort of, like, lining the inside of the shirt.

It's always really cool.

So nice detail.

We'rejust going to pretend we didn't see that one.

And really nice corduroy.

This is, these are cool.

These are very cool.

I like the belts.

AndI think that brings us to the end of the GQ one.

Okay, so now let's move on toVogue.

No, thank you.

Alright, here we go.

Well, I didn't expect to see NickWooster as, like, the first photo of a Pitti slideshow roundup.

He's wearingwhite pants so there's that.


I mean, you can't really say much about NickWooster.

He's sort of, like, does his thing and he's the man, and he's, like, arecognized style icon, but this is kind of out there, for me.

With the Vans, kindof, checkered pattern.

Anyway, anyway.

Let's just go on.

Alright, this is Filippo, I believe.

Another Italian “influencer” He's always veryelegant.

I think he's more, like, a model now? So, but, oh, let's point out theturtleneck underneath the button-up shirt, which is nice, which we thoughtmight be a trend based on the London video from last week.


Luca Rubinacci!a very colorful personality and the style to match.

Very nice guy.

Whether youcan pull off bold colors like that, or not, you have to respect this man.

He doesit well and he does it with such ease and grace.

So, well done.

I like the raglansleeve here.

I think we're starting to see, remember I said in the beginningthat we're going to see a little bit of a difference between how British GQcovered the event versus Vogue? And I feel like it might be sort of pivotingat this moment.

But, we shall see.

Yeah, I think I was right.

So, we're just going tokeep moving on here.

This is good.

This is good.


I mean, this is like this guy'sthing.

Very baggy and relaxed and oversized.

And I think he's beendoing that for quite a while, so it works for him.

And to each his own.

So I kind of want to just move on but before, before I do, Iwant to point something out here that that, like, kind of tips me off that thisguy, perhaps, doesn't belong here.

So, he's wearing a solaro suit.

And it'sJanuary.

Solaro is typically a summer fabric, so it's odd, to me, that he'swearing a solaro suit.

I would think of seeing more, like, flannels butanyway.

Not working for me.

Okay, no.

That is the place where people get theirphoto taken all the time.

I mean, it's really not much to see here.

This is kindof interesting.

Like, a grungy approach.

Again, it's not, like, what you would thinkof as regular Pitti style, but I like the layering.

That's interesting.

Tt's a goodlook.

That's a good accessory! It's a beautiful dog.

Look at that dog! Yeah, I'm sorry, guys.

I don't want to, like, waste your time here.

We're about halfway through.

More than halfway through.

So, I'mgoing to say that, like, this guy doesn't belong here.

He's just going to get his photo taken.

Because, like, I don't know.

He's wearingthe button-down its unbuttoned, and there was, like, another one that was unbuttonedbefore, but that looked right.

This looks wrong.

It's, this looks like a little try-too-hard for me.

There's, there's the difference between, like, being kind ofperfectly imperfect, and then like trying to do that perfectly imperfect thingbut, like, not really pulling it off.

And I feel like this is kind of a good exampleof that.

Beautiful raglan sleeve coat here.

Not really feeling the twine holdingit, but the coat is beautiful.

Love a raglan sleeve.

I mean, those guys lookcool, you know? It's very nice.

It's like a waxed suede of some sort? And abeautiful hat.

Okay, we don't have much farther to go, thankfully.

So, this is interesting because one thing you rarely see arelabels at Pitti.

And either this is either, like, a statement thing or this guy justkind of wandered through.

And, anyway.

Another label.

Another label.


Okay, and that wraps it up.

So, as predicted, there was a very bigdifference from the way British GQ covered it as opposed to the way it wascovered by Vogue.

British GQ definitely more dapper, more menswear focus.

Vogue, alittle more of a fashion skew to the photos that were taken.

You know, eventhough I kind of breezed through that on purpose, I didn't really want to wasteyour guys' time, as I know that the dapper looks would be more your speed, as theyare my speed, as well.

But, you know, part of the conversation I want to createwith these, with these reaction videos to the street style, is that, you know, evenif it's something that you are not personally into, like, I would like, tokind of create a climate where we could look at that stuff and even if it's notour thing, find a way to to take something away from it rather than be, like, that's bad and this is good, you know? There has to be in-between.

Soeveryone expresses their, expresses themselves in how they dress.

Some people, just everyone has a different way to do it.

And ifit's not like yours or mine, that's fine.

We should just try to respect that andlet them do that.

So, anyway, let me know what you thought of this format.

Let meknow if any of those looks were cool to you.

Leave those in the comments.

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And until next time, thanks for watching and stay tailored.