Korean Fashion Try-On Haul | Seoul Street Style

[Music] hi everyone welcome back to my channel and in today's video I have a fashion haul it's been a while since I filmed one of these but in my vlogs every time I walked into a store or was wearing something so many of you guys are curious about

what I was wearing and what I bought so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share some newly discovered brands as well as the try on haul because a lot of you guys seem to enjoy these so yeah let's get started because I do have a

lot of brands that I wanted to talk about we'll start with what I'm wearing and first we have the piece – one shirt PMO is g-dragon's label and I always wanted like a belt or a bucket hat from there but every time I check online it's either sold

out or it is quite pricey but I got this shirt at the looked at Young Plaza on the first floor there are lots of kpop merchandise and there's a yg corner and while I was looking through it at the end of it I saw this shirt by the

cashier and I just has to have it I really like the back of this shirt when I first moved to Seoul I went to g-dragon's exhibition and this was all over I actually have a poster of this so I really like this t-shirt and I am probably gonna

wear it often the second and last thing that I got from PMO is this tote and I really like how extra this is it came in like this I don't know like a sandwich pack but it was a tote and this was in collaboration with Vogue it was

very pricey but I thought this was one of a kind so I had to grab it and I do really like the quality of it and I will probably be wearing this a lot too I just got into tote bags they're super convenient and so much can go

inside so yeah I got this tote bag and it says piece – one book the second brand I wanted to introduce is Issei and Issei translates to second generation I went to the studio and basically I learned that a lot of their pieces are inspired by modern and

traditional Korea and it was so special about architecture it's like that out in the countryside I was like a mix of traditional modern design I bought ec clothes created two and now we're just gonna have a photo shoot all the way Justin just called me Angela get this

view of pucon Han it's so nice photo shoot so I fell in love immediately and when I touched a clothes you can definitely feel the quality so I bought three things from Issei and first is this hat I got the yellow one after trying on all of the

colors and basically Angela Justin and Roy told me that the yellow one looked best and it matched my hair color and I do want to dye my hair so they said that this would probably just look the best I don't normally wear a lot of color but when

it comes to accessories I do like to add a pop of color here and there so I thought this yellow hat was perfect next we have a humble jacket and I really love this piece because I love traditional Korean where I think humbug is beautiful and this jacket

looks very simple but I love the humble details on it and I feel like this will be a great piece for the beginning of fall because now it's just too cold to wear but yeah this is like 50% off when I walked in so I just had to

pick it up the final thing that I picked up is this flannel right here and when you first take a look at it you might be like oh it doesn't really look that special and maybe something that you can just buy at like an urban outfitters but it's

quite heavy it's very warm and again when you wear it you will feel like you're wearing something expensive I really like investing in pieces like this like jackets and flannels because then I don't have to buy like 10 different ones so I'm really excited about this one I

know that I'm gonna wear this a lot during the wintertime because I like to layer and because ICI is unisex i justified the price by thinking to myself that it can wear it too and he wore basically this humble jacket and this flannel to the meet and greet

so yeah we're already starting to share the clothes there but out of the three things that I purchased I think this is my favorite the third brand I wanted to introduce is outer air if you watch my vlogs you have probably seen the store many many times because

I love how extra it is but I finally picked up something and it is this skirt right here it seems like a plain one if you look at it this way but when you turn around I love this detail a lot of the styles are very simple and

casual yet you can feel again the quality in their pieces I'm very excited about the skirt because I can wear anything simple on the top but this little detail right here will definitely make my outfit pop the next piece that I picked up are these plaid pants from

this Korean brand called I i I've been really into pot if you could tell but I I is a Korean designer brand I know a lot of Korean celebrities love it and I walked into their showroom in cata secure and these pants are originally I think over $100

but I picked it up for 20 so I was really excited about it and I really liked how the ends are kind of flared so I again I'm super excited to wear this during the fall I see a lot of Korean instagramers wearing this brand so when I

saw the showroom I got really excited and I wanted to pick up a few more things but it just wasn't really my style but when I saw these pants I just immediately had to pick it up because I mean it was only 20 bucks the final two brands

are not Korean but I did find these shops in Honda so I thought I would just include them but the first friend is Joyrich this is another brand that I discovered because of celebrities and I believe that this is a Japanese based LA based grand correct me if

I'm wrong but I was really excited because in Honda there was a pop up shop so everything was seventy to ninety percent off it's just pretty great all of this I always wanted to that's you this was not supposed to happen but everything first we have this sweater

and it says rich 77% originally this would have been a hundred and thirty dollars but I got it for 30 and I love how simple this is and I just thought this was really funny I also picked up two shirts and first we have this grey one that

says joy rich calm and this white one has discipline on it so I really liked that so I wore this on an Instagram post I really like the quality of these tops as well originally these were I think $65 but I got it for 15 so a steal

the final thing that I picked up is this a cold wall back I got this at a store in Honda so many of you guys were curious make sure to leave their Instagram down below in the description box that store carries a lot of famous street brands such

as supreme a cold wall and they do switch up the pieces very frequently so that was my second time walking in and I noticed that all of the clothes changed already so I would recommend checking that store out but a cold wall I believe is a British Street

style brand and I really like how simple this is I couldn't wear it too much when I was vlogging because I like to carry around both of my vlogging cameras but now I can walk out with my wallet phone and chapstick in here and I'm good to go

so I really like how convenient this is it is quite pricy I paid about a hundred and twenty dollars for this and they were selling socks for $50 but it is a rising ground here in Korea a lot of artists are wearing it Deen and crush so that

was enough for me that wraps up my street style haul I hope you guys found this video helpful I think I want to film a video on my top 10 favorite Korean fashion brands so if you're interested in that comment down below if a lot want it I

might just quickly film that for next week if not I will probably save it for December but yeah check the description box I'll try my best to wink all of the pieces if they're still available and I'll see you guys in my next one bye [Music]

Карина Нигай / Обзор Street Style луков #MBFWR: Марьяна Ро, VogueDiary, Гном Гномыч

Hi! I'm the collection of DVDs you haven't thrown away yet, Gosha Kartsev.

I'm these shitty notes on Gosha Kartsev's computer.

My name is Karina Nigay.

And this is Gosha Kartsev channel.

Street style from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

Review with Gosha Kartsev Karina, what do you do? I'm a fashion influencer.

But I'm a celebrity stylist more like, like media person.

Are you cunning? A little.

Are you insolent? Absolutely.

Do you feel like tearing it up? I feel like telling the truth.

I won't hate it if it's beautiful.

It isn't.

She's wearing boots and black stockings.

She's wearing white boots and a white skirt, right? And here are long socks as well.

She's cold, so she's hidden them under the overalls.

Do you think they want to look expensive? No, they want to take pictures.

There's this huge retail chain “Everything for 60 rubles”.

Why should she need this coffee which says “I bought it for 60 rubles”? Or is it like, “I'm that rich that I can drink coffee for 60 rubles”? What do you mean rich? I like the concept but.



I like it that they all wear beige.

I'm sure they all are stylists.

But look at their outfit.

It kills me.

I sometimes see those stylists on Instagram and think “You need a freaking stylist yourself!” “Hey, go and learn! Seriously!” What kind of stylist is she? She herself needs to change her outfit and make up and lick into shape.

Maybe she's only a beginner.

I'm like a good cop today.

You see, I think a stylist is like a singer.

You have to be gifted.

Have you hidden your old videos on YouTube? “Our wedding”.

It's a beautiful one.

A heartwarming one.

Very heartwarming.

I just wonder if there's a singer on this video.

I don't mind this.

Let's give it a chance.

What's good about it? That all three of them are wearing beige.

I'd polish it a little.

Even with clothes from mass market stores they could style it a bit.




It looks like they got out of this Peugeot behind them.

Car expert.

Obviously not this Mercedes.

This is totally a French street style.

If it's a trench over a trench, I don't like it.

If it's one piece, then it's interesting.

Write in the comments what you think.

Ah, those tricks so that you boost his rating.

Oh! That's a good one! It's one and a half.

Double one.

One and a half dressing.

I'd buy this puffer jacket.

It's cool.

When you wear it alone, not with someone else.

It's such a bullshit.


And this colour.

Fancy that.


Of course, you're lonely.

Have you seen yourself in the mirror? Rooster! Black raven.

This is Maleficent.

Malifistina, this is Malifistina.

Pimpled woodpecker.


Oh! I like the jacket.

The jacket is alright, why is the bun? And no make up.

What are the pearls for? I don't think you should go around the city dressed like this.

She might've wanted to wear something weird for the Fashion week, but she should've done it beautifully.

Ooh-la-la! These always take part in street style shows.

It's like Voguediary.

She's one of thousands who turned from a street style model into a blogger.

It's her everyday style.

She's crazy, so she wears this every day.

Yeah, she's savvy.

Actually, this is Maryana Ro.

She's Face's girlfriend.

This one? Yes.

I think you could be friends, because she hates everyone.

Watch her interview on.



That's my reputation.

What? Do you think you're saint? Minimalistic.

He's cute.

I like it.

Yeah, I like it.

Everything matches, the colours, the chainlet.

Yes, and he's handsome.

Good job.

Look at those pins.

Pins on stockings.


I've never seen it.

Wait, is it her dad's tie? It's a rebus.

“Solve me”.

Is she pregnant or that is because of the wind? These are multiple layers.

Well, okay.

What are the socks for? I'd take off the socks because everything else is hairy and bright enough.

You can see girls like this in Milan.

Chinese by the way.

She might be not Russian.

Maybe because she's like, you know.

What? With squinty eyes like me.

What should you look like for a street style show? Tell us like a granny of street style.

Thank you, darling.

You're welcome, darling.

Well, I don't want to tell you all the secrets.

Assuming that last time half of Moscow came to Milan.

They made me laugh.

You fly to Milan, don't you? I fly everywhere.

How many countries? 57.


This isn't that bad except maybe the make up.

These boots.

They're from Zara or something.

Yeah, maybe.

Again, if you put her in line with them, she'd look weird.

Shoot a fashion machine gun at her.


How many songs by Krovostock do you know? I don't listen to such music.

I listened to Factor-2.

“Tell me, beautiful, what's that you don't like?” This is fake! It's a fake fake! They are not Fendi's letters.

And the proportions, aah! Yes, of course, it's wider.

I told you, look, the pocket is out of straight.

You can say it only by this.

High five.

Yeah, I can tell fake stuff from afar.

This beard.

Why do they need it? If you don't have a proper one, then you don't need it.

Follow Gosha's example.

And 50 more jokes about my bald head from Karina Nigay.

Without this Russian headscarf, it'd be a typical New York style.

Like, “I'm out to walk my dog”.

Gothic style.

Can you see the cross? Street style is supposed to inspire.

It inspires you to have your thematic photoshoot.

It's trendy.

Old man Supreme against the background of NY.

Who are you? Maybe a model? No! I think no-one.

These are these trendy students, you know? No, and I don't want to.

Hanging jeans-yao.

What do you think? Nice word.


A busy chick, I like it.

I don't like it that her hair is unbrushed.

Totally, like she's been ploughing with her head.

The trench is nice.

Yes, so is the footwear.

You don't like it? I don't know.

I don't care.

Yeah? Okay.

You know what I don't like? I don't like this blouse underneath.

All the rest is alright.

What do you think about loafers with Adidas? It's like a stylistic thing, no? Well, okay.

“Pink flamingo” “a child of a sunset” Totally no.

“I'm mama's Leroy Merlin”.

This is just an old lady, right? They're everywhere, these PJs.

Let's give it a name.


Category is Beetroot puke.

“You wear Louis, Louis, Louis”.

I really want you to stop going to the Fashion Week.

For goodness' sake.

You're the generation Z.

Stop acting like thugs.

Do you want to see what Vogue chose and posted as Street style from the Fashion week in Moscow on their site? I do.

Puke! Seriously.

The person in the puffer jacket, two people.

These are okay.

Maryana Ro, let it be.

Here he is, this one, the flamingo.

A copycat of Morgenshtern.

A bad one.

We liked this one.


Vampire from Leroy Merlin.

And this one.

The inverted one, Malifistina Lonely.

And this one? Really? Fancy that.

They've posted it.

And this.

Hello, Russian Vogue, are you alright? I think this is meant to bring more visitors to their site.

But I would've thought so if I hadn't seen this on Instagram.

Here is the question.

What is it? Gnom Gnomych is on the cover of Vogue Russia dedicated to the Christmas Charity Ball.


The idea is great but come on.

If it was Vodyanova and the children, it would be great.

But what is this family doing here? Seriously.

I think Vogue looks cheaper this way.

It's like Olya Buzova on the cover of Vogue.

Okay, forget about it.

In the next part, I'd like you to explain your choice.

We're going to discuss street style fashion from Karina Nigay.

Look, when I saw this eye, it was six months before the Fasion Week, I thought I'd wear it to Gucci.

But I couldn't take it with me.

You can't fold it? No, you need to hold it like this on the plane.

Then I had the idea it should be the elegant Dior.

And it was a success.

All the magazines published it and.



Gosha Kartsev posted stories about it.

What else do I need? It's such a bullshit, Karina! What do you mean? I was shocked.

Everyone liked it! You can laugh at me as long as you want.

If it was a Russian Fashion Week, I wouldn't be surprised.

You know? Because we all are crazy.

Paris is Dior.

For me, it's the same level of insolency as that woman who came out at the Chanel show, you know? Like “here I am”.

It was elegant, you know? Karina, you're wearing an eye head.

Yes, but it's cool.

First of all, magazines really liked it.

Which ones? Optical? Didn't you get a contract from a fish? It was in a French.

It was in Vogue France.

Do you know what I respect you for? That you don't give a shit about everyone else's opinion! You know? Either you're wearing an eye or not.

“Okay, guys, I got your attention”, “Good bye.

Thank you, next”.

And keep going.

And this eye.



It's my style.

Yeah, it's like you don't give a shit.

So you came and to those who'd already come you're like.




Big Russian eye”.

It's like, “Russia, see?”.

I'm more like Anna Dello Russo.


Who hyped on street style and became Anna Dello Russo.

I'm more like that.

You're Anna Dello Russo plus Chiara Ferragni I mean, you're just a trendy product, that's it.

And I feel really comfortable there.

Another question: Karina, what do you need Tik Tok for? Beautiful, la-la-la.

Let me explain, then you'll watch.

You also have Tik Tok, 21 followers.

I think you're a blogger only if you have a YouTube channel.

And now Tik Tok rules.

And I just don't want to realise one day that I'm forgotten.

My audience is really grown up.

They're grown up girls over 20.

That's why I thought I could use Tik Tok to try communicating with the generation Z.

I'm not doing very well though, but why not? You're just.



You're actually a wise woman.

Apparently, expensive background doesn't work there.

You need something like this cheap fake tree.

You know the challenges! You're a freaking Tik Toker! Karina, what do you say when you hear: “She sucked for it”? All this like, “The husband of hers, the house, Rublyovka, the store”.

The first year I cried.

The second I meant to leave.

The third, the third year was tough.

I closed up and left YouTube.

That's when it went down for a while and I still can't bring it back to what it used to be.

And you have to take part in all these.

Yeah, all these cheap shows.

Take part in this and stuff.

I'm fortunate that after my pregnancy, even though I never posted pics of my child, my Instagram rocketed.

And I had to work hard.

Work is work.

If people say shitty things about you, well, just fuck off.

In fact, I have a person who clears up all the negative stuff.

I don't read it.

Wait, what were we talking about? So you sucked for it, then you blocked it.

It's after your pregnancy that you dropped guard.

I considered myself an ugly fat bitch who should stay at home at all times.

I had this inferiority complex about my appearance.

After I gave a birth to my child I appeared not to have gained a kilo.

It's like I had a baby and that's it.

And in a week after that I shot in beachwear for a Calzedonia campaign.

Since that day we've been working hard and thankfully it was the time when my Instagram started working really well.

Even though you show your husband and child, you tell nothing about yourself.

I want to present myself as an expert.

How do you feel about it now? I'm calm.

Karina, could you give some advice to a young influencer.

Find a job.

It's Gosha Kartsev channel.

This has been who? Karina Nigay.

Nigay and Gosha Kartsev.

Like, share, comment, subscribe.

I hate it when you say this.

Go and shoot a video for Tik Tok first, then.



It's just.




Look at me”.

I start speaking like you.

Everyone says you steal things, that proves it.

You read too much of Telegram.

Fuck off.

I'm leaving.

You sucked for it.

Bald asshole.

Thanks for coming.


Curvy Con 2018 Wrap Up + Street Style Plus Size LookBook

hey everybody so this past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Curvy Con now if you're not familiar with what curvy con is Curvy Con is basically like Fashion Week for plus-size girls it provides a ton of opportunities for different brands to come and showcase their plus-size

clothing wares as well as having runway shows and panels about you know what it's like to thrive and be successful as a plus-sized blogger so I was really fortunate to be able to go with ModCloth who kind of brought me there and they also let me do this

amazing giveaway but before we jump into that I wanna tell you guys a little bit about two crazy experiences I had now I could talk you through them right here and now but I think the video I recorded from the event is a little bit more special because

it actually shows you the individuals I did not expect for these things to happen I did not expect to run into these people it was just a weird you know crossing of paths in life and it was one of my favorite parts of the weekend guys story time

I was in a cab coming back from a marketing event when I was a business person like three some years ago and I met a girl in a cab who talked about vlogging and fast forward to three years later where we reunite at Curvy Con what was your

name again Carolyn this she gave me so many good tips and just amazing that was a good car ride we had a fun car ride is Carolyn uber driver and future famous vlogger yes I cannot believe I know anyway so everybody I have another crazy life story

for I have hair in my face always that has resurfaced itself at Curvy Con meet what's your name again Layla this is Layla tell them what you told me didn't we sleep outside on the streets together for SNL and yeah we did and I took a picture of

you and Dave Grohl this is true that happened that happened I've you know she has a random picture of me from like five years ago oh my god it was like ten years ago shhh we're younger than we look oh my goodness I'm so glad you told me

this like that's like my mouth it was like a close-up on my mouth I'm like now let's talk a little bit more about the person who won my giveaway now at curvy con I had a giveaway where I gave away a glitter ticket the glitter ticket is basically

an all-access ticket to Curvy Con and the girl who won was like the most deserving person to win ever she was a recent college graduate going into the arts looking at writing scripts for TV and film and you know you gotta hope that she's gonna put some solid

plus-size characters in there she was totally unfamiliar with what her personal style was and really kind of was at a crossroads of like I'm growing up and I don't know how to dress for my next stage in my life so it was super fun to get to meet

her her name was pip and she was just so lovely and to have her walk in and feel totally overwhelmed and then walk out feeling super awesome about herself and knowing a little bit more about what she liked and didn't like which is really the whole point of

fashion was just the whole epicenter of my weekend it was the best part of my weekend so you can see pip she tried on this velvet dress which I absolutely loved on her how do you feel so good and there are pockets which I love that's that is

life goals yeah the best feeling is a dress with pockets and then she also got a button-down and a pair of jeans and she has not had a pair of jeans that fit her for years and years and years and so this was monumental for her to

walk away a in a dress she likes because she does not normally like dresses and b have a good fitting pair of jeans and sometimes I forget as a blogger like how those little basics in your wardrobe can literally change your outlook and it was a nice reminder

to me that what you know we do online as silly as it might seem sometimes actually does affect lives and here was a situation where it did affect lives and honestly someone who was super inspiring to me and I believe will be super inspiring to a whole nother

generation of women I took a lot of fun with her and I thought she was just a lovely person and I am so happy that she you know was able to be outfitted and kind of take the next step in her career in some amazing clothing I also

had a ton of fun just looking at all the different girls in ModCloth clothing I love ModCloth I talk about this all the time if they pay me or if they did not pay me I would still say I love ModCloth because I did for a long time

I did not work with them and I just wore their stuff all the time I am lucky to fortunately be able to be working with them now and I did work with them on this event so I kind of rounded up some of the girls and the outfits

they liked and I thought it would give you guys some good fall fashion inspiration and to help you guys kind of figure out like okay how do I put these pieces together in different ways these were all the girls that were kind of partnering with ModCloth for curvy

con or just liked modcloth in general and wore it to curvy con so I kind of pulled them aside had them do a little runway show which you guys are gonna see now so that is my curvy con wrap-up it's short and sweet and basically most of time

I spent with the ModCloth team at the ModCloth booth or like talking to people and just being a human I didn't film a ton of other things because you know why I was spending time investing in the people I was talking to and I think that's what you

should do with these events is it's not about all of the selfies you collect it's about all the memories you collect and all the relationships you build and that's that's what's important to me yeah I do like a good selfie here and there I mean look at me

huh but for the most part if you see me out I just want to get to know you that's really Who I am as a person so that is my brief synopsis of my weekend at curvy con with modcloth I hope you guys enjoyed it thank you to

modcloth for having me a curvy con for making this possible for me to go and meet so many of you guys in in person face to face and have that time if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have been able to go so I want to give a

huge shout out to them and yeah that's it guys have an amazing rest of your day I love you guys so much I don't know what to say I'm like and I'm gonna save my normal outro I'm like you know and peace someday I'll come up with an

outro in a better away right now this will have to do I'll use a peace sign I always use

8 Easy Outfits for Guys | Hong Kong Travel Street Style | Levitate Style

Hey what's up guys! Welcome back to my channel My name is Leo Chan of Levitate Style back again with another spring style video this time I'm showing you 5 to 6 easy, effortless spring style outfits that you can bring on your trip this is part of the travel

spring style series that I'm doing if you missed the one on Tokyo Street style make sure you check it out in the description So, this time last year I was in Asia for a month as you can imagine when you're traveling you don't want to pack everything you

have so I picked out specifically the pieces that I really love for spring and it's effortless for travel the denim jacket now the denim jacket for the spring is a no-brainer and bringing this on travel definitely a must it's such an easy piece to pair and wear with

other things that you bring on your trip this jacket obviously is great you got the light colors I also did a two-minute style tip video on the denim jacket how to wear it from work to weekend so if you missed that make sure you check it out in

the description I went with the light blue denim jacket for the rainbow building because I really love the light pastel colors and it matched perfectly with this lighter blue denim jacket for this look I decided to break up the double denim and went with black jeansinstead and then

go with the light base of a grey t-shirt and some grey Yeezys Another denim jacket look that I did this time going with the classic double denim so I went with a light blue denim, jacket black t-shirt blue jeans and then finish off with these white Gucci sneakers

this time with the double denim we went to the Monster Mansion building in Hong Kong This is probably one of the most famous shots now on Instagram Next up, back again is the leather jacket Here's another effortless leather jacketlook This time I'm just wearing with white t-shirt, black

jeans, and some white sneakers In Hong Kong there's a lot of interesting buildings and architecture and so at this playground that we found is popular on Instagram I wanted to go with this more monochromatic look, black andwhite to go with this like moody and grainy background Second leather

jacket look that I did I went with all black Black t-shirt, black jeans, for night out with my friends and then for the shoes I got this pop of brown to really change up the outfit and this is like a classic Saint Laurent look this outfit is really

great for the night time just hanging out my friend we were just chillingaround the Jordan area walking through the night market Next up it's the light blue suit on this day in Hong Kong we were exploring the central side of Hong Kong this side of the city is

all business a lot of commercial buildings, offices and so I wanted to dress it up a little bit I wanted to wear a suit Hong Kong is really hot there in the spring and summertime and so I wanted to go with a lighter suit jacket as you can

see this is perfect for the spring and summer season A lighter grey, almost has a hint of blue in it this is perfect for that season lighten things up at the same time stay sharp For the look I want to keep it simple and sharp so I went

with a nice white dress shirt and then for the tie I'm wearing a Thom Browne tie and then pairing with these Thom Browne dress shoes now the Thom Browne shoes is the main point of the outfit this is the bold piece in this outfit keeping the whole outfit

nice and simple and sharp the shoes really stand outin this outfit By the way fun fact I was actually born and raised in Hong Kong until I was ten years old and then that's when my family and I moved to New York City Next up the Camo shirt

jacket I noticed that in spring trends this year Camo was making a huge comeback but I think camo is actually a really nice essential to have in any guy's closet I love that this is a nice strong and bold pattern that we can wear casually so I think

you should always be able to wear camo all year round If you didn't know, Hong Kong is a pretty hot city and so when it comes to spring it's already like 75/80 degrees things like this is perfect for that and to lighten things up for spring I love

to gowith brown matching the brown in the shirt jacket here so go with this lighter suede brown in the Saint Laurent boot For the jeans I went with these light blue ripped jeans from John Elliott I love the camo pattern for travel because it's such a strong pattern

and you can really mix and match with a lot of things in your closet and also in a crazy city like Hong Kong you know it's kind of like the concrete jungle so just kind of having fun with that and wearinga patterned shirt like this to go with

the backdrop next we have a striped shirt outfit Hong Kong can get very hot and humid and so there are days where you really just can't wear a jacket that's when a dress shirt like this can come in really handy This shirt you can wear as like a

light layer a light jacket per se just pairing this striped shirt with a gray shirt underneath and some white jeans it's a nice casual hot day outfit next up I have a Thom Browne scarf as you can see we're getting hotter and hotter in this spring style video

Hong Kong can get really hot in the spring and summer season and so when it's way too hot I would evenjust style an outfit with a scarf this is a 100% cotton scarf and this kind of gives you a little accessory to style your outfit as you can

see in thisoutfit I'm just wearing all black black t-shirt, black jeans and I'm just pairing the scarf with my Thom Browne dress shoes this simple pairing can be a really nice way to dress up a simple outfit I'm just wearing all black it's a very New York City

city look and so this is a cool way to kind of add some style to a plain outfit let me know which one of these outfits is your favorite subscribe if you haven't already thank you guys for watching!

6 Easy Outfits For Guys | Tokyo Street Style Spring 2019 | Levitate Style

Hey what's up guys! Welcome back to my channel My name is Leo Chan of Levitate Style In this video I'm gonna show you some spring outfits from my trip to Tokyo, Japan Tokyo is definitely one of my favorite places in the worldto travel to always have a really

good time and I really love their street style there so I'm gonna show you really quick four different outfits that will work in Tokyo for your spring style First outfit is with this suede color fieldjacket I really love this color to match the castles and the colors of

Tokyo I wore this outfit to the Imperial Palace and this area is all about the castle and I think the colors work perfectly with this jacket Tokyo weather is actually really similar to New York so when it comes to spring (April, May) it could get chilly so on

this day it was actually pretty cold I decided to layerup so that's tip number 1 you got to layer up I have like a shirt jacket and then on top of that I put on this suede jacket and then for the rest of the outfit I kept it

pretty simple just blue jeans and of course some black Chelsea boots that you can wear the whole trip so when I was planning this outfit I was really thinking about matching my environment at this place you got thesetting, the bridge and the castles, those colors really match with

the suede color and the black boots so that's what makes this outfit workreally well matching my outfit to my backdrop, to my environment next I have this leather jacket look in Shibuya In case you didn't know, Tokyo is hugeon streetwear they love street style so for this look

I wanted to go with this monochromatic going all black and grey but at the same time mixing in things like my favorite leather jacket with Off-White and Yeezys Tokyo, much like New York City, is such a busy city so I wanted to go with this all-black kind of

street style look once again it's during the spring time so the most important tip is to layer up I decided to go with this Off-White, kind of like a shirt, jacket this is great – I can wear this kind of like a jacket but I can also layer

it under my leather jacket and then throughout the day if it gets too warm I'll just take it off and it's a whole other outfit and to finish off this street style look I wanted to go with something more hypebeast and so Idecided to go with these Yeezy's

350 I'll let my background and my photos dothe talking so different parts of Tokyo is really colorful with all the street signs Shibuya really busy and then Shinjuku, a lot of fun Stopped by this mall that had really cool mirror display on the inside so when you're planning

your outfit think about the places you're gonna go and then if your outfit is gonna be too loud If it's going to compliment If you guys are liking this video so far please make sure to hit the subscribe button that'll help me out a lot I'm justtrying to

grow this channel next up we have this pattern bomber jacket The design on this jacket is perfect for Tokyo so I had to bring this with me and of course this is perfect for the day that we're visiting Sensoji temple now this day I actually really wanted to

match everything the temple has to offer so I was thinking everything red so pieces that have red details on them tomatch my surrounding I like that this jacket is a very lightweight it's perfectfor the spring season perfect for spring style it's also really light so that it's easy

to pack in your suitcase and it won't be too heavy and then for the bottom I matched it with these black and red stripes and then for the shoes I wanted to pack a pair of shoes that I can wear the whole trip, really comfortable these leather sneakers

from Gucci of course for a trip you definitely need whitesneakers and so I wanted to go with these Gucci sneakers because it has thered details to match with all my pieces on this trip Again with the layering I wentwith this red striped sweater the color details matches perfectly

with my outfit same time this sweater is bold enough to be on his own for this outfit overall it's a dressyoutfit but I wanted to dress it down have it more casual having a little morefun with a striped shirt pairing the patterns so different stripes on thisshirt with

the pinstripe on my dress pants and then I have a light Uniqlo turtleneck as my undershirt like dressy but dressed down I was wearing this outfit just kindof touring around the hotel in Tokyo it's just so cool to take in the views andfeel like I'm lost in new

city Last but not least, a souvenir jacket The souvenir jacket was really trendy about two years ago I actually wanted to wait for thetrend to die down so that can get one of my own souvenir jackets are soldbasically everyone around Tokyo but there are a lot that are

the same so I wanted tolook for something that's a little bit different a little more intricate for me, the most important part is the back of course I really love the back design ofthis jacket you got the dragon and the tiger and this actually symbolizes thebalance of power

I wanted something that was black and white that I can wear over and over again not something too crazy that I can only wearonce I think of this souvenir jacket as my souvenir from the trip becauseone I wanted one for a while but it was too trendy literally

too trendy that everybrand everybody was making one so getting one from Japan was definitelymore special to me I wanted to wear this jacket to visit the Shinjuku Gardenit's a beautiful beautiful park we were there in the early spring and so it was justsome cherry blossoms happening and this

jacket really fits in with the vibes andthe style of Tokyo If you guys want to know more ways to wear the leather jacket I did a 2-minute style tip video on the leather jacket how to wear it from work to weekend All in all when it comes to

travelstyle I really like to do research beforehand on the places I'm going tosee what kind of architecture what kind of colors what's to buy and then plan myoutfits around that For me Tokyo is a lot of fun becausethere's street style there is city but there's also castles and

temples a lot ofdifferent colors and different things happening in this amazing city I would love to know which one of these outfits is your favorite thank you guys forwatching

Hailey Bieber chose Virgil Abloh to design gown due to 'street style' – News Live

She is known for making every sidewalk her catwalk with her on-trend street style  And Hailey Bieber wanted to reflect that aesthetic on the biggest day of her life The 22-year-old model's final wedding dress fitting for her nuptials to Justin Bieber were documented in a Vogue video released on Friday Scroll down for video  It was there where Hailey revealed her reasoning for choosing Off-White founder and current artistic director of men's wear at Louis Vuitton, Virgil Abloh, as she wanted the gown to reflect her 'street style' Hailey and Justin – who originally wed in a secret ceremony in September 2018 – exchanged vows in front of 154 guests at the Montage Palmetto Bluff resort in South Carolina on September 30   Share this article Share Hailey looked stunning in the mermaid-style dress as she said that she has always had the 39-year-old fashion designer in mind for her special day due to their longtime friendship despite lack of experience in designing wedding dresses She said: 'From day one, I said I want Virgil to do my dress.

I didn't want somebody who was a wedding dress designer 'I just feel like my style and street style is a part of who I am and Virgil has always been in my corner from the beginning and I just feel like it's cool to see such an intricate gown from him 'Perhaps the most talked about part of her wedding day look was the long veil, which looked to be about 12-foot, which featured Abloh's signature branding of quotation marks and signature branding which read “TILL DEATH DO US PART” at the end of the dramatically long chiffon headpiece  Hailey described that detail as the 'icing on the cake.

'  One detail that has not been seen by the public, however, was the Off-White branding in the beaded parts of the dress including the abstract arrows logo and “WEDDING DRESS” seamed into it The four-and-a-half minute long video includes the moment Hailey is unveiled wearing the dress for the very first time at The Montage Hotel in Los Angeles She then struts across the room and playfully says 'at least I can walk' before looking  at herself in the mirror and flashing a big smile across her face The video begins with shots of the process behind the creation of the garment at Abloh's Off-White headquarters in Milan, Italy A voiceover featuring the Chicago native could be heard explaining his vision behind the design of the dress as well as detailing his relationship with the power couple Abloh said: 'For her, I wanted something fun and youthful, but still traditional.

What I think is most important for her on this day is showcasing the woman that she is 'I wanted to make something that made [Justin] look in Hailey's eyes and see that she's the most beautiful woman for him 'Sabrina Mandelli, who is a designer for the label, said that the process began at their atelier and took over a year as they had three different fittings She also revealed that it took ten people for the veil alone and another ten for the dress as she explained: 'All the upper part is this classical embroidery with flowers but you will also see some of our typical Off-White symbols like the arrow 'So to make something that is really classical with some symbols that are actually from the street so that's why this is Off-White 'Earlier this month Hailey finally unveiled the wedding gown with a series of Instagram posts  The Vogue model thanked her dress designer, Abloh, for the creation, writing: 'Thank you for making my vision come to life and creating my dream dress You and your Off White team are incredible and I'm forever grateful I got to wear your beautiful creation ' Chicago-based designer Abloh – who is now the artistic director of men's wear at Louis Vuitton – has become a celebrity favorite with his label Off-White  The label's distinctive branding features liberal use of quotation marks and large capital letters, used as a way of conveying detachment from society and social norms  The long sleeved ceremony gown featured a 6ft train and was one of three distinctly different dresses she chose for her star-studded wedding day Along with her embellished lace dress, she chose a plunging curve-hugging silky number that could pass for a negligee The frock strongly resembled the satin wonder that fashion publicist Carolyn Bessette wore when she wed John F Kennedy Jr in 1996 Who is Virgil Abloh? All about the designer who created Hailey Bieber's 'dream' dressSocial media was buzzing on in early October as Hailey Bieber finally shared photos of her wedding dress to Justin Bieber in South Carolina last week And the man behind the gown is actually a celebrity favorite with a longtime relationship with Kanye West Virgil Abloh collaborated with the 22-year-old model on the ornate, pearl encrusted lace fishtail gown   She captioned one of the many Instagram posts:  '@virgilabloh thank you for making my vision come to life and creating my dream dress You and your @off____white team are incredible and I’m forever grateful I got to wear your beautiful creation 'Abloh has become a celebrity favorite with his label Off-White whose branding is very apparent with the use of quotation marks and large capital letters as a weay of convying detachment from society and social norms Hailey's long veil featured that signature branding at the very end of the train as it read: '”TILL DEATH DO US PART “'  The 39-year-old Chicago-based designer is now the artistic director of men's wear at Louis Vuitton  Abloh has had a longtime friendship with Kanye West as they both interned at Fendi in the same class back in 2009 as they began a collaborative relationship Soon thereafter, the 42-year-old rapper appointed Abloh as the creative director of his creative agency, DONDA He then served as artistic director of the 2011 Kanye and Jay-Z collaborative album Watch The Throne in 2011 Abloh went on to launch his first company called Pyrex Vision in 2012 but quickly shut it down as he did not want it to be a commercial enterprise In 2013, Virgil founded his first fashion house with high-end streetwear brand Off-White which is based out of Milan, Italy  He has described the brand as 'the gray area between black and white as the color off-white' as it has signature branding elements including the use of quotation marks, capital letters, zip-ties, and barricade tape It has become the brand of choice for A-list celebrities including Beyonce, Serena Williams, ASAP Rocky, Odell Beckham Jr, and of course the Biebers Off-White also had the sneaker world buzzing with its several collaborations with Nike which began in 2017 with “THE TEN” and will be releasing a collection with Swedish furniture giant Ikea called “MARKERAD” next month On March 2018, Abloh was named artistic director of Louis Vuitton's ready wear line which made him the first person of African descent to lead the brand's menswear line He is also one of the few black designers at the helm of a French fashion house.



Vivienne Westwood show just ended, heading over to Elie Saab.

Thought I'd tell you some details of these shows.

Especially in Paris, they keep these shows in secret, so if you sign up as Press, you get the details in email, because they are scared of the terror attacks, so the informations and details of these shows are not as easy acces as the ones in Milan.

There it’s available for everyone.

We usually get to the loctaion 20-30 mins before the show, that’s when people start to show up, so we can take some pictures, get some rest while the show is being held, and when it’s over and models and celebrities are coming out, we get the chance to take some more photos, and here we are, so let’s get started.

Transportation and driving is pretty difficult during FW, traffic jams everywhere, you see mainly Mercedes cars, because they are the main sponsors.

And this is the ’fight time’ when we all try to take the best pictures, keeping our heads up, being careful not to walk into others’ pictures.

Models are pretty difficult to catch for a photo, because they are in a rush to the next show, they have no time to pose, so we are happy if they are stop for a second so I’m switching back to my 75mm lensg and take some shots.

I love the spontaneous pictures and to use objects, like a motorbike’s mirror between the camera and the model, so there is this little trick, like the following ones.



Lights are good, so I’ll show some pictures of Paris.

It’s 2 am, I’m editing the pictures, but feeling super sleepy, so I might head to bed, but as the days go by, I always drop behind, because it’s about 1800-2000 pictures/day.

I always take single shots, some does multiple, that’s even more.



Can barely talk, so I’ll take a shower then off to bed.

These are the chosen pictures for now, this old man has his style.

Off for today.

Usually I just follow the GPS instead of using my head so just follow the rest of the photographers.

Oh here is a nice Porsche! Usually just following them instead I know where I am goin'.

Got scared for a sec, because when I showed my bag to the security guy, my lens didn’t seem that many, but then went through them.

That is one of the cool thing of the MILC system But I can fit 3 lens, a charger, water and an apple into this bag, so it’s comfy.

I’ll look around here at Champs-Élysées.



Got to the Opera, it’s Stella McCartney show time, running late again, started to rain so I had to change, then it stopped.



Now we’re waiting outside, because it’s show time.

We walk a lot many times, because taking the metro would be as fast as walking Getting here took me 18 mins by walk this time, would have been 10 by metro so whatevs.

You have to flexible with your lens, I really love my 75mm and used it for most of the time, there was one part, where everything was too close, so I had to use my 45 one, my fave, I always use it for gastro, food pictures, street style, everything.

I like the 75mm because the bokeh and it is better for portraits.

As I see, the show just finished, so lemme switch my lens quick and take some pictures.

Don’t know what’s going on today, checked the lens and everything, but my photos are so blurry never had any issue.

I got sharp images 95% of the time.

Maybe today is just not the right day for it.



Most photographers went to the fron but I stayed here.

The frame is better and it’s not too sunny.

so I might end up with better pictures, but no one is here.



While everybody is taking pictures, but @garconjon just walks around, he shoots differently.



Today just ended, haven’t taken that many videos today, rather photos and been fighting with the rainy, windy weather.

The fact that many photographers doesn’t respect the street is so upsetting, they come as amateurs and don’t give a crap if you’ve been waiting there already, they walk into your photos, etc, so ends up no so well.

So whoever decides to do Street styling, learn how to take pictures first, check other people’s work, and head to the street after doing some research or just stay in the back and be respectful.

The ones that have been in this industry for a while now, they’ve been saying that it changed a lot lately, back then there were only photographers on the streets, like @garconjon and others now everybody is out there who has a camera, many paparazzis, only for celebirty pictures and they are soo pushy to take a picture with e.


Lewis Hamilton or Naomi Campbell.

And that one picture is their main thing, nothing else matters to them.

It should be work different then that.

And that one picture is their main thing, nothing else matters to them.

It should be work different then that.

As you see, street style is not so easy, nor physically, nor technically, mainly physically, because you’re on your feet all day, got wet, cold, then hot throughout the day, but you’ll end up with some good photos, good friends, so it’s all good, but tough sometimes.

Today is the last day, the 5th, which is weird, feels like I’ve got here yesterday.

Wanted to catch the Chanel show today, was at 10 am, but when I checked in the hotel last midnight, I realised my flight is around 1 pm, so have to be at the airport by noon, Hope this video was useful and I could inspire you guys a bit, was a bit chaotic, because it’s pretty difficult to take pictures and videos at the same time, but I hope I’m getting better at it, and if you have any questions, message me, follow me and subscribe and come to Paris, because it’s beautiful.

And they’re cooling their foods and drinks over there ont he ’balcony’.


What Harajuku Girls Really Look Like | Style Out There | Refinery29

hold on a second what they do care about the surfeited up in there sigh so uh so technically it's even you know what at the kawaii Tokyo Japan this is a land known for order and discipline but for every social custom and rule there are those who seek

to break them I'm here to find a core ago more than ten years after this iconic fashion subculture began a new generation is pushing the limits even further this is a culture where there are school uniforms here there are uniforms work three months uniforms for everything cat is

a German Decorah living and teaching English in Tokyo how does this allow you to really express who you are the core of fashion is fun fashion it's very against this with the mainstream of things it's not in a magazine it's not elegant it's very much boom in your

face you can't scare people a little bit some people just go oh that might be weird person there while decorum might be a direct rebellion against Japan strict uniform culture these girls aren't outcasts or learners in fact some of them are celebrities all with over half a million

followers on social media Kuribayashi is one of the most famous Decorah girls in the world right now and union is one of the red Decorah boys with an equally fanatic following I meet them at their favorite cafe a self styling salon in the neighborhood of Harajuku why do

people feel that they have to come here to get ready they can't do it at home optimist a to cut off so you sit up a bit how much difficult started how long have you both been dressing Decorah about six or seven years so this is your favorite

Decorah store fun as it may be I have to wonder could they be using the colorful barrettes and accessories to hide behind you see this as being like a mask like you were playing a character terrifying meditative of our meal proposal but for most of the month they're

super salsify English like that koala – nincada alcala by Eric O'Keefe readers or euro Kogarah saw none they are not team ecology Kuribayashi and union seemed to embody this style completely but what did Decorah look like when it first began June right that's their motto be a scary

day to put that today so she okie is the founder of fruits magazine the most respected publication in Japanese street fashion Oh God for doing a fashion studio today he has been documenting Japanese street style for more than 20 years kokoro merited a piranha fashion God even sampling

hawkers did she kind of get coded for more there means more packed under the decor girls that I've seen have really pushed the amount of accessories they wear to the limit the Veronica pastula no they're called okay cannot take this amount or not we're having a sort of

a fashion cut cameras that do contain a concern Japanese culture values the group over the individual it's the way social order is maintained decorum may be breaking the mold but maybe it's still within the framework of what is accepted I'm hoping to get some perspective from a Decorah

girl who lives outside the city to go jungle boy out there Imani so I've written about them this is a 23 year old Kenai a lives in the suburbs of Tokyo with her husband baby and extended family tonight we're going to meet her friends in Harajuku and she

wants to show me how a decor alert comes together we call it um there yes so how long does it normally take you to get ready your car has a marathon music on horizon two hours whoo how do you decide the arrangement of all the hair clips Somali

knock even though don't want to get it there – yeah let's get it nothing nothing good there well pop amended spit with it a slow introduction into the coral or you just one morning decided I like this style and you did the whole thing in the heart isn't

it more he so Connie you know it all color and I will note anaconda it Kenny popped it start the convalescent the look is complete more to this what do you think of can I dressed in Decorah as we leave the gray suburbs behind I see can i

as the meaner begin to change Sakura isn't an elaborate costume or even something to hide behind it's just an outer expression of something inside that's just waiting to get out display a very pivotal Ottawa given them almost a body no committed almost the most regatta mascota is therefore

important that they could have you talking about I think it's the freedom of expression you don't have to look every day the same you wear the things you love the way you want to wear them this is not a label it's not someone else's thing as my thing

I was going faster moving in the world but I was high up gotta go for it is okay to do at any angle its non-core you know I'm not the same but in a movie the core truly is a fearless fashion a celebration of who you are it's

a reminder to let go of the rules and just wear what makes you feel good have fun with fashion

Women Style Fanny Packs For A Day

– [Woman] It's a cat, be sexy.

(techno music) – Today we're gonna bestyling fanny packs.

I want to try this out for a day and invite my friends Chloe and Jazz to try it along with me and see if we love it or we're like this is just a dying trend.

– I personally love fanny packs.

I've loved them for a while.

I know they're super in-trend right now.

– I've seen celebrities likeKendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, all these influencers wear these fannies.

– Is she gonna keep sayingthe word fanny at me? And that's kind of disturbing to me because in England fanny means vagina.

– First of all, they're so useful! Like you don't have to carry a purse.

It's so nice.

– For my fanny pack, I'mgoing for a more sporty look.

– I chose a cat fannypack like a 12-year-old.

– I've been seeing a lot of people wear this type of fanny packand they're a little bit more, I don't want to say classier than me, but I feel like they'remore refined than me.

– I'm nervous andexcited so let's do this.

– Today is our fanny pack day and I've decided to change up my style a little bit since I like to show off my curves.

I am going to put my fannypack in place of a belt.

– I kinda have an idea of what I want because this is so like girly and cutesie, I kinda want something a littleless girly to go with it.

Look, a cat.

Yes, I could wear that andjust have a cat on the cat.

Alright, this is the finished look.

Classy, childish, charmish.

– I'm going for moreof a Sporty Spice look.

I think this is how the teens wear it.

(techno music) – Put my glasses in there.


– I just need my fannyto be a little bit bigger so I could hide my stashof Hot Cheetos in there.

– So I've had the fannypack on for a couple hours and I was originally kind of nervous 'cause it is differentfrom what I usually wear.

But, I've had a lot ofvery positive responses! – It's literally you as a fanny pack.

– Yeah, it's you as a fanny pack.

– It's you.

It's like cute.

– What do you have in your fanny pack? – Yeah.

– I want to put little things.

I have all the essentials.

– It's enough whimsy for an adult woman.

You know what I mean? – I think it's a nice little pop.

– It's not as uncomfortableas I thought it would be, but definitely going to the bathroom, I have to strap my fanny pack off.

– I think that with everything, you just gotta rock it with confidence.

– So true.

– And then just show all yourhaters why you're repping it.

– Show 'em my haters.

– If the 90's is gonna come back, I think you have thepower to bring it back.

– I'm really into this fanny pack revival.

– This one to me I've beenseeing a lot of people wear them.

Like this is a belt, legit.

With a fanny pack on itand it's so fashionable, but I don't think this is my realm, and that's why I pickedit because it's different, it's a different style for me.

– Yeah, I feel like thisis a little bit more retro.

– I love this.

This is an outfit I would wear.

Wait, is this mine now? – [Jazz] Yes! – Did I steal it? Bye! – [Jazz] It's cute.

Oh my gosh, that brought your outfit up to a whole new level.

– How are we doing with our fannies? – Great, loving it.

– [Shila] I felt like we werethe fanny pack girls today.

– Yeah it's weird because Ifeel like I don't see a lot of people around the officewearing accessories like this.

– I'm kind of like reallyused to the feeling of it now 'cause at first I was like what is this weird thing around my waist.

– [Jazz] Yeah.

– [Chloe] But now I'm just like”Yeah, this is part of me”.

– [Shila] I felt coolwearing it and I was like, “You know what, I'm into this now!” – [Jazz] I agree, I think I'm definitely gonna wear this again.

– [Shila] Fanny approved? – Fanny approved! – Bumbag approved! – Yes! (techno music).

Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) – Street Style

this cursing okay legs it okay good it's America there was like oh every time I'm in soon album Kiyosaki lose like Marxist attitude come see you know Chuy who said yeah Malik Henry II don't come out in the States they came out in the states in November okay

and where the critics good critic pretty good like I mean seem like pretty much a lot of people liked it some people it was very divisive like which I think was good like it's like it's it wasn't one of those things there everybody was kind of like we

were like what is this or they were like I don't I think that's better than people feeling like no it's not first right yeah I was childish gambino first at the chance camp you know I guess for about seven years like that years I was doing it for

fun he's just putting out albums as a joke kind of like it's just online and stuff and you just started getting more and more popular and how does it feel to finally be able to be childish gambino to be recognized in the world as childish company pretty weird

strange he's like I was is weird to walk down the streets of Beulah Oh child I was like we're like I I always thought like childish gambino was just kind of like even the name wasn't supposed to stick around like the name was a joke then it just

stuck so like it's very fun but it's very weird and we saw a bit of childish gambino in the last community episode for the musical right for the Christmas musical episode yeah the rapper's it was crazy right it was like night it was awesome I was like I

like it to be in a 90s video with like the girls and like the glasses and the life Danni was good yeah Danni was good okay what are you wearing today um well I guess I could start at the bottom the case I'm wearing vans I usually wear

adidas but I I went through I did a concert like a little bit ago and and I didn't have any sneakers and I always perform a sneaker so I went to the store and they only had vans and that was it and I was like oh vans like

I said I was an intern at home and so I put them on I haven't taken them off things like they're now like one of my favorite pairs so they're just regular vans they're comfortable I'm wearing Levi's matchstick jeans they're just like kind of like tighter straight leg

jeans like they wear really well like they they bend in all the right places like I've had these jeans like you hardly ever have to wash them laying it's just like they wear you wear them in really easily I like that yeah I got a kitsune and a

kitsune a sweater and a kitsune they like I love consuming it's like my favorite very comfortable very likely sure leave kind of thing and this jacket I don't know I don't even remember who makes it I just like I remember seeing it and being like cuz it's very

hard the only thing I don't like about is like I usually like ribbing here yeah like I really enjoy ribbing but this one doesn't and I had like I was gonna talk to my friend about putting this ribbing here and she was like no that's too pedestrian like

she's like it's so pedestrian just leave it the way it is socially talk me into leaving it without it and I like it now but I'm a big fan of ribbing on leather so like this is like one of my resin rather like ripping Jackson yeah I like

to hide in my clothes a lot like and I like them fitted but like I feel like I can go like this or like something like that like I feel like I get really strange if I don't have something to put my pockets or a hood or something

so I like the height of – so like I guess it would be like casual like like well there's a dog this is like I but I like casual like clothing that's really like comfortable okay it's done dogs are taking over it if you're watching this and we

need your help too many dogs I'm sorry I'm watching this watching this dog bite a fake turtle and I heard that you covered idles rolling in the deep' I did could you do it for us just to be a capella a little bit I guess I could I

didn't do the singing part but like there's a fire starting in my man reaching the fever pitchers bringing me outside and then usually doesn't mind me of us and keeps me thinking that we almost had it all and then it like goes down a lot and the you

have to see it live it's really cool and then I go in – you think that I'd be up the girls you know I'm not come back to me like hipsters the blogspot let me kiss you on your neck and make your heart stop I give you

new due to fat lip farts I'd I wrote another song I'm not where I belong my eyes water when I see your catalogue I never thought you were a cheater that was all I need to get a hold of my hair jacking off that was really fun get

the dude bad you

Reacting To Pitti Uomo Street Style | Pitti Uomo 95

What's up, guys? I'm Brian Sacawa, you'rewatching He Spoke Style.

Back today with another street style reaction video.

Thistime we are taking a look at some shots from the most recent Pitti Uomo.

[MUSIC] Well, judging by the comments on theLondon street style reaction video I did last week, I think you guys aredefinitely going to be more into the looks that we're going to see today fromFlorence.

Pitti, of course, is a humongous menswear tradeshow that is attended bybrands, designers, buyers, editors, and not just a place where a bunch of reallystylish dudes stand around smoking cigarettes and those little Italiancigars, looking to get their photo taken.

You know, there definitely is some ofthat.

People just want to be seen and have their picture taken and end up inone of these, you know, street style roundups.

As I'm sure you know, they are knownas the Pitti peacocks.

They have no reason to be there.

And they are lame.

There isactually a very funny mockumentary about this phenomenon that I'll link to downbelow in the description.

But seriously though, on this topic, I just wantto say, that if you are going to one of these events, whether it's Pitti orFashion Week, for the sole purpose of standing around to get your photo taken, you need to take a huge step back and reconsider what it is exactly that youare doing with your life.

I mean, seriously!Okay, rant complete! Let's get into looking at the street style front Pitti.

I'mactually going to be using two roundups today.

The first is from British GQ andthe second one is, again, from Vogue online.

I thought it would be interestingto have both perspectives, since one publication is more menswear-specificand the other is more on the fashion side.

So here we go! Alright, let's see.

Robert Spangle.

Thousand Yard Style.

Great photographer.

Definitely recommendchecking out his Instagram.

So, looking forward to seeing these photos.

This iskind of, like, a strange photo to start off with, I think.

But, anyway.

Let's getinto this.

Okay, we are off to the races here.

So, I likethe pleat on the trousers.

And, obviously, the the classic color palette.

You cansee that this is a, it's got a coat underneath, and it's kind of this blanketshawl thing.

Not really for me but, you know.

Let's see if we can zoom in here.

Alright, moving on.

I mean, that's a great flannel suit.

And I can't, oh, we can zoom in.

So, let's checkout his shirt, here.

I can't tell if that's a, mmmm, no, it might be a tab collar, which is nice.

That's cool.

But let's go down to the watch.

Oh, you see what thatis, that is the IWC Ingenieur, the Genta version.

So that that's pretty awesome.

Very nice detail.

That's a watch you don't see very often.

Going on.

Super Ko.

This is a good example of dressing your body type.

It's definitelymore on the, kind of, progressive side.

His is, like, a nice not what you wouldmaybe consider classic, but still, it's a great look.

And the interesting use ofthe beret there.

Okay, here we go.

Some white jeans here.

And military-inspired jacket.

Some good layering.

Nice Persol 749s there.

I don't knowhow cold it is there.

I mean, based on some of the other looks we've seen sofar, I'm assuming it's kind of chilly.

So, tome, this is, like, you know, you would be a little cold without a scarf or a tie ofsome sort.

But, hey, I like the the color of the frames of the Persols.


A nice little contrast to the rest of the look.

Alright, nextone.

Very cool look.

So, let's just talk about how this coat is belted.

I think ifyou've ever tried to belt a coat like this and have this knot like hehas here, it's very difficult to do.

To have it look so perfect like that.

Butperfectly like, like, he didn't care about it.

But he obviously did spend a lot oftime doing that.

It's done very well.

It's a lot, a very loose silhouette.

It's notnot really my style, but I like the coat.

I think the overall look is really, really cool.

Here's a very classic look.

Let's zoom in and check out the coathere.

Yeah, the herringbone.

I love that.

The lapels are super, super nice.

I likethat.

Love the little pop of his glasses there.

And it looks like he is wearing a, I was gonna say, chalk stripe, which it looked like from a distance.

When you getin closer you can see that it's not exactly a chalk stripe.

One littleinteresting thing that I notice here that I'd like to point out, is that he'swearing a scarf, but the scarf is tucked inside the suit jacket, which i think is, it's brilliant.

If you've ever worn a scarf like that, and, and under a coat, butnot tucked in, you know, like, it'll fly all over the place.

And it can be kind ofannoying.

So, I think, this is like a really nice practical solution todealing with that problem.

And it's very stylish.

Nice look.

Nice color combo.

Very tonal.

The belt.

Belt is cool.

It's very, very, um, kind of comfortable andcasual, which is nice.

Looks like he's standing by the place to get his photo taken.





Again, we're seeing whitepants here.

I'm going to say it, right now, thatwhen we look back at this we're going to say that white trousers, or white jeans, or any kind of white pants, are a trend that, we'll say, came out of this Pitti.

Moving on.

I love a great brown suit.

What's going on here is pretty nice.

Have some pretty simple pattern mixing in the shirt, with the shirt andthe tie.

The shirt is a very, let's zoom in so we can see.

Yep, it's kind of acheck.

And then the tie has a very bold stripe.

If you've seen the pattern mixingvideo that we did, this is a very good example of that.

We have two patterns.


One bold.

And the tie becomes the focal point of the outfit.

I just want tocheck out the suit here.

Okay, I thought there might have been some kind of, like, looks, it's hard to tell from the photo, but I think it's a herringbone.

But let'stalk about this coat, also, which is looks like a really wide wale corduroy coat ina really deep green, which is beautiful.

I want it! Because it pairs very, very nicelywith the brown.

Well done.

Another really really nice coat with the belt.

There's acool complementary couple there.

One thing I see that's neat is the thewallet she's carrying is pulled in with the color of her sock.

And that's abeautiful belted suede safari jacket, I'm gonna call it.

Yeah, very nice.

And twovery nice light-colored turtlenecks.

Dig it.

White trousers again.

I think, again, thisis sort of more on the fashion-forward side of what you would see.

I'm notsure, not sure who this person is, but, so can I just point this out here? So, I havethis joke that I call this “menswear thumb”It's, like, models kind of do this, which leads me to believe that maybe.



Oh, what'shis name?! I can't remember his name.

But, yes.

He does sort of that kind ofthing.

So, he's an Italian “influencer, ” so that's whyhe's doing “menswear thumb.

” I was going to make that a meme, or was going to try to.

Noone would care! Anyway, moving on.

Very sharp suit right there.

I want tocheck out the collar because either it's a really well-done collar, or it's a tab collar.

Let's see if wecan tell.

Oh, no, it's a button-down collar.


It's nice how it breaks aroundthe tie there.

Alright, next look.

There's Angel looking good! Very monochromatic there.

Nice tie pop ofcolor there.

Alright, next look.

Alright, Let's start with the gentleman on theright.

He's wearing white pants.

So we have a very nicetonal outfit here.

I like how he pulls in the browns in the sock, and thenhe's got white pants on, but then, if you look, like, so what I'm noticing here isthat I was expecting it to have a cuff, and there is no cuff here.

It looks morelike the bottom is, yes, the bottom is sort of like torn or unfinished, which isreally interesting.

Alright, I mean, this is just just a really nice, nice lookthere.

That coat really isn't for me, but the suit is very nice.

Kind of a statement-making tie here.

It's a little baggy, for me.

But it looks good on him.

That's an interesting coat and kind of like a neatbackpack there? Alright, moving on.

That's definitely a statement.

So, let'sjust say that I do sort of a dig the, I can't tell if that's part of a coat orsweater of if it was a scarf that he's wearing there? I guess it's maybelike, it's a really big turtleneck? But, like, look at the detail there on thecoat.

That's interesting.


And his glasses are very, very nice.

Ilike those.

Alright, next.

White pants.

Let's say that.

Okay, yeah.

We're justgoing to move on from that.

There's David! David always looks good.

And we're going to zoom in.

That's a beautiful herringbone on thecoat there.


I'm going to, I'll place a bet that, that isa Drake's tie and a Drake scarf.

Possibly a Drake's shirt as well?David has great style.

Very classic and very relaxed.

There's an easeabout what he does that I always really like.

There is Mr.

Jonathan Edwards!Jonathan runs Milan Style.

You should check him out on Instagram.

Jonathan is avery, very tall and lean guy.

He's very, very elegant.

Very beautiful personality.

He's such a nice guy.

He, I'm going to say, he works a lot with Dominic from EdwardSexton.

This is a very simple, classic look.

And, I mean, look at the photo isperfect! He's got the greys and anyway, anyway.

Moving on to the pants.

These are cut perfectly.

I love this slight break thathe has.

And these look, to me, to be the “Hollywood Top” trousers that EdwardSexton makes.

I could be wrong, though, so I'll have to find that out.

I'll have to DMhim or something.

But, yeah.

Beautiful look.

I like the coat here, but I thinkthe scarf, like, kind of ruins it for me.

It's like candy.


There's Mr.

MattHranek looking good.

He's got a cigar.

I'm going to say that it's either a PartagasSeries D No.

4 or No.


I'll see if we can tell if we zoom in.

Definitelya Partagas.

You can see the red band there.

But I can't really tell size-wise.

It looks like the smaller one so, anyway.

Oh! One other detail to point out withMatt here.

He's got the turtleneck on.

But then we have the shirt coming up.

He's always got, like, some interesting details like that, whether it's, like, anascot sort of inside a button-up, but not worn like an ascot.

Sort of, like, lining the inside of the shirt.

It's always really cool.

So nice detail.

We'rejust going to pretend we didn't see that one.

And really nice corduroy.

This is, these are cool.

These are very cool.

I like the belts.

AndI think that brings us to the end of the GQ one.

Okay, so now let's move on toVogue.

No, thank you.

Alright, here we go.

Well, I didn't expect to see NickWooster as, like, the first photo of a Pitti slideshow roundup.

He's wearingwhite pants so there's that.


I mean, you can't really say much about NickWooster.

He's sort of, like, does his thing and he's the man, and he's, like, arecognized style icon, but this is kind of out there, for me.

With the Vans, kindof, checkered pattern.

Anyway, anyway.

Let's just go on.

Alright, this is Filippo, I believe.

Another Italian “influencer” He's always veryelegant.

I think he's more, like, a model now? So, but, oh, let's point out theturtleneck underneath the button-up shirt, which is nice, which we thoughtmight be a trend based on the London video from last week.


Luca Rubinacci!a very colorful personality and the style to match.

Very nice guy.

Whether youcan pull off bold colors like that, or not, you have to respect this man.

He doesit well and he does it with such ease and grace.

So, well done.

I like the raglansleeve here.

I think we're starting to see, remember I said in the beginningthat we're going to see a little bit of a difference between how British GQcovered the event versus Vogue? And I feel like it might be sort of pivotingat this moment.

But, we shall see.

Yeah, I think I was right.

So, we're just going tokeep moving on here.

This is good.

This is good.


I mean, this is like this guy'sthing.

Very baggy and relaxed and oversized.

And I think he's beendoing that for quite a while, so it works for him.

And to each his own.

So I kind of want to just move on but before, before I do, Iwant to point something out here that that, like, kind of tips me off that thisguy, perhaps, doesn't belong here.

So, he's wearing a solaro suit.

And it'sJanuary.

Solaro is typically a summer fabric, so it's odd, to me, that he'swearing a solaro suit.

I would think of seeing more, like, flannels butanyway.

Not working for me.

Okay, no.

That is the place where people get theirphoto taken all the time.

I mean, it's really not much to see here.

This is kindof interesting.

Like, a grungy approach.

Again, it's not, like, what you would thinkof as regular Pitti style, but I like the layering.

That's interesting.

Tt's a goodlook.

That's a good accessory! It's a beautiful dog.

Look at that dog! Yeah, I'm sorry, guys.

I don't want to, like, waste your time here.

We're about halfway through.

More than halfway through.

So, I'mgoing to say that, like, this guy doesn't belong here.

He's just going to get his photo taken.

Because, like, I don't know.

He's wearingthe button-down its unbuttoned, and there was, like, another one that was unbuttonedbefore, but that looked right.

This looks wrong.

It's, this looks like a little try-too-hard for me.

There's, there's the difference between, like, being kind ofperfectly imperfect, and then like trying to do that perfectly imperfect thingbut, like, not really pulling it off.

And I feel like this is kind of a good exampleof that.

Beautiful raglan sleeve coat here.

Not really feeling the twine holdingit, but the coat is beautiful.

Love a raglan sleeve.

I mean, those guys lookcool, you know? It's very nice.

It's like a waxed suede of some sort? And abeautiful hat.

Okay, we don't have much farther to go, thankfully.

So, this is interesting because one thing you rarely see arelabels at Pitti.

And either this is either, like, a statement thing or this guy justkind of wandered through.

And, anyway.

Another label.

Another label.


Okay, and that wraps it up.

So, as predicted, there was a very bigdifference from the way British GQ covered it as opposed to the way it wascovered by Vogue.

British GQ definitely more dapper, more menswear focus.

Vogue, alittle more of a fashion skew to the photos that were taken.

You know, eventhough I kind of breezed through that on purpose, I didn't really want to wasteyour guys' time, as I know that the dapper looks would be more your speed, as theyare my speed, as well.

But, you know, part of the conversation I want to createwith these, with these reaction videos to the street style, is that, you know, evenif it's something that you are not personally into, like, I would like, tokind of create a climate where we could look at that stuff and even if it's notour thing, find a way to to take something away from it rather than be, like, that's bad and this is good, you know? There has to be in-between.

Soeveryone expresses their, expresses themselves in how they dress.

Some people, just everyone has a different way to do it.

And ifit's not like yours or mine, that's fine.

We should just try to respect that andlet them do that.

So, anyway, let me know what you thought of this format.

Let meknow if any of those looks were cool to you.

Leave those in the comments.

Thumbsup if you like this video.

Hit that subscribe button.

And until next time, thanks for watching and stay tailored.


Mumbai's Best Vada Pav || Indian Street Food Series|| Veggiepaaji

Music Mumbai Food Series Music Episode 09Mumbai Pav Music Veggiepaaji.

com Music Hi Guys Tanmay this side from Veggiepaaji And today we are going to eat a really special thing It is a very simple thing but it is something which you wont get anywhere outside Mumbai or Maharashtra in its full glory you wont get anywhere outside Mumbai or Maharashtra in its full glory Currently I live in Delhi But that particular thing I am talking about which is But that particular thing I am talking about which is PAV.

Mumbai's Pav is so special that PAV.

Mumbai's Pav is so special that that you have to experience it to understand the beauty of it that you have to experience it to understand the beauty of it The entire story behind this video wont make sense till you try Mumbai Pav In this video we will eat different types of Vada Pav like regular Batata Pav, Schezwan Vada Pav Cheese Vada Pav Not only we will eat a lot of Vada Pav, in Mumbai but also a lot of combination with Pav Like Chutney(Sauce) Pav, Bhajiya(Fritter) Pav, Chura(Crumple) Pav Samosa Pav and a lot of other Pavs Samosa Pav and a lot of other Pavs This will be a Pav Special Video If you are liking the video so far and comment something crazy and tell me if you have tried Mumbai's Pav because there is day and night different between Mumbai and rest of the World in terms of Pav according to me there is day and night different between Mumbai and rest of the World in terms of Pav according to me And that is the most beautiful thing about Mumbai Food if someone asks me what did you like best in Mumbai? I tell people Nothing but the Mumbai Pav It is so special that you pair it with anything, the dish becomes instantly better This will be a very exciting video.

So Lets start the video without any delay in 3.




1 Music So the first Vada Pav that we will eat that is Schezwan Vada Pav which is very common in Mumbai Schezwan Sauce is very spicy which gives a good flavour Because the Batata Vada is not very spicy here The taste of which was fine but I was looking for something even better and so we went further Music And here you'll find a lot of Jalebi and a lot of Bhaijya(Fritter) like Onion Bhajiya, Potato Bhajiya And this is our second Vada Pav which gets a good amount of Butter.

Here in Mumbai you can customise your Vada Pav significantly Basically Vada Pav is Mumbai's Staple Street Food like in Delhi you get Momos everywhere.

See how the Vada Pav came flying And this Vada Pav is getting grilled It has Schezwan sauce, butter and this is grilled And here you can see Mumbai Pav I was talking to the Shopkeeper trying to understand things and I came to know that 1 Pav is worth Rs 2( 0.

02$) I wanted to carry 15-20 Pav back to Delhi with me I wanted to carry 15-20 Pav back to Delhi with me So I don't forget the taste of this Pav But this Pav becomes Stale in 1 Day Because they are made so Fresh And here comes our second Vada Pav which is grilled Music This was a little too grilled.

Let me known in Comments if it looks like Vada Pav or Sandwich And this is my Friend Rachit who was exploring Pav with me And this is my Friend Rachit who was exploring Pav with me Music And the third Pav that we had was Bhajiya Pav And it was amazing Before coming to Mumbai, I didnt know that inside Pav you can put all these things I thought it was just batata vada in Pav but when I took the first bite of Bhajiya Pav, It was just amazing So Buttery, creamy with schezwan sauce And combine that with Bhajiya Like I told you in the beginning of the Video Put Mumbai Pav in anything, and the dish instantly becomes better Music Now let's move to our next Vada Pav which is Butter, Schezwan and Mint sauce combined which also gets a Cheese Slice So what I did was I took different varieties which made it more clear to me what sauce made the taste come out better and I realised that butter and Schezwan sauce and Mint sauce combination is just amazing This place and all other place shown in this video willl be Google Map linked in Description as always So that you can find them with ease whenever you wish to And this was second best Vada Pav of that Place Of Bansi Vada Pav, Malad Second Best Because the best is yet to come Music So this is the best Vada Pav and it costs only Rs 5( 7 cents) And it is called Chutney( Sauce) Pav It has Butter and Mint Sauce Just that and Nothing else I cant explain its just.

I didnt have any batata Vada or Bhajiya or anything.

Just Pav Butter and Suace.

Incredible Taste It was so amazing to eat this All the food items here costed from Rs 5( 7cents) to Rs 25( 35 Cents) Let's go to our next location which is Ashok Vada Pav in Dadar A lot of you asked me in Community Post to definitely eat here.

So here we are at Ashok Vada Pav to try Authentic Mumbai Vada Pav And this thing here is called Chura which is basically the remains of gram flour when Batata Vada is fried It is so famous at this particular place that that they specially make Chura( Crumble) for Pav It is amazing.

So we are at our second location where we are Having Vada Pav from Ashok Vada Pav and here is their Vada Pav It was very crowded here and it took me 15-20 minutes to get Vada Pav Since they were made fresh, so naturally the waiting was uncontrollable Music Let's taste now.

Priced at Reasonable Rs 25 ( 35 Cents) I have already in love with Mumbai Pav now lets see how is the Batata Vada First Bite, going in Music This Vada Pav is super Spicy Super Crunchy because of this Karara(Crumple) It is amazing Music I can have 10 of these with ease So amazing So good This Vada Pav wins my heart This is the Vada Pav for which I traveled from Delhi to Mumbai This Particular taste Mumbai Wins at this Delhi cant Make this Vada Pav Music So the next location that we are going to is in Malad and you can find the location links in the description And we'll eat a very simple eatery- Schezwan Vada Pav But I believe Best Schezwan Vada Pav in Mumbai is this one I had around 15-20 Vada Pav in Mumbai And the ones in this video are the best of the best Here we just have Schezwan Sauce, Batata Vada and Vada Pav Still for no particular reason with these three common ingredients, I got so amazing taste It was just amazing.

Music Just had super yummy Schezwan Vada Pav for only Rs 12 (17 cents) Mumbai's Vada pav have amazing Pav.

I'll have atleast 5-6 more Pavs before leaving Mumbai It's super fun.

Music So the next thing that we are having is Samosa Pav Yes you heard it right-Samosa and Pav Togther North Indian Samosa and Maharashtra Pav Which I had at Malad Station and you can have at Any Local Station for that Matter this is Samosa Pav and Kokum Drink Which costs Rs 5( 7cents ) Kokum Drinkand Rs 10( 14cents) Samosa Pav This is an amazing combination at Local Station served with Mint sauce and sweet sauce Incredible Combination I'll say it again- Put pav in anything and that dish becomes successful So if you liked this video, then Like the video and Let me know in the Comments that all the Pav that I showed you like Schezwan Vada Pav, Cheese Vada Pav, etc.

Bhajiya Vada Pav, Chutney Vada Pav, Chura Vada Pav, Which one was your favourite among these and would you like to eat these? If you haven't subscribed to the channel then quickly Subcribe Such Yummy Vegetarian Food Videos come 4 Times a Week I, Tanmay, From Veggiepaaji Will now leave in search for some vegetarian Food I'll talk to you in next video.

Till then keep enjoying and stay vegetarian It's not that hard Let's meet in next Video Bye Bye Music.

DIY Bucket Hat (Street Style Look) | Q2HAN

so hot what's up cutie and welcome to our channel and on our street style book video that we upload a few weeks ago a lot of your tooties are asking where we got the paint bucket hat that too long which way yep and that's actually one of our DIY and we do have the DIY tutorials on our channel but this time you want to recreate by applying actual image of our choice onto the fabric so in the spirit of graphics toxins Creator to creator initiative we decided to create this bucket hat using our graphic design subscription and what graphics is it's a website where you can download a limited amount of images starting from photos graphics templates and time from so much more without having to worry about copyright yep so there's a link at the description box for a 7 days free trial so make sure you check it out for this part you only need about one yard of cotton fabric of your choice and and iron-on 200 papers if this video is head over to the graphic style website and at the top left corner type anything you want to look for and for this project we'll be looking for a smiley face icon could the one you like and preferably download them in either PNG or jpg then go ahead and open the image on Photoshop and resize them to your liking you will also need black and white star pattern for this projects to go ahead and search using the graphic stock search box and open the image on Photoshop and resize to your liking once you're finished print the images on a are on transfer paper first we need to find the radius of the crown circle and to do so first measure the circumference of your head and divide that by 3.

14 and then divide the answer by to draw a circular shape round pattern using the radius measurement that you've just found then draw half an inch seam allowances all around and cut one each for both made and lining fabrics next measure the same line circumference of the crown pattern and divide that by 4 let's call the answer a star using the storm measurement we just found we're going to create side panel pattern by drawing a rectangle with width that is equivalent to star measurement and height that is equivalent to 4 inch then we're going to use flash and spread method to widen the side panel to do so first draw a random three lines of vertically on the pattern and then cut the lines from the bottom to the top motion and make sure to keep the tip still attached together aka do not cut all the way through second spread the pieces so that they are approximately six and a half inch wide at the bottom width the key here is that the wider you spread the Hat will turn out sloppier so really how much you want to spread depends on your preference third tip it on top off a clean sheets of paper connect the hem and add half inch seam allowances accordingly and cut to unfold each for both main and lining fabric next we're going to create brim pattern and to do so first measure the bottom width of the side panel and let's call the measurement a star now we're going to draw a rectangle with the wrist that is equivalent to storing measurement that we just measured and height that is equivalent to three inch once again we're going to use flash and spread method to widen the brim to do so first draw a random three lines vertically on the brim pattern and then cut the lines from the bottom to the top motion and make sure to get the top tips still attached together second spread the pieces apart so they are approximately nine inch wide and again the wider you spread the more floppy the Hat will turn out so it really depends on your preference third tape it on top of a clean sheets of paper connect to him and add halfway in seam allowances all around and cut four for both main and lining fabric now remove the print from the transfer paper and place it top of the brim pattern then place a Cartman paper on top of the print and press the three layers with an iron for one to two minutes until the print is firmly attached to the pattern once you're done for the pattern so that the wrong side is facing up and cut off the excess print using the pattern outline as a guideline repeat the exact same steps for the rest of the three brim patterns and connect all four patterns together at the site seen using half an inch seam allowance repeating the exact same steps attach the smiley face image at the center of one of the side panel and once you're finished place a rest of the other side panel on top and sew both sides together in half an inch next attach to bring to the side panel in half inch seam allowance and then attach the side panel to the crown of the hat in half inch seam allowance then you should end up with something that looks like this repeat all the steps that we've done so far to create lining of the hat then turn the wrong side of the lining out and shovin the main hat inside the lining and so to bottom width of the brims together in half an inch but make sure to leave about 3 inch space unsewn because through that hole we're going to turn the correct out of a hat out lastly stitch all around the width of the brim close to the edge and then you're finished [Music] [Music] so hope you guys enjoyed this quick and easy DIY and you guys also are Thais yourself make sure take advantage of our 70 free trial link at the description box below and make sure to share your work with us by hashtagging creator to creator and again hope you guys enjoy this tutorial and you'll see like tomorrow [Music].

Street Style Sailor Moon! | Rough Watercolour Pieces & A Chat!

Hello my lovelies! Welcome back.

Today I'll be showing you some fun littlerough watercolours of my favourite manga/anime Sailor Moon! And also just to have a little chat aboutwhat I wanna do with the channel! So please sit back, relax and let's go! With these I kind of had a rough directionin where I wanted to go, you can see me showcasing the sketches but I didn't know whether I wantedto push myself and use Copic Markers or watercolours, or even do this digitally so you can see thisin my first triumph with Usagi.

I'm doing just basic Copic and penwork, butI just – I wasn't feeling it.

You can see that I move eventually back towatercolour.

That's the funny thing about life when youtry and plan too hard I find it's never gonna go the right way! That's the beauty of this piece, I think.

This is me trying to figure out what I wantedto show you guys and I didn't like it, and I probably would've thrown it away back inthe day when I wasn't super confident – I'm really glad I stuck through.

Because now I know what I wanna do, and that'swork again with the watercolour pieces.

In these pieces you can sorta tell that Ihave a fashion background! If you've been thinking that, then you'recorrect! I studied fashion & clothing way before Iknew I wanted to be an illustrator and I think I carry that around with me quite often inmy style.

Whilst I was studying fashion I cosplayedand whilst cosplaying I met so many wonderful friends, including my best friend now andwe shared a love of Sailor Moon! Now sadly I haven't got any photos to showyou of me cosplaying, it was a long time ago! But I didn't cosplay anything from SailorMoon and I wish I could now but I feel like i've kind of messed that up by having so manytattoos! I love Sailor Moon as series, it's just somethingthat inspires me all the time, whenever I pick up a book or watch an episode it's notjust the story and the message, it's everything! The character design, it's all the goofy 90'sfashion, it's just wonderfully in it's own way and I love practicing around with thecharacters, in my own style! So I'm going to do the first five, so that'sSailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter – as well as Sailor Moon.

But also at the end of this, I'm going todo my favourite Sailor Scout which is Sailor Pluto! Love her design, it's amazing.

But I really wanna take the time now and talkto you guys about what I want to do with this channel! I have been watching for the longest timeother art YouTubers and following the vast, exciting community that comes with it.

Everyone is super supportive and I love howit pushes people to experiment more, be able to communicate which I find being an artistcan be very lonely especially if you don't know a lot of people that do art? It can be really hard to talk to people aboutwhat you want to do and it's something some people don't understand – and that's fine! That's why I'm so glad I have found this community! I think it's super great to have people thatcan critique you or maybe encourage you to do something different, and that's kind ofwhat pushed me to make a YouTube channel.

At the beginning it was so I could showcasean online portfolio, because damn those things are expensive! It's really turned into something differentfrom watching other artists like Juicy ink, DoodleDate and Drawing With Waffles – I meanthe list can go on, I will probably list a few of my favourite art YouTubers in the description.

Watching all these fun art challenges andthese big grand pieces that people have done as well, there's so much variety and I reallywanna get onboard with that, it sounds like so much fun! So I'm probably going to be uploading oncea week, but don't hold me to that just yet I'm just gonna see how it goes, because aswell as this I do have an Etsy which I take various commissions and I also sell printsand whatnot.

That's my full time job at the moment really, I'm a freelance illustrator, mainly through that site.

I don't know how the schedule is going togo but I will figure it out eventually! (Laughs) As most people do! For my next video I would love for you guysto sort of suggest something in the comments, I'm going to try and pre-prepare videos likea week ahead, so I think I might have my next one but I would still love to see what youguys want from me, like do you want.



some art challenges? Do you wanna see another big piece? Or maybe I can even draw you guys! It's so up to you I just want to be able tocommunicate as well as me having fun with my art.

I think audience interaction is super fun, I love that.

So cool.

Drop me comment, that'd be great! Now last but not least I'm doing Pluto – Ithink I just want green hair.

I think I want to be her, she's so sleek andcool and in the show I love her crazy lilac skirt suit, I think that's so much fun! You can also see me doing this red checkeredtop which I thought was such a good idea at the time but something about it wasn't rightfor me , so after I do the lines I think.



let's have a look.




There it goes! The top is no longer, I blacked it out becauseI felt like that would look so much cooler.

I wouldn't reccomend people do that if don'tlike something don't black it out, maybe try and make it work but this worked better forme I think.


) So once again, I've rambled.

This time over 7 minutes, bless your poorhearts.

I hope you guys enjoyed it though, I willbe selling prints of these, maybe selling the originals, but yeah, thank you so muchguys! Feel free to leave a comment or subscribe, and I'll see you next time!.


well, I don’t know how they’ve managed to fit this elevator in, but you barely have room on the stairs.



Think I’ve got the same room last year as well.

The luggage is as wide as the door haha Tiny room, but really beautiful.

As you see, I’m at Paris.

It’s Fashion Weeks’ time here, at least the Women one.

I want to show you the Fashion Week here and Street Photography, so come with me.

They started the Fashion Week a few days ago, I’ve got here just now, they had beautiful weather so far, but now it’s really crappy, rainy and dark.






it is what it is, we have to keep rolling and take some shots.

And I have to climb back somehow.




This is my smootie from yesterday The LOEWE show was at 9:30, I’ve missed that, bit too early for me.



Paris is so beautiful, I could stop at every corner to take a picture or video, but I just can’t, because I have 5 mins to get there, actually, I should’ve been there already.

It’s worth it to be there 15-20 mins before the show, because people start to show up and there is a good chance to take good pictures.

In general, a photoshooting like this is about: we get there, take some pictures and afterwards, we have 15-20 mins of break, when the show is going and when the show is over we shoot them again and move on to the next location.

we have 15-20 mins of break, when the show is going and when the show is over we shoot them again and move on to the next location.

Every show is at a different spot of the city, Fortunately it is not raining so we are good The city has it’s vibe and mood, good for the pictures, as you can see.

Some photographers are already here.



Sorry, these were random Asians with their bags and designer clothes, they take some photos, then probs sell their products back home, saying how popular it is over here in Europe, saw them before at Pitti.



so fake! Got here in the meantime, hope I’m not too late.

We’re having a break because it’s showtime in there.

Not much happening out here, but once the show is over, every photographer will be after the models and Instagrammers, stars, etc.

Not much happening out here, but once the show is over, every photographer will be after the models and Instagrammers, stars, etc.

Main thing is to look good, so we take pictures of you! I have some friends over here, such as Claudio here.

He is one of my oldest friends here, he takes photos for Getty and he was one of the first ones who took a picture of me a few years ago.

He helps me out when I get lost or something, he has a big routine.

Adam is one of the best street style photographers, he is one of the main reasons why I started to take pictures.

Check him out, because he is soo good! Worth to look around and see how every photographer works, Adam for example is heading away from the crowd and shoots separately.

That is why his pictures are good End of the first day, it’s like a warm-up for everybody.

Was a cloudy day, but it’s good for the pictures, so no bright lights, no shadows, means much better photos, good for street style and pictures of buildings.

Now heading to eat something, then I might take some more pictures or head back to the hotel.

We’re up all day, sometimes one spot is 40 mins away from an other show, outside all day even it is rainy or sunnyWe’re up all day, sometimes one spot is 40 mins away from an other show, outside all day even it is rainy or sunny we walk and stand a lot 8-10 hours a day, then edit when we’re back in the hotel, so if anybody thought street photography is easy, well, it’s not.

Second day just started here, was pretty difficult to get out of bed, since you’re on your feet for 10 hrs a day, not much to eat or drink in the meantime, raining constantly and when you’re ont he street and shooting again, you don’t feel that tired, but mornings are soooo difficult.

Been thinking about street style’s advantages and disadvantages, advantage is like seeing the World, travelling around.

Although we don’t see much, because we’re constantly working.

Not much time to be a tourist, but we have a chance to see famous people.

Like Bella Hadid just walked by, had a chance to take a picture of her.

See beautiful outfits, dresses what you can not see regulaarlyLike Bella Hadid just walked by, had a chance to take a picture of her.

See beautiful outfits, dresses what you can not see regulaarly This work improves your creativity, problem solving skills, etc.

So many of us on the streets, like 100-200, you have seconds to take a good shot, so you have to be on point and fast, in order not to let go of the moment.

Disadvantages during FW, prices are super high, but it’s the same everywhere.

Women Fashion Weeks are the craziest For example during Men's FW in Milan, back in Jan was around a 100 euros/night, but here, during the Women's FW it’s 260/night, almost three times as much.




sorry about the screaming in the back.



Same goes to the flight tickets, a round trip is around 30-60€, but during FW it’s around 170-300€ , more than 3 times.



Winter FW is difficult because of the snow and the rain and the cold, but Summer FW is super warm and you get sunburnt.



If it’s stressful? Good question, been thinking a lot, somehow calming, because no one is pushing you, on the other hand, those good moments are super stressful and competing with others.

There are a lot of amateurs.



how to say.



hobby photographer.



maybe 20-30 official ones only who get paid.

Like Adam Katz Sinding (@aks) or Jonathan Daniel Pryce (@garconjon) There are only a few who you are really looking up.

They mostly works for GQ or VOGUE.

When people get out of the show, photographers basically run to them and fight for the best positions and possible pictures.

Many times everybody ends up with the same pictures and no too good quality, same pose, not a good unique picture.

Street style photography point is that the object/person acts natural.

Try to make it look like it’s the least posing picture.

Garconjon has many pictures organised and taken, but not where the show was held, but one or two streets away.

In order to be a good street style photographer, you need to have a good style, a good point of view.

It’s pretty difficult to get a job, because there are many photographers who wants to work for a magazine, so they want you to work for free many times.



Photographers got upset because of it a few years ago, you can still find articles under the #nofreephotos hashtag.

It’s pretty expensive for us, to spend some days here at the FW, so you need to figure it out how to get paid to cover your expenses.

It’s pretty expensive for us, to spend some days here at the FW, so you need to figure it out how to get paid to cover your expenses.

That’s it for now, to be continued.