My Way: Gee Schmidt, co-owner of street fashion brand Patta

Patta is a store that was founded by me and Edson.

We sell exclusive shoes.

From all corners of the world.

And we also serve as a platform for our creative network.

If we think something is cool, or if we like something.



then we try to make it happen.

Patta can and should be anything.

You can also see it as a hallmark, a stamp of quality.

The people that have inspired or helped me.



to walk the path that I'm following now.



are all people with an authentic and uniquesense of style.



and outlook on life.

Jerry is a very calm Indonesian man.

He has mostly influenced my taste.

Without yelling, you can still be a strong person.

Gee collected albums, but I bought 12-inch singles.

I didn't like some raps.

So I mostly played instrumentals.

Remember?- Of course, you charlatan.

Jerry and a friend made radio for a pirate radio station.

Radio Banzai.

They often did the show after ours.

We did a hip-hop show, very amateurish but very fun.

And they had their show after ours.

In terms of taste and clothing, they were pretty refined.

I haven't been here in 20 years, I think.

There used to be another table here.

There was a table here.



– This is where we used to make radio, man.

Gee always brought records from Amsterdam.

He would go to Fat Beats and be like, 'Look what I got.

' 'I have no money left, but I do have these new records.

' Yes, that was the thing for us.

Every Friday, Thursday, you know.

Get together as many friends as possible.

All scum.

One of my co-workers at Fat Beats was Jacob.

At some point he started working with Steven de Peven.

Steven is just like a bird.

A real character.

Who's that? Who's that? Then we all moved into a house together.

And that's where I got to know Steven better.

This is our old house.

We developed our own language here.

And a lot of broken hearts.

We shared a lot of heartache.

That creates a bond.

He just opened another door, another world.

Steven also did a lot of theatre, for example.

I went to a lot of his shows, and sometimes he would do a sort of performance.

Music and art stuff, that I sometimes collaborated on.

With a lot of joy, he put a lot of love into it.

Edson has really seen me grow up in Amsterdam.

He was my first and best friend in this city.

Open the door.

He didn't have his own place, so he always stayed with friends.

He was really green, a rookie.

Edson is someone who, especially in the beginning when I'd just moved to Amsterdam.



who really stood by me.

He's been like a big brother to me.

And he still is.

In the beginning, the biggest fuck-up was that we had no experience with wholesale.

So we just went to America with a wad of cash.

We went into the hood, the Bronx, Harlem, and just bought our shoes from stores there.

We only bought things that we liked.

Also hard-to-sell stuff, Air Trainer, that sort of thing.

And then we opened our store.

The first day was great.

People were happy, congratulating us, giving us flowers.



buying a pair of shoes or two.

But after a week, it was completely dead and deserted.

I called Edson and he said, 'I didn't sell anything today.

' I said, 'What do you mean, nothing?''Nothing, nada.

' I said, 'Not one shoe?''No, zero.

' In the beginning.



– The first 2 years we were just scraping by.

Patta was never just Edson or just Gee.

The people we work with are a really important part of what the company is.

Within the company, but also outside of it.

My parents, Edson's parents, even when things weren't going so well.



everyone had enough faith in us to give us some extra support.

And that is very important to us.

To this day.

My father was always a bit of an eccentric.

In the choices he made and the way he looked.

His whole life, my father followed his own path.

And while he was doing that, he tried to impart some things to me.


– It's good, right? Tastes great.

If a child wants to take the step to make his dreams come true.



he has to think about how he is going totake that step first.

If you're reckless in the steps you take, you can lose everything.

First you have to think about, do I need a job, do I need friends? Do I need my family, whoever that may be? Based on that, you can start taking steps towards what you want to achieve.

Growing up, we lived in a really poor neigborhood.

Nothing wrong with that.

I had a great childhood there.

But my dad did try to teach me things.

At the time, I thought it was stupid.

But when I look at how I've developed myself andwhat I ended up doing.



I'm glad that he taught me those things.

I would have ended up where I am now anyway.

Maybe it would have taken a bit longer.

And the way you do things is also very important.

I'm glad that so far, I've been able to doit in a way that makes me proud.

They helped me do that.