I Got A Tokyo Makeover

Hello, friends, and welcome to another video.

This week, I'm gonna be getting a Tokyo street fashion makeover.

Yes, we're going to Japan, and we're gonna be getting made over.

So, earlier this year, We traveled to three different US cities to explore how fashion differs in different regions.

So this time, we're So this time, we're gonna be taking our experiment international, right over the Pacific Ocean.

I feel like Japanese fashion trends, specifically, what I've heard, called “Harajuku fashion” or “Tokyo street fashion” are talked about a lot online in videos and articles to the point, where I definitely have an image in my head of what i think it looks like, but I wanted to go to Japan and see for myself.

So to do this, we're gonna be teaming up with a local.

Who will guide us through three different current trends, so we can get a little taste of what Tokyo street fashion is all about.

Now, obviously, this won't cover everything that people wear in Tokyo, as street fashion is pretty different from your everyday wear, and this probably, also, won't even cover every inch of tokyo street fashion.

Because, from what I've seen there's a lot.

But we're hoping to find three outfits that capture some of what's going on right now.

All right, let's go.

So, step one of our Tokyo makeover was, to fly to Tokyo.

And while we were there, we stayed in Akasaka which is sort of a business-y area, that's very picturesque, green and quiet.

And, it was also decently close to Harajuku.

Which is where a lot of the action is, in terms of Tokyo street fashion.

To aid us in our search, we met up with Rinrin, who is a YouTuber and a lolita model.

As well as being pretty well acquainted with the local Tokyo fashion scene.

Right off the bat, Rinrin clarified that, Tokyo street fashion, tends to be a little different than the common western Perception a lot of people tend to think that if you come to harajuku You'll see a lot of people dressed in like lolita or the most recent style is like yami kawaii, which is kind of a dark kawaii but You, don't really tend to see that as much and for this video We wanted to focus on the current street fashion trends and not just on the more well-known Subcultures how, would you describe tokyo street fashion today there's less emphasis on the silhouette and a more eclectic type of style a lot of people like to layer and Express their creativity and put color into their outfits, also Harajuku is a neighborhood and not just a singular, style as it can, sometimes be presented, which was news to me, at least so i'm going to be showing You, three styles that are a general idea of what you'll see on the streets Today with the first trend being the vintage remake, style, which centers around Transforming old vintage clothing a lot of kids like to take these items and cut it up and add things onto it so they're very One-of-a-kind, styles the second trend being the Minimalistic mode style you'll see a lot of people wearing this and layering black on black that sounds like, my my, type of thing sometimes i like to dress up like a bat Would a bat look work there no Never mind and then the third and final trend the colorful layered style you can Layer things on so much and things are Transparent and things are like colorful and it's basically you could play with anything you, want so without further, ado We were ready to start shopping for our Tokyo street fashion inspired outfits and our first stop, was the store a nincompoop capacity which specializes in vintage remake so an in a nincompoop capacity is located in the oda wadda neighborhood Which, means that it's just behind the, main part of Harajuku It's a, more hipstery type of vintage area hipsters they're everywhere The store itself is a former cigarette shop tucked away on the third floor of what looks almost like an apartment building Inside pretty much every inch of it is covered in vintage paraphernalia from the 1950s onwards and a lot of it is Recognizable ip with a little bit of a twist looking around the store many of the remade items are sort of like vintage T-shirts spliced with tutus and though they're Not all t-shirts the general vibe seems to be bringing together in congress Pieces into one garment to make something completely new usually with a, new shape as, well, we were also able to Ask, the store's owner mr.

Ohashi, some questions, about the vintage remake style.

He led off by saying that there aren't really rules About shape or style within the trend itself he doesn't like, tell people what to, wear he says there's a lot of people, who Wear it like form-fitting or just totally loose it's all up to you What you see here and you just kind of put it all together And in terms of what is in the store, it seems that Mr Ohashi Does a lot of the curating and his wife Kathy does a lot of the cutting and remaking so where do you find like your Inspiration like when you see a piece like how, do you know If you, like it or if you, want it to be in your store “that is a very hard question” So his inspiration comes mainly from punk so music as, well as the vintage fashions Which actually makes a lot of sense because there's a strong emphasis on D.



in punk style in terms of what i should be wearing Mr Ohashi recommended that we just walk around the store and see what caught our eye, you always do this huh Yeah, it's a kind of like a devious Mischief afoot Immediately i noticed a bunch of breezy tunic style tops I know You said bats were not in but It might be like an unconscious bat Yeah, absolutely the bat just slides in and as if on cue the next thing i found was this, oh? Oh it's a nike shirt with batwings yes get that! Yeah, it seems like fortune had smiled down upon me Mr.


Ohashi, and rinrin, also found a really cool Head-to-toe pink outfit and i found another blousy top that seemed to have been made from like a college sweatshirt They didn't think i would be here Then, we grabbed a couple of bottoms to match our tops including a black skirt for our nike outfit all the world all black Know i'm trying on other stuff too, well, we have to have one all black stay with the brand and a pair of embellished Jeans for our central state university blouse, and with that, we were ready to start trying on our outfits I'll be back Alright go.

Did they like the governador here? so first up, was the head-to-toe pink outfit Yeah?, this look Definitely had a strong visual impact and i think that the different shapes and textures were really cool I like the little butt apron it's very different but i think it's fun, like, nope, don't look Here then to top it off mr.

Ohashi, styled me with A little knit crown we've got a, little like, where the wild things are situation i love it like this, oh it's so cute Hahahaha, and despite how.

Pink it was i actually really liked it you look, like you belong in the store I'm never leaving but our second outfit top, some stiff competition So i think that this is definitely like, more in line with, like, my personal style i feel, like, the Skirt i'm not sure what i'm doing with it despite the skirt being a little Unbalanced the top is amazing and as if i needed any more convincing Rinrin, decked me out with, some accessories He he he, how do I look After trying on both of these looks I was kind of conflicted because I feel like part of the style is like What you like but i, also feel, like, maybe just because the other outfits more different from, what i usually Wear it feels more like, the style you know i'm saying? transformation exactly a, style transformation, yeah exactly but we, did have one more look to try on here it is Central state university i thought this top really accomplished the vintage remake objective by Transforming a simple college t-shirt into a romantic almost renaissance-sy blouse it's like sort of a shakespearean in a way and i really liked the jeans which featured Some nice rear lace action though I wouldn't say they were really transformed into a different shape or garment the Jeans are like pretty Normal but Embellished in terms of which outfit i liked the best i was still torn between the first and the second look i thought the first One definitely made a very big impact however i do think the second one It's very you so it looks good i think We maybe want to change the bottom for that one goes a bit short for balance purpose so we purchased our bat outfit thanked mr.

ohashi And were on our way All right so now having explored the vintage remix style a little bit you can move on to our next location Which is Ground Y.

Ground, Y, why is it not the air, no it's the ground So next up, we went to Ground Y to explore our second street fashion, the mode style Ground Y is an offshoot label.

By yohji, yamamoto Located inside of the Laforet department store in harajuku, which has a lot of local trendy designers and boutiques now When you first walk into Ground Y, it's very black, and white which i think is in line with yohji yamamoto's general vibe for reference yohji yamamoto is a japanese designer Described as a master tailor who is known for his androgynous and avant-garde designs Usually, made in black sounds like, my kind of guy And in general he's considered an important driver of the mode style so to help pick out our mode outfit We met up with rinrin's friend mika who is a mode enthusiasts and instagrammer So mode style i would say it's kind of defined by a monotone color palette i would say is very Unisex or genderless which is a very big thing going on right now in general and i think that androgynous vibe influences the shapes and cuts of the clothing with most of the outfits being unfinished flowy or boxy yeah i Always, loose like simple yeah like, oh simple and minimal So with, some sense of what, we were looking for it was time to start, a shoppin i'm still there always Are you doing this again? yes i was.

shall we do that again? yeah ready, we'll do it again, my cousin Like sneaky sneaky So right from the start i was a little confused By, some of the items at first glance they seem pretty simple but when you approach them a lot of them have unique cuts What's this like an extra arm hole it's open, so i think it's just a flap, okay just a flap So the first outfit that rinrin and myka picked out, was an asymmetric jacket a White button-down shirt and a long pants skirt hybrid, ooh kind of like a suit yeah next up We found a blue button-down.

Sheer dress, oh? We need an inner yeah too sexy too sexy to see through Which we d sexified with like a matching blue shift dress underneath and for our last option This looks yeah i recommend this, we went for a? White maxi shirt with a Geometric pattern on the right shoulder what would you put underneath this like for pant um no this button Yeah just oh just like a long dress yeah a long dress which gave us three mode options To, try on so first up was our three-piece suit I, like like the asymmetry, you know what i mean, it's kind of like Off center because mode style pretty much ignores the curves of your, body the designs tend to play more with Draping asymmetry and abstract shapes and to finish off the look, mika recommended that, we add this wide brimmed hat Oh, yes, oh wow i can hear Myself i'm like echoing off the hat overall i really enjoyed this outfit i'm not usually a hat person but this look Made me feel kind of like a boxy carmen sandiego All right ready for the next one yes i don't know if you're ready so up next was our blue sheer dress Is this sufficiently de-sexified, yeah, you're so not sexy right now.

perfect That is the goal i feel like, this, was more of a summer mode look i'm feeling easy And breezy with the blueness, and with the lighter, flowy or fabric rinrin, also thought that a backpack might suit this outfit so, we tried on this very round, one Turtle shell can i be a ninja turtle? you'll be leonardo yeah the blue ninja turtle Oh, there you go this dress was definitely cute but i just wasn't a hundred percent sold on it so We went on to option number three, oh? This looks nice yeah i love it This outfit combines elements of the first and second look and there was also a fun secret there are pockets Yeah, you're a little going 1 2, i didn't notice before so, we accessorized our long maxi shirt to complete the look and though We all liked this one i think, we were kind of missing some of that oof from the first look Alright so i think that we've decided that we're gonna kind of combine the first and the third outfits By, putting this jacket over the last outfit which i actually really like i think this, is like the best compromise because it's Like pretty much the vibe of the first outfit except without the pants so We went with our hybrid fourth option as our mode outfit thank you so much mica for helping us know you're on call so what's Next we're gonna, go to wall which is another boutique inside of the same department store it's right on the other side of the wall I'm so, sorry that i said no But it's it's literally right next door all right so let's go so unlike Ground Y and an incompute capacity Which focused more on a singular trend or aesthetic wall carries clothes from a range of designers that reflect a few different trends the concept of the store is Japan, in ten years it's Also one of rinrin's favorite stores and in fact the dress she's wearing here is actually from wall but what We were searching for was an outfit that, would exemplify what rinrin described as the colorful layered trend all right Well let's get to it yeah so one of the objectives of this trend is to just, wear a lot of different garments Basically piling on as many clothes as you can And often time with extra appliques or fabric stitched on to or hanging off of the layered garments, would you even call, this maybe they're like Nap, yeah napkin flowers No, lotus are more open i think you know i have no idea yeah, what are you orchids We never, did figure out what kind of flower it is my best guess is a campanula flower don't at, me but regardless We needed to find a bottom to complete our first option, oh? My, gosh it's like, pants but pants wow they're pants that have been eaten By, other pant extended pants and yes they are Also littered with embroidered mice i needed to try them on you've heard of pizza rat have you heard of thigh rats Pizza, pizza rats the rat that like, was dragging an entire piece of pizza in the new York, subway subway, yeah, while shopping, we also encountered another aspect Of the trend which is that a lot of the items are loose and oversized look at those sleeves It's not quite a, batwing it's almost like a manatees flipper i'm not sure we could in good conscience follow Up the mice pants with the manatee jacket but, we did find another oversized item this long and patchworked t-shirt Oh, you know what that looks like, a, baggy 90's teenager Yes almost like the guys at cher's high school in clueless and to pair with it we grabbed, some, also patchworked Jeans, and for our third option We wanted to try something that was a little more vibrant to make sure we got to the colorful part of the Colorful layered look, oh that's really cute i like the pink but i want to layer something over it of course we must we must So rinrin grabbed this dusty rose slip from off of another hanger, we couldn't find another layering piece so we're just done for diy Yes, and with that completing our third outfit, we began attacking our pile of clothes? I love the rats more than i thought i would if you can take a second to not look at the extended mouse pants rinrin And i also really liked the top it's very, spring i'm a blooming flower And though i'll say i did enjoy the rats i think it just Overpowered the other layers too much it's not called the colorful rat trend so we moved on to our 90s high school, boy outfit there we go i Was surprised? By how, much i liked this look? For some reason i feel like pretty comfortable in it that might be because it's a giant t-shirt but i feel like, pretty like Yeah, like that i can, wear this around.

This, was also a big hit with the shop staff at wall Who, suggested we accessorize it with a bold graphic earring though, we were feeling pretty good about this outfit We still wanted to try our last one on for good measure which actually turned out to be no easy feat it took Me so long to get into this you guys Rinrin, like came, off like a harem i like had to help me do this, what i will say about this outfit Is that the undershirt skirt thing is super cool And i love the sleeves yeah but i think that the over layer is like a little tight on my booty, oh no sexy Which i don't think, is the vibe we're going for as, we mentioned with the layered trend you usually Want things to be oversized, and flowy and though i think, we had the right idea with the layering Unfortunately those ideas were just eclipsed by the booty So, we decided to go with a little bit of a mash-up for our final look alright i Think, we nailed it so this is the second outfit with the jacket from the first outfit on top of it i think this Kind of brings everything that? We liked from the second outfit and then just adds another layer on top of it what do you say i think This is the perfect One so with rinrin's approval, we got to our final tokyo street fashion outfit so now, we have three outfits that embody like Three different tokyo street styles but, we don't have, any of the finishing touches like the, makeup or the shoes and stuff we're Gonna do a little um exploring and see what we can find and then we'll see our finished looks for a quick shoe stop We dropped, by a Store called tokyo bopper to pick up a pair of stumpy shoes to pair with the mode outfit and the next, day We went with rinrin to a drugstore to grab a couple of products to put together a tokyo inspired, makeup look So, what i wanted to incorporate this time is a trendy like pop of color since we're heading into Summer the focus of this, makeup look, is definitely the eyes as we added some highlighter to the lower lids to make them look Bigger and used some turquoise liner for that pop of color, that rinrin, had been joined so you already have That droopy eye look, which is an ideal look here's to bring your eyes down it looks like your kinder Oh that's a very nice thing to say thank you, we also applied? Some cream blush on my cheekbones and under eyes i'm hoping the cream blush will like bring in that dewiness Since dewy skin is a popular goal in a lot of japanese makeup looks and then with a Dash of semi-sheer lipstick you were ready to go But this is definitely a summer.

Look i'm not gonna say like this is like the general like Tokyo, street fashion look, do i look summer-ry? like a sweet summer child, yeah So the first street fashion look, we took out on the town, was the vintage remake outfit Which included our remade batwing nike top These fluttery, adidas pants the pants have, some flair in fact they've got multiple flares and a pair of black combat Boots that i had brought from home on my, face i was rocking our pop of color summer, makeup look and for my Hair rinrin Had gone ham with some bobby pins.

the sideburns on full display so for this first outfit rinrin Was able to come out vlogging with us for a bit you guys are the bat twins right now so she could help us take Street snap or style photos of the outfit i don't get hits up in harajuku photographers will line up on the Main street and to, ask passerby, who they think have cool, outfits on to take photos of them hence streets now Seeking street snaps of me and richard together and there was like a dude almost It's just posh as hell all the time i think that overall this is probably, my favorite outfit it's definitely Like more shapeless than i would usually go but besides that like it's pretty up, my, alley i'm not usually one to Wear nike, sportswear but, that's because they tend to not have giant bat wings attached so in this case the vintage remake Style has bridged that gap for me you look, so dramatic but comfortable at the same time This is comfortable vampire I may have, also felt at home in this outfit because it reminded Me of some of the unusual clothing items we've tried in the past this outfit Is kind of like if the band ruffled t-shirt and the y project Like long-sleeve denim jacket had a lovechild i think it captures a lot of the fun of the giant 4-foot sleeves without the added danger of hitting someone with a large denim tube the only real obstacle i could Think, of with this outfit, was that because there's a lot Of stuff hanging off of it it feels like you could accidentally dip it right into your food or drink i think We did okay with our ramen this time but it's definitely Something to look out for so next up was our mood look i'm a mode gargoyle Exact like a nova Babe for mode hashtag mode gargoyle for the completed outfit i donned our white maxi shirt Asymmetric jacket wide brimmed hat.

And these shoes that, we got at Tokyo Bopper for my, makeup i substituted the pop of color out for some plain Black, eyeliner though i kept to the cheeks flushed rinrin, also suggested that, we could slick my hair Back for this outfit but, my hair has to be curled for the wall outfit And there's only one time that the hairstylist could take Me in so it's currently even though this look is color Wise definitely in my zone i would say that it's much more Formal and structured than i would usually go i feel kind of like a business casual dementor but nonetheless there was something Theatrical, about it that i loved In particular the hat, was like the best prop part of you is bird-like Yeah, and it kind of gave me a.

Personal cave under which i could perform, my mischief come under the brim I don't like there, oh? My, god here i will say it was a little sweaty probably since it was late may but the no-pants aspect Made it bearable at least so i've got swamp Bra but not swamp butt but despite Any, swampiness i actually enjoyed wearing and vlogging in this outfit the most maybe even though i wouldn't Wear this entire outfit together in the u.



I might, wear this entire outfit together in the u.


You should and our final street fashion, look, was our colorful layered outfit from Wall Which included our oversized t-shirt patchwork, jeans and yellow unknown Flower jacket so for this outfit rinrin recommended that, we accessorize it with White sneakers that i have brought from home actually because, my feet are rather large for japanese sizes, these orange earrings that We also got at, wall at Laforet and some curly hair i also subbed in some yellow Eyeliner to match our jacket now for all three of these outfits, we were vlogging in the same area of harajuku Which happened to be just a few subway stops, away, from our hotel So, we kept going there because, we knew how? To, get there.

Though I think that this outfit matches the aesthetics of the Harajuku neighborhood itself the most closely Like with, this giant teddy bear now that is some seriously layering and this amazingly cute Multi-colored ice creamTyler:I think as is getting more melty, we should get that, away from our layered clothing.

Though this outfit is definitely the furthest away from my usual style and not just because of the color but also, because of the silhouette and texture.

Yeah, though, I didn't mind being a moving pile of laundry, and I like how it flows as I moved.

I weirdly, like this sort of like kilt at the bottom yeah the half kilt.

The only thing I didn't really like About the layered look, was the effect That the layers had on my body temperature as in I was warm warmer than i was even in my full-on Mode suit.

But there's a nice breeze coming down this alley, yeah kind of like opening up the air ducts I had to fight the inclination to take Off some of the layers it's supposed to be the colorful layered look so I had to stay layered but I think that for more Everyday, wear I'll probably dawn these items separately as I like them all individually Specifically I love with pants, which you can, barely see yeah All right so those were my, tokyo street fashion looks even though These outfits are supposed to represent three different trends there are some commonalities between them that are kind of emblematic of Tokyo fashion in general all of them are sort of like long and in general i'm pretty like covered just to provide i Guess like maximum area for more layering and they're all, also kind of? Asymmetric this one is a little sort of half kilt and all the other ones have their Own little asymmetric flair's i think? that all three of these outfits are pretty different from current us fashion trends at least the ones i'm aware of and Rinrin, seems to be right in that there's more of an emphasis on layering and draping and the clothes seem to skew A bit looser overall though regardless i'm excited to bring these looks back to the u.


Because i feel like i can incorporate different items from them into, my, own wardrobe and in some cases just Wear them head to toe Exactly as is we're going to make mode gargoyle i think if it's the last thing i do Thank, you guys so much for watching and a big thank you to rinrin for helping us out with thisVideo i've Linked both of her channels in the description below one of which is in japanese with english subtitles And one of which is her english channel so go check those out if you like That video make sure to smash that like button and if you, want to see more videos like this makeSure to shamash that subscribe button a big shout out to Rochelle for watching thanks for watching rochelle and I will see you guys a-next time.