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Alikum Everyone, Today I will share with you the recipe of Chikar chickpeas And I will tell you how you can easily make restaurant style chickpeas at home If you are new to my channel And want to see more recipes click this red button to subscribe my YouTube channel As well as for notification of new recipes press the bell button So let's start the recipe To make chikar chickpeas, I am taking 1/2 kg Chickpeas Soak the chickpeas in water And add 1 Tsp Baking Soda Now cover them and let them soak overnight or for twelve hours By doing so the chickpeas will cook in less time The chickpeas has been soaked for more than twelve hours Now drain the water from them Take a pressure cooker to cook the chickpeas Now add chickpeas in it add enough water in the pressure cooker so that the water can cover the chickpeas Now add in the chickpeas, 1Tsp salt Now close the pressure cooker with lid When the whistle blew let it cook for five minutes The chickpeas I've used, They cooked in five minutes Now release the steam from pressure cooker and open it The water in which we have cooked the chickpeas do not throw it away We will use it later, See this We have to cook the chickpeas like this Now keep the chickpeas aside Now we prepare the spice for the chickpeas Take an open saucepan to prepare the chickpeas spice Now add it in 1 Cup Oil, chickpeas usually required some extra oil Now add 1/2 Tbs Garlic Paste 1/2 Tbs Ginger paste Cook them a little Now add 1 Pc crushed Onion Cook the onion until it changes color And let the water in it be dry Now we will add spices to it Keep the heat low while adding spices So that our spice does not burn Now add 1Tsp Salt 1 Tsp Red chilli Powder 1 Tsp chilli flakes 1 Tsp Turmeric Powder 1 Tsp Black Pepper Powder Now fry all these spices well To thicken the spices of chickpeas I am taking A small size boiled potato 1/2 cup Boiled Chickpeas Make a paste by adding a little water to them And add this paste to the spice Now fry the spices well The better the spice are cooked, the better our chickpeas will be Now add whole spices 3 Pcs cinnamon sticks 3 Pcs Black Cardamom, Break it down and add them Now we will cook the these spices for two to three minutes Keep stirring the spoon so that the spice do not stick to the bottom keep the heat medium You can also add a little water if needed Now we add the rest of the spices which are, 1 Tsp Cumin Seed Powder 1 Tbs Coriander powder 1 Tsp Garam Masala Powder Now, stirred them with spoon so that the spices can get mixed Now add 1 Tsp Chicken Powder If you don't have chicken powder, you can use chicken cubes instead Mix it too Now add 1 Tsp Mango Powder (Skip if you cant find it) And cook these spices a little Now add boiled Chickpeas Mix them with spice Now add 1/2 cup Yogurt cook the chickpeas well with yogurt and spices When the oil seprated from spices Then add three cups of water in it Which we had taken out of the chickpeas Now cover the sauce pan and cook the chickpeas for ten minutes Keep the heat on medium see this, oil has started coming on the chickpeas Now add 1 Tsp Kasoori methi 3 Pcs finely chopped green chillies A little finely chopped green coriander Mix them well with the chickpeas Cook over low heat for three minutes So that the oil separates see this, delicious chickpeas are ready Now dish them out You must try them too You can serve them with rice or naan bread If you like the recipe, don't forget to like and share it Also, be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel Pressing the bell button will notify you of all my new recipes remember me in your prayers, God bless you all.

Our Japan Trip Outfits: Ultimate Sporty Street Style | DISCOVERY x Q2HAN

what's up today we came back from our Japan trip our first ever Japan trip with discovery expedition Korea it was amazing if we were to live in certain other country for I don't know about a year definitely Japan will be wherever top list so during our trip we

create a look book with all the discovery expedition item from your spring/summer collection and these were all just perfect for the current weather in Japan the wood it was really good yeah it was totally spring we went there for 4 nights and five days an entire four days

to weather was perfect but when we're leaving it was like gonna rain so high so we were like thank you I was wearing I kind of wanted to go for that like athleisure look so for the t-shirt I were this light blue t-shirt is very oversized I believe

this one hundred five hundred and I love their print is so artistic and what you good about these kind of oversized t-shirt it's like you can do with the leggings and silly cover your bun this one is also from Discovery it discover your on the lips and I

got a size small and if it meet perfectly and on the one side of the leg it has like these horizontal stripes and this is so comfortable this eyewear this thanks to crossbody bag I like that like this you can wear like that or maybe just underline active

and then wearing like a backpack yeah this thing for just my little coin bag this looks like an hour wall affordable price and has a zipper on the front but also at the back like here and then this velcro can't go like that but then for the shoes

this is their spring/summer collection so they made it the material more lighter than their previous is really your feet is really breathable you can you can feel the air going in that how this bar is protruding and these part over here this gray one big low at night

does that mean my go to shoot easy and we got inside 264 my work obviously when you're Japan you should at least once where a Japanese flag haha they have a to set for this top and a bottom we got his size 105 I just love how simple

it is the front it has a disc of its position and on the side of the sleeves and the discovery exhibition I love this red color it's your as a jet red and one thing I really loved about this pant is to fit it makes your leg look

so long and slim the Halsey's little see Miami skyline in the front and it's a symfon it's like it goes kind of tapered it tapers down and inside I wear this shirt now this one it says well this one they don't glow though these days I love anything

with orange detail at the back this was so comfortable I actually wore this at the airport – it has this here it doesn't stress your shoulder too much more and it has a cushion [Music] [Music] ah so for the second look we took this under the second yeah

it was so beautiful she wore this one and again it has a very artistic print on the front there we were this windbreaker did you love this color it's like wasabi yellow : mustard yellow mustard yellow yes this was perfect for traveling and also on the sleeves it

has like these little super line and we got in size 105 and for the Hat I matched with this yellow mustard agent [Music] Oh so for me our distinct windbreaker but a different color this is our Maisie I think their colors are gender really vibrant vibrant so like

you want to suck it in but I think they only have like these two colors so if you're not really down to like such a this kind of bright color maybe I'm going with the Navy one I also wore a hat it's so cute agree with you and

we should go fishing for the backpack well this one wasn't as big as a white one yeah doesn't ask as much compartment as a white one but it still doesn't function oh my gosh realize there's a compartment the back sister oh come on this side here oh do

you have extra hello Hyundai has another convict sterling or is it again orange hint love orange for the pants Oh wiped our pants it's the same surrett one wonderful [Music] ah so for the next step these are our most favorite look and for me I work great t-shirt

the print is actually at the back a look at the combo that sort of pants oh my god this book yeah comfortable is another leggings and it says discovery expedition on the side if it was amazing we got it in small size again and then the jacket this

is the best one I will just chuck it the meals just it yeah like these parts they all glow at night and the back James the back the discoveries for clothes and this is waterproof so many compartments you might lose your stuff here yeah this is 105 for

the shoe the shoe these type of sleepers are on trend I think they kind of got is bar with like that chunky look it actually makes my feet look smaller thank you [Music] I was worried this one has that's a discovery right over here and doesn't get back

yeah the world is just awesome alright this thing like my jacket the jacket this entire thing clothes good night when I pick a photo with a flash off she literally glows entire upper part which is a safe thing to wear drink a nice size it has this discovery

and on the back it has like these black mesh with Discovery written on the back air for the back you creates remember I have exactly same abutting red yeah discovery this one is white this was a hips their backs are also true to if you're looking for a

lot like street style hips Akbar and make sure check out discovery this is also their spring/summer collections little Lotus collar again with their orange Eola hand so it's super likely the same silhouette and design as the previous one but the colors are different dude it glow at night

though nobody oh and I love how it all the discovery shoe they have all I got high and thick soles so you can make you look taller I work this little pink t-shirt it's like a milk strawberry color it's not like that vibrant pink like that dusty rose

peak it's the exactly the same one that's a white one that you guys pre result but this wincing drinks turn green and for the shoes this is another slipper but it's all in black color and again it has a hinge of orange or regarded size 250 which is

like 18 US love this one it's also very chunky has a high thick soles well you should feel like this it was actually our last day in Japan and I had a heartburn after eating a huge pancake which was too much for my last look over this one

oh yeah the world is just awesome discovery [Music] well we want to say thank you so much discovery expedition for providing all these awesome gears and you gave us a chance to go to Japan the first time I personally think that discovery expedition like it's more geared towards

like a ready-to-wear street style young casual look I mean you kids know that we love oversized shirts and sweat pants and chunky shoes they have everything even the hip side you love hips up yeah it's active well you better be one away you're not coming back a lot

of cuties who is in Japan dmsa dargah is gonna have a meeting crease but this time we really have focused on the discovery expedition Korea so we couldn't really make an extra time to do a meet and greet but next time get a chance to go to Japan

again yes we lost a good meeting we we walked like 15 to 17 kilometer every single day every single day thank you so much for discovery to providing us this opportunity to explore Japan yes it was awesome and hope you guys enjoyed us lookbook and we'll see that

[Music] [Music]

Street style pav bhaji recipe at home| Pav bhaji homemade recipe in hindi| Pav bhaji homemade recipe

Namaskar friends Welcome to Indian Maa's Kitchen Everyone loves to eat Pav bhaji Today, I am going to tell you about my Pav bhaji recipe Using this recipe, you can cook very tasty and healthy Pav bhaji at home.

Using this recipe, you can cook very tasty and healthy Pav bhaji at home.

I have used so many healthy and nutritious vegetables in this recipe Trust me, after trying this recipe you will always cook your Pav bhaji at home Let's start cooking Pav bhaji First, I will tell you about the ingredients used in this recipe You need 4-5 tomatoes and make its puree one bowl of Lauki (bottle gourd) one bowl of Gobhi (cauliflower) one bowl of Patta gobhi (cabbage) one bowl of kaddu (pumpkin) 3 big piece of Onions 4 boiled and meshed Potatoes Some green peas (matar) 1 Shimla mirch (Capsicum) Finely chopped hara dhaniya (green coriander) 1 inch piece of grated ginger and two green chillies And for cooking, I will use refined oil you can use any oil you prefer 25 gms deshi ghee and butter Now, the spices used in this recipe are: 2 tsp coriander powder 1 tsp haldi powder (turmeric) 1 tsp of amchoor (dry mango powder) Salt (according to taste) 4-5 tez patta (Bay leaves) 1 tsp of kasoori methi 1 tsp jeera (cumin seeds) and heeng (Asafoetida) 1 tsp red chilli powder 1 tsp kashmiri chilli powder and Pav bhaji masala powder Let's start making pav bhaji First, I will put all the vegetables inside the cooker This is grated pumpkin in the bowl Put the grated cabbage inside the cooker Put the grated bottle gourd inside the cooker Put the grated cauliflower inside the cooker Put the finely chopped capsicum inside the cooker and finally the peas Put 1/2 bowl of water in the cooker Put 1/2 bowl of water in the cooker Now put this cooker on burner for 2 whistles This will make the vegetables easy to cook further Now put the pressure cooker on the burner (2 whistles) After 2 whistle Now, I will prepare gravy for Pav bhaji Put the refined oil in the pan Add some butter Now the oil is hot and the butter has also melted Add the cumin seeds in oil Add the Bay leaves Now put some heeng (Asafoetida) in the oil Put the onion puree in the hot oil Mix it well and cook it untill the onions become golden in color Put the grated ginger in the pan Add green chillies Now, Let it cook You all must have eaten Pav bhaji in markets But that one is not hygienic at all You should make it at home using this recipe I have used so many vegetables in this recipe so that this Pav bhaji remains healthy, nutritious And hygienic too Let the onions cook for some more time and keep stiring till the onions start to leave oil Now the onions are of golden color and is ready Now add the tomato puree in the pan Again, let it cook for some time Our vegetables also get cooked in the pressure cooker Put the mashed potatoes in the cooker and mix with the help wooden hand masher Mash all the vegetables inside the cooker The tomatoes are also cooked Now I will add the spices in this gravy Add 2 tsp coriander powder 1 tsp turmeric powder 1 tsp red chilli powder 1 tsp kashmiri chilli powder Kashmiri chilli will give rich color to Pav bhaji And Salt Now mix it well Now mix it well and let it cook till this gravy start to leave the oil Now this masala is cooked And it smells very good Now I will transfer all the mashed vegetables from cooker to pan Now mix it well Now the vegetables and the spices are mixed well Add kasoori methi Add amchoor (mango powder) Also add Pav bhaji masala powder Again mix it well See how good the color is Add water in the mixture Mix again Now everything is mixed well Let it cook on slow flame for about 10 minutes Don't forget to stir in between After 10 minutes Look bhaji is cooked and it is smelling so good Please try this recipe, you will definitely like it Now add deshi ghee in this bhaji Ghee will make its taste and smell even more better You can add butter instead of deshi ghee Now I will let it cook for 2 more minutes Bhaji is now ready Add green coriander on the top to garnish Let's prepare the Pav now Spread the butter on the Pan Put the Pav on the pan Let it cook on medium flame Pav is now ready to eat See how good the pav bhaji looks and trust me it also tastes delicious Please try it Let's serve it now Yummy Pav bhaji is ready to eat If you have any suggestions or querry for us.

Then please write to us in comments section Please like this video and subscribe to my channel for more.

Americans create Korea street style outfits 🇺🇸🇰🇷 BeautyRia1004 Judges!! – Fashion Challenge

hey guys welcome back to my channel andin my last video you guys got to see me do a little try on haul of the purchasesI did in Korea and really it was just me testing out their free size because theyjust have one clothing size that they stick to

pretty much through all theirstores and I confidently shopped like I was a free size so if you guys haven'tseen that go check it out I'll link it down below but this is part two and Iwasn't even thinking of creating this type of video I'm gonna move over herewhile

I talk so I can show you guys some pictures like hot runway trend that theyhave so I grabbed my phone I texted Bri and I was like hey let's go look in hercloset and see if we can put together outfits that look exactly like what wesaw on the

streets of Korea and I figured since I bought so much more thanher that it was only fair that we cannot use pieces that we purchased in Korea sothere you have it let's not waste any more time let's get right into thisvideo I'm gonna shop my closet and this

just needs to be out of the way I don'tknow why I have it okay look at this yes it's a fanny packit's cool okay but this is like what I'm talking about this is going to give meso many brownie points it's gonna push my outfit over the edge

so I'm gonna dothat okay that's on the floor now let me continue shopping ah so American Oh evenmore American oh I forgot about this this is kind of cool but is this morelike old lady Korean this is like this cobweb I mean seriously it kind of lookslike a

cobweb you put this in the maybe pile which is I throw it on the bed andthen it fall onto the floor oh my god you know what I should do I should wearsomething that Bree gave me wants definitely don't mean especially but oneshe'll be like I feel like

this is popular a long time ago this don't askme why I bought it it's like a leotard type thing oh my gosh yes so we have the day andthen we have the night so starting with the day you'll see there's like a blackcamisole this is pretty loose fit

if I remember right I figured I needed somebling here and then move on down we're gonna have this pencil skirt with thistucked in like let's get this tucked in there nice and tight and then we'regonna add this so this kind of like helps with our figure just kind

of giveus that little Korean touch and then of course it's daytime so we need a littleschoolgirl a little casual white sneaker but let's move on to the night time sothis is like one of those like one-piece little diaper clip things I know Ishould know what it is but

I completely blanked but we're going to put this niceLauren Conrad business blazer this material is a little bit thinner so it'skind of hard to call it a blazer but look at the cut like it's a blazer andthen we have these jeans which I recently got that are ripped

all the waydown and we'll finish off with just like a simple black shoe the night outfit this little sportactually and then long-sleeve cuz it's colder at night also cute rufflesanother crop sweatshirt cuz I'm a big fan of the trend and this is velvet okayguys I actually end up

really liking this outfit the only thing that I wouldchange is this brown top like it's like it needs to be cropped more or somethingI don't know but enough excuses I did some really cute Korean touches to thislook at this outfit I'm not gonna lie to you I have

the bestoutfit did you see that breathethat was power move and you're not gonna be me you you wish you wish you good butyou're not going so now that we did the challenge Irealized we don't really know who won the challenge so I decided that we kindof need a

judge so I reached out to a Facebook forum page seeking a dallas-based Korean youtuberand that is why I met Gloria and her username is Beauty Rhea one zero zerofour and I don't really know the background behind your channel name liketell me about tell us about your channel well

the beauty comes from just likek-beauty cuz that's basically what my channel is Rhea is like my Korean nameone zero zero four is tons of which is angel and Korean put it all togetherokay so for the daytime I'll have it displayed up here so you guys can seewhat she's

looking at but this is my outfit that's betteroh this is the better one yeah this is my outfit and so as you can see I kindof did the socks a little bit in a quirky way cuz I saw that earrings areusually mixed matched right so I figured socks

be any pack why do you why is yourface expression that way I was trying to look cool I was trying to look um wellthere's other poses to I do oh I thought maybe it'd look down veryhigh fashion you know okay yeah good old fashion see yes a few

other poses maybeyou should look at your probably scaring you and Melanie another code okay I amjust as scary you're gonna go to the right you stare into your soul thesepictures would you say like am i hitting the mark with doing Korean streetsI see and then you have like

it's like the knit style that's very cute cuz likeKorea's really like they're like flowy kind of like slightly see-through andsexy oh yeah yeah he's like that black I think a tank or is it potato yeah yeah Ijust figured not too much skin real nice cuz Korea is very

kind of conservativestill they're not really too much of like I know it's like short short shortskirts mean nothing here nothing alternative is like please don't likecleavage like that yeah and then I just try it okay I think if you put it moreto the side I mean I'm not

sure like not really sure about Korean anyone I knowin America right now if any cuts are coming back kind of like older Koreanwomen but that's what I was going for this is like 20 is two babies lady ladychic oh this is kind of cool but is this more

like Oh Lady Korean okay I get whatyou're gonna do I feel like you slightly missed it a little bit okay I think theymight come or not come tonight we're like talk about your socks oh hey Imight believe me like oh your socks is falling do you want to

see breatheokay let's pose with hilarious okay let's see I'm going to say I can I giveyou an A for effort but you give her an actual a hurry is this kind of like it'sjust so like normal you know kind of hard to stay it's likewhatever you don't I

mean like is this looks very basic yeah oh my yours islike this unique so it looks different from what Americans would wear okay herseems like a very good can wear this can't see what she's wearing but thinkshe's wearing socks yeah I think she forgot to punch it is

ultimately who woncuz it looks like none of us got 100% on this quiz grade I think I think I thinkI like yours better yes fuck it breathe are you ready for the nighttime outfitoh my god the nighttime is is where everyone is like really trendy and theyjust when

I go to evil there's an eagle arkla do you want a creepy pose give itthem okay okay the same pose here's my nighttime outfit oh man this girl Ididn't know if it was really Korean style but I thought statement and nightI'm like I bet they take advantage cuz

they're so bold and this face actuallylooks good with this night okay do you think more the k-pop stars would wear itprobably okay oh yeah that's what I was going for but that like first time wasold lady this one is a kpop star like the wayabove yeah I gotcha

are you ready for Brees outfit that'sinferior to mine okay so I think she kind of went with the same concept yeahI feel like because she went with the same concept as day tonight it's justthe colors have changed yes no no I feel like she's just went top and

bottom andthat's it I see you know I think if she like accessorize more in this outfitthen you move even like cuz you know it's like street style it's not likemodern-day Korean well the Koreans it's like you knowing what would youwear if you were at like kung Laos or

if you were at dong dong we're like youknow like those like really young places like this is like the you see like everyday oh she's a kid Laureen lane talk did you hear that I think it's the cat sheloves coming I love caste okay all right I think

Iwant to give you oh my god I love this pose oh thank you for you feelingyourself it's cute oh my god literally look at my hand pleaseso you're saying that I want both grounds I think though oh my god is justa chance it just looks oh yeah love

it thanks girl so okay so if you like thisvideo be sure to like it if you want to see more Gloria it doesn't matter cuzshe's gonna be in more of my videos so okay subscribelove you mean it bye guys

Reviewing GQs Best Street Fashion from NYFW – 2019

Hey what's up guys? Welcome back to my channel so today what I want to do is I want to talk about street fashion so as you guys know it's New York Fashion Week one of the websites that I go to and even magazines that I go to for fashion inspiration is GQ magazine You know I'm subscribed to their newsletters I read their magazines every their blog posts etc So if you're a guy that's into fashion I definitely recommend checking out GQ magazine you're gonna find tons of really cool fashion inspirations out there So GQ magazine actually just did a blog post, where the curate ate some of the hottest looks from a New York street fashion So today what I want to do is I want to kind of go through them with you guys and kind of share my opinion of what I think about these looks and also kind of help you guys identify some trends that are really gonna take off in 2019 Alright guys So let's get into these looks I'm gonna leave the link to this blog post in the description box down below so feel free to check that out Ok so as you guys can see this first look is actually pretty cool This Vest that this guy is wearing I don't know what this is I mean honestly he's wearing this vest over what looks like a denim hoody or some kind of Yeah, that looks kind of like a denim material but he's wearing this vest that looks like a carpet pretty much Over this hoodie and to be honest with you guys I mean this look is so 20 2017 2018 I think that we could definitely skip this look in 2019 this vest fashion I mean it's it's kind of played I was kind of done? I'll rather not see this in 2019 to be honest with you guys all right so this next look it's interesting It's interesting you know he has on the oversized jacket oversized sweater cropped pants and that looks like a six sneakers What I like about this look is actually the color and the mood you know the color palettes of this look is very earthy very kind of fall and drab a little bit alright this next look This look is gonna be a no for me dog like this is just a no I mean what is this like some kind of Print shirts and it's oversized and it looks like he's wearing a cardigan underneath that shirt and also a turtleneck I mean it's like make up your mind like what are you trying to wear and then you're wearing a trench coat on top of That not to mention his pants are way oversized they're almost Practically dragging to the ground and if you actually zoom in here it looks like his shoelace is untied all right so this next post this older gentleman he actually looks really fashionable he looks like some kind of creative director or some kind of Fashion, designer or something but he's really cool you know he's rocking what he's wearing it's not for everybody mind you whatever he's wearing is? working for him You know he has onto all black and the the that looks like off White's version of their converse which looks pretty cool he has a black frame glasses of cool haircuts you know the salt-and-pepper beard you know he looks pretty cool, he looks sharp he looks so New York All right so this next guy looks pretty cool, I love his look He has a total 70s vibe one thing to keep in mind is that the 70s is actually kind of coming back in 2019 so you're gonna see a lot of like 17 style Inspiration this year and this this spring pretty much so this next look you can't really see the full outfits But what really stands out and what is really cool is this haircuts I mean this haircut is killing it When you look at his hair cut with this glasses that person seems to be wearing I mean it looks dope it looks pretty fresh and fashion-forward All right so this guy wearing this adidas parka longline coats I Don't know why he's on this blog to be honest with you.

I don't know what's going on but this is not necessarily a look He's just wearing a coats and the coats is actually wearing him not to mention when you zoom in he's wearing some kind of sandals with socks and it's like I mean think about the functionality of everything you're wearing don't just think about throwing outfits together Are you HOT or are you cold you know what I'm saying like he's wearing us he's wearing sandals? Which you would normally wear in hot weather but then you're also wearing a longline coats which you're wearing the in the freaking cold? So make up your mind Which is it's you know? the 70s look again this looks pretty cool these guys look like they're rockin it's they look like they're straight from the 70s or so like they're about to go to a Beatles concert or something now this guy is interesting because this is an example of Your clothes wearing you and not you wearing the clothes now when I see this guy The only thing I notice about him is his outfits but I don't really notice him or his attitude or his swag All I notice is this green coat that he was he's wearing and the pants that has all these embroideries and Logos and things but I don't necessarily notice the person wearing the outfit so the clothes is definitely wearing him All right so this guy is actually really cool he's fashion-forward you know is wearing a simple suit He has on what looks like? a neon cardigan strapped around it's like a cross bag with a bright pink hot pink shirt basically it's a really cool look it's interesting I wouldn't necessarily wear this trench coats it looks like a leather trench coats I don't think he needs it for this look well I Understand that it's cold in New York love the matching socks if you guys know me personally you know I love colored socks I also like this Claire Handbag that he's carrying that's something that's really cool right now is like having Claire bags Claire jackets things like that Another thing to point out is his hair his hair is actually really working for his look because it's kind of like a monochromatic look but then you have the pops of colors in there next this guy this guy looks like a typical kind of like LA slash New York kind of vibe he's really cool he's not doing too much but this is a very safe and simple Fashionable look all right so I actually kind of liked this look And I know that this look might not necessarily be for everyone but what I like about this look is how bold she seems to be rocking this look You know what I mean like you know she's wearing something is very fashion-forward It's very edgy and she's putting it together and she's walking with a nice stride Again this look this look necessarily isn't for me but then what I wanted to point out to you guys was the 70s vibe that's coming back in 2019 oh My goodness this fur coats is life this fur coat is everything like you guys have no idea How bad I've been looking for a fur coats? Just like this like I've always wanted a fur coats because it's like it's just totally cool when you can put on your fur coat so you have on your shades you know top of the world like I mean if you if you have a fur coat like this like It's over it's done like I mean, no one can tell you anything again 70s vibe coming back love the shirts don't love the pants This guy looks like he's straight from the 70s going to play for Jimi Hendrix then I wouldn't necessarily wear this but I mean it's a vibe it's a need Again this is in a way still the 70s you can see the black turtleneck which I'm actually wearing right now you can see the black turtleneck Is very reminiscent of the 70s the Black Panther movements and all of that you can see has on the Kwanzaa hats And also some kind of tribal Varsity jackets which looks pretty cool all right so what I like about this one even though it's not much again You can't really see the full outfit what I like about it is his confidence you can just tell that this person is very confident Individual I do like the brooch pin that he has on over his jackets that looks pretty cool, I love the glasses it looks like he has on a earring that looks pretty interesting He, also has a leather bag which looks pretty cool as well but what I really like about it not necessarily the outfit per se but more so of his swag and his vibe I Think that's what's most important? when you Dress up is how confident are you what kind of swag do you have are you wearing the clothes or is the clothes wearing you? So, I think that's probably the most important things that you can put on is your confidence all right so this guy he looks very high beast everything he's wearing looks pretty Athleisure if you will you know he has on sort of like a whistle which looks pretty cool, his glasses are dope as hell these are some really cool glasses actually this person look is actually very Tokyo is very cool love their haircuts if you know Tokyo Street fashion they love a lot of colors all right guys I don't know what the hell this is I don't know what this is that he has on his head I don't know if he's going out of space I don't know if he's in a hazmat suits I don't know I just don't know what's going on Man like this is like this is enough for me dawg like If you guys know what's going on with this look drop of comments maybe I'm missing something alright guys so that's my reaction to GQ street fashion of New York Fashion Week I Hope you guys enjoyed this video I'm going to be dropping more videos and more fashion tips On my channel pretty soon and if you're looking for fashion is for I suggest that you do check out my Instagram channel I do post a lot of cool looks a lot of outfit of the day type of pictures every now and then So do check out my channel for some inspiration don't forget to subscribe guys thank you guys for watching this video I'll see you guys on my next one.

Street Style Ragda Chaat recipe at Home Mumbai Style.

welcome to my channel always beautiful this is Kara back again I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend yes I did as well so today I'm back again with a brand new and healthy recipe which is actually really very tangy very exciting and quick as well so um

the main hero of the recipe is dried green peas now why abuse dried green peas because it has got really really nice proteins in it so if you are a person who really likes to eat something which is like a you know snack you want to snack on

something and you're feeling the craving of eating Street foods so without going outside and you know eating the street foods which has got a lot of pollution and dirt if you're a healthy person or a finicky person like me because I really think that if you're eating not

eating outside and there's a lot of dirt which is mixed in the food that's not always hygienic but yes if you can do the same thing in the in your own kitchen and you can actually do it in the comfort of your home so why not do it

so that's why I'm using this green dried peas which is soaked overnight about 200 grams of the spring peas I'm using you if you want you can use the white dried peas as well and soak it overnight the next thing that i'm using is potatoes so it's like

one potato two potatoes actually sliced in two halves so it's the size that I'm using two hops of it so this is to house keep medium sized okay then what do we have is we have red chili powder red chili powder yeah this looks really nice then we

have turmeric then we have coriander and jeera powder mix so this is coriander and jeera powder mix okay then we have the hero of the dish which is and choose because this is this will make it like the street you know it will make it taste like the

street the food that we eat little sour little tangy but the catch here is I have used two kinds of tamarins one is a black tamarind which is called the mulberry tamarind or we call it Garcinia cambogia and the normal tamarind that we used to have the SAR

effect so I'll tell you something the garcinia combogia or the mulberry Tan you know tamarind that we use it has got a lot of health benefits because it actually helps you lose weight you know if you use it on a regular basis you can you know just soak

it overnight in water and you can just drink that water in the morning you will have fantastic glow on your face plus you will be losing weight you know all the stubborn fat from your belly area especially and that's joke that was just a tip so I have

got some chopped tomatoes I've got some chopped onions green chillies chopped and I've got some coriander chopped of God some cayenne garlic cloves I've got black pepper powder I have got salt to taste and I have got aspartate so this is you can it's like hing that we

have and the best part of this recipe is that this recipe is actually cooked without oil without oil yes coat me on that without oil so it's actually boiled food but it's very very tasty and it gives you the feel of street food and wonder anything like that

I can tell you I am using the potato to make it a little thick and little like little mushy mushy types but if you want you can avoid the potatoes and you can use any other vegetable that you P is nice so you can either use like carrots

maybe you can put in carrots because carrots also are the same binding effect that it has to make it more healthy however carrot also has a little bit of sweetening effect so that's why I'm not using carrot but then if you want you can use it because any

which way you PR trying here using the tamarind juice here which will actually give it a tangy flavor to it okay and last but not the least the main hero of this dish is this spice this is the spice that people on the streets use to make it

really really young smell good and actually give you the feel of rubber that you're eating so that's pure gratitude that we call it everywhere in India it's a local street food but yet very very yummy so this is actually made of five dried and roasted spices so there

are five ingredients I'm sorry six ingredients in fact so this is a secret recipe that I got it from my mother but don't worry I will also make another video to show you guys how to make this particular spice which will actually give you the feel of street

food without you going outside and you can eat it at the comfort of your home so this is really a nice very nice spice to have this actually goes in at the last portion of your dish this is for decoration okay so great all right so for this

we need a pressure cooker so I'm using this one okay so let's switch on the gas all right the gas is switched on now we are going to put in the boil sorry the overnight soaked green peas that I've kept it here okay so now I've put in

the dried green peas that was soaked overnight with water now I'm going to add the spices to it so first what goes in is the garlic cloves you can put it like that because any which way you're going to boil it then you need to put in the

black pepper powder okay then you put in the salt and the a Zapotec so you just need to put in all the ingredients okay now you need to put in the potatoes in those potatoes okay now you need to put in a little bit of chili powder a

little bit of turmeric powder and a little bit of Dania jeera powder okay if you want you can you know use food color but I'm not using food color because any which way I'm using a Kashmiri language which actually gives you that color but if you want it

to look like an orange color that you get it on the streets you can always add the food color to it so now what we are going to do is we are going to put it on pressure cook for good about like three to four whistles till the

time it's there so that it's boiled and once we get the boil and we get the whistles up for like two to three bristles will come back again and we'll check how it is alright so I think it's all like about good 15 to 20 minutes of pressure

cooking like about 5 to 10 cities and once this pressure cook cities are done I put it on simmer for another 5 minutes and then finally a closer so the vapor remains inside this pressure cooker so now we're going to open this lid and check this wow this

is so yummy this is so delicious it smells delicious okay so now what we're going to do is we are going to do the plating of this particular dish waiting we need to take all nice and beautiful plate like this okay so this kind of a plate that

we are taking so this is the plate that we will be using for this plating so I'll just put in some of this rubber arm and so like this you need to put a paragraph in here this particular and you need to mash the potatoes like this okay

this is this itself looks yummy however once I do the decoration it would look further more yummy now it's time for the stammering juice to make it more sour okay wouldn't like to tablespoon if you're a person who likes to have moral stamina sphere food you can always

add it or like me I like too much of timeliness asks too much then I'll add a little bit of rock salt to it okay then I'll add this chopped onions that we started the video with some finely chopped onions some Tomatoes some green chilies mmm it's smelling

YUM you know the smell of the garlic the smell of the ass Appetit if you want you can add here some more and I like how they are bhajiyas that you get you can put in that as well to make it more yummy but I prefer not to

use those because those are really really not very healthy but yeah once in a while if you are in a mood to actually do the cheat you can always go ahead and do that so now it's the final hero so this is the spice that I'm gonna make

it just gonna drizzle it around like oh my god it's like yeah me and you need to just butter and this is you can use this as a snack for your evening and if you are really a person who likes to eat something which is really tangy like

me and see the color its popping up so nicely if you want you can add a little bit of code on it as well if you don't that's absolutely fine you can heat it like this um this is really really nice it goes well with mocktails as well

if you want to have a mocktail party and you've got a friends invited this is a healthy recipe without our recipe and the spices will do its wonders and you are also not putting on weight because I have put in the Garcinia cambogia which will help you to

cut down on your belly fat so if you like my video if you like this recipe please give me a thumbs up and also you can subscribe to my channel for more exciting videos that I will be uploading so you can always be in touch and if you

guys have any suggestions or any anything that you want to know you can always leave your comments till then leave early and eat healthy and always stay beautiful Tara


yeah hello namaste salaamwalekum satsriyakaal; welcome back to another session with your VahChef at Vahrehvah.


Today I'm going to show you how to make South Indian style chicken bhunna lot of flavors from south of India are added in this and this is going to taste just awesome so to make this first make sure you havea pan which is getting hot and you have to understand see some of these spices only when they're slightly roasted on a no heat that's when awesome aromas come so here I've got red chillies so lot of them because we're not going to add any more chili powder ok add red chillies see when this heat isapplied onto this red chillies the moisture from these red chillies go away and you'll be able to make it into a nice powder that is what they make in making all these masalas ok in this add coriander seeds and also slices of drycoconut and in this add pepper corn, cardamom, cinnamon, clove and star anise so make sure do not add too much ofstar anise just you know half of star anise is good enough otherwise it will bring in lot of strongflavor which you do not want on a slow flame we're going to cook this till all the ingredients give you a nice aroma now once we have roasted we're going to take it in a plate now once this is cooled put in a blender and make it into a fine powder don't try this so now let's begin theshow so first we're going to add some oil inthis and for any kind of bhunnau these things you can even add little extra oil so what usually I prefer to do is Iprefer to add little less oil in the start but no in the end i add little ghee into it and roast that's when really really awesome flavors come but today I'm just going to make it with oil, for this first we're going to add some choppedonion and little bit curry leaves and when the curry leaves sizzle that's when the best aroma come that's when add chopped onion and we're going to cook this onion till they're slightlycolored, in this we're going to add some salt you know why because we want thisonions to ooze out of the water and get fried much faster now you want this onion to be slightlygolden and once they're slightly coloring that's when you can add little bit ofturmeric, fennel powder and little bit of cumin seed powder and once they are slightly getting cooked in this add ginger-garlic paste okay not too much and mix this you wantto make sure that the ginger garlic paste is cooked well and the raw flavoris all gone now you know look at this, this is all gettingnicely fried in this we're going to add pieces of chicken ok i'm just making a small quantitybecause already I've eaten a lot now i'm just going to enjoy this so justadd this chicken pieces and roast look at it now slowly this chicken haveto be cooked in this but you know the best thing is just add the chicken putthe lid on and just let it cook if you're making a lot of chicken then youdon't put the lid on if you're making a small portion put thelid on so that the chicken will get cooked in its own steam now since it is small quantity of chicken you will seethat it is getting nicely roasted even in the bhunnau chicken you can add little bit of tomato puree and here little bit of tomato puree and this also has to dry out don't worry because we are bhunnauning all this moisture will be evaporated so let this be cooked and in this we're going to add our awesomemasala what we did ok look at this just put you know this will become avery nice masala that you can enjoy eating with rice or anything so justadd this and keep cooking without the lid on, this chicken is getting nicelyroasted but to this masala we need to give some kind of awesome royal touch so we're going to add little bit of cashew nut powder but not too much just you know just one teaspoon of youknow this cashew nut powder to this will give a nice body and consistency tothe chicken and we'll give you a nice grainy effect also that will be very good while you're eating just put the lid on and let it sit in its own juices make sure that the flame is sim so that where ever the masala has not entered let it seep in that's when your chicken is nice juicyand awesome masaledaar you know there's lot of oil in the chicken so I have toexercise a little bit before eating it is so yummy haha now we're going to look at thechicken see of course see the masala isperfectly coated and also look at it look at it look at it mama look at it so dear friends I'm going to try this, this is so good I have to wow one piece two piece three piece four piece 5 piece 6 piece 7 piece all piece my piece see usually this kind of preparation I love to eat it with my hands, dear friends when this is done in South Indian style with all these aromas, flavors of course I have to eat it with my hands so haha hmm hmm hmm wow no words to explain how awesome this chicken is I have done the needful duty I have done two minutes of jogging here to but dear friends you know these are awesome recipes which you can try at home and serve your guest they will tell you how wonderful it is but do notforget vahrehvah is all about inspiring others to cook so please post your recipes at vahrehvah.

com so others can benefit from your greatcooking, dear friends vahrehvah has been updated with a new website so please do check and leave your comment so we can make it even more better.


Mumbai's Most Fashionable Street | India ka Fashion Capital | Episode 1

Every city has its own unique sense of fashion.

Catering to each metro state are their popularmarket streets.

They are fashion capitals of their city.

That’s what makes Chandni Chowk the fashioncapital of Delhi or New Market of Kolkata.

There’s Commercial Street in Bengaluru, Chennai’s Pondy Bazaar and Mumbai’s Linking Road.

We decided to visit the 5 metros and exploretheir fashion capitals and along the way hopefully learn a little bit about how India’s stylestatement is made.

This is India ka Fashion Capital powered byFlipkart Fashion and our first city is the definer of latest trends in popular culture, Aamchi Mumbai.

In 1661 the British procured the island cityof Bombay in dowry from the Portuguese.

Since then Mumbai has become the melting potof various communities, cultures and has a rich heritage.

It was India’s point of contact for allthings western being a port city.

Christian and Parsi women in Mumbai pioneereda western taste in styling as early as the 1920’s.

The 1960’s brought the first Indian fashionhouses and saree clad Bollywood heroines.

And the fashion boom actually happened inthe 1980s.

And, if Mumbai has a fashion Capital thenit’s undoubtedly Bandra.

Hello and welcome to India ka Fashion Capitalpowered by Flipkart Fashion.

We find ourselves in the midst of the Mumbaimonsoon in full swing.

The rains, bring with them a little chaosand a slowing down of pace in this maximum city.

However, the most torrential rains aren’tenough to slow Mumbaikars down from seeking out the latest trends on the streets.

Bandra is known as the Queen of the suburbs.

Geographically it is the first suburb, separatedfrom the older parts of the city by a narrow creek.

It is smack dab in the middle of the extendedcity and does not feel too far from either the north or south ends.

Bandra definitely deserves to be the firstin our series of fashion capitals.

Linking Road, runs through Bandra and is itsmain fashion hub.

Here you can find premium brands or fast fashionthat trickles down to the streets and it’s truly affordable.

This is the high street and the best placeto go shopping in Mumbai.

Obviously we decide to interview someone whohas had a long history with the street.

Zahir Jaffer’s family has dealt in leatherfor 4 generations and today he owns one of the oldest stores on Linking Road.

Ira: So typically in a week let’s say, howmany customers would you get in Sole to Soul? Zahir: Maybe about 500-600 customers wouldwalk-in, in a week.

Ira: Wow! Zahir: And now, it’s gone down by about30-40% over the years.

Ira: How many stores has the family had overthe years, on linking road? Such a historic place! Zahir: It was a joint business before, inthe 60s and 70s.

Ira: Oh my God! Zahir: So that time Linking Road was likeconcrete jungle.

There was nothing over here.

Ira: What are you saying… Zahir: My father told me, he used to come…theyused to live in town, so he used to take the morning 9’o clock bus, he used to come hereand he used to be waiting sometimes 6-7 hours for one customer to walk in you know… Ira: So there were hardly any storesYa, Bandra was not developed at that point Ira: So, what would your advice be to guyswho want to buy shoes in India? Zahir: See, I’d say that a cheap shoe isnot always a good shoe.

A cheap price doesn’t mean the shoe is alwaysgood because there are a lot of components, lot of materials that go into shoes.

Ira: Like for instance this guy here.

Zahir: Ya, so this guy is like… Ira: Tell us about him… Zahir: It’s a nice dremel kind of leather, slip-on kind of a shoe.

It’s got a few elements to it.

It’s got a nice TPR sole.

It’s got a nice lining.

And it is comfortable.

Ira: Ya it looks like the softest shoe I’veever seen.

Ira: Let’s see some of those shoes…someof your favourite ones.

Zahir: So I’m going to talk about the currentfad, which is now the white sneaker look, with the full white element.

Ira: This is very on-trend.

Yes, this is very on-trend.

Zahir: Lot of kids want to be tall so youcan have, on the inside a little heel.

Ira: Oh, it’s got heel inside? Zahir: Yeah it’s like a wedge.

Ira: Oh this is like a wedge heel sneaker! Zahir: So, in the wedding collection, earlierit used to be like this heavy, chunky bling things, but now it has gone daintier likethis laser cuts Swarovski diamonds.

Ira: Right, let’s take a closer look atthis.

This is a very intricate shoe.

Zahir: Lot of work there.

Ira: Very intricate shoe.

Zahir: So we are also adding like a littlenew kind of a material.

Like a TPR, which is more comfortable, easierto grip as compared to the leather which used to slip.

Ira: So you are really keeping up with thetrends in terms of the materials also and that’s awesome.

Ira: So we have a lot of comfort shoes hereand I have the whole store yet to go through, so I’m going to see you later.

Meeting Zahir made me understand the amountof hard work that goes into a high quality shoe.

And with my feet taken care of, I decidedto walk on to our next destination.

In today’s scenario, high-end fashion toohas a base in Bandra.

Almost every designer has a flagship storehere or is stocked in one of the high end stores in the green lanes of this suburb.

To understand a bit more about why fashionistasseem to flock here, we met up with someone who has carved a niche for herself in thescene.

Devangi Nishar Parekh is the Director of AzaFashion.

One of India’s most respected chain of multi-designerstores.

Today, here she is to tell us more about trendsin Mumbai.

Ira: How do you figure out what people reallywant? How do you figure out trends? Devangi: So trends is kind of a mix of twodifferent things.

Ira: OkayDevangi: One is the top down approach and one is the bottom up approach.

Ira: Okay.

Can you explain to us illiterate people whatthis is? Devangi: So in terms of the top down approach, it’s designers working with their teams to really innovate and come up with what arethe trends for the season.

So in that case they will look into colors, fringes, tassels, tribals…these are the things that are currently trending, for example.

And the other way is when it actually tricklesdown…it goes through our stores of course, it goes into more mass market stores.

It trickles down and the way the customersactually receive the trends and the way they interpret it – that creates new trends altogether.

So for example, if you walk on the streetsyou will see a lot of street style right.

I might wear sneakers with a lehenga.

I might wear something really interestingand mix and match in my own way as an individual and that then inspires designers again.

Right, because they see things, the way trendsare being interpreted and it creates new inspiration.

Ira: This is very interesting what you’vejust told us.

Because I think there’s like a cyclicalsort of thing.

Everything is reinforcing the other thing.

So, what is happening in the designer storesand the luxury space is actually going into the streets.

And vice versa.

Ira: How often do trends really come back? Devangi: So trends come back in differentways.

So for example, what my mum wore maybe 20years ago, I too would wear it but not in the same way.

So I might wear Zara sneakers with a particulardesigner jacket with an heirloom saree which my mum bought in Benaras.

Ira: Do you shop outside Aza? Obviously, you have to.

Devangi: Actually I am an avid online shopper.

Ira: Everything is online! Devangi: I don’t get time to go to the store.

So yeah, I’m all about e-com.

Ira: Do you believe that a lot of the trendy, sort of fashion forward people and the fashion forward ideas come from Bandra? Devangi: In Bombay, I definitely think thatBandra is the melting pot.

And the way people in Bandra interpret trendsand the way they style their looks is truly original.

Right now, accessories with pom-poms or animalmotifs are really trending.

So you’ll see like shoes with pom-poms whichare tie-ups and they are all over linking road.

Ira: My God! Devangi: And you can go buy it and style itwith a designer dress, why not? Mumbai has a population of more than 1.

8 crores;this makes it more populated than one third of the countries in the world.

Obviously not everyone can afford to shopin stores like Aza.

So where do the average income people shopand how do they manage to still be more stylish than their country cousins? To learn a little bit more we took a walkthrough Bandra’s favourite high street Linking road.

Ira: Can you give us some tips on how to bargain? Shopper: This price doesn’t work.

Please say a correct price.

All those common things.

Yeah, and they will come to a price that youare actually comfortable with.

Shop owner: If the shop owner is stating theprice at 250-350, you start the bargain at half of the price point.

Ira: Half of the price point, always! Shop owner: Start at half of the price pointand he will bring down the price.

Ira: Oh perfect, half of the price point, always! Ira: How do you keep up with the trends anddo you think Linking Road is up with the trends? Shopper: Absolutely, yes! You can just look around, it’s just perfect.

Ira: So tell us a few things you like to buyover here.

Shopper: I think the shirt dresses, or somethinglike dungarees, or ripped jeans for that matter, is really cheap and really nice.

Ira: How do you come to know about what istrending, or in fashion? Shop owner: We import the clothes.

So we come to know what is going to be trendy.

Ira: How long have you been shopping here? Shopper: Every week we come.

Ira: What do you think, what is so specialabout Linking Road? Shopper: It’s cheap and easily available.

Ira: What is the cheapest thing that you’vebought from a market like this? Shopper: A shirt worth 500 rupees.

Ira: He is gifting me a pair of earrings people.

Ira: So what is in fashion the most thesedays? Shop owner: These days dungarees is a lotin trend.

Ira: DungareesShop owner: Like this one Ira: This one, how much is this for? Shop owner: This is for Rs.


Ira: This is too much.

Only when you know the pulse of each and everylocal fashion scene can you understand what India’s fashion rhythm is.

Flipkart is the Fashion Capital because itpays attention to everything that happens around the country.

To tell us a little bit about why Flipkartloves Bandra we met up with Priyanka Misra and Arindam Mukherjee.

In the last one year, it has been a fantasticjourney.

We at Flipkart have tried our best to bringthe latest fashion, the hottest styles, whatever is you’re seeing on social media, what you’reclicking on Instagram, things that you’re watching you favourite film stars wear, it’sall on Flipkart.

A lot of work has gone on, and we’ve triedto work with our brands, our sellers, got you a lot of exclusives to ensure that thereis something fashionable in everyone’s wardrobe in India.

What’s actually trending is something weactually want to kind of figure out.

So our machines on the technology side ofthings really try to do that.

Scanning the internet to figure out what’strending across the globe in terms of fashion.

We capture all of those trends and try tobring that selection in front of the users on Flipkart.

And that’s why Flipkart is kind of one ofthe premier shopping destinations online where users shop for the trendiest fashion of Indiaavailable.

You don’t need to buy a ticket to Mumbaito shop there.

Flipkart makes sure that the minute somethingis on the shelf of the trendiest boutiques of Linking Road, it’s also available toyou anywhere in India.

But what are the other metros like when itcomes to fashion.

In this series we are going to the fashioncapital of each and every metro in India.

We are going to pay homage to the style settersand the taste makers and all those people who have kept fashion alive.

My name is Ira Dubey and I hope you come backfor the next leg of my journey where I go to the fashion capital of our nation’s capital, where things might get loud and boisterous but it never gets dull.

I will see you in Delhi.

Till then: Viva la fashion.


Chia sẻ với các bạn cách mặc suit vest đúng cách ko cần caravat

Để góp phần tạo nên những nét đẹp trong phong cách thời trang nam giới hôm nay NetDepThoiTrang sẽ chia sẻ với các bạn cách mặc suit vest đúng cách  .

Nếu không phải dresscode bắt buộc, nam giới thường không thích đeo cà vạt. Thứ nhất, chúng tạo cảm giác bó buộc nơi cổ. Thứ hai, không phải ai cũng biết cách thắt cà vạt hoặc thắt cà vạt đẹp. Thứ ba, đeo cà vạt khiến một số chàng trai có cảm giác bị “già trước tuổi”, gò bó và mất cảm giác tự do. Thứ tư, chỉ đơn giản là không đeo cà vạt thì trông phong cách hơn.

Mọi người thường đeo cà vạt trong các sự kiện quan trọng. Nhưng trong một số dịp, bạn không nhất thiết phải đeo chúng. Lịch lãm nhưng không cứng nhắc, sang trọng mà vẫn trẻ trung, đó là những gì bạn có được ở phong cách này. Nếu thay suit jacket bằng blazer hoặc sport jacker, bạn vẫn sẽ đạt được hiệu quả tương tự.

Cổ áo là yếu tố chính

Khi không có cà vạt, cổ áo chính là thứ giúp định hình gương mặt của bạn. Nó kết hợp với cằm và viền cổ để tạo một tổng thể hài hòa cho điểm nhìn chính diện.

Yếu tố tạo nên sự thẳng thớm của chiếc áo sơmi chính là bản nẹp ở cổ áo. Nếu bản nẹp không đủ chắc để duy trì trọng lượng cổ áo, viền cổ áo sẽ xiêu vẹo và rũ xuống. Hãy đảm bảo bản nẹp luôn cứng và chắc để giúp cổ áo đứng thẳng khi kết hợp cùng với suit jacket hoặc blazer. Bạn có thể yêu cầu điều này với nhà may hoặc chọn mua áo sơmi may sẵn có bản nẹp.

Sau khi giải quyết vấn đề về bản nẹp cổ áo, bạn cần chú ý thêm các điểm sau:

– Chắc chắn rằng cổ áo luôn được ủi thẳng thớm. Không có gì trí tuệ ở đây cả, đơn giản là cho dù có bản nẹp, cổ áo vẫn sẽ nhăn nheo hoặc có thể bị gãy gập sau khi giặt.

– Nếu có thể, bạn nên dành ngân sách cho việc giặt khô. Điều này sẽ giúp cổ áo không bị gãy hay gấp nếp.

Sự kiện phù hợp

Mỗi sự kiện và môi trường đều đòi hỏi tính thẫm mỹ nhất định trong trang phục. Lựa chọn một bộ suit nam không đi kèm cà vạt có thể dẫn đến thất bại trong vài trường hợp cụ thể, ví dụ như khi đi phỏng vấn công chức, găp đối tác kinh doanh, họp với ban quản lý công ty, hoặc các sự kiện lớn ở những nơi sang trọng… Nói chung, ở những sự kiện yêu cầu tính nghiêm túc, chỉnh tề, mọi người gặp nhau nhằm thể hiện đẳng cấp hơn là tìm đến một mối quan hệ thân thiết, bạn nên chọn một bộ suit chuẩn mực.

Tuy nhiên, nếu bạn là cấp trên muốn tạo cảm giác gần gũi với nhân viên, nếu bạn đang ở trong một bữa tiệc thân mật, hoặc đơn giản chỉ là một ngày làm việc đầy hứng khởi, bạn hoàn toàn có thể mặc suit không cà vạt. Với phong cách này, bạn đang xây dựng hình ảnh một chàng trai bảnh bao, lịch sự, nhã nhặn mà lại rất gần gũi, hòa đồng. Lẽ dĩ nhiên, mọi người sẽ dễ có cảm tình và muốn thân thiết với bạn hơn.

Mở một hay hai nút áo?

Khi không đeo cà vạt, bạn không nên cài hết tất cả nút áo, trừ khi bạn đang mặc một chiếc sơmi cổ trụ. Nhưng mở một hay hai nút áo cũng cần những lưu ý riêng:

– Tùy thuộc vào cơ thể của bạn: Nếu bạn có thân hình vạm vỡ hoặc ít nhất là có phần ngực đẹp, bạn hoàn toàn có thể mở đến 2 nút áo để khoe vẻ nam tính đầy lôi cuốn. Nếu bạn hơi gầy hoặc hơi thừa cân, nếu phần ngực của bạn không được đẹp cho lắm, tốt nhất chỉ nên mở một nút áo. Người ta nói “tốt khoe, xấu che” mà, đúng không.

– Sẽ có một thông điệp được gửi đi: Bạn càng cởi nhiều nút áo, bộ trang phục sẽ trở nên thường nhật và giản dị hơn. Nó thể hiện bạn muốn trở nên gần gũi với mọi người và không khí xung quanh.

– Tùy thuộc vào chiếc áo khoác của bạn: Nếu áo khoác có nhiều nút, việc mở ít nút áo sơmi sẽ khiến bạn trông chỉn chu hơn. Ngược lại, khi bạn chọn áo khoác có một hoặc hai nút, bạn có thể mở cổ áo sơmi rộng hơn. Điều này tạo ra sự cân bằng giữa áo khoác và áo sơmi.

Giấu thật kỹ lớp áo lót

Áo lót rất quan trọng vì:

– Giúp cách nhiệt

– Bảo vệ áo sơmi khỏi mồ hôi và dầu tiết ra từ cơ thể

– Giúp thân hình trông cứng cáp, săn chắc và chiếc áo khoác trở nên vừa vặn hơn

Quy tắc chung là bạn phải đảm bảo áo lót ẩn hẳn bên trong áo sơmi. Trong trường hợp này, áo cổ chữ V sẽ tốt hơn áo cổ tròn. Nên chọn áo lót có chất vải mỏng, viền cổ không quá dày để tránh hằn lên áo sơmi. Ngoài ra, nếu bạn mặc áo sơmi trắng, tuyệt đối không chọn áo lót màu trắng. Màu trắng gặp màu trắng sẽ càng trắng hơn, kết quả là người đối diện sẽ nhìn thấy rõ áo lót của bạn. Màu xám hoặc màu kem sẽ trung hòa với màu da và “ẩn mình” hoàn hảo hơn.

Tập trung vào phụ kiện

Khi không có cà vạt, những phụ kiện khác rất quan trọng, ví dụ như:

– Đồng hồ: Chú ý kết hợp đồng hồ với giày và thắt lưng. Nếu dây đeo đồng hồ bằng da, bạn nên chọn màu da của thắt lưng và giày tương tự.

– Giày: phải được đánh bóng và sạch sẽ. Dù là một đôi giày tây truyền thống hay giày loafer thân thiện, hãy đảm bảo bạn tự tin khi mang chúng. Một đôi giày da thanh lịch sẽ phù hợp với bộ suit tối màu, trong khi những đôi loafer thông dụng nên đi cùng bộ suit có màu sáng hơn.

– Khăn túi vuông (pocket square): Đây là điểm nhấn đầu tiên khi mắt người nhìn di chuyển từ gương mặt của bạn xuống phía dưới. Một chiếc khăn túi vuông sẽ giúp bộ trang phục trông vẫn tinh tế dù không có cà vạt.

Hãy nhớ rằng, tất cả những hướng dẫn trên đều nhằm mục đích giúp bạn cảm thấy tự tin và thoải mái hơn. Nếu bạn trẻ trung và tự do trong phong cách, bạn sẽ hài lòng với mọi sự lựa chọn của mình.

Quần shorts nam cho anh chàng chân ngắn

Những chiếc quần jeans dài dần được thay thế bằng quần shorts. Đây có thể là dịp để các anh chàng cao lớn phô diễn đôi chân dài cơ bắp, nhưng lại là “nỗi niềm” của những chàng trai chân ngắn. Không dễ dàng để tìm một chiếc quần shorts phù hợp mà không làm lộ điểm yếu “chí mạng” này. Tuy nhiên, vẫn có một số mẹo nhỏ giúp bạn cảm thấy tự tin hơn với sự lựa chọn của mình.

Màu sắc

Khi nói đến màu sắc, để an toàn nhất, bạn nên chọn màu của quần phù hợp với màu da. Điều này tạo ra ảo giác rằng đôi chân của bạn dài hơn so với thực tế, nếu không, chúng sẽ bị “phân mảnh” cùng với những khối màu tương phản quá nhiều trong bộ quần áo mà bạn đang mặc. Các màu trung tính như xám, đen, xanh navy, nâu, be, kem… hay các gam màu sậm là gợi ý dành cho bạn. Đừng mạo hiểm hoặc tự thách thức mình với các gam màu khác lạ, nổi bật và nhất là không hề ăn khớp với làn da, ví dụ như các màu tươi sáng hoặc màu neon.

Sự vừa vặn

Một chiếc quần mỏng, vừa vặn sẽ tạo nên cảm giác hài hòa và cân bằng, hiển nhiên sẽ khiến bạn trông cao hơn. Một chiếc quần rộng thùng thình hoặc bó sát không chỉ gây sự chú ý mà còn “phân khúc” rất rõ các phần trên đôi chân của bạn.

Chiều dài

Chiều dài ống quần ở trên đầu gối một chút là lý tưởng, nó sẽ khiến chân bạn trông dài hơn. Ngược lại, nếu quần dài quá gối, trông chân bạn chỉ có một “mẩu”. Trong trường hợp bạn chọn những chiếc quần quá ngắn, hãy cẩn thận, bạn có thể để lộ bắp đùi to và khiến mọi người chú ý đến chân nhiều hơn. Một chiếc quần ngắn trên đầu gối và xắn gấu là mẫu cổ điển nên có trong tủ quần áo của bất kỳ người đàn ông nào. Sao không thử kết hợp quần shorts với áo sơmi Oxford và giày trainer, bạn sẽ trông thật giản dị và nam tính.

Họa tiết/ hoa văn

Nếu quần một màu khiến bạn cảm thấy nhàm chán, tại sao không thử làm mới với những hoa văn tinh tế? Khá tiếc là các họa tiết xu hướng như camo và paisley lại không giúp ích gì trong nỗ lực “kéo dài” chân của bạn. Họa tiết lớn sẽ khiến phần trên của bạn trông lớn hơn, tạo cảm giác nặng nề và bất cân đối. Hãy chọn những loại họa tiết nhỏ, chúng sẽ khiến bắp chân bạn trông thon gọn hơn. Như một nguyên tắc bất thành văn, khi bạn chọn một chiếc quần shorts nam có họa tiết thì phải đảm bảo áo thật đơn giản để tránh các va chạm về họa tiết và màu sắc.