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hi guys welcome to my very first youtube video for today's video I've put together summer 2020 fashion outfits which I really think you're gonna love and the great thing is I'm not just showing you the bunch of trends to turn I'm gonna talk about but I'm showing you

how I've incorporated stuff that I already have in my closet I'm also showing you different ways that you can style the pieces guys I'm all about versatility I love pieces that you can spout in so many different ways I just think we need to be smart about how

we shop I'm 11 I cake creative mind behind Ellis fashion face without further ado let's check out these outfits so for my first look I slip together this outfit I just got the top and the skirt and literally just pulled from my closet and I actually spelled a

look with the skirt that ended up buying Essence magazine it will be perfect for greater occasions like brunch or dressed up out Ingrid you just wanna show up and show out this stuff it's giving me like I just think this stuff is so fun and sophisticated I'm so

into the oversized color and the padded shoulder you guys have seen the whole Peter Pan trend feel like it's one of the strengths that you can wear and look fab or you can wear it end up looking like what you didn't plan for but this top is such

a beautiful interpretation of that trend and the beautiful thing is it is so versatile i styled it for additional looks which I'll share later in this video I'm just astounded this top with a mini skirt I think I don't care is so proper and sophisticated so I wanted

to add some spikes on the bottom I also love this detail here I just think it adds an extra layer of fatness to complete this look I'm going to add this mini bag I really love the shape I feel like it complements the top but I'm so feeling

this are you guys loving it are you totally like Ella chill so for this look I've gone with a floral top versus the previous look which featured a plain colored shirt but it's basically the same skirt versatility guys this look is definitely a more laid-back look and I'm

thinking something like a cookout or really just a casual hangout where you still want to be stylish a few details to come up I'm all about the details you'll notice that I left the sleeves unbuttoned and that was very intentional I just love the easy breezy feel especially

since it's a laid back look but you can totally roll up the sleeves if you want and it would be something like this still looks cute but I'm going to let it fall because I just want that vibe and then I knotted the front also just add a

little bit of some [Music] necklace you've seen it from my previous look there is so good it's so versatile and yes I just that versatile one more time but seriously there's so lovely and I've actually spelled them with additional looks later in this video and then this step

is completely optional I just love a nice pair of glasses if you bought in Instagram you've seen me stylist glasses a lot so I got my money's worth and I do need to fix that but I just love how a nice pair of glasses just grace the whole

look together like I said this is totally optional but I love lessons so I can't then it's got a few top anyways so this look here it's like a nice blend between super comfy and super stylish if you're like me you have things when you really don't want

to think about what's where but you still want to look stylish this here is a perfect fit for them but far is summer 2020 Transco Bermuda shorts are so and these are actually my very first look chicks Bermuda shorts and I love them I've styled it with this

very simple top and accessorized with the land necklace I actually also layered my belts you don't have to do the whole belts layering totally optional you can slap on the top and wear the Bermuda shorts and you're all set all right guys before we go on to the

next look definitely let me know in the comments which of these looks are you liking I definitely want to make sure that I'm sharing spunky care about first impressions need to have seriously that was my thought as soon as I started online it's just one of those dresses

that you've gotta love especially if you love summit dressings and I love the frills and the shiny stuff it's really an elevator to slip dress with all the extra shiny stuff and all that but you can wear this to a wedding or a theme I it was dress

fits true to size I'm a US size small and that's what I have one and it fits really nicely I grabbed these pair of sandals for my closet and I think it really works it complements the whole classy feel / vibes one thing that I do have to

mention though as you can notice this area's quite open and the back is also open and I'm sharing photo so you just need the right underwear so long as you have that covered this dress isn't absolutely yes me it looks look it's menswear inspired and guys I trust

based on how I'm feeling sometimes I'm in the mood for the whole oversized flies so if I was chilling I do oversize job but if I'm going into the office and I can't do that but something like this would fit very nicely and then it transitions nicely into

an outfit for after work to keep the whole oversized bikes I styled it with oversized pants I actually sized the two levels up and then belted the whole look so that keep everything tight and sharp just complete this look I've gone with these strappy colorful super comfy sandals

I'm also going with this mini bag guys the it bag but this season as far as trends it's kind of like the opposite of mini bags I love trends I follow trends but I don't dress to space on was 20 I looked so I definitely gonna keep walking

them I read you guys recognize this tub i stalled the top and the bottom in other ways as part of us our a try and haul video so if you enjoyed this video make sure you hit subscribe and turn on the notifications so you're first to know as

soon as the video goes live so another summer 2020 fashion trend that I'm excited about would be prompt tops this particular one I think it's so beautiful I love the details and the puffy sleeves these are also trending so it's like two trends and one and then I

paired it with this high waist pants I actually have this in my closet but this is new and I feel like all the drama is here and I do want to keep it on top so for my shoes I've just gone very simple of course you can also

smell this crop top with a miniskirt I think everyone needs a nice miniskirt in their closet [Music] guys definitely let me know what you think what do you want to see more of or less up if you have any LD coming up or at Ryan Hall that you're

interested in definitely comment let me know I just might make a video out of that speaking of China and hauls my leg's video is as our entire home and I put together some lovely styles so if you enjoyed this video you're definitely gonna enjoy that video so make

sure you hit subscribe turn on your notifications so you get notified to use that thank you so much guys for watching I hope you enjoyed this video I know I had so much fun putting these lips together [Music]