Our Japan Trip Outfits: Ultimate Sporty Street Style | DISCOVERY x Q2HAN

what's up today we came back from our Japan trip our first ever Japan trip with discovery expedition Korea it was amazing if we were to live in certain other country for I don't know about a year definitely Japan will be wherever top list so during our trip we

create a look book with all the discovery expedition item from your spring/summer collection and these were all just perfect for the current weather in Japan the wood it was really good yeah it was totally spring we went there for 4 nights and five days an entire four days

to weather was perfect but when we're leaving it was like gonna rain so high so we were like thank you I was wearing I kind of wanted to go for that like athleisure look so for the t-shirt I were this light blue t-shirt is very oversized I believe

this one hundred five hundred and I love their print is so artistic and what you good about these kind of oversized t-shirt it's like you can do with the leggings and silly cover your bun this one is also from Discovery it discover your on the lips and I

got a size small and if it meet perfectly and on the one side of the leg it has like these horizontal stripes and this is so comfortable this eyewear this thanks to crossbody bag I like that like this you can wear like that or maybe just underline active

and then wearing like a backpack yeah this thing for just my little coin bag this looks like an hour wall affordable price and has a zipper on the front but also at the back like here and then this velcro can't go like that but then for the shoes

this is their spring/summer collection so they made it the material more lighter than their previous is really your feet is really breathable you can you can feel the air going in that how this bar is protruding and these part over here this gray one big low at night

does that mean my go to shoot easy and we got inside 264 my work obviously when you're Japan you should at least once where a Japanese flag haha they have a to set for this top and a bottom we got his size 105 I just love how simple

it is the front it has a disc of its position and on the side of the sleeves and the discovery exhibition I love this red color it's your as a jet red and one thing I really loved about this pant is to fit it makes your leg look

so long and slim the Halsey's little see Miami skyline in the front and it's a symfon it's like it goes kind of tapered it tapers down and inside I wear this shirt now this one it says well this one they don't glow though these days I love anything

with orange detail at the back this was so comfortable I actually wore this at the airport – it has this here it doesn't stress your shoulder too much more and it has a cushion [Music] [Music] ah so for the second look we took this under the second yeah

it was so beautiful she wore this one and again it has a very artistic print on the front there we were this windbreaker did you love this color it's like wasabi yellow : mustard yellow mustard yellow yes this was perfect for traveling and also on the sleeves it

has like these little super line and we got in size 105 and for the Hat I matched with this yellow mustard agent [Music] Oh so for me our distinct windbreaker but a different color this is our Maisie I think their colors are gender really vibrant vibrant so like

you want to suck it in but I think they only have like these two colors so if you're not really down to like such a this kind of bright color maybe I'm going with the Navy one I also wore a hat it's so cute agree with you and

we should go fishing for the backpack well this one wasn't as big as a white one yeah doesn't ask as much compartment as a white one but it still doesn't function oh my gosh realize there's a compartment the back sister oh come on this side here oh do

you have extra hello Hyundai has another convict sterling or is it again orange hint love orange for the pants Oh wiped our pants it's the same surrett one wonderful [Music] ah so for the next step these are our most favorite look and for me I work great t-shirt

the print is actually at the back a look at the combo that sort of pants oh my god this book yeah comfortable is another leggings and it says discovery expedition on the side if it was amazing we got it in small size again and then the jacket this

is the best one I will just chuck it the meals just it yeah like these parts they all glow at night and the back James the back the discoveries for clothes and this is waterproof so many compartments you might lose your stuff here yeah this is 105 for

the shoe the shoe these type of sleepers are on trend I think they kind of got is bar with like that chunky look it actually makes my feet look smaller thank you [Music] I was worried this one has that's a discovery right over here and doesn't get back

yeah the world is just awesome alright this thing like my jacket the jacket this entire thing clothes good night when I pick a photo with a flash off she literally glows entire upper part which is a safe thing to wear drink a nice size it has this discovery

and on the back it has like these black mesh with Discovery written on the back air for the back you creates remember I have exactly same abutting red yeah discovery this one is white this was a hips their backs are also true to if you're looking for a

lot like street style hips Akbar and make sure check out discovery this is also their spring/summer collections little Lotus collar again with their orange Eola hand so it's super likely the same silhouette and design as the previous one but the colors are different dude it glow at night

though nobody oh and I love how it all the discovery shoe they have all I got high and thick soles so you can make you look taller I work this little pink t-shirt it's like a milk strawberry color it's not like that vibrant pink like that dusty rose

peak it's the exactly the same one that's a white one that you guys pre result but this wincing drinks turn green and for the shoes this is another slipper but it's all in black color and again it has a hinge of orange or regarded size 250 which is

like 18 US love this one it's also very chunky has a high thick soles well you should feel like this it was actually our last day in Japan and I had a heartburn after eating a huge pancake which was too much for my last look over this one

oh yeah the world is just awesome discovery [Music] well we want to say thank you so much discovery expedition for providing all these awesome gears and you gave us a chance to go to Japan the first time I personally think that discovery expedition like it's more geared towards

like a ready-to-wear street style young casual look I mean you kids know that we love oversized shirts and sweat pants and chunky shoes they have everything even the hip side you love hips up yeah it's active well you better be one away you're not coming back a lot

of cuties who is in Japan dmsa dargah is gonna have a meeting crease but this time we really have focused on the discovery expedition Korea so we couldn't really make an extra time to do a meet and greet but next time get a chance to go to Japan

again yes we lost a good meeting we we walked like 15 to 17 kilometer every single day every single day thank you so much for discovery to providing us this opportunity to explore Japan yes it was awesome and hope you guys enjoyed us lookbook and we'll see that

[Music] [Music]