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Hi everyone 🙂 For today's video! as I mentioned last week, I will show you my fashion items like clothes and bags that I bought I will tell you one more time what I have mentioned last week.

This necklace which I designed, will be coordinated and a point with all fashions It will fit anywhere when you style your fashion, because that is what I thought when it comes to its design.

You can buy the necklace at ana luisa, and the link is below in the description of the video.

Let's get started! I really want to focus on clothes, so I will use this bag for all fashions that I am showing to you guys.

I bought it on last Black Friday JW PEI I could not easily find a baguette bag with arched shape for the bottom As having a curve, it looks more gorgeous.

Leather is vegan friendly.

It does not have any differences from artificial leather The leather also does not smell.

So I think it is good.

Inside, there is garbage~ It has a large storage place inside, and the pattern in the middle is different from the sides.

which makes it look special and prettier.

This bag is what I wear the most, but I cannot find any scratches.

I think it will look better if I have a chain here so I am looking for it.

Anyway, I matched this bag for all fashion today.

Especially, this was really cheap.

I can't imagine how I could get this much quality from that price.

I think it was under $20.



isn't it? So! For Top! This is made in Korea So, I ordered and got delivered to Germany! This is a lace top, and I also got white colour.

I will show you in a moment.

I don't buy expensive clothes, because I get bored very easily.

This one was reasonable price.

Not really cheap, not expensive.

It is made of Polymer, so it is really soft.

The most favourite thing of this cloth for me is there is a wave shaped lace on the chest and the bottom part.

I like to coordinate with something on top of it because it looks like a underwear.

So, for that! It is also from Spooning.

I usually wear this sky blue cardigan It is very soft, and it fits perfectly.

The bottom part is really wide, that is my favourite thing of this cardigan.

Cuff is not really big, it is a proper size.

Even it suits for a small person like me.

Buttons are also same colour, sky blue.

For this, I bought from the same brand.

and it turned like this although I haven't wore a lot.

For this cardigan, however, it is really strong and doesn't seem to stretch out easily So, I recommend this one 🙂 Next, I got this from Urban Outfitters.

I mostly order from this shop when I am in Germany.

There are various shops located in Urban Outfitters.

and I bought from one of them.

It is completely a see through clothes.

But doesn't it get hip?! I wanted to buy things like this It is a see through clothes.

So, I can see my hands through.

Should I say this “Taro card?” This pattern is totally my type.

If you see the edge, it is really cute! I think I love a wave shape 😀 It is not a crop top, but it is not long as regular shirts.

Even though I am not tall, my belly can be shown.

It is great to match with high-waisted pants.

It is also soft texture, not rough.

So, I love it.

It is high waisted pants, and I purchased at Zara.

I love this ripped part, but I don't recommend the pants.

They are all buttons, not a zipper.

So, it is annyoing to open and close.

Especially for Korean who wants to take it off in a second.

Anyway, I got this from Zara in Germany.

For this one, As you can see, it is a sweatpants from iet frans in Urban Outfitters.

The size starts from 2XS I bought XS and it fit really well to me.

It was perfect fit that I was looking for.

My height is 155cm The weight is 48 kg.

I was worried about buying a white pants because I assured that I would coat something on it.

Of course, it happened several times but I could remove easily.

The bend for the waist is super strong and stretch.

and there is a string, so you can tie up if you want.

Actually, I have already had same one, but in purple.

I really liked it , so I got for another colour from same brand.

The name of brand is embroidered here.

The reason why I had to buy the white sweatpants is because of this sky blue shirt.

It is perfect shirt especially for the summer.

and I believed it would be matched completely with white sweatpants.

You guys have asked for this during Instagram Live.

Finally, I brought this one! This is from a brand, O-mighty.

They sell vintage and unique styles of clothes.

I always wanted to buy something from O-mighty, but I didn't have any favorites.

And I found this sky blue one, so I got it right away! Second preference, I love sky blue colour.

It was originally around $50, but I had to pay for a delivery fee to Germany, around $3~40.

So it costs roughly $100.


^^ But, I don't regret for buying this I thought it was a cotton, but actually it is a span.

Belly part is quite loose.

It gets wrinkled easily but it doesn't look like that when you actually wear.

I thought it is just funny clothes costs really expensive.

But, I would like to buy more from this shop! Sorry, I can't read what material was used for the shirt.

But it is super soft.

I bought one with the smallest size.

I have got a lot from Urban Outfitters.

:> This open shoulder dress is also from Urban Outfitters Just to let you know, the shoulder part is really wide.

For chest part, it should be covered like this and has a little curve, so it looks beautiful.

At the back, there is a zipper to take the dress on and off.

The zipper starts from the hip, so it keeps your waistline.

The disadvantage is too fit to cover the flab.

It is very uncomfortable, so I don't think I will wear very often.

But I will try, because it is pretty.

🙂 Clothes from Urban Outfitters have high qualities.

For this outfit, I matched the baguette bag which I have mentioned earlier with a white lace top from Spooning.

It may be hot to wear this white knit top in the summer.

But, it would be okay to wear it inside where has AC.

The jeans are bootcut jeans.

And sandal heels for shoes.

This brand is famous one, BDG.

They make pretty comfortable jeans.

I threw all skinny jeans away in Korea.

I bought this one, because it gets wider from the knee part.

So I like it! Especially, it has a high quality.

I even don't feel uncomfortable when I sit.



You have to be over 160 cm.

Otherwise, you have to fix the length.

You can leave it if you don't want! It's better if you wear sandal heels, but still.


I can paint the floor with this, instead of a brush.

LOL So, I think I will go to a repair shop.

Shoot!! This top is also from Urban Outfitters This is called Front Tie Knit.

I guess it's a little bit late to show a knit.

But anyway, it is too sexy for me when I wear only this.

So I usually match with the white lace top that I have shown earlier.

As the top has a lace, it looks more gorgeous.

Finally, I will show you this halter long dress from Zara I think there are khaki, black, and white colours.

It is summer, so I chose the white colour! But the thing is.


it's too long.


(so sad) It really fits to the body, but it doesn't cover the flab.

So, I don't highly recommend to buy one.

It's not comfortable, but I sometimes wear when I want to wear pretty.

It doesn't get stretch a lot and has soft texture.

So, that are styles I wear the most and my favourites.

Once again, I bought this, paying my money so it is my own opinions.

I don't know how it would look like when you guys try on.

But, I will write all the information in the description.

It's not done yet! Let's remove my makeup together and talk about how everything is going on.

The cleansing water I use is all in one cleansing water from Garnier.

If you have a sensitive skin and use a cleaning oil, try cleansing water instead.

I have talked to my friends also, and their skins get better! The cleansing oil blocks pores of your skin, so cleansing water is better.

🙂 When I use a cleansing foam.


Oh, it looks scary.

LOL Anyway, when I use cleansing foam, I like to use a product including a light exfoliation.

I also have a lot of things going on my mind.

One semester is almost done.

These days, I have asked myself why I came here so many times.

The reason why I came here as a student in Germany, I wanted to make sure if I can live here, not in Korea.

Of course, there are pros and cons.

I have to think deeply rather than being here as am exchange student or intern.

and it is hard.

For now, I don't think I can live in Germany forever.

I have to make an appointment to go to the hospital but I have to wait for almost 2 weeks for booking.

These days, I have been skeptical of living in Germany.

But, I want to try my best to not regret of choosing this way of my life.

I am gonna go and wash my face with cleansing foam.

It will be messy, so wait here for a second.

🙂 You have to put a toner before the skin gets too dry.

According to my experience, I always get troubles on my skin if I don't put a toner after washing my face.

So, put a toner after cleansing! After using what I brought from Korea, I think I have to use Korean product, especially skin care.

So, I got another one delivered from Korea It is from IZIA.

This is the toner I use every day.

Jayeonblhyo Hupsu Ssokssok Toner I put products on my face, depending on my skin condition.

Basically, I put toner and serum If my skin is drier, then I put one more layer of toner.

Today, my skin is dry, so I will put toner one more time as a serum.

For Chan, he has been in Asia for a long time in his childhood and he came back to UK when he became an adult.

So, he knows how living is Asia is comfortable for us really well.

He hasn't been in Korea though.

He always says that I can live wherever I want, but I think he wants to be in Asia.

I wanted to be in Europe, but I realized that it is totally different from my imagination and the reality.

So, I recommend you to live in other countries wherever you wanna be as a working holiday or whatever.

This is the serum from IZIA.

Premium Jinjeong Toktok serum It is perfect one for the summer, because it is watery, not sticky at all.

It's also from my experience.

When I use heavy serum or essence, I always get big and hard pimples.

Especially, I have to use light product in the summer.

And this is perfect for me.

It has enough moisture, and I don't have to put layers of serum.

Anyway, I guess I am tired of being in Europe these days.

I will meet Chan later and talk about it deeply.

You guys always asks me Such as where we are gonna live and where we are gonna be married.

But, there are absolutely advantages and disadvantages everywhere.

So, I wonder what you guys think about.

I can be like “This place is really great!” next week.

LOL I just wanna tell you what I have been thinking recently.

Thanks for coming to today's video, and being together until the end.

I will see you guys next week.

🙂 Bye~.