Chikar Cholay Recipe Street Style | Lahori Chikar Cholay | Chana Masala – Flavour of Desi Food–Ep 61



Alikum Everyone, Today I will share with you the recipe of Chikar chickpeas And I will tell you how you can easily make restaurant style chickpeas at home If you are new to my channel And want to see more recipes click this red button to subscribe my YouTube channel As well as for notification of new recipes press the bell button So let's start the recipe To make chikar chickpeas, I am taking 1/2 kg Chickpeas Soak the chickpeas in water And add 1 Tsp Baking Soda Now cover them and let them soak overnight or for twelve hours By doing so the chickpeas will cook in less time The chickpeas has been soaked for more than twelve hours Now drain the water from them Take a pressure cooker to cook the chickpeas Now add chickpeas in it add enough water in the pressure cooker so that the water can cover the chickpeas Now add in the chickpeas, 1Tsp salt Now close the pressure cooker with lid When the whistle blew let it cook for five minutes The chickpeas I've used, They cooked in five minutes Now release the steam from pressure cooker and open it The water in which we have cooked the chickpeas do not throw it away We will use it later, See this We have to cook the chickpeas like this Now keep the chickpeas aside Now we prepare the spice for the chickpeas Take an open saucepan to prepare the chickpeas spice Now add it in 1 Cup Oil, chickpeas usually required some extra oil Now add 1/2 Tbs Garlic Paste 1/2 Tbs Ginger paste Cook them a little Now add 1 Pc crushed Onion Cook the onion until it changes color And let the water in it be dry Now we will add spices to it Keep the heat low while adding spices So that our spice does not burn Now add 1Tsp Salt 1 Tsp Red chilli Powder 1 Tsp chilli flakes 1 Tsp Turmeric Powder 1 Tsp Black Pepper Powder Now fry all these spices well To thicken the spices of chickpeas I am taking A small size boiled potato 1/2 cup Boiled Chickpeas Make a paste by adding a little water to them And add this paste to the spice Now fry the spices well The better the spice are cooked, the better our chickpeas will be Now add whole spices 3 Pcs cinnamon sticks 3 Pcs Black Cardamom, Break it down and add them Now we will cook the these spices for two to three minutes Keep stirring the spoon so that the spice do not stick to the bottom keep the heat medium You can also add a little water if needed Now we add the rest of the spices which are, 1 Tsp Cumin Seed Powder 1 Tbs Coriander powder 1 Tsp Garam Masala Powder Now, stirred them with spoon so that the spices can get mixed Now add 1 Tsp Chicken Powder If you don't have chicken powder, you can use chicken cubes instead Mix it too Now add 1 Tsp Mango Powder (Skip if you cant find it) And cook these spices a little Now add boiled Chickpeas Mix them with spice Now add 1/2 cup Yogurt cook the chickpeas well with yogurt and spices When the oil seprated from spices Then add three cups of water in it Which we had taken out of the chickpeas Now cover the sauce pan and cook the chickpeas for ten minutes Keep the heat on medium see this, oil has started coming on the chickpeas Now add 1 Tsp Kasoori methi 3 Pcs finely chopped green chillies A little finely chopped green coriander Mix them well with the chickpeas Cook over low heat for three minutes So that the oil separates see this, delicious chickpeas are ready Now dish them out You must try them too You can serve them with rice or naan bread If you like the recipe, don't forget to like and share it Also, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel Pressing the bell button will notify you of all my new recipes remember me in your prayers, God bless you all.