Korean Fashion Try-On Haul | Seoul Street Style

[Music] hi everyone welcome back to my channel and in today's video I have a fashion haul it's been a while since I filmed one of these but in my vlogs every time I walked into a store or was wearing something so many of you guys are curious about

what I was wearing and what I bought so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to share some newly discovered brands as well as the try on haul because a lot of you guys seem to enjoy these so yeah let's get started because I do have a

lot of brands that I wanted to talk about we'll start with what I'm wearing and first we have the piece – one shirt PMO is g-dragon's label and I always wanted like a belt or a bucket hat from there but every time I check online it's either sold

out or it is quite pricey but I got this shirt at the looked at Young Plaza on the first floor there are lots of kpop merchandise and there's a yg corner and while I was looking through it at the end of it I saw this shirt by the

cashier and I just has to have it I really like the back of this shirt when I first moved to Seoul I went to g-dragon's exhibition and this was all over I actually have a poster of this so I really like this t-shirt and I am probably gonna

wear it often the second and last thing that I got from PMO is this tote and I really like how extra this is it came in like this I don't know like a sandwich pack but it was a tote and this was in collaboration with Vogue it was

very pricey but I thought this was one of a kind so I had to grab it and I do really like the quality of it and I will probably be wearing this a lot too I just got into tote bags they're super convenient and so much can go

inside so yeah I got this tote bag and it says piece – one book the second brand I wanted to introduce is Issei and Issei translates to second generation I went to the studio and basically I learned that a lot of their pieces are inspired by modern and

traditional Korea and it was so special about architecture it's like that out in the countryside I was like a mix of traditional modern design I bought ec clothes created two and now we're just gonna have a photo shoot all the way Justin just called me Angela get this

view of pucon Han it's so nice photo shoot so I fell in love immediately and when I touched a clothes you can definitely feel the quality so I bought three things from Issei and first is this hat I got the yellow one after trying on all of the

colors and basically Angela Justin and Roy told me that the yellow one looked best and it matched my hair color and I do want to dye my hair so they said that this would probably just look the best I don't normally wear a lot of color but when

it comes to accessories I do like to add a pop of color here and there so I thought this yellow hat was perfect next we have a humble jacket and I really love this piece because I love traditional Korean where I think humbug is beautiful and this jacket

looks very simple but I love the humble details on it and I feel like this will be a great piece for the beginning of fall because now it's just too cold to wear but yeah this is like 50% off when I walked in so I just had to

pick it up the final thing that I picked up is this flannel right here and when you first take a look at it you might be like oh it doesn't really look that special and maybe something that you can just buy at like an urban outfitters but it's

quite heavy it's very warm and again when you wear it you will feel like you're wearing something expensive I really like investing in pieces like this like jackets and flannels because then I don't have to buy like 10 different ones so I'm really excited about this one I

know that I'm gonna wear this a lot during the wintertime because I like to layer and because ICI is unisex i justified the price by thinking to myself that it can wear it too and he wore basically this humble jacket and this flannel to the meet and greet

so yeah we're already starting to share the clothes there but out of the three things that I purchased I think this is my favorite the third brand I wanted to introduce is outer air if you watch my vlogs you have probably seen the store many many times because

I love how extra it is but I finally picked up something and it is this skirt right here it seems like a plain one if you look at it this way but when you turn around I love this detail a lot of the styles are very simple and

casual yet you can feel again the quality in their pieces I'm very excited about the skirt because I can wear anything simple on the top but this little detail right here will definitely make my outfit pop the next piece that I picked up are these plaid pants from

this Korean brand called I i I've been really into pot if you could tell but I I is a Korean designer brand I know a lot of Korean celebrities love it and I walked into their showroom in cata secure and these pants are originally I think over $100

but I picked it up for 20 so I was really excited about it and I really liked how the ends are kind of flared so I again I'm super excited to wear this during the fall I see a lot of Korean instagramers wearing this brand so when I

saw the showroom I got really excited and I wanted to pick up a few more things but it just wasn't really my style but when I saw these pants I just immediately had to pick it up because I mean it was only 20 bucks the final two brands

are not Korean but I did find these shops in Honda so I thought I would just include them but the first friend is Joyrich this is another brand that I discovered because of celebrities and I believe that this is a Japanese based LA based grand correct me if

I'm wrong but I was really excited because in Honda there was a pop up shop so everything was seventy to ninety percent off it's just pretty great all of this I always wanted to that's you this was not supposed to happen but everything first we have this sweater

and it says rich 77% originally this would have been a hundred and thirty dollars but I got it for 30 and I love how simple this is and I just thought this was really funny I also picked up two shirts and first we have this grey one that

says joy rich calm and this white one has discipline on it so I really liked that so I wore this on an Instagram post I really like the quality of these tops as well originally these were I think $65 but I got it for 15 so a steal

the final thing that I picked up is this a cold wall back I got this at a store in Honda so many of you guys were curious make sure to leave their Instagram down below in the description box that store carries a lot of famous street brands such

as supreme a cold wall and they do switch up the pieces very frequently so that was my second time walking in and I noticed that all of the clothes changed already so I would recommend checking that store out but a cold wall I believe is a British Street

style brand and I really like how simple this is I couldn't wear it too much when I was vlogging because I like to carry around both of my vlogging cameras but now I can walk out with my wallet phone and chapstick in here and I'm good to go

so I really like how convenient this is it is quite pricy I paid about a hundred and twenty dollars for this and they were selling socks for $50 but it is a rising ground here in Korea a lot of artists are wearing it Deen and crush so that

was enough for me that wraps up my street style haul I hope you guys found this video helpful I think I want to film a video on my top 10 favorite Korean fashion brands so if you're interested in that comment down below if a lot want it I

might just quickly film that for next week if not I will probably save it for December but yeah check the description box I'll try my best to wink all of the pieces if they're still available and I'll see you guys in my next one bye [Music]