FRIENDS LOOKBOOK + STYLE GUIDE [Six 90s Inspired Outfit Ideas]

Hey guys my name is Khatia and I lovetaking style inspiration from TV shows So I thought today I'd consult theladies of “Friends” and come up with six 90s inspired outfits.

So without furtherado, let's begin with Phoebe Buffay Phoebe's style can be described as bohoeclectic and thrifty.

She even says in the show that she thrifts all of herclothing so the pieces we see her style are often unique and one-of-a-kind.

Shealso loves to mix different colors, patterns and textures, so for her outfitI chose this maxi floral skirt as floor-length skirts and dresses tend tobe a motif in her outfits.

I layered this mesh long-sleeve top underneath a greenvelvet button-down jacket, as we often see her go for velvet textures andoversized jackets similar to this one.

The two necklaces I chose are bothhandmade and have a rustic feel.

I thought they fit her aesthetic as sheregularly uses large necklaces as statement pieces.

I also added four golden rings and Mary Jane shoes.

The final accessory are thesegreen bubble scrunchies since Phoebe seems to incorporate quite a few varyingaccessories into the majority of her hairstyles.

I unfortunately didn't have aguitar to pose with but “Smelly Cat” was playing in my head if that's anyconsolation.

The second outfit inspired by MissBuffay features this gorgeous green satin midi dress.

We see Phoebe stylecardigans with midi and maxi dresses quite often, so i paired it with thismint green one.

The shoes Phoebe wears are no exception to her unique style soI chose the quirkiest shoes I had, which happened to be these magenta satin flatswith rainbow bead embellishments.

I accessorized with a black floralembroidered mini handbag and a daisy choker just to spice things up a littlemore.

Next up, we have an outfit inspired bythe character who is still considered a huge fashion icon today: Rachel Green.

Rachel seems to go for more classic pieces, specifically within the blackwhite and grey color scheme, as well as simple patterns such as plaid andgingham.

Quite a few of her looks are office wear so I chose this structuredblazer for the first outfit.

We see her layer blazers unconventionally such aswith shorteralls in “The One with Ross's New Girlfriend” so I chose to pair itwith a simple gingham mini dress, similar to the one she wears in “The One With The Thumb.

” However, my dress has a square neckline, which we also see her styleoften and is very remnant of the 90s in general.

I added simple black tightssince the combination of tights and mini skirts seems to be a running theme inRachel's outfits.

Finally I added a simple gray and gold watch and theseblack patent oxford heels to really emphasize the business casual vibe ofthe outfit.

The next Rachel inspired outfit pairstwo of her go to pieces: a simple black top and plaid pants.

We also see Rachelstyle these pieces together in “The One Where Joey Moves Out” I also added these black platform slides as Rachel uses similar sandals to makeher looks a little more casual.

They were also the most 90s shoe I could find inmy closet.

I chose this tattoo choker to stay within that vigorously 90s feelthe rest of the outfit radiated Last but certainly not least, we have thequeen of casual and 90s fits: Monica Geller.

I've seen this particular lookrecreated over and over again on Instagram, so I decided to join thebandwagon and pair this red cherry coke baby tee with light wash mom jeans.

Mom jeans tend to be Monica's go-to in the majority of her outfits and baby teesseem to be a wardrobe favorite as well.

I also added this tiny black bag similarto the one she styles with that particular outfit, a black barrette, and white AirForce Ones.

I finished the look off with a watch asit tends to be her favorite accessory.

The final outfit is inspired by a look Isaw Monica wear in the very first episode, in which she layers a floralmaxi dress with a baby tee and then uses a cardigan to kind of cinch in the waist.

So I went for this orange floral maxi dress and layered it with a white babytee.

Since I didn't have a white cardigan, I went for this white button-downinstead and I think it works just as well since it's more of a belt than acardigan in this look.

I kept the jewelry simple with a single rose gold honeycombbracelet and I finished the look off with the same Air Force Ones, since Monica seems to wear white sneakers with a majority of her outfits.

So that completes my six “Friends”inspired 90s outfits! If you liked this video, make sure you hit that like andsubscribe button and click the bell so you can stay updated on my uploads.

I am selling a few of the items styled in this video on my Depop, so if you'dlike to check that out it will be linked in the description, along with everythingelse I wore in this video.

Let me know in the comments which look was yourfavorite and what other shows you'd like to see lookbooks for in the future!Thank you so much for watching and I'll see you next time, bye!.


Hello everyone and welcome to today'sepisode of Kayla's closet I wanted to share with you 15 ways to style a denimjacket a denim jacket is one of those closet staples that I believe everywoman should have in their wardrobe so let's get started the reason why Iwanted to start this

series with a denim jacket is because it's one of thosecloset staples that work for any time of the year winter spring summer fallit's the perfect transitional piece to include in your wardrobe whenever youneed an extra layer or you just want to add a little bit of structure to

anoutfit I'm going to show you every single one of these ways to style adenim jacket on the hanger and then at the end of this episode I'm going toshare with you what they look like on a person aka me the first outfit I wantedto share with you is

this blue dress it's more fun and flirty it's kind ofmore dressy than my typical casual style I feel like when you add a denim jacketit just adds that extra layer that looks really good and put together I wouldpair this outfit with a pair of heels to dress it

up a little bit more or maybe apair of sandals to dress it down the next up I'm going to show you isthis stripe to ship dress it's one of those dresses that are really good andclassic and it has a really cool straight pattern I love stripes andyou're going

to see in this that there's a lot of stripes but you don't have touse stripes if you don't want to but I like this one just because it adds alittle bit more visual interest and it has pockets you can never go wrong withpockets this is a dress that

I would wear with the jacket tied around mywaist and then I'd put it on if I needed I would tie it around my waist just toaccent the smallest part of my body and give this dress a little bit more shapethan it already has if you remember the 90s

you wouldremember the denim on denim trend I got this pair of shorts because it matchesthis wash of denim pretty closely and I don't usually go for denim on denim butsince it's a pair of shorts I figured it would balance with my legs and with theaddition of the slight

colored shirt it would give a little bit more contrastthan if I was to actually we're just like denim and denim with nothing elseI know I've shared this dress with you guys before but it's one of my veryfavorites this is a really pretty red floral dress with flutter sleeves

andpockets again because I can never buy a dress without pockets this is one of myvery favorite dresses because of the waistline and the addition of a denimjacket on top is a great way to dress down a dress like this one of my veryfavorite outfits to wear in the

summer honestly is this dress that denim jacketand a pair of Converse just because it's really cute and flirty I love this t-shirt dress I wear all thetime in the spring in the summer and with the addition of the denim jacket itgives this dress a little bit more shape

and structure than it normally has asyou can see it's pretty loose and flowy and it's pretty square but with thedenim jacket it looked a lot more figure-flattering on this is an outfit Iwould wear literally any time of year but I can because I live in Florida thisis one

of my very favorite shirts because of the stripes it's pretty thickwhich I like and it has a v-neck which is really good at along gating your neckand I paired up with these olive green utility pants just because I wanted toadd a little bit more color to the outfit

while all of us still kind of aneutral I consider it a color and it goes really good with this denim jacketI would wear this with a pair of mules or maybe a pair of sandals and will wearit literally anywhere it's this the perfect outfit to wear while runningerrands

if you're going to wear denim make sure it's a different color or washthan the denim jacket that you own so that's why I picked out this blackhigh-waisted denim I really like it because it's really good at anaccentuated my waist and I paired it with this kind of cool

blouse with a tiedetail in the front or you can pair it with a cool graphic t-shirt which bringsback all my nineties vibes because of the distressing around the neck and thesleeves and look really good paired with a denim jacket I know I literally justshowed this but I wanted

to show with a dark wash denim too and I paired it withthis striped shirt in order to give a little bit more visual interest with thecollar and I like the colors of this one because it has a bright pop of coloragainst the dark blues or you could pair

it with this peplum which accentuatesthe blue and makes it pop a little bit more against the stripes and I like thepeplum because it'll stick out underneath the denim jacket I don't know about you but I prefer tobe comfy all the time I would wear pajamas all day if

I was allowed andthis is one of my very favorite outfits because it's a cool pair of blackjoggers which you can dress up or down and it's this really cozy shirt that Ilike to tie in the front in order to give a little bit more visual interestlike I mentioned

before and paired with this denim jacket it gives a little bitmore structure to my outfit and makes me look a little bit more put together sothis is a classic pairing that I wanted to put together I love paper bag pants Iknow I've mentioned them in a previous video

but they're really comfy andreally cute and I like that this blush pink color will look amazing next to theblue of the denim jacket I paired it with this classic white t-shirt becauseI knew that I wanted to put a staple item underneath it or if you don't likepaper bag

pants you can also just pair it with a skirt I picked out this skirtbecause it has a similar blue to the color of the denim jacket and it looksreally really cute with it all paired together I would put either one of thesewith a pair of mules or sandals

or maybe some sneakers with the skirt because Ilove skirts and dresses with sneakers and you can never go wrong with pairinga classic white lace dress with a denim jacket I think that this pairing is oneof my favorites because I love to mix color pattern and texture because itgives

you a whole new sense of style putting two different textures togetherare really cool and add a lot of visual interest to an outfit and make you justlook more put together than if you were to put just two basic pieces last butnot least I picked out this maxi dress

because I loved the colors in this oneand it has that really great v-neck like I mentioned beforeso you're still elongated and you have some skin showing even though you'rewearing a jacket this is still one of my very favorite outfits to wear in thespring in the fall because the

weather is still kind of cold in the morning andyou're having that extra layer on top I love this dress because it accents thenarrowest part of the body with the elastic waist line and the addition ofthe jacket just give it a more edgy err vibe with this floral dress

now thatI've shown you all these outfits on the hanger let's get started with triangleon that was all 15 ways I found to style adenim jacket I'm sure there's so many other ways soif you think of any others make sure to leave those down in the comments belowif you

like this video make sure to hit that like button and if you want to seemore videos like this don't forget to subscribe thanks for watching you

Men's Summer Outfits & Hot Weather Men's Style Ideas

Welcome back to the Gentleman's Gazette! In today's video, I discuss men's summer outfitsand how to stay cool when it's hot in a suit, using the right fabrics, with the right weight, with the right weave, so you can stay cool and look stylish at all times.

Most men think that a summer suit just hasto be lightweight, and that's all they can do.

But, it couldn't be further from the truth, while a lightweight fabric helps to keep you cooler, what's much more important is theopen weave of the fabric because that way, you feel every breeze that cools you down.

So, when you buy a summer suit, the firstthing you should look at is how is the weave, is it open and is it airy? Common weaves include a Panama that is open.

Ideally, you take the fabric, hold it againstthe light, and if you can see through that means it's very airy.

Alternatively, you could also stand in frontof a fan and experience if you could feel the air through the fabric.

A very popular summer fabric that is veryopen is called fresco; it's a wool fabric, and I'm wearing it here right now.

It's actually not super lightweight, but quiteairy and hence, it feels cooler than a seersucker suit that is lighter but has a much tighterweave.

Once you've decided on an airy fabric, youhave to look at the lining.

Ideally, you want to skip any additional lining, and it's called half-lined if only your sleeves are lined.

Personally, I enjoy sleeve lining becauseit's easy to get in there and my sleeves fall nicely, and I don't get stuck.

Unlined sleeves are good because you feelthe breeze more but at the same time, it's harder to get into your jacket and usually, the sleeves don't fall as nicely.

At the end of the day, it's a personal preference.

If you're in a really hot climate, I wouldskip any kind of lining and try to be as light and airy as possible.

In terms of fabric weight, you should go for about 7 ounces or 210 grams because that's already really lightweightbut you still get a nice drape of the fabric.

Most companies offer a tropical, which isa wool, worsted fabric with an open weave that's well suited for warm and hot climates.

So if you can't find a fresco, look for atropical.

Fresco is not something you will find offthe rack; it's usually only available from bespoke tailors.

On the other hand, seersucker is easily available;it's made out of cotton, and it's really good because it's extremely lightweight even thoughthe weave is not extremely open.

It has very light colors in light blue andwhite or white brown and therefore, it feels much cooler than if you wear let's say a navyblue, fresco suit.

The reason is that white reflects the sunlightand most of the energy, while black and dark tones absorb it.

Sometimes you also find silk and cashmereblends and while the texture looks very summery and casual.

Silk is also woven very tightly, and so itrestricts air flow.

White, beige, and off-white are typical summercolors because they reflect the light and at the same time, you can easily see throughthem especially, if you have a pocket lining.

Therefore, either skip the pocket lining whenyou have this kind of garments in lighter colors or use a fabric that's very close toyour skin color because that way, you won't be able to see it through when you wear them, important for pants or also jackets that are very lightweight and without an interlining.

Another very important aspect of men's summersuits is the cut.

I suggest you go with single breasted, withone or two buttons because it's great, it's a larger V which allows more airflow, andyou don't have an overlapping layer of fabric that insulates.

In terms of shirts, you also want to haveopen weave because again, it helps you breathe, it stays cool, there's a tight fabric likea twill, it'll actually just feel warm.

If it's very hot outside, sometimes it makessense to wear an undershirt and even though it creates an additional layer, it absorbsthe sweat.

In terms of neckwear, a bowtie is actuallypreferable because it just sits on your neck and it doesn't cover the v and hence, it insulatesless.

In terms of accessories, a Panama hat is reallythe way to go because it keeps the sun out of your face and makes you look very dapper.

If you are in an airconditioned office, youcan also go with a knit tie because the texture is open and airy, and it has this casual, summer look that works really well.

When it comes to summer colors, you can bea bit more daring.

Pastel colors such as green, or somethinglight blue, or mid blue are perfectly acceptable.

You can really deviate from the classic charcoal, gray, and navy suits.

Of course, these colors aren't always office-appropriate, so make sure you can wear it to the office or otherwise, wear it in a casual setting.

In terms of shoes, it pays to have somethinglike white summer bucks, spectators, or suede loafers but stay tuned for a separate videoof men's summer shoes.

Instead of wearing suits, it's actually agreat idea to have odd combinations in summer because it's more relaxed.

Seersucker pants, either a part of a suitor just on their own, are a perfect companion for all kinds of blazers.

You can wear it with navy, light gray, green, even brown and they just look really classic.

Another wonderful summer fabric is linen, and the traditional color is tobacco brown linen.

Linen wrinkles a lot but it does so in a verysophisticated way and even though it's heavy, it's also very airy.

Some people are really turned off by the wrinkles, but they wrinkle very differently than cotton, for example, and much more graceful, in myopinion.

It's simply part of the look.

Don't be afraid of the wrinkles in the linensuit.

If you're not sure what kind of color to get, either get a tobacco brown that's very light or something mid-blue, or royal blue.

Of course, you'll also find linen blends andthe addition of silk can make them a little softer but again, always pay attention tothe openness of the weave.

If you enjoyed this video, please also lookinto our other summer men's wardrobe videos such as the seersucker video, here.

For more tips, check out our in-depth guideon our website, here.


FULL GLAM MAKEOVER – Quarantine Edition | Makeup and Outfit ideas

[Music] hi everyone Xin chào welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm going to be creating this makeup look so if you're interested in seeing how I did it then keep on watching so the first thing I'm using to prep my skin is a serum by Paulo

choice after this I'm going to be applying my bubble wrap I cream buy glassier next step is to apply some cream and the one that I'm using today is my go-to which is called parameter by Milani so now I'm applying another layer of eye cream my kills because

the areas under my eyes and around my nose can be quite riot or other day so here's one so now you could set your face using a powder that way your foundation will last longer throughout the day to make sure that my foundation will last for as long

as possible I'm using the pore professional from benefits now I'm applying concealer and foundation both of the ones I'm using today are from Too Faced the concealer that I'm using is born this way super coverage multi-use Coxon concealer in the shade shortbread and I'm also using the Born

This Way Foundation in this shape cold invade I'm also moisturizing my lips using car mix pink onto my eyes I'm going to be using my Mac bronzer in the shade dark deepest as the base of my eyeshadow now using a smaller and pointers hit my shadow brush I'm

going to mix a two color itako in a slight from the Mafia shadow palette and apply it all over my eyelid Esso now going back in with the map brush I'm going to blend it out using the two shapes wannabe and hey I like Krier sharp and defined

eyeshadow look so I'm cleaning the edges my eyeshadow with a wet cotton tip using the Galea cleansing water I decided to darken the corners of my eyes using the shade cafe from the same eyeshadow palette to make my eyes appear longer my eyelashes are fearful long now I'm

applying mascara using the lash sensational from Maybelline this is my favorite mascara I've been using this for five to six years now one of the things I think this mascara actually does for you well is to separate your lashes and also call them another favorite makeup product I

have is the NS Dacia bubbly hills dipbrow pomade I'm using their small dangle brush to apply this on as you can see I'm going ever so slightly to create a read thin and light hair strokes at the beginning and end of my brows to create that illusion of

fuller eyebrows now that my eyebrows are done I'm just going back to using the beauty blender to blend out any harsh lines that my concealer has left and also setting my under eye the bridge of my nose around my mouth area and I'm sowing a bit more my

chin using the fancy Beauty setting hold on in the shape button [Music] moving on to contour the one that I'm using today is the contour stick my fancy Beauty I'm going to use a to contour my jawline cheekbones forehead and also nose so blend out the cream contour

my cheekbones forehead and jaw line I'm using a Beauty Blender however when it comes to my nose I prefer to use either my two ring fingers or my index fingers to blend the our inset because I think there's a lot more precise doing it that way using the

big morphe brush I'm just going lightly over the cream contour using the Bahama Mama bronzer powder I want my face to look bit more adding a bit more front sight such as going over using Center Beauty bronzer powder in the shape private eye but now I'm cleaning up

my bronzer and my contour using the same translucent powder – see beauty and I'm setting the tip and the bridge of my nose using the success power dog that's left on duty member waiting for the powder to be set I'm just going back to the under eyes using

the same base color that I used before I'm applying mascara to my bottom lashes now using the Brooklyn morphe brush I've got I'm just going to dust off these setting powder on my face and now I'm feeling my eyelash line using the magic of eyeliner I'm very lightly

going over my nose contour using the Bahama Mama bronzer powder moving on to the favorite part of my makeup is to highlight the one that me using today is high-beams by benefit I'm using this to highlight the tip and the bridge of my nose the corners of my

eyes and also my cheekbones to make sure that my highlight pop even more I'm using a powder highlight on top and the one that I'm using today is Becca powder highlight in this shade champion pop and now that I'm editing I just realized that I should have put

on my lipstick at this point and I forgot about it so you see at the end of the video but now I'm just going to put on my lashes and this is how I do it I got one and cut it up like so so this are basically

two pieces you just to put at the end of my lashes just to make my eyes appear longer yes I put it down there and right there I'll show you just like how you normally would I let the glue dry for a little bit before placing my lashes

on hey okay so I had to take a break for like 15 minutes and already put my lashes on I couldn't show you how to place my lashes because my battery died I might show you how I do it next time if you're interested if you're not interested

I'm still gonna show you anyway because I'm gonna do it like every time I do my makeup anyway I guess now I'm going to go and get cheese because that's the end of my makeup tutorial and just like I mentioned earlier I completely forgot about my lipstick by

this point and then to pair with it I'm gonna go with a gold watch and I'm going to take out my small boobs and going out today I'm just doing it for the video out I've got my extension from clip hair I live in the UK by the

way so they didn't actually take long to come you're going to see that the color is a little bit off is a bit different from what I have on my hair but you know what I didn't want to get like changed and I don't want to get new

ones yet anyway let's play music and fast forward the video and yes it's me back again doing random things that I don't know what I'm doing I know at this point no people will be saying that's not how you insert clip in hair extensions you need to back

comb your hair and soft but bish you know what I'm not even doing out so it's fine if it doesn't last okay now I'm springing my hair using the heat protector wait resume before straightening my hair and the extensions I'm calling the front pieces of my hair in

towards my face so that will create the blowout look I like don'ts I'm wearing all white anyway because my shoes is also right I think I'll go for this just to add a little something to it so I have finished putting everything on wrong pretty much everything excuse

the mess behind me that's my kitchen that's literally the tiniest I can make it so that's that you know let's do a little montage [Music] [Music] so that is it for today's look if you liked the video give it a thumbs up subscribe to the channel and I'll

see you in the next video bye


This video is going to be all about feminine style and feminine outfits I have styled five outfits that are very feminine for five different occasions recently I did a video giving you my 10 style tips on how to dress and look more feminine I'm gonna link that video up above and down below so you can check it out after this video But I'm gonna be incorporating a lot of those style trends and a lot of those tips that I gave in that video into these outfits, I'm gonna be starting from the most dressy and then moving down to the most casual of occasions and Corresponding outfits.

So the first outfit that I have for you is a really dressy.

Look I love this look I think it's really appropriate if you're going to a special occasion like a wedding but also this definitely would serve well for date nights and just Nights out on the town that you want to look extra glammed up and special here.

I've got my midi skirt from her It's yeah, I did do a haul featuring this skirt I will link that up above if you want to know more details, but I just love the really loi nature of this skirt I feel like a princess and like a ballerina and it's really comfortable because it's got an elasticized waist So I've chosen a pale pink color and I've paired it with this gorgeous Pink silk camisole and just tied the cami up around the waist Of course, you can definitely tuck it in but I really like the look.

I've just tying it up I think it's really fresh and youthful and modern and it does show just a sliver like barely anything of skin Which is also just really cute and you know a bit more modern as well So I just love styling it this way I've got these shoes on these pale pink shoes that I got recently from native Footwear the Vancouver based company And they're called the Audry shoe And I just love them because you can wear them You know for the most casual of occasions and you can also dress them out in an outfit like this What makes this outfit really feminine is the monochromatic look the pink look the combination of the silk with the chiffon those are both very feminine materials and Pairing those different textures together work really well.

I also love just the flowy pleated ballerina Movement that the skirt gives you it's also very feminine and then the pointy shoes With the pale pink color again just really pulls together the entire Look, of course.

I've accessorized here and wearing gold and very very dainty jewelry as well So just a really beautiful feminine look here.

The second feminine outfit that I have styled It would be appropriate for date night or girls night out or you know something that you're going out somewhere But it's not super dressy or you know You don't want to be quite as dressed up as in the previous look and I'm actually wearing This outfit out tonight when I'm going out with my girls.

We're going out for dinner.

So I just want to be You know dressed up but comfortable and casual and so here.

I've got a pair of white jeans These are the Levi's 501s distressed jeans, which I love I love wearing white jeans In the summer and springtime and so I paired them with the same shoes and then I've got this gorgeous flowy top This one is from H&M.

It's new in their line.

I will link it down below, but these kind of flowy flowery tops They're really popular Right now in spring you can get them at almost any store and anywhere and there's a lot of Zimmermann dupes that are flowing out There in the high street right now, so they're not hard to find but these kind of flowy You know chiffon looking materials at our transparent and got these very billowy sleeves Oh, those are very feminine touches that look so good And again, you can you know dress this up or down even wear a top like this to work with the right pants But here I just love how the light colors are working.

How the white Jean is working with the sort of light colors at the top I think that all looks really really good together.

And I love the little distressing that's happening with the denim as well now today I'm actually going to be wearing this look but with a black pair of jeans Just because the weather is not quite there yet to be wearing these jeans but the black ones I think look also really good with this top and They're just going to be black skinny jeans that are gonna contrast well with the pale pink Flowery top here.

But any kind of sort of off the shoulder look with a pair of skinny jeans or a long flowy top, that's Cropped so you're just getting that bit of sliver Skin is a really feminine look and is a really great outfit for these kind of date night or girls night out All right.

My third feminine outfit that I have styled is for the girl boss so this is more I was thinking of a workplace outfit and something that you can wear to work that has a very feminine touch but still Professional and has made your girl boss five.

So again, I've gone for the monochromatic look I just really love how elegant that look Looks and and feels and so about these pair of white trousers from H&M.

They're really affordable I think they were about $40 they're really comfortable to wear and On the top.

I've got a three-quarter length sleeves Very light like grey flowy top this one.

I got from Uniqlo and I did do a haul featuring this item So I will link that up above if you want to check that out.

And then I've just paired it with this white blazer I love this white blazer because it's long but it's also got these really cute bow ties on the Sleeves and they are short sleeves as well.

But this whole look together is just it looks professional expensive elegant classy and feminine and It's just so perfect for the office and a lot of people wear black to work I mean a lot of people just wear black in general So if you can pull off and are comfortable doing the all neutral or all you know, monochromatic light colored version then, you know you're going to stand out in a really elegant way not in like a Brush or kind of you know, crass way.

You're gonna stand out in just the most elegant beautiful way So I think an outfit like this looks really really good for work for my next look I wanted a very versatile look that you can wear on the weekends or out or you know during the week and So I picked a white t-shirt and very light colored denim that are distressed But you can have any kind of jeans and I really wanted to have a look here a style that and those people have in their wardrobes so you can see how I've styled it to create different looks for different occasions and how I've made this outfit more feminine So you'll start off by noticing that of course this v-neck calls out for this gorgeous layered jewelry Look, so I've got smiley Quinne style necklaces.

I'm wearing a lot of Dainty jewelry here that just elevates this look a little bit more.

I've added on a white belt This one again is from H&M.

It was really affordable It was I believe eight dollars and it is a dupe for that below the belt Belt that is you know goes for I think $200 u.

s So it's just yeah, it's just a really beautiful nice touch and the whole all the gold together works really well for this outfit I love these jeans.

These are the Yoko's slim from a ritzy Yeah, this is actually what I think is my most preferred style of denim and the one that fits my body type They're high-waisted jeans.

They are a slim fit so they're tighter around the thighs and you know the bum area but then the the like While it's tapered, it's not a skinny leg so it doesn't hug too much at the calves, which I find a Little bit of knowing so I just think these are super flattering and this light wash denim that is back in style I adore.

I think it's just so summery and looks so good with this white blouse So I'm just digging this overall look obviously It doesn't have to be distressed jeans, but I just love the distressing on these jeans Now this kind of look on its own is awesome, but it is just screaming for layers, and I want to show you Three different ways.

I have styled this that looked completely different from one another so First I've throw it on this long gray cardigan.

I got it actually from Aliexpress for $20.

I've done a haul featuring this cardigan I will link that up above and down in the show notes below as well But this gray long cardigan is perfect for this kind of transitional weather that we're experiencing right now And it's just such a perfect weekend outfit I see girls wearing this kind of thing all the time You know during the day on Saturday and Sundays whether they're going to brunch or just walking around with girlfriends grabbing a coffee You're going shopping doing whatever This is the perfect weekend look that is elevated But yet super comfortable and cozy now, you can also throw on a blazer any kind of blazer over here I've gone for the really wild leopard print look because it's such a simple outfit with jeans and white now, you can get really you know Funky and fun with the layer that you're adding on you can go for a print, you know You can go for a really bold color if you want But I've gone for this leopard print blazer which a so trendy right now, and it's so retro I just love how it looks with this entire outfit I mean this for me in my office would be a casual Friday outfit Like I can absolutely get away with wearing something like this.

Not everybody can at the workplace but if you can like this is such a good office look and It's such a cool look too if you're you know going out with girlfriends You can switch up the the t-shirt for like a white tank top or a white camisole or something like that But I just think this has ghetto-fabulous All over it and I love it And the third way that I've styled this look is with this grey velvet It's kind of like a pajama top member when those were trendy a few seasons ago if you still have those That would look so pimp with this outfit.

I love this one because it also incorporates the embroidery trend so it's got these like crazy Like Cougars or I don't know some kind of like big hat Embroidered on the back and it just feels like so gangster fabulous.

I just love it.

I think it's so pimp They're like in the best possible way and you can just roll up the sleeves if you want so you can show off that jewelry You can leave it hanging long, which is I think a super awesome Look look if you want to dress it up a little bit more you can just tie it at the waist so that For if you're going to a music festival or concert like it's such a cool look and I wanted to bring you know I want to bring an item in that is kind of not in style right now because I Just think this kind of talked with this outfit looks so good together.

So v feminine outfit that I have styled It's something that I wear every week and that's what I wanted to show it in this video.

It's an outfit for exercising and I Wanted to feature this because you can look feminine and stylish when you're going to yoga when you're going to the gym when you're working Out it doesn't have to be all black or black and white.

You can incorporate those pink colors.

You can do the monochromatic look You know, you can have fun with your workout clothes and you can still look very feminine when you're going to the gym When you're going to yoga and it's amazing, you know, how many people still dress in very dark colors? so it's just a nice way to stand out and Incorporate some brightness and some pink and some color or some neutrals into your workout clothes So these pants are from Lululemon.

They have some awesome spring colors this time of year.

These are like a dusty rose That's really trendy right now, but there's you know whites and pale pinks I'm trying to like I I'm having my eye out for like I want a nice beige pair of yoga pants But I haven't been able to find some good ones so if you guys have any recommendations Please let me know in the comments down below but my next yoga pants are gonna be some white ones with some mesh Because I think going for that white bottom and top look is so elevated When you're working out as well these five feminine looks and outfits that I've created here today are Using tips that I have given in a previous video that's all about how to dress and look more feminine There are my 10 top style tips on how to achieve that look and I think you'll find that video really valuable I'm linking it right here.

So you can just click on that video next don't forget to subscribe and like this video I would love to hear your thoughts in the Comments about what kind of videos you would like to see me do in the future and I hope to see you guys back Thanks so much for watching.

I'll see you next time.

Bye You.

2018 Spring/Summer Casual Outfit Idea | Easy & Affordable – fabulous50s

today I'm going to show you how to makethis perfect summer outfit in two different waysit's budget-friendly so easy you require no skill and it covers your tummy so ifyou'd like to know more please keep watching hi I'm Schellea this is fabulousfifties a lifestyle channel that explores fashion beauty

and lifestylefor women in their 50s and if you're a woman in your 50s click subscribe andclick the bell and you'll be alerted every time there's a new video comingout so today I wanted to show you how to very simply and easily make a couple ofoutfits that you can

make yourself so this what I have around me which is thefeature of the outfit is just a sarong you can use any kind of sarong that youlike and underneath is a stretch dress and I'll take it all off and reconstructand show you what I mean it's step number

one you buy a stretchy dressthey're everywhere you can get them on ebay they're inexpensive the thing isyou can just buy one it can be black/white to keep it basic and neutralor you can buy colors like I have depends what style you like I wouldnever ever wear this by

itself because I've got to bend tummy and it wouldn'tlook good okay so this is a sarong this is a fancysarong I guess you would call it it's a camilla and it has stretch in it so it'san elastic kind of feel to it and this gives a different effect

to just anormal Seurat so I'll leave a link where you can buy these camilla sarongs but ifyou go to the fabric store and just look for something with a little bit of aless seen in it just a tiny bit it doesn't have to be super stretchy butjust a

little bit of stretch find the color that you love work out what colorssuit you best and just go and buy them this is how much you need and if you'rea little bit bigger in size just get some more fabric I'll leave in thedescription box how big this piece

of fabric is okay fold it in half like thisand you tie a knot at the two ends so it looks like that okay now this piece herebecomes your shoulder so for me I'm going to have it the shoulder on theopposite side of this one so I'll put that

over here and I'm just going topull that a little bit further that's what it looks like without doinganything to it from here I'm going to pull it up like this and just pull itacross so I've just gathered it at my waist brought this bit from the side andI'm

going to tie this piece of fabric in a knot I'm going to bring this piece around andyou can do whatever you like to create the look that's best for you I'm justgoing to tuck that piece in here and I'm going to start tweaking it now if younotice when

I just had this orange dress on and it finishes here you can see itit doesn't do anything for me because it stops my legs off in a really bad placebut as soon as I add this to it can you see what it does to my length and thelook

of my shape it's so much better so straight lines and then adding anasymmetric line lengthens me it looks more feminine and I love iteasy to do okay so what I would do with this I would like to have some of thisorange showing through so I'm just going to

tuck this little bit under under mytummy for now I'm happy with this I'm going to pin it just so that littlepiece stays when I'm out and about and there you go if you can find a fewpieces of fabric that have this nice elastic feel to ityou can keep

creating a new outfit every time you go out this can always be thesame nobody will know that but you couldn't wear just a sarong like thisbecause too much should be showing you can also tie knot here and tie knot hereand it's a different look again and it covers

everything so you can not have toworry about anything hanging out that you don't want just keep tweaking tillyou get it how you love it and you're out the door with a brand-new outfit heyI can take this part wrap it around the back here and tie this part in

a knotsometimes in a knot I could just wear it like that if Iwanted to do something different this stretch underneath firms you up a littlebit so there's no lumpy parts under your sarong that's just another way to wearit imagine how many colors of these you could have with

just one of these someare happy days you look different every day let all of us know if you've gotsome really great tips that you can share that something easy to throwtogether for summer thank you so much for watching have a beautiful week andI'll see you next Friday


hey guys and welcome back to my channelmy name is Bronte and today I'm going to be showing you six affordablebudget-friendly looks for New Year's Eve so I'm going to be giving you outfitideas for New Year's Eve for this year although right now I don't have anyideas of what I'm going to be doing for New Year's Eve this year so if youalready have your ideas planned out or you know what you're doing please let meknow in the comments below cuz I need ideas I always leave it to the lastminute for new years eve.

All these outfits I bought off pretty little thing and theyare super affordable because they always have 50% off if you're not already makesure you subscribe to my channel for more of these style videos just clickthat button down below give this video a like just so I know if you want to seemore of these style videos.

So if you would like to see my six affordablebudget-friendly New Year's Eve outfit ideas from pretty little thing thenlet's just get straight into it if you guys like this natural lighting becauseI don't have any lights right now I'm just sitting in front of my window in mylounge room and I know it's looking pretty goodwait till the end to see my favorite look out of these six looks it ishonestly stunning and I love it first I'm gonna start with these a dress thatI'm currently wearing which is actually the last look that I tried on it is along-sleeve sequin bronzed like mini dress like super mini dress it's a veryfigure hugging it is I found a bit loose as a very low-cut dress it's kind ofweird that it's tight everywhere else and low-cut at the front but I do reallylike the ruching on the side and then they sort of like drop like a long pieceof fabric that hangs down it does make me feel like it's a very extra which Ikind of like and I really really just like this kind of look I'm not reallynormally about bronze as a color as a dress but I really like this and I thinkit is a bit different than your everyday like black outfit although I do havelots of black dresses for you guys to have a look at I do really like itbeside the fact that it's a little bit loose and it's hard to wear a bra Ifound that it was really nice fitting and the drape part of the fabricit's also quite good because it can kind of cover your stomach which I mean ifyou're having a few drinks or having dinner or something on New Year's Eve Ifeel like that will work out perfectly also for the look I use this go mini bagand I also added these bunch of clips because I love mini clips to hold downone side I feel super classic when I wear this and then also these like golddrop earrings to match the gold bag next up is another super super mini lookalthough it is in the form of a playsuit did not expect it to be this tight andthen short when I purchased it to be honest I was a bit like oh my god that'sextremely short so this is definitely not for everyone but it's anothersequiny kind of look it's just not as thick in sequence and it is a reallymini play suit I love the fact that it is black with silver sequins on itbecause look at how these catches the lightI mean clearly I've been obsessing over sequins this season I mean if you can'twear sequins at Christmas and New Year's I don't know when you can wear sequinsto be honest so again this is super low cut it has like a little twist front andthey're super super mini shorts so again like I said this isn't for everyonebut it is a nice soft fabric the ruching at the front also covers the stomachwhich is something that I am always looking for and it is long sleeve justto give that little extra warmth but I do still really like it it's just alittle bit too short for my liking but I mean choose-your-own-adventure there Ialso like teaming it with this black bag I just love the fact that you can fitthis you can fit so much stuff in it if you're going out for new years I mean Inormally bring it makeup touch-ups so that's why I like these kind of bagsnext is another black number and this is a ultra mini a mini dress this is likevery shape hugging as you can see it sort of goes in and then out even in thefabric it's got like sparkles on it I would say they're like bronzy kind ofsparkles bronzy pink sparkles I really actually like the square neckline to behonest I didn't that I was going to but I really likethe square neckline that you can I just have to put like chicken fillets inbecause a bra wouldn't of really suited it in my opinion but it wasreally simple I just like that if you want to go for like a slight glam but abit more understated than you know all the sequins that I've got so farthen this dress is really great and obviously I wouldn't suggest wearinglike shapewear or something underneath it as well next I have my brightest numberof all the dresses that I've got which is this hot pink sequined mini dress andI am dying over this I really love it so much which I kind of knew because I lovepink and I knew that when I got this it would be the case so this is kind ofagain like a twist front but it's super loose so you don't have to worry aboutany issues that have been too tired and you feeling a bit uncomfortable it isvery loose it's got long sleeves again it's just like a super comfortable dressthe front is a bit like I don't know it's at a bit funny on me with the likethe lining at the front in the v-neck obviously it was another very likelow-cut kind of dress which I don't even realize when I was buying these dresses that they're all low cut I don't I don't even normally wear that many low cutthings so it was an interesting choice for me I just love this it's loose it'scomfortable if you want to be comfortable and it's again an affordabledress which I do really like affordable clothing which is where pretty littlething is really good okay um we're finished with the sequin numbers again Ididn't realize that I was this sequin Crazy this is stunning black one sleeveone-shoulder dress that is fully sequined and I am obsessed with the sideof ruching at detail it hugs your figure in all the right places in my opinionand if it wasn't so hot I would definitely be wearing this it is just Ijust love the side ruching I feel like always just does great wonders and thegood thing about this dress is it is tight but it doesn't make the appearanceof being super tight because of all the sequins and because of the ruching andit super well fitted dress I'm reallyobsessed with this one okay last but not least is a outfit that I did not thinkthat I was going to like as a New Year's Eve outfit I don't even I can rememberbuying it but when I put it on it kind of just spoke to me it is this longjumpsuit this silver long jumpsuit with this sort of like bodice kind of top andthen it goes sheer and it has sort of like the underwear underneath it thatyou can kind of see it is beautiful and sparkly silvery like charcoal gray andit's got boning in it so it is like better quality I think and then it'sjust a plain strapless I actually didn't think it was a sheer when I put it onthough that's my always my fear is it's gonna be true super sheer but I'm thisis my favorite because it surprised me the most and how much I really enjoyedwearing it and I just love the look of it and I teamed it with the sequin IIit's sort of sequined bag and I was just dying over this look I'm not normallyone for a strapless but I'm really loving this strapless like I said I alsonot gonna lie I had definitely put chicken Phillips in it just makes theworld of difference having like a little bit of extra push up in that area and ifyou want to feel confident I feel like that's just it just looks really goodit's not for everyone like I said but I do really like the fact that it was likelong pants and yes it is sheer but it wasn't as sheer as what I thought it wasmaybe under different lighting it might be a bit more sheer for this gray look Iteamed it with these silver drop earrings they were super extra but Ireally thought they matched really really well which is why sort of putthem together and I just feel like it completed the look so much more so guysthat was all for my six affordable budget-friendly looks for New Year's EveI hope you guys liked it I hope you guys liked the pretty little thing outfits inthis haul let me know again in the comments below what your favorite lookwas and also let me know what you guys are doing for new years as I really do needsome tips yet if you didn't at the start of the video make sure you subscribe nowbefore you leave that you can see more videos from me andlike this video if you'd like style videos sorry thank you guys so much forwatching I really appreciate it and hopefully I'll see you all very verysoon bye guys.

7 Fun Ways To Wear A Sweatshirt | Winter Outfit Ideas

Hi guys my name is Saahil and welcome tomy channel in today's video I want to show you howto style a sweatshirt in seven different ways I've taken a black sweatshirt fromZara TRF but most of these styles will work for pretty much any coloredsweatshirt so let's dive in first

up I wanna make the sweatshirt alittle more dressy for you all so here I have a white collared shirt from Arrowand I paired it with these light blue jeans from Levi's and then I've thrown onthe sweatshirt and I'm gonna pull the sleeves of the sweatshirt and then rollup

the sleeves of the shirt and tuck the sweatshirt sleeves under the shirt this willgive it a most semi-formal look and all to break the black on the arms for theshoes I'm going to go with these white sneakers from roaster to basically tendto new the white from the shirt

and give it a well-rounded look also for the looklike this avoid wearing chunky sporty shoes more slick shoes like these bringa more dressy feel look to it and finally to finish it I'm going to takethis tote bag I got from Zara and this super slick aviators from police

andthere you go I love this load it's smart casual but not too casual so it couldwork anywhere a workday branch a mall day and if you like dressing to themovies there too this next look is my current go to this winter and it'shonestly so is inquit to put

together I just grabbed a pair of these hmm highwaisted jeans now these are followed and a little shiny but even a pair ofregular high-waisted jeans will work and just like that with a little tuck of thesweatshirt from one corner I'm done now I want to keep the look

a little adramatic just black and it's a me so I've paired the look with these greatheight tops from Steve Madden now I'm going to finish this look with thistransparent iridescent pouch from H&M which I customized with these coolgolden stickers from Kate Spade and there it is a movie

night or night outwith friends look for you all now I'm keeping my best to looks for the last sohold on to that but for you all who like me love to wear shorts here's a lookwith a sweatshirt for this one all I've done is pair the sweatshirt with

thesepair of washed denim grace shots from H&M and these black and white sneakersfrom Aeropostale added a fanny pack I'm wearing a more chunky pair of sneakersfor this one since the sweatshirt is oversized and mainly because I want avery very casual look this look works very well when you

have to run someerrands go get some groceries oh well anyway casual and those sneakers come inso handy when you have to run so many places also if you're in a city likeMumbai where the winters are only as low as 23 24 degree Celsius this works itkeeps you just

warm and it isn't too much work to wear since thereby the way don't you all have days when you just want to wear a sweatshirtwithout duty or a shirt I do but still I want to keep the look interesting throwon a sweatshirt with a pair of jeans and

make the magic happen with some brightcolored shoes like these yellow ones from goofs your shoes can be chunkysneakers espadrilles loafers or anything just keep them right and trust me you'llalways get complimented on some fun colored shoes pairing this red shirtwith the Blazer honestly I love this baby blue

blazer from H&M and it workslike magic oh this plain black shirt give thebuttons open or shut pair them with the jeans or even chinos and again slickershoes not the chunky ones and you have yet another look for a walk meeting youcould also add a pocket square just in

case I'm gonna let it go for now but Iam finishing this look with the same pair of sunglasses and my favorite bagfrom Batman which by the way I got on 75% off just under 10k another way tolayer a sweatshirt and on a casual side is by pairing it

with a denim track yepI've paid the sweatshirt with this red denim jacket from Miller vice and thesame pair of light blue jeans and white sneakers I'm a huge fan of Canadian techzero a Canadian tuxedo is when you wear a denim jacket on a shirt with a pair ofdenim

jeans it's denim on denim and it's amazing how after being a fashionfaux-pas for so long it's finally here anywayI love how the red makes the look more eye-catching and playful but rememberyou can do this with any color of jacket dark bright even black just make sureyour jeans and

jacket are not matching even with the blue try different shadesof it also if you're pairing a sweatshirt with a denim jacket andspecially a blazer always wear a plain sweatshirt without any text or graphicsthe next look is a little unusual but I feel if you like having fun with

clothesor are feeling spare mental try and pair your sweatshirt with a pair of denimdungarees like these ones from H&M you can get any color you likehere what I've done is left one side of the dungarees open to break the monotonyand make it fun and to finish the look

I will the same pair of high-top greatsneakers and given it an achromatic look I just love how this look is so guysthose are seven ways you can style a sweatshirt go try them out let me knowin the comments which one is your favorite look follow and tag me

ontrying any of these looks a matsing spiration i'll feature you all on mystories if you found this video helpful give it a thumbs up I come with a newvideo every Thursday so subscribe hit the bell icon and keep watching untilthen stay special

How To Look 10 Years Younger | Style Tips For Mature Women!

today I'm going to show you how to stylean outfit to look 10 years younger hi I'm Schellea this is fabulous 50s alifestyle channel for women over 50 and if you're a woman over 50 clicksubscribe and click the bell and you'll be alerted every time there's a newvideo and

they'll all relate to you people ask me all the timewhat do I wear now that I'm over 50 I don't want to dress too young and Idefinitely don't want to look like mutton dressed as lamb and I think themain reason that we're all so confused is because that

marketers are notmarketing to women our age group so you're either under 40 or over 70 andthe gap between those ages is completely not thought about and you know we don'tsee women our age in the marketing campaigns and the promotional materialso it can be very confusing because we don't

really know what to do but I'mgoing to show you a few tips today that will help you understand what to wearwhen you're in your 50s and 60s and 70s and it will just help you understand alittle bit that it's not a huge big thing it's kind of easy

if you know whatyou're doing so let me show you a few very simple things that you can dostraight away and I'm also going to show you what not to do what will make youlook like an old lady unfortunately we can be dressing thewrong way like old ladies through

no fault of our own because in many shopsthat's the only option for us these clothes that seem to be really reallyreally old and I went shopping just recently to find some clothes to showyou just so you can get a comparison and the shop was full of these type

ofclothes so it was kind of good I bought them put them on and I think that I look20 years older so to all of the retailers and the marketers and thedesign – we're not 80 and we haven't given upso if you are a little bit confused keep watching

hopefully you'll get sometips so I went shopping and I bought these clothes and these are in shopsthat are supposedly for women my age over 50 and as you can see I don't lookvery good but this can be kind of a uniform for many women because it'swhat's for sale

and it kind of feels like that's what we're supposed to buybut I just want to show you how the elements of this outfit are making melook really old to start with the top has got a really big bold print it'skind of like hiding me because I'm supposed to

not be here and I think thismakes us look really really old this kind of thing and the pants are at areally unflattering length for me because they stop at the calf the widestpart of my leg and they're kind of baggy and they'rejust puffy and the color everything about

these screams old and the shoesthe shoes are super comfy and I get it that we like to be comfortable but thereare better options for us at our age but this whole outfit on me anywayscreams I'm old and I don't like it so I'm going to show you how

to change it Ithink you'll agree with me that there is zero evidence out there in the worldthat this kind of outfit is in fashion if you look at any magazine or anywebsite or Pinterest or Instagram you're not going to see women our age runningaround with this kind of

outfit being photographed and you're not seeingyounger women do it either so that kind of tells you it's probably not on trendand it's not going to be the most flattering on your body here's somethingthat you can do right now you can go to google and type in the name

of acelebrity that has your body shape type her name in and then right street styleand then you'll click images so you type in the name street style and thenimages and then you'll get a whole lot of images of that celebrity being filmedout on the street just wearing her

casual clothes and this is what we'retrying to pick up on what to wear in a casual outfit that is going to beappropriate for our age and when you can see a celebrity with your body shapewearing something you think that looks really great well you'll know that it'lllook great

on you I'm not talking about extreme trends and miniskirts and shortshorts and clingy dresses I'm talking about what people wear when they just goout for coffee or go out onto the street or go out for lunch just casual wear andhere's the secret these celebrities is older women 50s

60s and 70s they'rewearing exactly the same thing as the younger women you check it out there'sno difference we just have to make small tweaks to suit our figures and we'regood to go now I did try trying a softer color with my beautiful pants and shoesyeah I don't like

this at all it still feels like I could do a whole lot betterif I get rid of this big bold print on meit looks better for sure and you'll notice in this picture of Oprah there'stwo photos of Oprah the adding a color that highlights your face just is

agame-changer it looks so much better and you'll see me in the print on the otherside here it's a hundred times better and you can imagine if Oprah was wearingthis outfit instead of the outfit that she's got on that's really making herlook young and youthful and on trend look

what'd she look like she woulddefinitely not look as fabulous a hundred percent she would look olderinstead of younger I just want to point out here that these shoes that I'mwearing really aging on me as well because they're completely flat and I'ma short person and when the wideband goes

across the widest part of your footit really shortens you so be really aware of that if you're not a tallperson because having those horizontal lines acrossyour foot if they're thick makes you look shorter and thicker and when you'rewearing any kind of pants or capri pants keep in mind

that if you've got a littlebit of ankle showing it's great to have a little bit of height in your shoe andto have the strap going down towards your toes as opposed to across the broadpart of your foot I'll do a video on shoes again to show you a

whole lot ofdifferent ways to wear shoes but that's a good tip so I've taken off those pantsthat made me look short and wide and unflattering all together and put onsome skinny jeans now not everybody loves skinny jeans but this kind ofthing is lengthening and you can wear a

Capri Capri pants are so much moreflattering than the ones I had on before because they're lengthening and we don'thave all the bulk in that fabric which is kind of making me look puffy so finda pair that fit your legs really nicely and come down into a nice taperfinishing

at the nice narrow part of your ankle as opposed to the calf whichis just widening you and making you look bigger than what you actually arethere's a tip with these kind of jeans though or capri pants if it's tight onthe bottom you have something loose on the top

and it goes the same if you'rewearing baggy bottoms and loose bottoms and a more flowy bottom you wearsomething tight up the top just keeps you in proportion and balances out your bodyshape one of the quickest ways to update your look is to get rid of this kind ofshoe

and invest in a pair of white sneakers now everybody's wearing whitesneakers now and they're very youthful and if you go and have a look at all of thedifferent images on Instagram you'll find the women in their 20s and 30s and40s are wearing white sneakers and so are the

women in their 50s and 60s and70s it's Universal and it's straight away gives you a more youthful lookeveryone can rock a pair of white sneakers if you're short again you canget one with a wedged heel or a higher platformthey look great and if you're tall flat ones are

perfect and also you can switchit out with a pair of silver sneakers or gold or red or a different color but itjust modernizes the look and you go from old lady to on-trend this is such asimple way to modernize your look and just a striped t-shirt it's super

casualit looks really modern and it's kind of timeless so look at the difference hereyoung women are wearing it older women are wearing it it's plus-size it's everysize it will be something that you can have in your wardrobe and it will alwayslook good with a pair of white sneakers

and slim pants again if you look at whatthe younger women are doing we can do exactly the same thing we just need totweak it a little bit to suit our own body shapes and this is so so simplejust invest in a good white shirt or a white t-shirt

with capri pants or skinnyleg jeans and a pair of sneakers and you can't go wrongyou're on trend for the rest of your life and it's again have a look outthere look at all the images on Instagram thisis what the young girls are wearing this is what the older

women are wearing andif you're carrying a little bit of weight around the belly that's okay justmake sure that the tops got some movement and some swing to it and thiskind of asymmetric top is really beautiful it will lengthen your body alot I found this on eBay and it's

from Whoopi Goldberg's line so all the thingsthat I'm showing you pictures off will be listed down below and they're justreally good examples of what you can start trying and experimenting with anddon't beat yourself up if you're more curvy now than you used to be when youwere younger because

the curves in our body represent the feminine and thatshould be celebrated and it's so easy to own a really great shaped black t-shirtlong-sleeve short-sleeve mine swing top with an asymmetric bottom and this is soversatile if you tuck it in a little bit into the top of your jeans

it gives youa modern and if you don't love your arms for anyreason if you're feeling like you'd like to cover them this kind of thing isperfect to cover it up it's still cool and you can wear this in the summer orthe spring but it's just on trend and

it works for women our age group sosomething like this or a longer cardigan or a longer vest or something to addflow and movement to your outfit is perfect it'll never go out of style andyou're not going to look old in that and with black you can dress it

up with somereally cool hoop earrings or you know a scarf or a leather jacket or a denimjacket and then you're going to say I'm over 50 I'm dressing for my age I feelreally good and I'm on-trend I love it and check this out exactly what the 20year olds

the 30 year olds and the 40 year olds are wearing the 80 year oldsare doing it in style so you don't have to spend a lot of money and you don'tneed any skill just a few little rules to follow so that you feel comfortableyou feel like you're doing

it right you feel like you're on trend and you can goout there and just have some fun and if you are over 50 you can be very verygrateful like I am that we're not 50 or 60 or 70 back in the 80scan you imagine what we'd be wearing

please give a thumbs up if you enjoyedthis video and share it with your friends thank you so much for watchingand have a beautiful week

a cozy winter yesstyle try-on haul + simple outfit ideas!

hello my friends it's nina and welcome to another try on haul this is going to be a yesstyle winter haul it was supposed to be an autumn haul, but it's December now.

We are quite far from autumn This is going to be an accumulation of everything I got for the last three ish months There might be some autumn themed stuff, but honestly in California, autumn, winter they're the same winter weather was supposed to be autumn weather and it doesn't really get too cold here I think it's a good haul I think you guys will find something you might like My style is pretty simple I like to mix and match items So I got a lot of basics and since it is winter I mostly got tops, as in outerwear because I need outerwear i also have a few accessories this time but sit back relax This is going to take a long time But actually before we start as always I'm going to give you my measurements I am 5 foot 7.

7 inches tall I want to say five foot eight But an actual five that a person would be like you're not five eight.

I'm i'm 172 centimeters tall if that's a better measurement for you And then my waist is around 26 to 27 inches So most of the pants that I get are in a large and then most of the tops I get are in a medium Hopefully that helps anyway, let's get back to it i'm actually going to start off with the top that I'm wearing right now It's just a, I think it's called a pullover on the website but it's just this striped kind of thin pullover It's not like a sweatshirt where it's really thick It's just like a nice shirt that you can wear in the spring as well I got it because I like stripes sometimes I used to like fun stripes and patterns and colors I kind of became a more simple person with my neutrals and basics and solids but occasionally I like to have stripes It's very comfortable.

Anyway, that's one thing I'm going to start with my bottoms I think, and my bottoms I mean bottom because I only have one bottom but I just have this pair of I think they're called cropped straight leg jeans.

They have a nice mom jeans fit and they have an elastic here So it's really comfortable I got the size XL because I wasn't really sure of the fit it fits really comfortably and because of the elastic it kind of just sits on my waist really well.

I also did get a darker wash in a large, but I like an XL better I can literally wear these with anything.

I love mom jeans.

So that was the only pair of bottoms i got, we're just going to move on to the tops now It's kind of an unorganized mess, but we're just gonna go with it first I have a hoodie that you might have seen in one of my vlogs It was my productive week in my life it was just that beige nice hoodie.

It's really comfortable I think this was listed as a couples hoodie.

I'm not in a couple with anyone, but I got it for myself It's this nice beige color.

There's a little something something right there There's not much I can say about it other than that It's just a nice oversized fit and it's pretty comfortable I got it in a beige color because I don't have beige hoodies and I like warm neutral colors It's a good hoodie, it's good for winter moving on you've also seen this before, again like I said, this is an accumulation of everything from the last three months You might have seen a lot of these in my past videos or on Instagram but this is a striped turtleneck the turtleneck's really really big goes all the way up here again I just wanted to bring some more patterns and fun items into my wardrobe So I got this basic black and white striped long-sleeve You can literally wear this with anything and since it's a long sleeve and a turtleneck it keeps you warm Next you have also seen this before.

I wore this at my meetup actually it is this color-block cardigan again most of these are either one size or large This is an XL because I wanted that oversized fit I tend to get things in a medium or a large and that fits just right, but some items I want it to be a little more oversized So that was an XL this I'm pretty sure it's one size it is this color-block cardigan with a sort of v-neck shape that brings me back to this topic again this is a very unorganized pile of clothing.

But under most of my outerwear I like to wear a long sleeve or a turtleneck, especially in the winter, and so Nina's back at it again with multiple colors of the same thing.

I got a bunch of long-sleeve turtlenecks in different colors These are just a simple long-sleeve.

It's not very thick It's just a right material so you can be indoors and not sweat It's nice to wear under a bunch of things, especially because I got a lot of v-neck shaped clothing So here is a simple white mock neck long-sleeve It's just so simple to make outfits with and it keeps you a little bit more warm I also have it in a black color and then I got some fun colors I got this nice brown color It was good for the fall.

It's also good for winter.

These also can stand alone by themselves You don't need to put something over it and then I got nice blue color I think a nice mock neck just makes your outfits a little more sophisticated.

Those are the turtlenecks that I've got I'm losing track of my items next I think we're going to talk about this little jacket right here This is a fluffy jacket.

This was very popular when I was in Korea and I found one on yesstyle It has this little blue patch right here And this one is hoodless because in my Korea haul I showed you another fluffy jacket, but it had a hood I wanted one without a hood so i got one from yesstyle It's a nice sherpa material and it keeps you warm This was definitely a winter essential so I'm glad I found it moving on I have this plaid coat that you might have seen before I wore this a lot when I was in Korea And I got a lot of questions about where I got this from so now you know It's from yesstyle I got this a long time ago.

It's just a simple plaid coat.

It's in this nice brown color It really kept me warm and it's easy to pair with outfits I like to wear it with my turtlenecks and some mom jeans It's really simple.

And of course me being me I have to get in another color.

This is a good color for winter It's just black and white again nothing much about it, except it's just a good statement piece And then I have this nice v-neck sweater that you see right here I've just been really in love with v necks and I love these little striped accents it just makes outfits a little more sophisticated and fancy i need to control myself I like to wear this with a mock neck top under and then I got that in another color You might have seen this in another video, but I got it in this nice navy blue color I've really just been liking the dark blues.

I think it's a good winter color winter is definitely just about cute sweaters so I got a lot of cute sweaters next I have this plaid blazer I wish I had some matching bottoms But this you can wear with literally just a pair of jeans and whatever top a plaid blazer was pretty popular when I was in Korea, and it's also just popular in basically any style It's just a simple gray plaid blazer and it kind of has like a casual oversized fit to it So I just like to throw this over again a mock neck top and some jeans I'm starting to realize how simple my outfits are but that's how you should live life just simple and practical but also live any way you want wear whatever you want It doesn't have to be simple just have fun with what you're wearing and be happy in it That's all that really matters.

Anyway, moving on I have this fun argyle argyll argyle ar- argyle this argyle- Am I pronouncing that right? I want to be sure I want to actually search this up But basically it's this diamond-shaped pattern It's very common and popular Okay, it's argyle.

I have this argyle patterned sweater this is a very fun pattern to wear in the winter and so I obviously had to get a sweater with this pattern it's another v-neck, nice and cozy It's very soft like very soft and it's just a very winter vibe sweater.

I got this classic cable knit sweater It's listed as an almond color.

So it's like a creamy almond color I think a cable knit sweater is just an essential for winter.

You can wear it by itself or with a coat over it It's just very cozy.

It reminds me a lot of winter So a cable knit sweater is definitely something that I needed.

And then finally we just have a simple sweater vest This is just a solid knit sweater vest.

It's this nice brown tannish color.

This was good for the autumn color palette It was nice and warm, but it's also good for winter as long as it keeps you cozy It kind of has this bottom.

It has a round neck I like wearing collared shirts under but you can also wear a mock neck top whatever you want I like to wear these with long sleeve things But also if it's warmer, you can wear it without a long sleeve under you can just have your arms hanging from it Yeah then of course, I got it in a gray color This is just the same sweater vest but in gray wear some collared shirts or turtlenecks under but that is pretty much it for the tops that is everything that I got throughout fall and winter and now I'm going to move on to the accessories because winter, I like building up my outfits with a bunch of outerwear and tops and I also like to wear a bunch of accessories as well I'm gonna start with my hats.

I got a bunch of hats.

I'm gonna start with this gray plaid beret that I got It's a simple beret.

I just think it adds a little something fun to a solid outfit I also got the same beret in a brown color.

Just to add some variety to my outfits as you can see these kinda go together Wow, would you look at that? I can literally look like a cartoon character with these and that's the vibe that I'm going for I also have this beret it's a different beret it just has a plaid kind of lining to it But it's also reversible If you want a fun pop of color you can wear the other side as well But most of the time I will go for just the black side and there's still a pop of plaid under it if you don't want the plaid, just kind of fold it inside and you have a plain black beret I feel like it's three berets in one finally for the hats I just have this, it was listed as a wine red color there was also a black one that I wanted but at the time it was sold out and so I couldn't get it now it's back I'm gonna go get it but I have a fun red color for if my outfit's just plain and i want a pop of color as well.

It has a sort of little band on i I just thought it was cute so I have to get it so that is it for the hats and I'm going to move on to some jewelry.

My ears are so sensitive I have these simple hoop earrings.

They just have this sort of texture to them if you want to look at it dang it It is just these simple hoop earrings.

I don't know I just thought they were cute and it adds a little something special to your ears I got them in the silver color, but I also got them in a nice gold color as well I like to wear both silver and gold earrings and jewelry So they have this sort of bumpy texture to them I think it's just a little more interesting than just a simple hoop but those are the earrings that I got and then I'm going to move on to these necklaces I got a bunch of necklaces.

ahh they're all tangled nooooooo What I always wonder is how they got tangled in the first place if it's so hard for me to pull them out How did they get tangled in the first place is my question.

I don't like this.

I never asked for this disrespect Okay, this is a disc pendant necklace.

I think it's just a nice simple touch to outfits I like to stack necklaces from time to time and then I got another silver necklace It has a nice little square rose pendant If you can see it You can stack these together if you want isn't that cute? so cute and then I just got those two necklaces in gold as well nooooo the universe is testing my patience so how's your day going? same I just don't understand the physics of this Okay, well after literally 20 minutes of untangling these necklaces are finally untangled anywho- my eyes are dry ow I'm not sure where we left off I'm showing you the gold version So here is the gold version of the necklace This is a gold disc pendant necklace and then here is the gold rose necklace I think this is just really pretty and depending on the outfit, if I want silver jewelry or gold jewelry, i got it all covered Finally, this is just the final necklace.

It is this coin pendant.

This kind of necklace is just popular and cute and so I wanted one as well all that untangling just for that but those are the accessories that I got and that is pretty much it for this haul that is everything I've gotten over the last three months I think it is quite the haul hopefully there was something that you guys want as well I have a code and everything down in the description so you can use that for a 10% off of your purchase if it's over $49 and to use the code just put it under coupon code I'm not really sure how the website looks now but it shouldn't be too hard to figure out but it's definitely coupon code, not anything else and that is going to be it for this video I think this is my last video of December.

Usually when a new year comes It's not really the biggest deal for me because it's just another year I'm just thankful that we got through another year and that we got through this decade and Let's just have a good time in 2020 as well I think I said most of my sentimental stuff in another video But I love you guys and I'm glad that I got to spend 2019 with y'all.

Let's just have another good year I have a lot planned and I'm just excited Thank you for watching this video and spending 2019 with me and I will see you in my next video in the new year! in the new decade! bring it in and goodbye my friends :).

WHAT TO WEAR TO A WEDDING / Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas | Christine Le

hi everyone welcome back to my channelif you're new welcome my name is Christine today I'm bringing to you guysa wedding guest lookbook wedding season is now upon us and I recently did acouple of clothing haul so I'm kind of trying to incorporate a couple newthings as well as

things that I've actually worn to weddings this is gonnabe kind of a fun talk through lookbook are we going to get started first makesure you hit the subscribe button if you haven't already and a littlenotification bell and without further ado let's go ahead and get started withthe lookbook

first I wanted to talk about my brand new camera I got a Sony a6400 and I love it so much it is when I'm filming with right now and actuallyit's a first Sony camera with a little flip screen and so I have it sitting infront of me I

don't have my monitor or my laptop or anything before I have tohave like some type of complicated setup to make my a six thousand work so if youguys have been kind of debating on like a new camera the 6400 is amazing I'vehad nothing but the best experience with

it so go ahead and link it down belowbut I also wanted to talk about my big international giveaway that went live onSaturday so if you guys have not yet entered that I'd highly recommendchecking on that video it is so easy to enter the giveaway all the products arefull-size

you get so many great things there's pharmacy honeymoon glow in therethere's a more Pacific there's Sigma luck see so many great brands andthere's a whole like brioche EO haircare set so it's definitely a huge giveawayand you don't want to miss out also open internationally and it'll close onSaturday

so be sure to check that out yeah enough about the talking let's goahead and talk about some of the dresses okay so the first piece that I want totalk about is this gorgeous romper and it is from intermixI love this I feel like this would be more for

a warmer wedding or somewherewhere it's gonna be a little bit more hot or humid this is a really greatpiece and it's just like a short sleeve romper it has so many great details thisone is from intermix and I did not buy this because it wasexpensive but it was

a gift from Brandon's mama for my birthday a coupleyears ago I've actually worn this to a wedding and I got so many compliments onit I feel like it almost just looks like a vest /su I just love it I think itmakes you look really chic and really really

put together and I feel likeblack it's such a good color it never goes out of style it's always timelessand always makes you look a little bit more put together for me the biggestproblem that I kind of run into for weddings is I don't want to look toocasual but

I also don't want to look like I'm dressed up the most so I kindof want to find like a really good in-between and I just feel like thisromper is perfect and I also love that it's a romper but it actually looks likea dress because it kind of does

like an overlay right here but I think you cantotally get away with wearing rockers to a wedding but only if it looks reallyreally put together brands like outside making signals at me another outfit thatI would wear to a wedding is this really pretty dress from princess Polly I

gotthis in my princess Polly Hall and kind of tried it on for you guys but I lovethis dress it is so beautiful is a little bit shorter so if you don't mindwearing a shorter or like mini dress I love this dress and it is really reallyfitting but I

feel like it kind of makes it look less ho ish because it's just ablack color and it kind of just tones down the dress a little bit and youdon't have too much boobage showing it's not super super short where you'll belike uncomfortable doing wedding things so I'll go

ahead and link everythingdown in the description box as well as like my body measurements how they pairit with some really strappy shoes and I have these ones from Zara I get so manyquestions on these I picked these up in my Zara spring haul but I'll go aheadand see

if they're still available online and if they are I'll go ahead andlink it down below but I styled them in my spring haul so be sure to check thatout I love these shoes I wear them all the time they're super super comfortableand they just have a tiny little

kitten heel so it's really great for all nightdancing and all that and I just like pairing it together with more likesimpler things because it kind of just makes the outfit look a little bit moresophisticated you can't go wrong with a plain black dress and especially for awedding when

you just want to go safe say you don't really know the bride andgroom that well black dress always alwaysalways never does me another option is kind of like a satin slip dress thisdress is from misguided I actually wore this for my birthday a couple years agoand I love

this I think it's just such a beautiful dressthe material is really really comfy and it does get a little bit statickysometimes but I think the color is just so perfect for a wedding because it'skind of toned down and really neutral especially for weddings I never like togo with

something super loud because I don't want to take away from whateverthe bride is wearing this dress is really really pretty house like the kindof drapey details and it is kind of a longer length which I really like if youhave a more plainer slip dress I would maybe just

pair it with some likestatement earrings and a couple of bracelets and I think that would lookreally really pretty paired with this I would probably do amore simple shoe just because it has so much going on I don't want to go crazywith the shoes I would do these little

strappy heels from Lulu's I love these Italked about these in my six pairs of shoes every girl needs to have in hercloset but I just talked about like the staple shoes I cannot live without in mycloset and these are one of them they are just so comfortable I've

had themfor years I got my girlfriend's on them my sister just bought a pair they'rejust most comfortable pair of shoes they go with everything and I've worn theseto countless weddings and going out just because they are so comfortable so Iwould pair that dress with this just because it

kind of gives you a reallyregal put together look and you don't look like you're trying too hard your Imean another dress that I really liked to wear to weddings are long sleevedresses I just think the long sea of dresses are the prettiest and you canpair them with sneakers

with heels boots anything I'm just obsessed with longsleeve dresses and if you are going to a wedding that's gonna be a little bitmore on the like cooler side I definitely wouldn't wear this to likeMexico but if you're somewhere like Seattle where you don't really know ifit's gonna be

hot or cold this is a really great dress to wear it and Iactually picked this up from Nordstrom Rack more traumatic has really greatdresses and I used to shop there all the time I love this dress it is so cuteit's kind of eight surplice top so it kind

of crosses over in the top and ithas like a really cute like grass thing detailing pattern thing andI really like it the sleeves kind of billow out a little bit and it justlooks really chic you just look really put together you know like you're kindof a respectful guest

and you're there to have fun enjoy a glass of wine or twoand I just love this dress it is so pretty and really really comfortable aswell that one I would probably pair with these shoes again just because it hasthat pattern going on and it's just it's a really

simple shoe another dress Ihave I actually picked this up from a boutique and holding it up does it nojustice but it looks much prettier on but it's kind of like a I don't knowwhat these tops are called where they kind of like cut in at the shoulder Idon't

know if that's called really really love this dress and it's justreally drinking it has that really beautiful material the color is alsogorgeous I just think it's a really good neutral type dress to have it's reallygreat for formal occasions because it does look a little bit more expensiveand sophisticated

also sorry if I'm looking at the monitor the whole time Ijust want to check if I'm in focus and I just find myself looking up there byaccident since it's kind of a like lighter pretty color you can totally getaway with wearing it with some like white shoes if

it's a spring or summerwedding and I these ones are also from Zara I throw up in my Zara Hall lovethese and these are really comfortable as well but if you also wanted to do anude shoe you totally can these from Lulu's and they are so comfortable it'slike a

really good chunky heel and the new color is just like perfect makesyour legs look really really long I just think they're just like this is reallygreat especially like the high neck cut I just think it's so flattering it staysput you don't have to worry about your life boobage

spilling out or anythinglike that and this is just another great dress that I would wear finally the lastpiece that I want to show you guys is another romper and this is somethingthat I picked up from Zara I think Zara makes really great dressesI love this rocker so much

so up here you kind of have like a really prettysheer material and it has a really high neck that's kind of ruched and reallypretty and then the sleeves really billowout and then cinch right here are your and it has a little Thai detail as wellI've worn it in

an Instagram photo you can't even really tell that it's aromper it almost looks like a dress but I just think the material of it makes itlook so expensive and the fact that it's black just takes it up a notch and makesyou look a little bit more expensive and

put together I just love this romper itreally does look like a dress to me like in the front it just has like a skirtpiece that goes over the shorts and so something like this would be reallyreally comfortable you can sit down however you want eat drink whatever theonly

thing is when you have to the bathroom you just have to take the wholething off okay so that is a I hope you all enjoyed this quickie little lookbookit was really short but you guys all wanted to see it so hope you found ithelpful and make sure you

give the video a thumbs up let me know down in thecomments what you would like to see next next week I think I'm gonna be uploadinga 5 bras every girl needs to have what you can wear under certain tops andstuff like that cuz that's also been really highly

requested don't forget tofollow me on Instagram and join the fam and that is it I will see you guys in mynext video bye guys

Date Night Outfit Ideas with Airam Gallegos | Arizona Jean Co.

hey guys it's a ram and I'm so excited to be here on Arizona genes channel and if you're watching this you probably saw part one to this video but if you didn't it is a little get ready with me and I pick out my outfits which are Arizona

Jean and they pick out all my makeup which is so fun and you guys just watch me get ready for this date with Isaac so if you guys want to check that out it will be linked down below and yeah I am so excited for you guys to

join me and Isaac on this little date and I hope you guys enjoy [Music] what's up you guys so right now but okay you guys so there's like a lot of stuff going on but I do they saw we're on the metro and it was so much fun

yeah right over here was like an hour yeah yeah I didn't feel too bad I mean me not put a little bit of it we're really tired but we are so excited to have a little date night in LA you're like a lot older than you it's gonna

be very spontaneous we live we're going to LA Live and I'm super excited and we're waiting for a lift I've got to LA live there's a convention right now talk about it let's just go that your name is IRA have you oh okay as you walk your poop

it's just it's actually kind of cool did you see people that he has so much time it's like something that they like I can't keep the outfit you know oh not the shoes wife all right everything Arizona Sheen everything below like 150 dollars nose but for sure but

look $50 how do they feel they're so comfy and the ability to everywhere it it's perfect and then you could style the shirt in many different ways I really really like this is all put choice how do you feel about it is a comfortable comfortable it's cheap and

I could wear it whenever I want this shirt for short dress it up just down are we those do you like your outfit [Music] which I definitely the jewelry hello madam super such a day and I know super cute they are ankles and white [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music]

um it's super cute here Isaac's like first time here I think it's so cool it's super cute and I liked it so many different slightly places up it's just like this day night was perfect because it was like we got to bond on the metro let's break it

off here but it's fine a lot of photo opportunities yes yes and then we'll go pick up some dinner right now this is my food we're sharing so about let's play the hop in the river to share this pizza to give you scrumptious so we just wrapped dinner

and the views great yeah look at this let me show you the view look at its nice girl so we're taking a little stroll look how beautiful it is having so much fun and we're at the Staples Center right now I have been to this table Center remember

I don't remember what Oh duh my brother's birthday yeah for my brother's birthday so we're just walking around there's a lot of cool things you could take pictures with wait Junko [Music] I is I've seen Justin Bieber there I've seen Wow I've seen um Taylor Swift I've seen

cash so twice in here I've seen Justin Bieber twice in there no no got twice in there human is enticing them zero um it's just so nice outside it's like perfect weather helpful do you think it is it's like 75 degrees yeah it's like 75 degrees it's not

even called a perfect it's like a beautiful night a beautiful setting although I'm not gonna go there but beautiful we're all home it was fun dinner it was good being comfortable and you know Arizona shirt our Arizona jewelry they honestly they hooked it up bootleggers in a jeans

there they made this night just so fun so enjoy it it's easy to enjoy what you do in anything they do when you look good that's perfect like they're like never gonna ever bike mother's work with me again but they're like Isaac though Oh litterbugs so we just

arrived at Union Station we had a fun night so I'll probably like a little bit back on Metro it's like what is it it's about 850 yeah 850 David do one so it's some take like an hour in like 30 minutes probably to get back home we're just

like I've always have some conversation and we'll catch up yeah Isaac and I like have a most this one felt like yes all behind though oh and I also got makeup on a shirt yes what he's lead a washout Thanks no but yeah you likely never give like

we do get bored of each other if you like do you think we get bored of each other I just feel really cooking definitely not I always isn't even talked about and it's so funny because like all I tell everybody what it's about cuz when Isaac and I

aren't together we're like eckstein like like yes but it's all like annoying texting no but it's like it's so crazy you guys for this place will be texting and then like go to talk about stuff and so crazy to me that we've never out of things to say

and it's a good conversation all the time it's really good and if they get when we're not texting or crease timings it's like rolls together technically but yeah we're gonna board the metro and see how we're gonna go home well let you know what is it you guys

so I just got home it is 10:30 so it's not too late it's good but I just want to grow up with this vlog and you're on a positive note and um the whole point of this campaign is ashtag as you are which is like actually really really

cool because I can use it in the everyday sense a form like as I'm confident in what I wear so it's it's so fun like I love being confident and I love well I'm not confident all the time so I'm confident like most of the time and the

way that I am most confident is by how I look and how I dress and a home feeling um just my energies like inside and now I think the first step for me really feeling confident and really feeling myself is looking my best self and obviously with Arizona

jeans and like these clothes today just made me feel very very very confident and the makeup I had on made me feel very very confident the jewelry the necklaces so I just like little things like that just make me feel very happy about myself and very happy to

be the person that I am so as I feel confident in Arizona jeans is always so much fun and I know Isaac felt super confident his often and I know he loved it and then it's just crazy how like you can feel so good about yourself without spending

that much money literally my home it was under $50 which is so my lung to me but it's so fun to just really sit back and think like you don't need to be spending all these crazy things I used to Instagram you don't need to be spending all

of these like materialistic just Gucci stuff and like crazy things that people tend to buy to make them feel good about themselves and that's the one thing that I really really enjoyed about working with airlin jeans that I really got to take a step back and realize that

I could feel my best self for wearing something that isn't too expensive I just like feeling confident and these jeans fit me so perfectly so it's just like it's the little things because it's always a little thing so it's like the jeans having me so well and we

know a little foggy and I have to be wearing about them the shirt like made me confident like just just the back of it like levites little things and I had tons of fun today and I'm just taking it all in and I'm just very very grateful for

what I have in my life and the people I get to work with so um I think this right about wraps up this video um I had so much fun today and I'm so happy and yeah so hashtag as I go to sleep I'm just joking but thank

you guys so so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this make sure you go ahead and subscribe to my own youtube channel and of course like this video share with your friends and I will have all the clothes that I wore today mind and isaacs links down

below so you can go and find this whole look right there in the description box so it will literally be a click away you can go be confident with me but I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I'll see you later good bye


(fun music) ♪This is me, I'm so royal ♪ ♪ And you all wanna be round.

♪ – Hi guys, welcome back to my channel.

In today's video, I'm going to be sharing with you a wedding guestdress haul and try on.

We are going to a wedding tomorrow and I still don't know what I'm wearing.

We've been looking forwardto this for so many months but as a busy mum of three who also works, I just haven't had achance to get to the shops.

So a few nights ago I went online, I panic-bought ten dressesand one of them better fit because I need to wear one tomorrow.

I thought I would showyou what I've chosen.

So yeah, let me know what you think in the comments of all of them.

And because I've literallyjust bought them, they are still availableso I will put all the links in the description box down below.

So if you want to go ahead and find them, they will still be there.

I've got quite a few from ASOS and I also have a few designer dresses from Needle and Thread, one from Next, one from Self Portrait, one from Coast.

So there's a bit of a mixture in there.

And I honestly troweledthe internet for hours.

So I hope this inspires some of you guys and I hope you really like it.

And I'm also reallyexcited because this video is a collab with my dear friend SJ Strum.

She will also be showing youwhat wedding guest dresses she's found and I love her style.

She's very into like prettythings, but also boho so I would love for youto go over, check her out.

She has an amazing channel.

She recently justdocumented her weight loss.

She just loss 3 and a half stone.

And also she makes the best baby name videos every week as well.

She knows everything thereis to know about baby names and I just love her contentso I wanted to share her with you guys so I willlink her channel down below.

Without further ado, let's get into what the dress look like, I'm literally just going to try the dresses on and I would love you guys to guess along as the video goes in thecomments as to which dress you think I'm actually going to choose.

So yes, here we go! So this is the first dress.

And I got this one on ASOS.

It was by a brand called Frock n Frill and it was 160 pounds.

So you know, a little bit expensive.

But it's very beautiful, very detailed.

It's like pink but it has all this embroidering across it.

I love that it goes intight at my smallest point and then it goes out allthe way down to the floor.

It's a maxi dress andit's really quite flowy and very pretty.

It also has an open back on it.

Just there, excuse the tags.

But again, I think Imight struggle to find a bra that doesn't show in this.

Because I have a straplessbra on but it's kind of trying to poke out andthe plunge line is so low that I feel you might see a bit of bra.

That might not work at a wedding.

I could see me lovingthis on holiday if not.

This is just beautiful.

So yeah, I really really like it.

Definitely my style.

I got this in a size 8 andI also got it in petite because I'm only 5 foot 3 and a half.

So if you're short, Iwould say the petite length is the perfect length in heels.

So yes, good start.

The second dress is also from ASOS and it is also the Frock n Frill brand.

I really seem to like their stuff.

It was 120 pounds and ithas all of this beading on the top part all the way around.

It's very very detailed, I hope you can see that.

It's very beautiful and sparkly.

I think it's very wedding-y.

Again, it's a maxi dress.

I think I look best in maxis and minis.

Especially for a wedding, you don't want to be too revealing.

So this is nice because it is a maxi dress but the skirt underneathis just a bit of a mini so there's still a little bit of leg there and there's two slits on either side.

So you know, there mightbe a little bit of skin.

I also feel extremely comfortable in it.

You could wear any bra in it.

You could eat a bigwedding meal in it and feel like nothing's going to show.

I got this dress in a UK size 8 and I also bought it in petite.

And again, it's the perfectlength for my height.

Yes, I really really like this one.

The next dress is also from ASOS.

This one was just 42 pounds.

It's another blue maxi.

I really like the color blue on me.

So it's kind of a pleated skirt.

It has fluttery sleeves on it.

Fluttery, is that a word? They're pleated as well so I do like those because I don't like youknow like the armpit fat.

It definitely hides that.

And it has a tie just here.

So I think wrap dressescan be very flattering.

I'm definitely wearing thewrong bra for this dress but you could change that obviously.

There's lots of room in here.

You could probably even wear this if you were 5 months pregnant.

It's very flattering.

But I don't feel fancy enough.

Again, it was a UK size8 and petite as I said.

This next dress is also from ASOS.

It's from a brand called Max and Co Candy.

It's called a pink ruffle dress and I'm going to be honest with you guys, I really don't like it.

It looks so nice on themodel and I put it on, and I feel like I'm goingto the office or something.

It's really not a wedding dress.

Because, I probably should'vementioned it earlier, the wedding that we're going to is not a church wedding.

It should like a quitecool wedding in London.

So I think that's why you can get away with a bit more Boho, relaxed dresses.

I'm not going super formalor anything like that.

I hate it, I really don't like it on me.

It was 189 pounds and I got it in a size 8 but I feel like it's a bit too big.

I don't like it, uh.

Okay, and this is the last one that I got from ASOS.

It is a pale blue dress.

This one was 75 poundsso quite reasonable.

I really really like it.

I gotta show you guys the whole dress.

It goes long at the back, and high at the front so it's like a high-lo skirt.

It's very ruffly.

It also has like an extrapeplum on the top like that which is a really nice material and it has embroidering all on it.

But in the embroidering, which is also on the sleeves, there's like little sparkles, which kind of dresses up the whole dress.

Yeah, I really really like it.

I like that it has sleevesand this bit is see through.

I think it just really suits my shape.

I loved this dress so much on the website that I ordered it ina size 8 and a size 10 just to be sure and this one is a size 10.

So I would say if you goahead and buy this dress, definitely get it in aslightly bigger size.

I think it comes up a little bit small because it feels quitetight around my waist and as I said, this is a 10.

So yeah, I really really like this one.

Let me know.

I feel like really girly in it.

I feel like a bit of a princess in it.

And it's quite reasonable, you know, it was 75 pounds.

(fun music) This next dress is a designer dress.

It's by Mr.

Self Portrait and I have lusted after his clothes for so long but I've nevertreated myself to anything.

This dress alone was 300 pounds.

So it's very luxury, very expensive, and I got it in a size 10because I find designer clothes always come up very small.

So yes, let me know what you think.

I think it's very very girly, it is floral and it's all like kind of crocheted.

I mean it's very high quality.

It's got this bardo neckbut it kind of hangs so it's very slouchy.

I think I would actuallyprefer to be a bit tighter.

It looks like it doesn't fit me or like I'm being a bit of a hussy, I don't know.

I just know they lookedmuch nicer on the girl on the website.

I do love that it cinches mein at my waist and it goes out.

I really do like the skirt but I feel like the pink color might be a little too young for me, I don't know.

And it might be a bit toorevealing for a wedding.

I feel like I should act my age.

Now I've go three moredesigner dresses to show you from Needle and Thread.

I've seen Needle and Threadon lots of celebrities so I thought I would try them out.

But again, they're designerso quite expensive.

This dress was 350 poundsso if it's not perfect, I will be sending it back.

I really like the lookof it on the website.

It's very cutesy, very pretty.

Pink, floral, I would say very girly.

So I liked the look of it.

It's also quite in that it's to the knee and it goes out quite nicely.

I think it's very flattering.

I got this in a size 10.

There's lots of littleembroidered roses all over it.

So yes, I actually saw thisdress on Holly Willoughby.

She wore this on herInstagram and I loved it.

I love the ruffles, againcinches me in at the waist.

I do like it but I thinkI would more wear this to like a christening thanto the wedding tomorrow.

I don't know, I almostfeel a bit too young in it.

I don't know, let me know what you think.

I mean it's absolutelybeautiful, so well made.

This is the next dressfrom Needle and Thread.

Again, it was 350 poundsso extremely expensive but beautiful.

Again, I got it in a size 10.

I love the cold shoulder on it.

I think it's extremelyflattering showing off your shoulders like this.

Again, it's embroidered.

It is like a silver colorwith cream embroidery all over it.

It's all ruffles as well andit goes just like mid shin.

It's very beautiful, I really like it.

I don't know what's stopping me.

I feel like there's a lotgoing on with this dress and that maybe, theNeedle and Thread dresses would suit a bridesmaid more.

You know, I don't want to turn up wearing such an amazing fancy dress.

I don't know, I like that it goes in here.

I feel like with the skirt being so ruffly there really is a lot going on.

But it's beautiful, like it's so nice.

Hopefully you can seeall of this embroidery and this cute little bowhere, how sweet is that.

I also saw Fern Cotton wearing this dress and I loved it.

I'm such a sucker for PR.

Um, yeah.

This is the last dress that I got from Needle and Thread.

This one was 250 pounds.

It's called the paradiserose shimmer dress and I really liked it but it'sactually quite ill fitting.

So I would say if you goahead and buy this dress, buy a slighter smaller size.

So yeah, it's like this andit has roses all over it.

But also bits of shimmer.

I don't know if you can see.

It's got like shimmerythread, almost like dotted all the way throughout it.

You can see it would catchthe light very nicely.

It's quite long, I'll show you.

This one doesn't really fit, Ican't wear this one tomorrow.

But I love how girly anddetailed they are, definitely.

But yeah no, I'm not sure.

This next dress is from Coast.

I always think of Coast when I think of a wedding guest outfit but then I also worry thatsomeone else at the wedding may also have the same dress.

Because I think a lotof people go to Coast to find a dress, an outfit for a wedding.

So yeah I really love the top of this.

It's that bardo cut thatI really really like.

It's a pale pink but Idon't like the bottom bit.

It looks so pretty on the website.

It's also feathers orlike little feathery bits.

So yeah, I do like it but I feel like because the feathers are out a bit, I hope you can see them, I feel like it makes even bigger than I am around here because Iam a very curvy girl.

I think it accentuatesthe curves even more.

Which isn't a bad thingbut I feel a bit insecure about my bottom is the problem.

I feel like I'm Kim Kardashianin this or something.

I just, I'm not sure.

But if you had a very straight figure and you wanted to giveyourself some curve, I think this dress could actually do that.

This next dress is a Lipsy dress.

It's in their VIP range and it's called the embroidered lace dressbut I actually bought it through NEXT becauseNEXT delivers next day.

And I got it in silver but it also came in a really nice pale pink.

And yes, I'll show you what it looks like.

I would say it's a more formal dress.

It's a mini length.

It's tight to here and then it goes out.

It's quite a full skirt.

There's some like underneath tulle bit to make it a bit bigger.

It's a very flattering dress, I'm not 100% sure about the color.

I'm don't know if it coolsme down a bit too much.

It's a UK size 8 and it was 135 pounds.

I do really like it.

I think it would be really good for a more formal wedding.

So those are the tendresses that I panic bought for the wedding tomorrow.

But I had one more to show you.

This dress I have alreadyworn to a wedding this year.

Again, it was from ASOS.

It was 75 pounds and it is still available in some sizes so I will link it down below if you're interested.

It's a floral maxi and it's very flowy.

I love doing this in it.

It's very very nice.

Again you can have a meal in it.

It's got that cold showerthat I really really like.

I think it's very flattering.

And it has a very revealing back.

So it was very hard towear a strapless bra that didn't show.

But that's it, it's gotlike an X across the back.

So yes, again it's floral, ruffly.

You can probably see the kind of type of dress that I go for.

Let me know what you thinkin the comments below.

Take a guess which one I wore and if you want to find out which dress that I actually went with, go over and follow me on Instagram, I'm @mrsemilynorris and I will have alreadybeen to the wedding by now, by the time this video isup so you'll definitely be able to see the dress that I chose.

And yes, thank you so muchfor watching this video.

I'll put SJ's links down below as well and I'll see you very soon, bye guys!.

Plus Size Fashion Outfit Ideas & Try On Haul 2017 | Gwynnie Bee Review

hi guys and dolls welcome back for another plus size fashion haul! I'm so excited to bring you guys today's video this is my very first “30 days of Gwynnie Bee” video! last month I introduced this challenge and explain to you guys that every month I was going to

be showing you guys everything I rented from Gwynnie Bee so you actually joined in with this challenge and I don't think I made it explicitly clear in the first video but I would love it for you guys to join in so I created a hashtag it's VOTxGB30 use

that hashtag i will actually be able to find your post so I first want to just start off this video by giving a shout out to everyone who joined in so it's like amazing for me to like click on this and see you guys's posts I want to

give a quick shadow to through thick and thin she's on the smaller into the spectrum and I loved seeing that because going to be goes all the way down to size 10 so it's really great for those girls were sort of in-between like regular size and plus size

it's awesome especially since like if your weight fluctuates or anything you were always going to be able to find something that works for you so she shared quite a few photos only god where's my favorite this one love it thank you oh my god this is such a

beautiful shot they also want to give a shout out to Kay joy low 24 she actually rented the same like speckle dress that I got to rent which is so cool were like we're like dressed sisters Elif want to say a thank you to crushing 89 this is

a beautiful dress that you rented looks so good on you maybe a little bit jealous and I immediately closeted it because I was like oh my god that dress is so beautiful so I am so thankful to everyone who joined in I also had someone who shared something

on Twitter event I feel like there was more than one thing but I can't find them all this is from Karen Townsend she shared a little photo set of all of the things that she rented from quani be it was awesome to see you guys actually trying the

service out and falling in love with it so if you would also like to join in on this challenge signing up we're going to be it's free get the first 30 days free so you can try it out of course you'll love it so you can go ahead

and click my link in the description bar down below to go ahead and sign up and then use the hashtag VOT xgb 30 to share your looks with being that way I can feature you guys every month I'm so excited with my quantity membership I have the five

items at a time membership so I'm able to kind of hold some stuff back if I want like in one instance actually held one thing back for a couple of extra days because I wanted to take it with me to LA and we'll get to that when we

get to it but I'm always able to kind of always have something new which is really awesome I think of the five item a time is the best happy medium because if you find something you really love but you're not sure if you want to buy it yet

you can kind of hold on to it you can still trade back for items so that's just my personal preference for the membership that I want to run through the items I was able to rent am not going to tell you how many items until we've kind of

gone through them all the first is the Rachel Roy jacket you guys have already seen this it was awesome I paired it with a black dress from universal standard love it so beautiful the next piece is the Gabby Skye dress which kind of gives me a Kate Spade

vibe and since Kate Spade doesn't make plus size clothes I was stoked to be able to kind of like try on that preppy style preppy is not like my everyday modus operandi it sometimes it's fun to mix it up and try a different style the next piece is

the gorgeous Effie's heart dress I love renting from you at these heart they're super comfortable cotton dresses with pockets the length is just great on this love the color everything about this was like super cute super comfy and I was excited to see someone else actually read this

and share it with my hashtag so thank you so much it was so cool to see that the next dress from Julian Taylor this one runs a little bit big in my opinion it was just way too big for me and like the shoulder area and weight to

begin the waist but I love the color layout of this I love the hot pink juxtaposed with the black and white the print is gorgeous and I know they also do this in blue I would love to see this in more colors and I just need to remind

myself to size down in this brand the next piece is this American Rag top it's super cute and bohemian paired that with a pair of jeggings I think a sort of an even cuter with flare jeans but I own any flared jeans maybe I should try to rent

some and then a cute pair of Birkenstocks I love Birkenstocks super comfy great little like mid summer outfit next piece is also from American Rag and I love this dress of a super super close like pulling the trigger and actually purchasing it but it was about four inches

too short it's beautiful and very comfortable and in the fall time was to be great to wear the pair of leggings but this was so short I even I couldn't even wear like any shorts wonder to kind of like prevent chub-rub or anything and you know the whole

thing about that his levels got a big booty and so it was a bend over hazard to with it so I'm going to have to pass on purchasing it but it was still really fun to wear I did wear it out and I was just a little self-conscious

about my butt the whole time but no but but I'm pumped so this next outfit is it's reefer this is the Johnny waz jacket loved this was really close to buying it but it was just a little more expensive than when I wanted to spend about two hundred

twenty-one dollars to buy this and I probably would have been more interested in purchasing it if it had been made out of like something like silk but it wasn't out of rayon and I just can't bring myself to spend that much on a rayon item even though the

fabric did feel kind of amazing it was very luxurious and I did take this with me to LA I did hold this back for a couple of days so I almost wonder if I could have rented more items if I hadn't held onto this for so long he

tank top that I'm wearing that it's a peplum top from city chic I love City chic they're one of my favorite brands to rent from glennyb and then the jeans that I'm wearing are from Melissa McCarthy these ones don't fit me all that great but you know not

everything is a winner and it was great to wear pair jeans not have to wash them and send them back I'm a really big fan of not having to do as much laundry when I have my going to be rentals this next piece is from keyonnah and this

dress is like sex on a stick it's a true wrap style dress you do actually have to like pull it through and I guys tell you guys some little self-conscious about my boobs sometimes I just like I don't know I don't want wear like low cut stuff very

often but in this dress I felt very very sexy and I kind of want to introduce the idea of wearing some more like low-cut things into my wardrobe but I get a little self-conscious about it and I think it's because like I remember being 18 and having like

wildly inappropriately older men stare at my chest and it just made me really really uncomfortable but now I'm a 32 year old woman and like God and take a look they're sexy as hell like my attitude about my body is starting to change a little bit and you

know that's that's all part of like body positivity and embracing our bodies and kind of stopping the body policing because I've been you know policing my own body this next piece is the dress that I'm wearing now from Donna Rico it is a bright fuchsia hot pink it

is so much fun to wear I got so many compliments on this dress is absolutely just insane like how many people were like oh my god I love your dress this next piece is from Universal standard which I previously mentioned in this video love this brand it's a

good like super high quality Plus Size basics brand this top is interesting because it's rust shirt but it has a really high hemline on the sides it's like super extremely curved and it doesn't it doesn't slide down all the way so it doesn't have the gapping at the

bust and it works really well for tying up the way so I bought this item it was $31 I thought it was a really good deal on it and this is going to go so good with like my like long maxi skirts or with my eye pants from

pin-up girl clothing my doroth pants was really cool like 1940 sells Hauser's that I have so I thought that this would work in my wardrobe in so many different ways so I decided to pull the trigger and purchase it this next piece is a jumpsuit and I you

guys know kind of nervous about renting a jumpsuit and try a jumpsuit that I put it to like a challenge to myself to actually try to rent acquit a jumpsuit so I prioritize a ton of them and I'm like if I prioritize like a whole bunch of jumpsuits

they've gotta send me something so this is one they sent me it's from a brand college it a I like that this one was a little bit different because the bottom is made of a need of a navy color and the top is black so it gives you

a little bit of like a break up in it and this was super comfortable you can see me wearing it here I went grocery shopping after this and kind of like held around in it all day and then I wore it again that weekend I kind of jazzed

it up with some jewelry and worn out from dinner with friends and it was super comfortable so I am now a jumpsuit convert I was really kind of apprehensive about it because I had tried jumpsuits before and they did not work for me so I kind of wrote

them off as something that I couldn't wear and now I'm like holy crap how have I been missing out on jumpsuit this whole time I want all the jumpsuits now also shout-out to my sequin covered fanny pack it's super fabulous let me know if you guys want to

see a video all about fanny packs so this next piece is something that did not work out for me like at all so this is a dress from a brand I've rented before actually this exact dress and since Isabel and Alice dress and I rented it last fall

and I loved it it was like one of my favorite things I've ever rented the beautiful body con just really like comfortable lightweight dress this version of it just didn't work and they've actually pulled it from the site so that kind of goes to show me like this

this is a company that's looking out for their customer because you can read the reviews they're not good for this tress and so it's actually really like good to see that this company is like hey you know what just didn't work for pulling it no big deal and

so I really appreciate that they listen to customer feedback then my final outfit is a tank top from torrid and this great skirt from Juna Rose Geno Rose's the company have had really good luck with renting from Gwen EB especially like bottoms I've rented some super cute shorts

from them I wanted to give them a whirl with the skirt and the skirt is awesome it's made out of a French terry material so it's really like comfy it's basically like wearing a skirt made out of like sweatpants but it has that cool distressing on it so

it actually looks like distressed denim and it has pockets yeah I kind of had to have it so I bought this one I was super excited went on the glennyb site right away after I tried no no like this is comfortable it's cute onside it was only 20

bucks so that was pretty awesome a really great deal and so we have the final tally I rented 15 items in 30 days that means every other day basically I had something new to wear which is just freakin awesome it also breaks down to about nine dollars and

26 cents per item which again is an incredible steal it means that like I mean if I had actually gone out and bought all this stuff it would have been over a thousand dollars it would have just been like crazy amounts of money and a lot of these

things are high-end brands like keyonnah johnny was Donna Rico like a lot of these like Julian Taylor these are expensive brands to be able to like rent them for nine dollars and 26 cents an item it's kind of amazing so that is my 30 days of quantity video

I am so thrilled with how this turned out I am so excited to feature you guys so again if you'd like to be featured make sure that you sign up for glennyb I'll have the link in the description bar down below and then share your looks at me

with VOT xgb 30 if you're an existing member I want to see your looks I want to see what you're renting I already got some cool ideas with a closet based on what you guys rented it was so cool to see like different body types and stuff because

of seeing plus-size is a huge size range they cover sizes 10 through 32 see that your Inbetweeners and you have your higher end of the plus-size scale and i think it's amazing we can kind of all come together and create this community for ourselves that's what I'm trying

to do with this feature you guys show you guys what I wear and that's it thank you guys some for watching I will see you in my next video remember to vintage or tacky your own kind of beautiful see bye