היי גאייס ברוכים הבאים לערוץ שלי , אז היום זה שוב הזמן שלנו לעשות לוקבוק , עשיתי אחד לפני שבועיים בערך ןאהבתם את זה ממש , אז היום החלטתי לעשות סלבריטי לוקבוק כי אנחנו לא הולכים לקנות גיבנשי החורף אבל אנחנו עדיין רוצים להיראות ליט מאילנית אז היום יש לנו לוקים בהשראת קים קרדשיאן , קיילי גנר , קנדל גנר וכו אז אם אתם רוצים to slay את החורף הקרוב איתי המשיכו לצפות בלוקבוק שוקבוק שהכנתי אז הלוק הראשון הוא בהשראת קנדל גנר האלילה , כמו שאתם רואים אנחנו לובשים אותו ובכן לא בדיוק אותו דבר אבל בערך רק צבע שונה ושלי לא של ייזיי וכמו שאתם רואים לבשתי את זה עם מעיל טרנץ כי עוד מעט חורף כי עוד מעט יהיה קר בכל מקרה , השמלה אגב עשוי מסריג אז די חמים איתה לבשתי את זה עם מגפיים של זארה שכבר ראיתם וגם יש לי את הפוני וזה , חחח אנ יאולי יעשה מדריך , וזהו הלוק הראשון גאייס הייתי חייבת להעלות את הוידאו ולכן אין תרגום בהמשך , זה לוקבוק אז זה לא ממש משהו שצריך הסבר אבל אני יעבוד על זה תוך כדי הוידאו Fast Moving on to our next look is a guys can see this is inspired by Kim kardashian-west and to be quite honest This is the first time I was able to find a dress that looks similar to the one that she was wearing because mind you the one that she's wearing is actually $600 from the easy collection and as you guys can see right here I actually decided to pair it with this really cute Bombur jacket in black, of course, you know, because once again It's gonna be chilly in just a few weeks from now.

So, you know, we have to keep ourself warm So yeah, there you have it.

I actually really liked this Look, it's like, you know, like really casual for like a daily basis and all this kind of stuff So we are still here inspired by the easy collection And as you guys can see I'm wearing this really cute biker shorts Paired with these I guess I can call it like a bralette honestly and so by the way christian dior have the exact same berlet and it's like $900 and mind, you know, mine doesn't cost any anything like that And yeah I'm pairing that with these really cute oversized denim jacket and as you can see you can style it any way you want like around your waist or just like You know on you on top of you on top of your shoulder or just kind of staff just like play with it And yeah, slay slay life, you know So next up we have another cute look inspired by Madison beer This is like the everyday casual sleigh kind of a look And so basically what I'm wearing is a black leggings pair with a really cute t-shirt, honestly that I just tie knot in the front to make it a crop with some Nikes and of course the must-have item for this Winter fall 2019.

Is this really cute teddy coat I'm gonna leave some link for you guys below because honestly, Some of them are like as you know as expensive as $200 and some of them are you know as cheap as $60 So I'm gonna leave something for you guys below and you gonna decide which one is the right for you? And of course we have Kylie Jenner in the house So here we have a really cute denim outfit You know paired with a really cute White crop top and of course a bomber jacket you guys know will live in those bomber jacket mine By the way is from Tomy and it's kind of like oversized.

I kind of took it, you know in the size large I don't know why I did that.

I kind of regret that but it is what it is And yeah, this is a pretty you know, comfy outfit I really like it.

And as you can see I paired it with sandals and that is pretty much it I kind of live in those outfit, you know during like fall winter, honestly And it will not be a complete lookbook without some red carpet realness so we have here Kylie Jenner for the VMAs 2018 somewhere and it's really cute blazer dress.

Honestly you guys this is such a vibe Honestly, I'm obsessed with it and it's really cute.

You can dress it up You can dress it down and I mean look at these pretty guys believe it was only $50.

Hello like this is insane I absolutely love this look and everything about it through my fingers Outside, how could I let you go? So that's complete I want a lookbook shook book inspired by those Celebrities that running all over our Instagram and that is pretty much it for this video guys I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did Please make sure you give this video a big thumbs up and subscribe to my channel down below here And also if you want to see more of me Just make sure you click that Bell button right over there because you know YouTube be playing and all those kind of stuff and that's pretty much it Thank you guys so much for watching and I will see you guys on the next one.