Curvy Con 2018 Wrap Up + Street Style Plus Size LookBook

hey everybody so this past weekend I had the opportunity to go to Curvy Con now if you're not familiar with what curvy con is Curvy Con is basically like Fashion Week for plus-size girls it provides a ton of opportunities for different brands to come and showcase their plus-size

clothing wares as well as having runway shows and panels about you know what it's like to thrive and be successful as a plus-sized blogger so I was really fortunate to be able to go with ModCloth who kind of brought me there and they also let me do this

amazing giveaway but before we jump into that I wanna tell you guys a little bit about two crazy experiences I had now I could talk you through them right here and now but I think the video I recorded from the event is a little bit more special because

it actually shows you the individuals I did not expect for these things to happen I did not expect to run into these people it was just a weird you know crossing of paths in life and it was one of my favorite parts of the weekend guys story time

I was in a cab coming back from a marketing event when I was a business person like three some years ago and I met a girl in a cab who talked about vlogging and fast forward to three years later where we reunite at Curvy Con what was your

name again Carolyn this she gave me so many good tips and just amazing that was a good car ride we had a fun car ride is Carolyn uber driver and future famous vlogger yes I cannot believe I know anyway so everybody I have another crazy life story

for I have hair in my face always that has resurfaced itself at Curvy Con meet what's your name again Layla this is Layla tell them what you told me didn't we sleep outside on the streets together for SNL and yeah we did and I took a picture of

you and Dave Grohl this is true that happened that happened I've you know she has a random picture of me from like five years ago oh my god it was like ten years ago shhh we're younger than we look oh my goodness I'm so glad you told me

this like that's like my mouth it was like a close-up on my mouth I'm like now let's talk a little bit more about the person who won my giveaway now at curvy con I had a giveaway where I gave away a glitter ticket the glitter ticket is basically

an all-access ticket to Curvy Con and the girl who won was like the most deserving person to win ever she was a recent college graduate going into the arts looking at writing scripts for TV and film and you know you gotta hope that she's gonna put some solid

plus-size characters in there she was totally unfamiliar with what her personal style was and really kind of was at a crossroads of like I'm growing up and I don't know how to dress for my next stage in my life so it was super fun to get to meet

her her name was pip and she was just so lovely and to have her walk in and feel totally overwhelmed and then walk out feeling super awesome about herself and knowing a little bit more about what she liked and didn't like which is really the whole point of

fashion was just the whole epicenter of my weekend it was the best part of my weekend so you can see pip she tried on this velvet dress which I absolutely loved on her how do you feel so good and there are pockets which I love that's that is

life goals yeah the best feeling is a dress with pockets and then she also got a button-down and a pair of jeans and she has not had a pair of jeans that fit her for years and years and years and so this was monumental for her to

walk away a in a dress she likes because she does not normally like dresses and b have a good fitting pair of jeans and sometimes I forget as a blogger like how those little basics in your wardrobe can literally change your outlook and it was a nice reminder

to me that what you know we do online as silly as it might seem sometimes actually does affect lives and here was a situation where it did affect lives and honestly someone who was super inspiring to me and I believe will be super inspiring to a whole nother

generation of women I took a lot of fun with her and I thought she was just a lovely person and I am so happy that she you know was able to be outfitted and kind of take the next step in her career in some amazing clothing I also

had a ton of fun just looking at all the different girls in ModCloth clothing I love ModCloth I talk about this all the time if they pay me or if they did not pay me I would still say I love ModCloth because I did for a long time

I did not work with them and I just wore their stuff all the time I am lucky to fortunately be able to be working with them now and I did work with them on this event so I kind of rounded up some of the girls and the outfits

they liked and I thought it would give you guys some good fall fashion inspiration and to help you guys kind of figure out like okay how do I put these pieces together in different ways these were all the girls that were kind of partnering with ModCloth for curvy

con or just liked modcloth in general and wore it to curvy con so I kind of pulled them aside had them do a little runway show which you guys are gonna see now so that is my curvy con wrap-up it's short and sweet and basically most of time

I spent with the ModCloth team at the ModCloth booth or like talking to people and just being a human I didn't film a ton of other things because you know why I was spending time investing in the people I was talking to and I think that's what you

should do with these events is it's not about all of the selfies you collect it's about all the memories you collect and all the relationships you build and that's that's what's important to me yeah I do like a good selfie here and there I mean look at me

huh but for the most part if you see me out I just want to get to know you that's really Who I am as a person so that is my brief synopsis of my weekend at curvy con with modcloth I hope you guys enjoyed it thank you to

modcloth for having me a curvy con for making this possible for me to go and meet so many of you guys in in person face to face and have that time if it wasn't for them I wouldn't have been able to go so I want to give a

huge shout out to them and yeah that's it guys have an amazing rest of your day I love you guys so much I don't know what to say I'm like and I'm gonna save my normal outro I'm like you know and peace someday I'll come up with an

outro in a better away right now this will have to do I'll use a peace sign I always use