TEDxBratislava – Marika MAJOROVÁ — Streetstyle as a streetart

Marika Majorová – Streetstyle like streetart Good evening, can you hear me? Noooo.


I'm asking you, because I was told, that my clothes don't match these microphone requirements.

I'll try to talk this way, ok? I remember how.



The clothes are good! Thanks, thanks.

I remember how I was sitting in the audience last year at the 1st TEDx Bratislava.

Completely fascinated, I was absorbing all of these ideas, thoughts, topics, which were flowing at me.

And, of course, I spent hours clicking on various TED videos, and, one of my favorite ones, Ken Robinson has already been mentioned here, and, also his video about how schools allegedly kill creativity.

That's also my favorite video, because he said in there an interesting thing that all kids are born as artists into this world, that all of them are creative beings.

However, the process of maturing and even schools themselves somehow gradually attenuate them until, ultimately, they choose to take a different path.

I had experienced a little story in London, which nicely links with this video or, it accentuates its message.

And, during my career as a nanny in various countries I had observed, with a lot of interest, new educational methods, which I didn't know about until then, as well as what was that parents had applied, as far as education on these kids.

And I was a part of one lovely English family, With a 3-year old daughter Laura.

Laura was attending a pre-school and she was absolutely free to choose what she wanted to wear in the morning, which, in reality meant that one morning she stepped out the door as a princess with a crown on her head and dressed up in a long dress, because that day she felt like a princess.

Next day, a little goblin came out of the door, a tomboy, colorful rain boots, a cap.

On the third day, she went to pre-school as a fairy, with her fairy magic wand, and little wings, and, nobody told her that a fairy can only be at masquerade, or I didn't hear her mom telling her “You can’t go dressed like this, what will the neighbors think of me, right?”, “That I am some sort of a wacky mom…”0:02:25.

031, 0:02:28.

492And this expression of freedom, I'm convinced that when this little woman has experienced at the age of three liberty and freedom on such a completely basic level, with the clothes, her relationship towards freedom will be demonstrated sometimes in the future, and also in other different areas.

That said, she already has some ideas about what freedom is, and I'm convinced that she will perceive it with much more ease in other different areas.

And, this story happened in London, as I have already said, and London is, for me personally, one of those different places, where one can feel the freedom and the openness.

And not just because you can take a small case and bring it with you to Hyde Park, and then you'll say what's in your heart at that moment, But also because… As if people in London expressed their freedom to the outside world, or as if they also show their openness through their clothes.

These pictures were taken in November last year, and what I really like in London is, that if you want, you can be dressed like a movie character, or one can simply take all of these things from grandma's closet, from barrettes to shoes and can simply feel good in it.

You can showcase your minimalism, maximalism or ‘why couldn't that guy have that beautiful deer over there?’ By the way, he reminds me of a British romantic comedy hero in this.

Or, simply someone who likes to be dressed in a historical outfit, because he feels like it.

Or even if you are not in England, but you live there, that kind of freedom can give you wings.

Another city I was exploring because, in its own way, it's an expression of, what is in the culture, and what is rooted in those people.

And this is only a somewhat superficial thing, but one can observe it really nicely.

Paris, on the other hand, is a place where one can feel, or at least, I feel the history, a historical relationship linked with esthetics, with a clothing industry, with the fact that less is sometimes more, and that there's a beauty in simplicity and that one can really feel elegance on the street.

Or that less is really more and a natural beauty is that what, what is interesting.

And, the creativity that comes out of these people.

And it even starts from an early age.

And also, for example, if you're not French, but you live in Paris, it can influence you.

The city itself or the spirit, which the city breathes in, what the people over there create.

The third example is New York, one of my favorite cities.

These photos are from June 2010 and New York, on the other hand, is a city where everything happens on the street.

Those streets are huge, people mix in over there and it's simply an urban jungle, where these people need to make it.

And ideally, when you wear something extreme, extravagant, hair, tatoo, variety of styles, Simply, these people need to go their own way and to be different.

It doesn't matter what’s one’s nationality, race, or sex.

Sunday morning in Harlem.

After this, in my view, a quite natural and logical question comes to mind, which is „ And how about us?“ I mean us, in Bratislava.

That's what I started to look into a little bit when I established my blog a year ago and started to take streetstyle photos.

Now, a quick technical digression regarding what actually is freestyle photography.

It is a photographic discipline, I haven't found another, better definition.

I have come up with this one – that creation of photography is stimulated by a visualelement, by something interesting, by some expression of a person that you meet on the street.

A person inspires a photographer to take the camera, to shoot a photo and a photo is done.

For example, I have a sample in here – photos of a similar style can be found from Henry Cartier-Bresson or August Sander.

One can sense what catches the photographer's attention from a visual point of view at that moment.

That’s what the creation of that photo is based upon – for the most part, on the street.

Now, let’s go back – that’s the end of the technical digression.

So, let’s talk again about what is going on in Bratislava.

One of the reasons why I started to do this blog and to take photos of people was that I had felt and I still feel, that people around me were swearing at the city, they were swearing at Bratislava, and overall in rather a negative tone, that Bratislava is grey, ugly, boring, that people are uncreative, uninteresting, that everybody frowns at everybody, that drivers honk their horns, that nobody is nice and kind, and simply, that this is a bad city – expressively speaking.

Since we have been talking about these kids… And I had that continuous feeling as if I have lived in a different world, I simply felt that I was meeting inspiring people, people who are inspiring, creative, beautiful, people who simply radiate, and is worth taking a photo of them.

And I wanted to share this joy with other people.

And I was always happy when I met this type of people, and I felt that the world should know that here too are the people who are inspiring, creative, and with whom it is a pleasure to meet.

And so I started to take photos of Bratislava in a streetstyle.

Bratislava is a little village, so if you recognize someone on the photos, it will not surprise me at all.

These are photos from the year I started to take photos in Bratislava.

And I really felt that there is a bunch of people who are worth taking photos of… From various areas – whether they are little or big, whether they are little or big.



And during the time I was shooting this streetstyle, I came up with several findings.

My first finding – everything is the other way around.

“The man makes the clothes.

” There is a saying that “clothes make the man”.

My finding is that it isn't true at all; it is absolutely the other way around.

It's true that the first impulse to take a streetstyle photo can be a colorful combination, it can be a shadow, clothes, or simply me running behind that person, crossing the street.

But I also found out that if a person doesn't radiate something out, and one doesn’t feel a creativity and freedom, then the photo doesn't have its effect.

You simply will take a photo of that person – motivation is primary, But, if the person doesn’t have it Because, beauty comes from the inside out, and all the art, it simply won’t work.

I have photos as proof where you primarily don't see clothes, where people only are being seen.

These photos are portraits and I sense that a beauty and a freedom of a human being are seen.

So, one doesn’t see the clothes.

Therefore, what it means to me is that a man makes clothes and not the other way around.

The second finding is that the street is an art gallery and we are artists.

And this is a concept I like very much, because it is absolutely applicable.

When you think about it, the street really is a sort of an art gallery.

Architecture is part.

It is nature.

Our means of transportation are it.

The things that we build are it, the things that we put on the street are it, however, emotions, which we send out through our facial expressions are also a part of it.

When we smile or frown at someone – all of that is a part of the street.

And we all are these artists who create a final impression.

I don't know how about you, but when I travel… In some cities people visit just the monuments, but for me, people make that city, which means, at least for me, that it is more defining who I meet with, what people I talk to, what impact they have on me, rather than whether there's a good pizzeria around the corner, or whether the cathedral is so impressive.

As for me, people define, just like us here in Bratislava.

All the people who come to Bratislava, form their opinion according to the city.

And we all are artists, and the best part about it is that it doesn't really matter what your profession is, because we all were at some point those kids and those artists.

Whether it's Saška for example, who followed her dream and there is something artistic inside of her, and she is a part of a streetart and some art gallery, or whether it's someone who is indeed an artist like a female painter, or whether it's a female lawyer and a female activist for animal rights, or whether it’s a restaurant owner or a man who works in a bank or whether it is a lady retiree taking her walk at the castle.

It really doesn't matter what your profession, skin, bank account, teeth, or whatever else is.

In essence – you create it.

For example, this old lady whispered to me with a lot of joy, that she bought her wonderful checkered coat in a second-hand store.

But it's fantastic! The third finding was that in order to create the future, one needs to know the past.

It does not come from my head, it is a general rule.

But I felt that a negative emotion is also created by the fact that creativity has been oppressed for many years, it has been concealed by the uniformity of Formica partitions, living room furniture, polyester clothes… we were all the same.

And, it sort of deforms people a little bit.

But I was sure that somewhere in the past… that we all have photos in our family albums, which prove that our ancestors… that we have a relationship with esthetics.

So I asked, or I should say invited readers of my blog to go through the family photo albums and to send me photos together with a story of the people on them, which only proves that such esthetical perception had existed.

I received a large number of photos; there is a description for each photo.

This is Ms.

Jelena with her husband, Prešov, 1962.

I have no clue at all when these type of hats were worn by the college graduates, where did this tradition come from… I haven't seen that – it surprised me.

This is from the '60s.

Prievidza, the '70s, Jarmila.

This is a theater actress, Joja from Prešov, the 50's.

A beautiful photo.

What fascinates me is that on these photos one can feel the artistic value of the photography.

This is Laco, the '50s as well.

A family photo from '68.

Sielnica, ‘61.


The only color photo that came to the entire competition.

These are my parents.

Bratislava 1974.

I'm sure that if you…Sorry.

I'm sure if you were to go through your family albums, you would find such beautiful old black and white photos, where you could see that a grandma sewed this, and that this was created over there and that this comes from over there and that this was sent to us from America.

You would find treasures there.

And perhaps during your talk about the photos, you'll find out about things you didn’t have a clue.

Through this photo of my parents, I'd like to go back to the beginning of the story of the kid, about Laura because I have a feeling that her story, her story is exactly the topic featured at today’s TEDx event.

It is about freedom of expression…If we somewhere, at the beginning take care of it and gives it space, as far as freedom of expression and creativity is concerned, then it'll, in the future, which we are creating now, show.

And we will see it.

And, I'm looking forward to this kind of future and I wish us good luck and I’ve got my finger on the trigger… Thank you.



What are we gonna do? Should we shoot? I think we could do it.

Weather looks good.

Yeah, it's overcast! We won the lottery .




oh hi there.

It is Zdenka and Marissa.

Thanks for stopping by to this channel.

We gonna be doing street style photography today and yeah, I thought itwould be fun to try.

We've never met before, it's the first time together.

We are still good we are still friends.

We'll see at the end of the shoot.

AndI brought two cameras.

Canon EOS M50 which is right there and 5d mark III with just a 50 millimeter lens nifty fifty.

It's gonna be very easy and simple hopefully.

Let's get going.

Ready? Ready.

Today's video is about street style urban style photography I did with model Marissa the other day.

This morning I actuallyheaded out to downtown Oshawa where I am from to finish this video to do thewhole commentary but it was so windy I couldn't find a decent location wherethe sound would be okay so I decided to head back to the studio.

That's why I'msitting here and I'm gonna take you through the whole shoot.

Who is the model? Her name is Marissa.

She used to work as a professional model in Toronto.

She was represented by one ofthe bigger agencies and last few years she had a break from modeling.

Once sheshowed up, there was quite a bit of a selection of her wardrobe so I opted forthe jeans, denim jacket, colorful t-shirt and also a sweater just to mix it up alittle bit so we end up with two different looks.

What did I shoot with? Ibrought two cameras with me.

Canon 5D mark III with 50 millimeter lens, nifty fifty andI also brought Canon EOS M50 and also I was using 50 millimeter lens nifty 50with Viltrox speed booster.

Now I took exactly half / half with eachcamera so as you gonna be looking in the photos in today's video, they will bemixed.

Exactly half / half and I think it's gonna be very difficult for you to findout which photos took which camera.

We ended up shooting at three differentlocations.

Let's look at the first one.

It was on a very bright street, literallysitting at the corner.

And this first location the first minutes we werepractically testing each other.

Because I haven't worked with Marissayet, I didn't know how she's posing.

She had no idea how I am working, so thefirst few shots were very easy and very casual.

I didn't give that manydirections yet because I wanted to see what she can do.

Once we both warmed up, I started directing Marissa little bit.

I wanted tosee that happy, full of energy, commercial look because the street was just veryvibrant and very bright.

The building had some red in it, so did her t-shirt orkind of like a pinkish red so I thought it would just need a lot of smiling, alot of energy, a lot of happiness.

To get the most out of this little seton this street corner I tried to mix different posing so I did some verytight portraits, I did some full body shots, maybe walking shots, sitting photos, those three quarters, just give it a big variety.

First location was done.


The other day I was driving by this graffiti, very colorful walls and I thought that would be perfect especially if she would bewearing denim outfits and very colorful t-shirt because the more colors thecrazier it will get and it will just bring that urban scene.

And again Istarted with very close-up head shots.

Once I started editing the photos, I justwent for a different little bit feel.

It felt like I can add that kind of like anold looking style to the photos.

Kind of rusty looking style which I thoughtworked pretty good.

Then I turned Marissa to the other side and I startedposing her a little bit more.

so I was seeing a little bit bigger part of herbody where again I wanted her to be a little bit more as a model, not so muchas a cute girl next door but I mixed those smiles as well.

My style ofphotography is usually very colorful, very vibrant and that's what I like.

When I was posing her on the other side I kind of didn't like that car in a wayso I was trying to get rid of it and for that I brought a very special tool whichI have right here and it's the optical prism.

It gives you different feel tothe photos.

You can get some very cool effect.

So when I was pointing the lensat the model, all I did it, was just brought the prison to the corner of mylens and I started turning it.

As I was turning it I was just getting differentangles and reflections, different effects.

I kind of actually got rid of that car asyou can see in the photos.

And for those interested I actually linked thisoptical prism in the video description below so you can check that out.

I reallylike the results with this optical prism because it's just edits to the photossomething extra.

It made it even more vibrant even more colourful, even morecrazy and that's what graffiti is all about.

At the graffiti location, westarted having trouble a little bit with light because, hey we shot at 11 o'clockwhen the Sun is super high.

Just when I said that we have perfectweather.

and yes we started losing the overcast.

The Sun was coming out, it was very bright.

So I started posing Marissa more in ashade.

The Sun was reflecting from the ground back on her so she had her facelit pretty nicely.

The third location was purely by accident, we jumped in a carand we were driving south.

I gotta tell you, normally I would not really shoot bymyself in the south because it can get rough there, but luckily we found thiswhat used to be plaza.

now it's abandoned.

Stores are closed, nothingis happening there.

I parked right in the middle of the parking lot so I had avery good visual around us, so we both are pretty safe.

I wanted to do somesitting shots as well, but I wanted to look more casual, more candid style so Iwas just telling her what to do and I pretty much told her to forget posingand just be herself, laughing a little bit, smiling, looking around in differentdirections to get the real feeling so she looked kind of caught in a moment.

And again at this location I was also using the optical prism.

Why? Because Iwanted to add some more different angles to the shots.

It almost turned out like adouble exposure but it was not really double exposure.

There was a hallwaywhich was not very pretty so when I was using the optical prism I was addingsomething extra to the image I was actually covering up that hallway whichdidn't look good.

The whole shoot really took about an hour and a half.

We weredone with everything and I think we got pretty good variety out of the photos.

Now what would be the photos suitable for? First of all, I am NOT going toupload it to stock just because her t-shirt had a large logo, her denimjacket has those little buttons where there's logos everywhere.

A lot of theshots had different stores and different logos in them, so it's not very suitablefor stock.

Also the commercial value for stock would be pretty low, unless maybeshe would pretend she's shopping and she had a shopping bags, she's on the phoneor stuff like that.

But if she's just posing by herself on a street, the buyers are not necessarily interested in these kind of photos, that's why I knew I'm not gonna be doing this for stock.

These photos willbe very suitable for modeling portfolio.

I know that a lot of agencies reallylike this kind of style of photos because it is more candid, it is morereal but it shows the model very nicely.

And it's also good for my portfoliobecause I can show that I'm also shooting outdoors not necessaryalways indoors.

Especially after the winter I need to shoot outdoors and showsomething new.

So I haven't done photography on thestreet for a long time, it was about time to add it.

And now it is time for me to ask you the question.

Do you know which photos were taken with the full-frame camera andwhich photos were taken with the m50? Well, I think we should reveal it rightnow.

One thing I didn't talk about yet isabout coloring the photos, making them really pop.

Obviously when you take thephotos with the camera they're gonna be very basic, just, just regular photos.

Butonce you put it in the lightroom you start playing with the photos, you makesure the colors pop then you make the photo really stand out.

I hope you likedtoday's video, it was a little bit different.

I took you to downtown Oshawa, that's where I am from.

If you liked it give it thumbs up, subscribe to allfuture videos.

If you have any questions, comments, simply want to say hello, youcan do so in the comment section below and I will see you in the next video.








Korean Street Fashion [Daily Vlog #62]

Oh this was a nationwide military training all the cars stopped financial systems go down the whole country just stops for 15 minutes and this is of course because of the guys up north I was just walking by this wall this is the nastiest thing you'll see in all

of Japan there's just aisle and dirt and cigarettes stuck all over this wall I kind of freak out every time I walk by it now I got a jump on a train to go to Nisha new Hoodie so as I may have mentioned before in the vlog when

I first came to Japan I used to teach English but I stopped that a while ago but one of the teachers I worked with asked me to cover some of his shifts today because he's on vacation so I'm doing four of his classes in me body today so

it's a bit of an unusual day for me today just walking through the streets of anybody and I walk has to buy a Korean store if you guys haven't seen enough food from Chris's vlogs in Korea I'll come and do a walk through his store you've been asking

me about Korean fashion and street fashion well just so happens to bring us a fashion designer and a fashion person what's Korean street fashion the street fashion here is a little bit different to Japan in the sense yes there is a you know general trend but people are

a little bit more adventurous and a little bit more unique lots of different pockets with lots of different styles and the boys are much more experimental round glasses are pretty hot in Korea Korean people seem to have a head made perhaps a steamer all kinds of Axia there's

a section which is like drape in a more sophisticated style then there is the UV kind of girls which also do a little bit more of the hip-hop stuff be a short short or tight jeans with an oversize jumper a lot of matching boyfriend and girlfriends and best

friend for the boys there's a cleaner style which I really appreciate the very clean jeans or very clean suit pants that are cut off at the ankle nice shoes nice shirt and their hair is in excellent Korean people are picking certain items and turning it into their own

whereas in Japan sometimes I see if regularly is that the story was this outfit and they buy it as this outfit and they will only wear it as this outfit and then not wear it again something else very good very fashioned excellent Hey look plastic foods a it's

real this place around me from there as a youth entertainment area with lots of street fashion lots of clubs clubs mostly for young people college students there's a very good chance you'll end up here if you come to Seoul because because it's fun it's one of the better

places I guess I'm going to eco put off to meet a viewer from LA and try my favorite ramen in Tokyo which I've mentioned before in the vlog but we haven't gotten around to because it's always so busy here I think I see him hey I do name

this ramen shop behind me is called Latakia and as I've mentioned it's my favorite ramen shop and there's always a line here's what I have to deal with today we're here forty minutes now you ordered two eggs double egg so I'm a fan I'm a fan of you

know because I love it an hour after we first got in line take that out fancy one thing I love to do is take fit a gildo the noodle noodle grilled egg yeah yeah it was delicious well we go goodbye mu takea this dish that are having jokbal

we pick so everybody monkey because I've decided to come to pork like restaurant with somebody who hasn't eaten pork you have beers in the park and an Oscar nom nom nom nom it's nice to be the proper home day experience everybody is just sitting around in a park

people are rapping and playing guitars and everybody's having alcohol and we're on our way to this really really really normal cafe that just has one small weird twist to it so this is the twist there are two goats and from the restaurant are you going back in going

back to your home okay what's up guys will be from Los Angeles California I'm here in Japan wrapping up my new app coming out next month and yeah just hanging out with Kasia checking out the goats and I was trying to figure out what are the coolest spots

to go to in Tokyo the first thing that popped up was the you I'll go pies and they pretty much went everywhere I wanted to go then I just binge watched through all their shows and now I'm completely caught up and I'm currently in Tokyo now with Kasia

see ya was nice meeting you Bubba on my way at home hey guys we walked into a bar basically only because they were playing My Bloody Valentine and they had a poster of Kurt Cobain and by the interim you can't go wrong with that oh yeah bye-bye have

a safe trip ah they left for Tokyo so I'm alone

Women Style Fanny Packs For A Day

– [Woman] It's a cat, be sexy.

(techno music) – Today we're gonna bestyling fanny packs.

I want to try this out for a day and invite my friends Chloe and Jazz to try it along with me and see if we love it or we're like this is just a dying trend.

– I personally love fanny packs.

I've loved them for a while.

I know they're super in-trend right now.

– I've seen celebrities likeKendall Jenner, Gigi Hadid, all these influencers wear these fannies.

– Is she gonna keep sayingthe word fanny at me? And that's kind of disturbing to me because in England fanny means vagina.

– First of all, they're so useful! Like you don't have to carry a purse.

It's so nice.

– For my fanny pack, I'mgoing for a more sporty look.

– I chose a cat fannypack like a 12-year-old.

– I've been seeing a lot of people wear this type of fanny packand they're a little bit more, I don't want to say classier than me, but I feel like they'remore refined than me.

– I'm nervous andexcited so let's do this.

– Today is our fanny pack day and I've decided to change up my style a little bit since I like to show off my curves.

I am going to put my fannypack in place of a belt.

– I kinda have an idea of what I want because this is so like girly and cutesie, I kinda want something a littleless girly to go with it.

Look, a cat.

Yes, I could wear that andjust have a cat on the cat.

Alright, this is the finished look.

Classy, childish, charmish.

– I'm going for moreof a Sporty Spice look.

I think this is how the teens wear it.

(techno music) – Put my glasses in there.


– I just need my fannyto be a little bit bigger so I could hide my stashof Hot Cheetos in there.

– So I've had the fannypack on for a couple hours and I was originally kind of nervous 'cause it is differentfrom what I usually wear.

But, I've had a lot ofvery positive responses! – It's literally you as a fanny pack.

– Yeah, it's you as a fanny pack.

– It's you.

It's like cute.

– What do you have in your fanny pack? – Yeah.

– I want to put little things.

I have all the essentials.

– It's enough whimsy for an adult woman.

You know what I mean? – I think it's a nice little pop.

– It's not as uncomfortableas I thought it would be, but definitely going to the bathroom, I have to strap my fanny pack off.

– I think that with everything, you just gotta rock it with confidence.

– So true.

– And then just show all yourhaters why you're repping it.

– Show 'em my haters.

– If the 90's is gonna come back, I think you have thepower to bring it back.

– I'm really into this fanny pack revival.

– This one to me I've beenseeing a lot of people wear them.

Like this is a belt, legit.

With a fanny pack on itand it's so fashionable, but I don't think this is my realm, and that's why I pickedit because it's different, it's a different style for me.

– Yeah, I feel like thisis a little bit more retro.

– I love this.

This is an outfit I would wear.

Wait, is this mine now? – [Jazz] Yes! – Did I steal it? Bye! – [Jazz] It's cute.

Oh my gosh, that brought your outfit up to a whole new level.

– How are we doing with our fannies? – Great, loving it.

– [Shila] I felt like we werethe fanny pack girls today.

– Yeah it's weird because Ifeel like I don't see a lot of people around the officewearing accessories like this.

– I'm kind of like reallyused to the feeling of it now 'cause at first I was like what is this weird thing around my waist.

– [Jazz] Yeah.

– [Chloe] But now I'm just like”Yeah, this is part of me”.

– [Shila] I felt coolwearing it and I was like, “You know what, I'm into this now!” – [Jazz] I agree, I think I'm definitely gonna wear this again.

– [Shila] Fanny approved? – Fanny approved! – Bumbag approved! – Yes! (techno music).

Street Style Sailor Moon! | Rough Watercolour Pieces & A Chat!

Hello my lovelies! Welcome back.

Today I'll be showing you some fun littlerough watercolours of my favourite manga/anime Sailor Moon! And also just to have a little chat aboutwhat I wanna do with the channel! So please sit back, relax and let's go! With these I kind of had a rough directionin where I wanted to go, you can see me showcasing the sketches but I didn't know whether I wantedto push myself and use Copic Markers or watercolours, or even do this digitally so you can see thisin my first triumph with Usagi.

I'm doing just basic Copic and penwork, butI just – I wasn't feeling it.

You can see that I move eventually back towatercolour.

That's the funny thing about life when youtry and plan too hard I find it's never gonna go the right way! That's the beauty of this piece, I think.

This is me trying to figure out what I wantedto show you guys and I didn't like it, and I probably would've thrown it away back inthe day when I wasn't super confident – I'm really glad I stuck through.

Because now I know what I wanna do, and that'swork again with the watercolour pieces.

In these pieces you can sorta tell that Ihave a fashion background! If you've been thinking that, then you'recorrect! I studied fashion & clothing way before Iknew I wanted to be an illustrator and I think I carry that around with me quite often inmy style.

Whilst I was studying fashion I cosplayedand whilst cosplaying I met so many wonderful friends, including my best friend now andwe shared a love of Sailor Moon! Now sadly I haven't got any photos to showyou of me cosplaying, it was a long time ago! But I didn't cosplay anything from SailorMoon and I wish I could now but I feel like i've kind of messed that up by having so manytattoos! I love Sailor Moon as series, it's just somethingthat inspires me all the time, whenever I pick up a book or watch an episode it's notjust the story and the message, it's everything! The character design, it's all the goofy 90'sfashion, it's just wonderfully in it's own way and I love practicing around with thecharacters, in my own style! So I'm going to do the first five, so that'sSailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Venus and Sailor Jupiter – as well as Sailor Moon.

But also at the end of this, I'm going todo my favourite Sailor Scout which is Sailor Pluto! Love her design, it's amazing.

But I really wanna take the time now and talkto you guys about what I want to do with this channel! I have been watching for the longest timeother art YouTubers and following the vast, exciting community that comes with it.

Everyone is super supportive and I love howit pushes people to experiment more, be able to communicate which I find being an artistcan be very lonely especially if you don't know a lot of people that do art? It can be really hard to talk to people aboutwhat you want to do and it's something some people don't understand – and that's fine! That's why I'm so glad I have found this community! I think it's super great to have people thatcan critique you or maybe encourage you to do something different, and that's kind ofwhat pushed me to make a YouTube channel.

At the beginning it was so I could showcasean online portfolio, because damn those things are expensive! It's really turned into something differentfrom watching other artists like Juicy ink, DoodleDate and Drawing With Waffles – I meanthe list can go on, I will probably list a few of my favourite art YouTubers in the description.

Watching all these fun art challenges andthese big grand pieces that people have done as well, there's so much variety and I reallywanna get onboard with that, it sounds like so much fun! So I'm probably going to be uploading oncea week, but don't hold me to that just yet I'm just gonna see how it goes, because aswell as this I do have an Etsy which I take various commissions and I also sell printsand whatnot.

That's my full time job at the moment really, I'm a freelance illustrator, mainly through that site.

I don't know how the schedule is going togo but I will figure it out eventually! (Laughs) As most people do! For my next video I would love for you guysto sort of suggest something in the comments, I'm going to try and pre-prepare videos likea week ahead, so I think I might have my next one but I would still love to see what youguys want from me, like do you want.



some art challenges? Do you wanna see another big piece? Or maybe I can even draw you guys! It's so up to you I just want to be able tocommunicate as well as me having fun with my art.

I think audience interaction is super fun, I love that.

So cool.

Drop me comment, that'd be great! Now last but not least I'm doing Pluto – Ithink I just want green hair.

I think I want to be her, she's so sleek andcool and in the show I love her crazy lilac skirt suit, I think that's so much fun! You can also see me doing this red checkeredtop which I thought was such a good idea at the time but something about it wasn't rightfor me , so after I do the lines I think.



let's have a look.




There it goes! The top is no longer, I blacked it out becauseI felt like that would look so much cooler.

I wouldn't reccomend people do that if don'tlike something don't black it out, maybe try and make it work but this worked better forme I think.


) So once again, I've rambled.

This time over 7 minutes, bless your poorhearts.

I hope you guys enjoyed it though, I willbe selling prints of these, maybe selling the originals, but yeah, thank you so muchguys! Feel free to leave a comment or subscribe, and I'll see you next time!.

Mumbai's Best Vada Pav || Indian Street Food Series|| Veggiepaaji

Music Mumbai Food Series Music Episode 09Mumbai Pav Music Veggiepaaji.

com Music Hi Guys Tanmay this side from Veggiepaaji And today we are going to eat a really special thing It is a very simple thing but it is something which you wont get anywhere outside Mumbai or Maharashtra in its full glory you wont get anywhere outside Mumbai or Maharashtra in its full glory Currently I live in Delhi But that particular thing I am talking about which is But that particular thing I am talking about which is PAV.

Mumbai's Pav is so special that PAV.

Mumbai's Pav is so special that that you have to experience it to understand the beauty of it that you have to experience it to understand the beauty of it The entire story behind this video wont make sense till you try Mumbai Pav In this video we will eat different types of Vada Pav like regular Batata Pav, Schezwan Vada Pav Cheese Vada Pav Not only we will eat a lot of Vada Pav, in Mumbai but also a lot of combination with Pav Like Chutney(Sauce) Pav, Bhajiya(Fritter) Pav, Chura(Crumple) Pav Samosa Pav and a lot of other Pavs Samosa Pav and a lot of other Pavs This will be a Pav Special Video If you are liking the video so far and comment something crazy and tell me if you have tried Mumbai's Pav because there is day and night different between Mumbai and rest of the World in terms of Pav according to me there is day and night different between Mumbai and rest of the World in terms of Pav according to me And that is the most beautiful thing about Mumbai Food if someone asks me what did you like best in Mumbai? I tell people Nothing but the Mumbai Pav It is so special that you pair it with anything, the dish becomes instantly better This will be a very exciting video.

So Lets start the video without any delay in 3.




1 Music So the first Vada Pav that we will eat that is Schezwan Vada Pav which is very common in Mumbai Schezwan Sauce is very spicy which gives a good flavour Because the Batata Vada is not very spicy here The taste of which was fine but I was looking for something even better and so we went further Music And here you'll find a lot of Jalebi and a lot of Bhaijya(Fritter) like Onion Bhajiya, Potato Bhajiya And this is our second Vada Pav which gets a good amount of Butter.

Here in Mumbai you can customise your Vada Pav significantly Basically Vada Pav is Mumbai's Staple Street Food like in Delhi you get Momos everywhere.

See how the Vada Pav came flying And this Vada Pav is getting grilled It has Schezwan sauce, butter and this is grilled And here you can see Mumbai Pav I was talking to the Shopkeeper trying to understand things and I came to know that 1 Pav is worth Rs 2( 0.

02$) I wanted to carry 15-20 Pav back to Delhi with me I wanted to carry 15-20 Pav back to Delhi with me So I don't forget the taste of this Pav But this Pav becomes Stale in 1 Day Because they are made so Fresh And here comes our second Vada Pav which is grilled Music This was a little too grilled.

Let me known in Comments if it looks like Vada Pav or Sandwich And this is my Friend Rachit who was exploring Pav with me And this is my Friend Rachit who was exploring Pav with me Music And the third Pav that we had was Bhajiya Pav And it was amazing Before coming to Mumbai, I didnt know that inside Pav you can put all these things I thought it was just batata vada in Pav but when I took the first bite of Bhajiya Pav, It was just amazing So Buttery, creamy with schezwan sauce And combine that with Bhajiya Like I told you in the beginning of the Video Put Mumbai Pav in anything, and the dish instantly becomes better Music Now let's move to our next Vada Pav which is Butter, Schezwan and Mint sauce combined which also gets a Cheese Slice So what I did was I took different varieties which made it more clear to me what sauce made the taste come out better and I realised that butter and Schezwan sauce and Mint sauce combination is just amazing This place and all other place shown in this video willl be Google Map linked in Description as always So that you can find them with ease whenever you wish to And this was second best Vada Pav of that Place Of Bansi Vada Pav, Malad Second Best Because the best is yet to come Music So this is the best Vada Pav and it costs only Rs 5( 7 cents) And it is called Chutney( Sauce) Pav It has Butter and Mint Sauce Just that and Nothing else I cant explain its just.

I didnt have any batata Vada or Bhajiya or anything.

Just Pav Butter and Suace.

Incredible Taste It was so amazing to eat this All the food items here costed from Rs 5( 7cents) to Rs 25( 35 Cents) Let's go to our next location which is Ashok Vada Pav in Dadar A lot of you asked me in Community Post to definitely eat here.

So here we are at Ashok Vada Pav to try Authentic Mumbai Vada Pav And this thing here is called Chura which is basically the remains of gram flour when Batata Vada is fried It is so famous at this particular place that that they specially make Chura( Crumble) for Pav It is amazing.

So we are at our second location where we are Having Vada Pav from Ashok Vada Pav and here is their Vada Pav It was very crowded here and it took me 15-20 minutes to get Vada Pav Since they were made fresh, so naturally the waiting was uncontrollable Music Let's taste now.

Priced at Reasonable Rs 25 ( 35 Cents) I have already in love with Mumbai Pav now lets see how is the Batata Vada First Bite, going in Music This Vada Pav is super Spicy Super Crunchy because of this Karara(Crumple) It is amazing Music I can have 10 of these with ease So amazing So good This Vada Pav wins my heart This is the Vada Pav for which I traveled from Delhi to Mumbai This Particular taste Mumbai Wins at this Delhi cant Make this Vada Pav Music So the next location that we are going to is in Malad and you can find the location links in the description And we'll eat a very simple eatery- Schezwan Vada Pav But I believe Best Schezwan Vada Pav in Mumbai is this one I had around 15-20 Vada Pav in Mumbai And the ones in this video are the best of the best Here we just have Schezwan Sauce, Batata Vada and Vada Pav Still for no particular reason with these three common ingredients, I got so amazing taste It was just amazing.

Music Just had super yummy Schezwan Vada Pav for only Rs 12 (17 cents) Mumbai's Vada pav have amazing Pav.

I'll have atleast 5-6 more Pavs before leaving Mumbai It's super fun.

Music So the next thing that we are having is Samosa Pav Yes you heard it right-Samosa and Pav Togther North Indian Samosa and Maharashtra Pav Which I had at Malad Station and you can have at Any Local Station for that Matter this is Samosa Pav and Kokum Drink Which costs Rs 5( 7cents ) Kokum Drinkand Rs 10( 14cents) Samosa Pav This is an amazing combination at Local Station served with Mint sauce and sweet sauce Incredible Combination I'll say it again- Put pav in anything and that dish becomes successful So if you liked this video, then Like the video and Let me know in the Comments that all the Pav that I showed you like Schezwan Vada Pav, Cheese Vada Pav, etc.

Bhajiya Vada Pav, Chutney Vada Pav, Chura Vada Pav, Which one was your favourite among these and would you like to eat these? If you haven't subscribed to the channel then quickly Subcribe Such Yummy Vegetarian Food Videos come 4 Times a Week I, Tanmay, From Veggiepaaji Will now leave in search for some vegetarian Food I'll talk to you in next video.

Till then keep enjoying and stay vegetarian It's not that hard Let's meet in next Video Bye Bye Music.

Childish Gambino (Donald Glover) – Street Style

this cursing okay legs it okay good it's America there was like oh every time I'm in soon album Kiyosaki lose like Marxist attitude come see you know Chuy who said yeah Malik Henry II don't come out in the States they came out in the states in November okay

and where the critics good critic pretty good like I mean seem like pretty much a lot of people liked it some people it was very divisive like which I think was good like it's like it's it wasn't one of those things there everybody was kind of like we

were like what is this or they were like I don't I think that's better than people feeling like no it's not first right yeah I was childish gambino first at the chance camp you know I guess for about seven years like that years I was doing it for

fun he's just putting out albums as a joke kind of like it's just online and stuff and you just started getting more and more popular and how does it feel to finally be able to be childish gambino to be recognized in the world as childish company pretty weird

strange he's like I was is weird to walk down the streets of Beulah Oh child I was like we're like I I always thought like childish gambino was just kind of like even the name wasn't supposed to stick around like the name was a joke then it just

stuck so like it's very fun but it's very weird and we saw a bit of childish gambino in the last community episode for the musical right for the Christmas musical episode yeah the rapper's it was crazy right it was like night it was awesome I was like I

like it to be in a 90s video with like the girls and like the glasses and the life Danni was good yeah Danni was good okay what are you wearing today um well I guess I could start at the bottom the case I'm wearing vans I usually wear

adidas but I I went through I did a concert like a little bit ago and and I didn't have any sneakers and I always perform a sneaker so I went to the store and they only had vans and that was it and I was like oh vans like

I said I was an intern at home and so I put them on I haven't taken them off things like they're now like one of my favorite pairs so they're just regular vans they're comfortable I'm wearing Levi's matchstick jeans they're just like kind of like tighter straight leg

jeans like they wear really well like they they bend in all the right places like I've had these jeans like you hardly ever have to wash them laying it's just like they wear you wear them in really easily I like that yeah I got a kitsune and a

kitsune a sweater and a kitsune they like I love consuming it's like my favorite very comfortable very likely sure leave kind of thing and this jacket I don't know I don't even remember who makes it I just like I remember seeing it and being like cuz it's very

hard the only thing I don't like about is like I usually like ribbing here yeah like I really enjoy ribbing but this one doesn't and I had like I was gonna talk to my friend about putting this ribbing here and she was like no that's too pedestrian like

she's like it's so pedestrian just leave it the way it is socially talk me into leaving it without it and I like it now but I'm a big fan of ribbing on leather so like this is like one of my resin rather like ripping Jackson yeah I like

to hide in my clothes a lot like and I like them fitted but like I feel like I can go like this or like something like that like I feel like I get really strange if I don't have something to put my pockets or a hood or something

so I like the height of – so like I guess it would be like casual like like well there's a dog this is like I but I like casual like clothing that's really like comfortable okay it's done dogs are taking over it if you're watching this and we

need your help too many dogs I'm sorry I'm watching this watching this dog bite a fake turtle and I heard that you covered idles rolling in the deep' I did could you do it for us just to be a capella a little bit I guess I could I

didn't do the singing part but like there's a fire starting in my man reaching the fever pitchers bringing me outside and then usually doesn't mind me of us and keeps me thinking that we almost had it all and then it like goes down a lot and the you

have to see it live it's really cool and then I go in – you think that I'd be up the girls you know I'm not come back to me like hipsters the blogspot let me kiss you on your neck and make your heart stop I give you

new due to fat lip farts I'd I wrote another song I'm not where I belong my eyes water when I see your catalogue I never thought you were a cheater that was all I need to get a hold of my hair jacking off that was really fun get

the dude bad you

20 Minute Street Style PAD THAI

– Oh my God, Siya.

You're gonna die.

It's so good.

– Mm, wow! – Yeah, happy cooking! Look at that, we are experiencing Thailand in our own kitchen.

– Yeah, my mouth is like, my mouth just traveled.

– If you just close youreyes, it's like you're there.

(upbeat music) Hopscotch the Globe isn'tjust about traveling halfway across the worldto experience a culture.

We want to show you that you can bring cultureinto your day-to-day life in the comfort of your homeand one of the greatest ways to do that is by cooking food from different cultures.

Thailand is one of our favorite countries and one of the reasons whyit is, is because the food is so delicious.

I love being able to cookit at home and kind of reminisce about our experiencesthat we've had throughout our travels in Thailand, andget a taste of the country just in Canada.

In my own kitchen and that'swhat I wanna bring to you guys.

These recipes are really easyto make and super delicious, authentic, I learned how to make them on the streets of Bangkok.

So let's get cookin' somePad Thai, we're going to make some mango sticky rice, and some Thai iced tea.

First up, we're going to makesome street style Pad Thai.

This is a super simple, fast recipe.

You can make it in under20 minutes, easily.

So, if you're looking forsomething to cook tonight, that doesn't take long, is super delicious, and very cultural, PadThai is the way to go.

For the Pad Thai itself, youare going to need: shallots, fresh chives, tofu, ricestick noodles, bean sprouts, palm sugar, an egg, somepeanuts, and sesame seeds.

Okay, so I'm gonna chop up some tofu now.

You wanna rinse your tofubecause it's got all this, liquidy stuff, and we don't want that.

Yes, you might hear ababy in the background.

She wants Pad Thai, she'slike, “Mom, Pad Thai, now!” And she's only three months, what? What's really cool is PadThai, the whole history of it is very interesting, it was during World War II, there was a shortage in rice.

So the government was encouraging people to use noodles instead.

And then, there was this, at the time too, the prime minister, waswanting to make Thailand more independent, andmore, like, Westernized.

So, one of the ways hewanted to do that was to hold a cooking competition.

They held a competition, a cooking competition, and one of the dishes was Pad Thai.

That is when it was made.

And it became the national dish.

The government even gavefree food stall carts to restaurants that were willingto cook and sell Pad Thai in the streets.

So, that's pretty cool.

Now it's a national dish, it's like people travel to Thailand to have authentic Pad Thai.

It's a staple, it's on every menu.

To save time, soak the ricenoodles before you start cutting everything else up.

I forgot to do that.

So, you can just soak themin some filtered water before you throw them on the pan to cook.

As they get soft, I'm justgonna push them down more, but I'll set that aside for now.

Before I get cookingeverything, frying all this up, the onions and the tofu andthat, I am going to make the Pad Thai sauce.

For the Pad Thai sauce you'regonna need: palm sugar, fish sauce, tamarind concentrate.

I'm using this ginger tamarind sauce mix which I really like, 'cause I love ginger.

And sriracha, sha-ra-ra-racha.

You know what I'm talkin' about.

You're gonna wanna bringthe sauce to a boil.

So, we're gonna turn that up.

As soon as it startsbubbling, I'm gonna turn it right off and take thesauce off the burner.

Does that smell yummy? You can't try it yet though.

Maybe a little bit, alittle bit of the sauce.

What do you think? This part happens really fast.

So, I'm just taking some coconut oil, so I can fry up the onion and the tofu.

I put in the shallot andI'm gonna add in the tofu.

Not the green onions just yet.

Hey, green onion got in there.

Sneaky guys, that's okay.

Okay, while that tofu gets anice golden brown, I wanted to share that you don't haveto constantly be traveling to experience a culture.

That's not realistic for most people.

Most people only have acouple weeks, three weeks out of the year to traveland experience a new culture.

But, you can do it in thecomforts of your own home, and a great way to dothat is through food.

So, that's why we arecooking today and we're gonna be doing more cookingtutorials and cooking videos on this channel.

I'm just gonna drain out this water.

(water splashing) That's pretty good for right now, yeah.

All right, I'm gonna add in the noodles.

Whoop! (sizzling) Along with 1/4 cup of water.

Just let the noodles get nice and soft.

Do a little dance, makea little love, and wait.

I'm letting the noodles cookfor about five minutes or so.

If you're adding egg, whichyou would in the traditional street Pad Thai, you pushthe noodles and the tofu to the side and then justcrack the egg in the other side of the pan.

(sizzling) I'm just gonna let that cook up.

Now we're gonna add in the sauce.

(sizzling) Mm, that looks so good.

It smells amazing.

Buying all these ingredientsisn't that expensive either.

It's a very affordable dish to make.

Especially if you have a bigfamily or you have friends coming over and you want to impress them.

(baby cooing) Yeah! Throw those in, bam! Thai, Thai (laughing) Ky isgetting a little impatient she wants her Pad Thai.

That is done, we can setit aside and move on.

(upbeat music) The hardest part about thisis (laughing) not eating all of the mango beforehand.

Maybe just a little piece is okay, right? Oh, mm, mm! We also have some waterboiling for the Thai iced tea which we are gonna be making.

I'm gonna add four tablespoonsto two cups of water.

You can add more dependingon how strong you want it.

I find four tablespoonsto two cups of water is perfect for my preference.

It smells heavenly in here.

I can smell the riceand I can smell the tea.

The mixture of the two, thecombination, is like making this whole place smell so delicious.

So sweet.

Now that the coconut milkand sugar/salt combination has come to a boil, I turned it right off and I'm going to transferthe rice, the sticky rice, into this pot.

And also, make sure it'staken off the burner.

I'm gonna let the riceabsorb the coconut milk.

I'm gonna leave it covered, in the pot, for about 30 minutes.

I'm gonna finish off theThai iced tea and then we can have our Thai iced tea, eatour Pad Thai, and by the time that's all done, ourdessert will be ready.

What I'm gonna do is, I'mgonna pour the tea into my French press.

You can also use cheesecloth to do this.

I just find that the frenchpress is a lot easier and a lot less messy.

So, then I can sift itthrough, right away.

That is some dark tea, just the way I like it.

And look at that beautiful orange color.

It's so pretty! Ooh! And I can actually add somemore ice to this because it's already melted.

(baby fussing) So good! Oh my God! Mm, I might not share with Siya.

And that is it, we gotthree Thai experiences for my taste buds to dance over.

We're gonna devour it in a sec.

But before I do, I wantedto let you know that the recipes, all therecipes, are up on our blog, hopscotchtheglobe.

com, you can click on the icard and it will take youover there, you can look in the description boxbelow and click the link, it'll take you there as well.

And you can find the fullrecipes for the mango sticky rice as well as the Thai iced tea, and I've also includedthe Pad Thai on there.

So, if you are a reader, wholike to read as they cook to see step by step instructions, head on over to our blog, check it out, and leave a comment.

Let us know what youthink of all these meals and what your taste budsthought of all these meals.

The only thing left to do is eat.

That is big.

(laughing) Oh that's good.

Mm, mm, mm, mm.

Topped it with some peanutsand some sesame seeds, mm, that is good.

Thai iced tea.


And last but not least, mango sticky rice.

Oh my God.

Oh my God! Siya, you're gonna die.

It's so good.

It's good.

– Mm! – Yeah.

– Mm, mm! Wow!- Happy cooking! Look at that, we're experiencing Thailand in our own kitchen.

– Yeah, my mouth is like, my mouth just traveled.

– You just close your eyesit's like you're there.

– Wow.

– Mm, so good.


Internet & Streetstyle, A Fashion Week Converation/Garance Doré: Pardon My French

the other day I met with you with my friend Samira Kate and Caroline of course we talked about Fashion Week's I was curious to know how they felt change let's you know is a blogger who reviews fashion shows and collections as credible as somebody like this is or

a capybara do you even look at the news when you lie I kind of don't want a review to like suede away I feel about collection section but you know if you go there and you double right and then the reviews not amazing or something I don't think

that that should change you which is where where it's interesting when the covers are playing things because I think they kind of speak more normal in Toomer yeah is it consumer like the biggest critic like isn't it that actually sound if you salad you yes I rather season

I still respect it they say but even their collections that I love as a quarter onto my lifestyle or how I shop or however close but I can still won't love it so designers we're not doing things personally know we always resist the nuñez we know you have

that nostalgia for wailings work you know from your place like fashion is changing but it's not just a little part here you know like oh boy each of the shows is complicated or you know the front row have different people than they actually wherever you go that aren't

in like a major fashion city I mean I was going on and and it's because they're champions right they can access English and there is also life stream yeah changing because now everybody can see that shows of the same time how does it change the way you work

when I'm stuck in traffic stressing about getting into his show I wish something I've had I can I just watch the show on my ipod but then again there are certain shows that I would never give up the physical experience of seeing it's just not the same you

can't beam texture you can't be my way to the fabric I mean it's definitely really it's great it's great for like customers a lot of these brands you know send out emails beforehand so like everyone that their end up on that email you know and I think it's

really amazing to include us experience I was wondering if you ever look at the pictures people take a feel like I can terrible cuz they have a lot of issue you just take like that yeah obviously that's like websites and that other one those ones that make you

think maybe that yeah on Twitter pictures when you're looking at your eye to do it because I try to stay true to what I started but things change over so much that you know I like to take my time and curtisha picture when it kill it's a moment

one hour later it's all over Internet – oh it's nice measuring right now you want a special piece of content that you know there is definitely more pressure to dress up during the show and that's been like the last five years I'm a businessman a businessman how the

magazine that I have to run and I have a wonderful team that you know you know you actually make sure that you survive publishing and that first and foremost free it's sort of Who I am no it's trying to keep the business going and growing and it's a

funny balance because you don't always have Newlands because you do get photographed yeah and like yeah there's that pressure er not wear the same thing guys definitely now I do I don't think I did even three years right now I definitely feel a little more you know the

snowstorm totally unprepared yes so I got a beer advance and I warped the same boots for like three days and then you know same tops and t-shirts and jackets and pants and I will silver shoes yesterday Yeah right but it was not like that when I started so

I found it more about 70 you know the way you tie your scarf or something like that I know it's like a more editorial yeah I move on what you can see almost in your baggage even if I wouldn't wear 76 colors at once and I love being

around people who are excited about valuing whether or not it corresponds to what I write but what's wrong with being around a bunch of people that work get up in the morning and want to get dressed yeah fun of me for sure means I see like when you

take a picture of something there's literally 76 bloggers behind mm what is she taking a picture of I wanted that too when I started if you were taking a picture of someone nobody would come behind you right it was kind of a respect other person we were adding

more time to people like you know actually you know ask you can we go there that PA that way and everything for a few years it was still respected that when you were taking a picture yeah why did you take the exact same picture it doesn't like that's

in camera in fact sometimes I get run over especially in London yeah yes so many people just hanging around there our is say everyone know it's search very crazy in London it's kind of crazy that way yeah has it ever happened to you that a lot of people

a few pictures in so many of them inside for you she loves herself some inside I really do I like it's fun and you see where people are when you're newing and I know I love that conversation I think I can't feel that it because I'm too jealous


Indonesian Street Style Food | Best INDONESIAN FOOD in LA

hey how's it going everyoneSteve once again from rock star eater here in Culver City which is one of thecool spots in LA.

And today I'm once again on an adventure to try some of thebest and most unique foods in the city Today I'm gonna be trying Indonesianfood.

Indonesian food is something that I haven't really had too much, so Ithink this might be like the second time that I'm having it in my life.

Here at this restaurant called Simpang Asia which is what a lot of people callpossibly the best Indonesian restaurant in LA, serving some of that authenticIndonesian food which is pretty hard to find in a lot of cities because we'revery acquianted with like Asian foods like Japanese food and Chinese food and ofcourse some Pacific Island food like Filipino food, so today I wanted to showyou guys exactly like what Indonesian food is like to show you what dishes youshould try, and to help you find of course some of the spot hotspots here inLA.

If you like what I'm doing on this channel, then please subscribe to rockstar eater and stick all the way to the end so that you can see what all thisamazing Indonesian cuisine is all about.

Simpang Asia has a really cool historybecause apparently when this restaurant started, it started in about 2002 as likea grocery store, and they cater to mostly like students that are kind of likearound the UCLA area.

And keep in mind that this is one of very few Indonesianrestaurants on the west side of Los Angeles.

And then when this restaurant orthis grocery store became really popular they quickly became a restaurant in notime.

Like I think it's in 2003 that this grocery store became a restaurant.

Theyexpanded their seating so all of this in the back of me used to be part of thegrocery store, but now it's no longer a grocery store.

Now it's a restaurantwhere they have pretty much seats and they have full-on menu.

So nowit's a bona fide Indonesian restaurant.

I'm here in the kitchen of an Indonesianrestaurant here at Simpang and this is such a big kitchen.

They have like somuch going on here with like four different woks behind me and they have like a grill right over there and they have like a salad bar right hereand another area that's right in front of me of course.

So yeah.

I'm going to beshowing you guys how they cook some of this food, this Indonesian food here atSimpang.

So what they're cooking here now is called the Mei Tek Tek, which Ihope I'm pronouncing that right.

It's kind of like the Indonesian version ofchow mein, but much tastier you know, wok stirred and all that stuffso of course very Asian influenced.

so they give you a little bit of anoverview about Indonesian food, apparently it's very similar tolike Malaysian and Singaporean food, like all within that southeastern region, butit has a little bit of a different style of presentation.

And Indonesian food ifyou look at it, it really does look like there were a lot of differentinfluences in it.

Like you can see a little bit of the Chinese influence, youcan see some of the Indian influence, you can see some of, from what I heard, likeDutch influence, like from Europe as well and all of that combines to make thisreally interesting, exotic food that I'm about to eat right now.

Well starting off, there's like a cool drink that I got today called the Es Cendol.

This issomething I've never heard of before this is like a coconut milk with likesugar and pandan jelly, pandan jelly which is something that I don'tremember if I've ever had before, but it does sound very appetizing yes that's great I love it as like acoconut flavor to it milky sweet and then the jelly itself.

Sothis is the lemper.

I hope I'm pronouncing that right.

I'm gonna bebutchering everything.

Lemper, which is their sticky rice with the chickeninside.

This is not a dessert.

This is an appetizer which is popular in Indonesia.

This is nice.

it's like shredded chicken that's insideof it and sticky rice, had it before of course in Chinese cuisine and it's kindof sweet too.

There's like a little bit of a sweetness inside that I didn'tquite expect but it overall has a really nice flavor.

I really like the savorinessof this chicken that's inside here, the shredded chicken that comes along withthis rice, it's like a really good combination.

So how this is eatenin Indonesia is that they have like a huge like circular plate and this one is likethe less epic version, kind of like a scaled-down version so it could be alittle bit more like restaurant friendly especially if you're just eating it byyourself, but if you're going to go to Indonesia it will like be huge, it wouldbe like a big big thing, and where you'll be served at festivals and people caneat like all around it, which is really cool.

It soundsreally fun actually.

I'm gonna have a little festival myself just eating thisright now.

In terms of the way that they presented here, you got thiscylindrical turmeric coconut rice, the turmeric coconut rice which ischaracteristic of this festival rice in Indonesia and some of this chicken sautewith some shredded eggs and we got the sambal egg whichis something I'm going to be having for the first time, and fried noodles which ithink is pretty much like the Mei Tek Tek that i just had, and some ofthat beef.

Oh boy I don't want to break this, look at how beautiful this thing looks? Maybe just take it off at the top like this.

Well there goes the cone right there what about some of that chicken sauteright there? delicious coconut flavor isn't that socool? Like a really nice coconut flavor to this, so that means it's kind of sweet and then the beef.

So this is like a bigpiece of beef stew.

This looks really delicious oh wow yeah this one's pretty good.

It's likeit's soft, its flavorful, it's nicely stewed.

This is the nasi bungkus, sothis thing right here which is like wrapped in this banana leaf, supposed tohave like eight different kinds of things in here.

So I'm gonna unwrap it soI can show you guys what's in here.

It's like you know the sticky rice in Chinese dim sum? It's like that butbigger and it has like a lot more going on in there, a lot more ingredients inthere.

The rice is very good.

I'm gonna try some of that chicken curry, that piece ofchicken.

There's like a piece of chicken thigh in here Very nice chicken curry, verytasty.

And the rice has some of that flavor from that egg that I justhad earlier, the cymbal egg.

this is like such an interesting dish.

Imean I never really had anything like it it's like you open this banana leaf andyou like so many different kinds of foods and flavors in here, everythingfrom like the egg to the chicken to like the curry to the cymbal taste andthen you got some of the vegetables.

I mean this right here, it's like a wholemeal in of itself with so many different things going on and they all worktogether pretty beautifully.

what my overall impression is that firstof all I'm really impressed with the food.

I like it a lot it's very flavorful, very nice spices and different flavors going on.

I would say it's very close to Thai food, but with a lot more coconut andsweeter, like more of that Islander type of feel to it, like maybe just kind oflike some Thai with some Indian but mixed with a lot of like Islandercuisine influences, like what the coconuts and you know the fruits andeverything like that.

So I think that's the best way that I can explainIndonesian food, which apparently is also very similar to Malaysian andSingaporean food.

But overall a rocking rocking experience here at Simpangrestaurant and one that I would definitely recommend if you are in thearea.

With this huge feast that I had, oh man like, there's just so much good foodthat you can try from in Indonesian cuisine and a sample of what you wouldfind if you were to travel to Indonesia and want to try some of that rockingfood in that country.

Anyways I hope you've enjoyed this episode of rock stareater.

If you've liked this episode, then please give me a thumbs up.

Just hit thatthumbs up button and comment below if you have any favorite Indonesian foodsespecially in this episode, anything that caught your eye or maybe any otherdishes that you can recommend for me and all of us to try.

And finally pleasesubscribe to Rockstar eater.

All you have to do isgo down to the bottom right hand side click the subscribe button as well as thenotification bell, and you'll be getting these episodes on a weekly basis.

Sountil next time I hope you have a rockin day and that you'll try some of thisrockin Indonesian food someday soon.

Street Tattoos – Mona, 24 ans

Alright You know what I mean, you remember We are with Mona Hello Hi.

For real, it is not your real voice I have loads.

You are not facing the camera? facing the camera? It's because there's someone else.

I don't know, do you want me to be there? How are you Mona? I'm very well For the followers of Madmoizelle who never saw you on Madmoizelle, you did a Street Style video a long time ago.

4 years ago Mona, you're Belgian? Yes, still.

And 4 years ago, you were a medical student? Yes.

And now, you? Still a medical student.

Still?? Yes, I'm starting my 6th year now.

It takes some time.

Yes, that's true, it take some time.

Lots of time.

How is it going then? It's alright.

I still want to be a doctor.


Because before, you were a fashion blogger? Yeah but studying medicine take lots of time.

Healing people, saving lives, it takes more than 2 hours a day.

So, the blog.



I stopped pretty quickly.

I understand.

There is a lot of people in this yard.

I don't know what you think about it.

You've got an audience.

So you're spending your weekend in the capital? In Paname (Paris).

You're going to meet the boyfriend of.


? No, my boyfriend's brother.

And you used an expression that I did not know.

I'm from the north of France and I know lots of belgian people.

Yes, but you won't insult each other.


A frouz! What's a frouz? A frouz is a french person.

It is a bit rude.

But I say it with lots of love, obviously.

As my boyfriend is a frouz.

I won't insult him.

So do you call him frouz? The French, the baguette also.

In your first Street Style, you had one tattoo.

In 2009.




Since then, you told me just before I have 15 now.

Maybe more, I don't know.

We can count them together.

We will count them together! Ok, alright.

Yes with great pleasure.

So first, I got this one.

That was my first one.

I got it when I was 19.


Here is a rose I got recently.

All of these were done in Brussels.

with different tattoo artists.

Here is a swallow.

It's my second tattoo.

Then, oh yeah, as I explained to you Here is my beautiful bruise from a blood sample.

Thank you, thank you.

You said people didn't dare asking you.


Yes, they didn't dare asking me how I did why or how I did that.

It looks like domestic violence.

Do you bruise like this? No luckily, I don't What happened then? I think he pierced the vein.

Blood everywhere Impressive Thank you, thank you Here is an arrow done in Krakow.

2 years ago.

To know in which direction you need to go? Yes, an arrow in Krakow.

Here are my new ones.

I got them 2 days ago Jean Philippe Burton.

At Purple Sun in Brussels.

The more you get tattooed, the bigger the tattoos are Yes, that's right.

You start with little tattoos as you don't want to be covered.

And finally, I want to be covered That's why I started to get bigger tattoos Here is my “Made Of Stone” Song of the Stone Roses Here is my crow and his amethyst Done by Jean Philippe who also did both beetles Here is my brother's eye I got it in LA a year ago Your brother's eye? Yeah, that's his eye I've got his eye and he's got mine Really? Ok It took some time But we did it, 12 hours in a tattoo studio we took it in turns I have a diplodocus Yes, sir Why? Why a diplodocus? Why? You really want to know Because he is a vegetarian like me And he was the king of the dinosaurs And, because, I like the evolution Science too Why not represent the evolution with my little dinosaur? ok In my neck, I got “Still Ill” somewhere, I don't know where it is just there Can you feel it? Thank you It didn't hurt when they did it so I cannot tell where it is It's stupid, isn't? It is a smiths' song There somewhere, I have a palm tree.

I got it in LA too.

Higher Have a look It's a palm tree But people don't realize it is a palm tree They think it is a magical wand Why is it so small? Yes I took a picture from a .










a Polaroid camera And there was a palm tree on the picture I took I like it so let's get it tattooed My mum also got it as we went to LA together ok That's an ugly tattoo ugly? Yes, it's very ugly.

It is a minus Yes, it doesn't seem like it Because I also have a plus on the other side Because I am a livewire! There's a lot of meaning behind it but I don't like it anymore because it isn't done properly and it hurt for 3 hours to get it done on the ribs, not very pleasant and next to it, a friend of mine did a skeleton who is praying but it's not finished I need another one on the other side I haven't done it yet as the ribs hurt badly the last two tattoos A cat-octopus! Octopussy!! I drew it it's my cat I like it, it's cool Really, people usually hate it It's not great, a bit dull So I also got a small eye with it Why? How? The tattoo artist who did the octopus did it as I didn't get enough So I thought I'd do another one on my toe! So I got a small eye Yes, yes Are you looking to get your whole body done? Yes, I think Let's meet in 4 years then You won't recognize me Thank you very much Mona You're welcome It was nice to see you again I'm not even cold No, it's lovely now We're good See you soon! Subtitles by the Amara.

org community.

Review Street Wear Style Thời trang đường phố Việt Nam của người Hàn Quốc / Vietnam Street Fashion

Hi everyone! Do you know what is the most popular male style in Vietnam? in my opinion It seems to be “street style” the specialty of Vietnam which has HOOT summer all day and it goes well with specialty of man which like to wear comfortable wear I think that is reason why street fashion is very popular in Vietnam.

So today, Let's review those who have a nice street style among the men I met on the street This is the first hot luceterian candidate.

his style is just obvious, the typical style of STREET FASHION With loose fit pants, overfit t-shirts, hats, sneakers, and various colorful details It can be considered as a classic street fashion.

The most impressive thing about his style is I can say that it is an “intense” point With a very strong and colorful print and wearing a red colored hat just like a red t-shirt.

It is impressive to see a lot of gorgeous feelings passionately Unfortunately, if you look at his earphones he is using his earphone as kind of accessory like necklace just like many people does from years ago but now we have ” airpod ” ! (I want to do an Aipod advertisement.



)contact me apple ! Wouldn't it be nice if he used an airpod and feel more simple? This is the second hot Luceterian candidate.

If the first candidate is a summer street fashion feel He wore a long sleeve like spring and autumn And if the first person used a very intense color This is a darker color match so can feel more seasonal taste and a little calmer than first candidate As you can see, it's a slightly dark color match overall.

Also because it is a long cargo pants pants and long sleeves It may be a problem that it may look hot.

but he wore Air Jordan 1 Satin Sheltered Backboard (Orange color) Also, there is a stripe pattern of similar color in the top so even It's a long-sleeved and dark color, it's impressive to coordinate it so it doesn't look hot If I have to say one thing , then maybe there were some dust on his top? I'm the next hot Lucternian candidate.

It seems to be just coordinated with a comfortable sweatshirt but it feels more stylish than wearing a jacket or forma stylel as much as possible.

In particular, I feel a lot of Korean style from his style It's a style often seen in Korean downtown, you can often see in Korea.

the impressive thing about his style is its the color match and color combination which can see at first sight he seems to have a very good understanding of color combinations Especially if you look behind those adidas training pants he has a very trendy digestion of the new design with the back opening.

If I have to say one suggestion, This color combination was so good but If you look at this thumbnail, it has a pink manicure I am not saying Manicure is bad, but that Pink color doesn't really suit the overall look lets check out Today's last hot Lucterian candidate.

It's a comfortable style that goes well with skate Boarder in hot weather.

All up and down are black but the short-sleeved hooded sweatshirt has a vintage color that seems to be a washed out so It is noticeable to see that color adds a vintage mood overall.

Due to the nature of the boarder who needs to ride the skate board, its nice to see small details as it does not interfere with the activity such as he got styled with small details like the embroidery on the hat and Because of the nature of the border, they sweat a lot but his style looks natural even if sweat a lot moreover, I think this style is fully completed when its with a skateboard.

so I think that is most impressive thing on his style, comofortable but also trendy with small details My suggestion would be.



skaters wear a lot of hats because If you have long hair, it may obscure your vision.

So I think that's why he also wore a hat too But if I was him Vietnam's weather is very hot, especially in Ho Chi Minh In this hot summer day, wearing a beanie on short sleeves and shorts.


? I think the downside is that it may look a bit hot Now, today we have met 4 hot Luceterian candidates Everyone has their own style and Each of them had their own street style.

but who is Today's hot luceterian I choose ?! The third candidate, @ peaceex1! I was impressed by his high sense of coloring, and way to show own details Especially since I am Korean , His style is very familiar to me thats why I choose him as Hot Luceterian Next time, we'll review another concept of luceterians! subscribe likes Notification settings bye! Hen gap lai.


Hello friends, today we will prepare Mumbai street style Pav Bhaji recipe with a healthy twist so let's check the pav bhaji recipe but first SUBSCRIBE `KHANA DUMDAAR' and press the bell icon Like and Share my recipes.

This is Tina with you.

to make street style Pav Bhaji Recipe, here I take vegetables boiled with normal salt 4 medium sized potatoes 1 small sized cauliflower and 2 medium sized carrots 2 medium-sized tomatoes cut into small pieces a handful of fresh chopped coriander leaves 1 medium-sized green capsicum cut into small pieces 150 grams fresh peas, you can use frozen peas 3 medium-sized onions cut into small pieces In masalas we need, asafoetida ginger garlic paste, kashmiri red chili powder pav bhaji masala, turmeric powder, salt green chilies cut into small pieces main ingredients for pav bhaji recipe is bread and refined oil and butter friends, Street style Pav bhaji generally prepared in a large tawa but I don't have such one thus I use a large Kadai for Pav Bhaji Recipe today I like to give a street style flavor to this pav bhaji recipe first preheat kadai for a while now add capsicum cut into small pieces and saute it on high flame Mumbai Street style Pav Bhaji prepared in this way at first no butter or oil is added after 2 minutes add 150 grams fresh peas saute it again today I am following street style process for the preparation of pav bhaji but this pav bhaji recipe will be prepared with a healthy twist keep watching and you will come to know same color and flavor of Mumbai street style pav bhaji after 2 – 3 minutes of stirring add 2 tablespoons of butter 3 medium-sized tomatoes cut into small pieces 3 green chilies cut into small pieces and 1 tablespoon ginger garlic paste now saute this mixture for 5 minutes on medium flame here I am adding 2 tablespoons water o soften vegetables now saute all vegetables for 4 – 5 minutes street style food recipes are unique but these are very tasty today I am following street style pav bhaji recipe thus I am preparing pav bhaji without covering it same as Mumbai street pav bhaji after 5 minutes add a handful of fresh chopped coriander leaves add 4 boiled potatoes mashed with hand 2 mashed boiled carrots and 1 medium sized cauliflower mix all boiled vegetables on high flame now mash all vegetables with a potato masher mash all vegetables very well in Mumbai street style pav bhaji, we cannot recognize each vegetable which exactly used in the pav bhaji to get that texture we need to mash all vegetables red food color is used in pav bhaji recipe to get the beautiful color of pav bhaji but I am giving a healthy twist here I am not using any food color in this pav bhaji recipe here I use 1 medium sized boiled beetroot to get the color of the bhaji and mash it this beetroot gives color to this pav bhaji and it will be healthy too all vegetables are mashed very well now cook all vegetables for 2 – 3 minutes on medium flame then keep aside this vegetable mixture in a plate now add 1 tablespoon refined oil into the kadai and add 1 tablespoon butter butter won't burn if it mixed with refined oil lower the flame after melting the butter now add 3 medium sized onions cut into small pieces and saute it for 3 – 4 minutes on medium flame after stirring onion for 3 – 4 minutes when the color of onion changes to pinkish brown then add 1 tablespoon ginger garlic paste 1 teaspoon Kashmiri red chili powder 1 teaspoon turmeric powder 2 teaspoons Pav Bhaji masala salt to taste 1/4 teaspoon asafoetida and 1 teaspoon sugar ( optional) now add 1/2 lemon juice now saute all masala on medium flame add 2 tablespoons water to prevent burn and saute all masala after stirring for 2 – 3 minutes on medium flame add 2 tablespoons water again and stir masalas till oil start separating from the masala after mixing all masala for 3 – 4 minutes when it release a sweet smell and when oil start separating, then add mashed vegetables now mix up all vegetables with masala on medium flame you can adjust salt as per your taste after mixing all vegetables with masala, add 1/2 cup water first and mix all ingredients now lower the flame and cook vegetables and mash it friends if you don't have potato masher then you can use backside of the stainless glass and it gives the same result now add 1/2 cup water again and mix now cook pav bhaji vegetables for 3 – 4 minutes on medium flame till the boiling starts you can see the color of the pav bhaji looks great and it tastes just like street style pav bhaji now add another 1/2 cup water for the final mixing and lower the flame and mix all vegetables here I use total 1 and 1/2 cup water for the preparation of Bhaji friends Bhaji is almost ready, now stir it to boil friends, its starts boiling so bhaji for street style pav bhaji is ready now prepare bread or Pav for the pav bhaji recipe like street style thus I use iron tawa for the preparation of pav after preheating tawa for a while add 1 teaspoon butter after melting butter add freshly chopped coriander leaves and add 2 tablespoons bhaji mix all now cut the breads and put on the bhaji and put bhaji into the bread and toast bread with the bhaji now add butter and roast pav bhaji for a while so friends pav is ready now let's go for the delicious plating so friends Mumbai Street Style Pav Bhaji Recipe is ready with a little healthy twist sprinkle freshly chopped coriander leaves and serve this pav bhaji with butter and lemon try this pav bhaji recipe at home.

Thank You.




How Luxury Streetwear Shaped Calabasas | Style Out There | Refinery29

I might wear this hat.

I’m having a really bad hair day, so I might wear this out.

What? You’re having a bad hair day? Yeah.

It’s been three days since I got a blowout, so.

Sweatpants used to be the clothes you wore when no one was looking.

So, how have they become the clothes you wear when you want to stand out? 6 a.


October 8th.

Hypebeasts across the country from LA to New York are lining up for one thing: Yeezy’s Calabasas Track Pants.

It’s the latest collab between Kanye West and Adidas.

The last drop sold out in minutes.

Alright, everybody’s entitled to one pair.

I wanted to know why, and if any of these superfans even know what Calabasas is.

I know that all the famous people live there, all the rich people.

Just a laid-back island, just chillin’.

I don’t know.

Luis knows more.

If you have heard of Calabasas, it’s probably because of its most famous residents.

If you haven’t, you should know that it is not an island.

It is a suburb, 30 miles outside of Los Angeles.

Damn! Damn! So how did Hip-Hop and streetwear become associated with Calabasas? If there is one person in this line who can help me understand the obsession, it’s this guy.

Meet Adam.

A streetwear collector, Kanye’s number one fan, and a Calabasas native.

So Calabasas is every other suburb that you’ve ever been in in America.

It is full of strip malls and banks and parking lots— very, very nice ones, don’t get me wrong, but I’m actually a little bit underwhelmed.

This is not really what I was expecting, tbh.

Maybe I just need a little insider insight.

This is awesome.

You are officially on the Calabasas gated community tour.

I’ve lived here now for almost 29 years.

These are the streets that made me, me.

Adam has seen Calabasas change from a conventional suburb to a celebrity haven.

This is like a casino entrance.


With neighborhoods so exclusive, they’re not exactly camera-friendly.

Just so you know.

So we have now entered Hidden Hills.

And I know Hidden Hills.

Yes you do.

Why do I know Hidden Hills? Well, you might have seen it while you were watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

There’s a little-known artist named Drake who lives in here.

I think I’ve heard of him too.

But it’s not just the Kardashians and Drake.

It’s like.




Justin Bieber, the Weeknd, bench players for the Lakers.

If you live here, you’ve made it.

Is it a more diverse group of people who are moving in, or is it more of the same? No! It is.

I mean, it was definitely a very predominantly white community very early on.

Over time, it’s become a lot more diverse and I love it.

Adam feels Calabasas has gotten more diverse.

And it has.



by two percent.

But it’s still less diverse than Beverly Hills.

The only thing that’s changed is the perception of Calabasas.

If you google “Calabasas style, ” this is what you get which is not exactly cool.

So how did we come to associate Calabasas with a style that looks like this? I’m hoping these girls can explain this disconnect.

I did not grow up in this lifestyle, you know, the big houses, the fancy cars, trying to keep up with the people around me.

I think it’s pretty good for me, actually.

Bella is a force.

She moved here three years ago when her mom got a job as a producer on— you guessed it, Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Bella works hard to maintain a luxury lifestyle.

You’re gonna be all set.

Unlike most of her friends, she has a job as a rep for a beauty and skincare line.

She started styling and hopes to turn it into a full-time career.

And oh yeah, and she’s still in high school.

And you can wear this with anything.

You can dress it up, you can dress it down.

And have you always dressed in this kind of way, where it’s like— I mean, I always have.

I remember I showed up to picture day in black sweatpants and a band t-shirt in fourth grade and everyone was like, “What’s wrong with you?” But if I did that now, it would be a really cute outfit.


It doesn’t feel Californian to me though.

No, it’s not.

But where did it come from? Did you just like it or were you reading magazines? I really liked it.

I also walk around, just downtown in Washington Heights.

My mom, especially when she was young, you find pictures of her in cutoff shorts and little crop tops.

I was like, “Oh my god.

That’s so cute!” Bella’s streetwear style actually comes from the streets: from her roots in New York.

Her best friend Amanda’s style comes from Instagram.

A lot of my style inspiration comes from a lot of the celebrities.

I saw celebrities wearing it all over social media.

Social media’s a big part of my life.

Even though Amanda has lived in Calabasas most of her life, like Bella, she felt like an outsider.

Growing up here, it’s kind of been difficult.

I was the only African American in my kindergarten class.

Kids were bullying me because I was different.

But the perception of Calabasas is changing and so is Amanda’s place in it.

She is now an insider with over 23, 000 followers on Instagram.

A few of my best friends, we’re bringing the street style to Calabasas.

And then can I get the mango banana pineapple smoothie? Don’t you find it weird that Calabasas style— it’s streetwear too but this place doesn’t feel all that street to me.

No, no it is not.

Well how do you think that happened? A lot of the celebrities, I feel like, whether it’s Kylie Jenner or I don’t know… I feel like, yes, a lot of the girls in Calabasas look up to Kylie Jenner but that doesn’t make.



that doesn’t mean all of us look up to Kylie Jenner to dress.


So a lot of the streetwear and the style that Calabasas is known for comes from black culture but you grew up predominantly surrounded by white people.

How do you make sense of that? I think that a lot of the controversy comes from culture appropriation.

It’s just like — Kylie Jenner’s going to wear a do-rag and it’s cool now but if I wear a do-rag it’s gonna be ghetto.

The girls bring up an interesting point: the roots of this style are not in Hidden Hills, and we shouldn’t ignore that.

The style has been imported by Kanye West and people like him and then adopted by his neighbors.

Okay! We’re gonna get you into some street chic fashion, okay? I decided in order to truly understand Calabasas style, I had to walk a mile in see-thru shoes, courtesy of Ramee Randall, a celebrity stylist who’s worked with hip hop greats including Tyga, J.

Lo, and Diddy.

She puts together their outfits for major fashion moments like music videos and red carpets.

When we think of streetwear, I don’t go to Calabasas.

You know what I mean? Calabasas is new money but they’re actually getting their visuals from the hood.

Do this dress.

That’s cute.

This is cute, right? But then we’ll make it street, throwing this on top.

Super cute, super chic, super now.

Watching Ramee pull pieces, I’m starting to get it.

The Calabasas look is 90s hip hop: sexy but comfortable and full of hidden symbols that nod to how expensive or relevant the look actually is.

There’s a lot of fabric.

And yet I feel like I need more fabric.

No! You don’t.

You won’t.

This is about comfort, style, and fit.

I trust you.

I trust you.

I’m so scared.

As I throw on this fur hoodie, I see that the style is a lot more calculated than I thought.

Each element of this outfit feels new, but it comes from a throwback reference.

But that reference seems to be getting lost through an Instagram filter.

It’s not a re-invention just because you throw on a Manolo with an Adidas track suit does not mean you have created a new style that is direct descent from Calabasas.

Do you think that people in Calabasas are doing it the most visibly? Visible is only based on where the cameras are.

It is definitely, always, always, always from the street.

Okay so Calabasas did not invent streetwear but maybe by being in the spotlight, Calabasas has recontextualized what it means and who wears it.

Kanye has branded that cultural shift and is capitalizing on it.

But he’s not the only one.

It started as an inside joke between me and my friend group.

One rapper that we really love who had merchandise that was Bompton and it was all based on super hood gang culture.

It was just a little bit of satire.

Good to see you again.

Well, did it really start picking up after Kanye released his Calabasas Adidas line? Yeah.

I mean, Calabasas kind of came onto the map because of that.


Are you kind of riding the wave? That’s right.


Some people might say that you don’t have to carry that burden of growing up in a violent, dangerous community.

Did you get any sort of criticism? I’ve had people comment to me that they think it might be in bad taste me calling it Balabasas and appropriating gang culture.

To me, it’s obviously the irony, the satire of it.

I think a lot of fashion is irony.

Those within Calabasas are redefining what luxury means.

Luxury is no longer just about a price tag and looking like all you do is party.

Now it’s about appearing like you have the means to access exclusive items, the time for self-care and indulgence, and the flexibility to look like you don’t need a 9 to 5 job.

People want to dress like you.

People want to live here.

People are looking to Calabasas as a sort of epicenter of style right now.

Do you feel it? No.

The second that I graduate high school, I want to move.

I think if you spend your whole life here, you’re not really gonna have a real grasp on reality.

I think for me, it’s just being independent and making boss moves, just like my dad.

By the way, her dad is Snoop Dogg.

For the girls, it seems that Calabasas is not a final destination.

It’s a launch pad to set them up for a life they really want.

No matter where you’re from, a city, a suburb, we all have aspirations.

But, we also want to be comfortable in our own skin.

That’s what Calabasas style is.

I would get teased because I love hoop earrings.

And now I wear my hoops every single day.

I love them and they’re part of who I am.

Maybe it’s not fair to call this Calabasas style, but I think the reason the look resonates here is because Calabasas is aspirational.

After all, what are Kanye and Kim if not the embodiment of the American Dream? If you were to ask me, “Is Calabasas as cool as Kanye says it is?” To me, I would say yes.

Maybe you have this preconceived notion of what Calabasas is, but at the end of the day Calabasas is a mindset.


Sognatore’s Street Style Showcase

there's a new wave of hairstyles that are bold and perhaps a bit ambiguous and that they can be gender-neutral it's called street hair and here to show us some of the styles is the owner of San Natori salon bill Lincoln who also happens to style my hair good

morning good morning I'm glad to see you I just saw you on Friday yes so we were talking on Friday to a bit about like some of these really edgy Styles but they're effortless lists in a way effortless lists let me sing that right in a way so

tell me about what you're seeing what you've been seeing in the magazines well we've been seeing lots of like mullet cuts and undercutting of the hair and the like pinks and the hair and the greens and the hair it's very bold and it's very fun and so I

remember you telling me a few months back you said mullet mullets are coming in back in and I said there's no way and then your new assistant started here Nicky and Huff it is back and it's actually really cool so tell us about this look well Nicky has

the undercut on the side and she has the you know the shorter top and the longer back which is the true mullet mm-hmm and in her style can be wearing worn by male or female and that's a lot of what we're seeing also two styles that can be

a boy or girl could wear and they're sort of gender-neutral and Nikki you were telling me about some of these looks to that you're seeing the street style looks yeah and we have a good example on Zoe today which is kind of two styles in one for her

we went with something that you could wear at a music festivals such as Coachella or even what we're seeing a lot with our brides this season which is very effortlessly cool lots of loose waves and casual braids okay very cool so in addition to the mullet what other

street styles are you seeing I mean you kind of described it perfectly when we were talking about like polish Hill and these underground kind of clubs right so a lot of people in the DIY scene have styles with short bold bangs or shaved sides lots of interesting colors

that wouldn't typically go like things that go against a go for example is really popular in hair right now and so but when people come in I mean somebody like that's a professional that wants to have that bit of an edge how do you do that how do

you incorporate that into somebody's hair when they still have to like go to their nine-to-five but they want to have that that Street style and we could do something under cutting and like have a bob similar like what yours is and then you can wear it down when

you need to be professional or you can then you get pin it up and show your little so whenever you wanted to be a little more street stylish yeah we were talking about that too because I didn't realize that I was cool at all but you said yeah

you have the undercut and most people at home probably can't even see it but it is you kind of like shaved it down a little bit here on the sides to where you can still be professional that kind of edge right yes yeah and so you brought some

products with you to what is actually a happy birthday we brought you a shampoo and conditioner for blond hair that helps keep your blonde very clear looking like so it doesn't let it get yellow see I thought that this was something you were going to show up and

now I'm completely surprised so when we're talking about blonds and taking care of them what did you what did you bring these are they're like a purple shampoo and a conditioner and a lot of people want to have blonde hair over time it might get a little yellow

and these disapprove of color which takes away that yellowness okay and let's go back to Zoey's look just a bit cuz I did want to talk about that beach waves kind of like that really summery look it's still in are you still seeing that very much so yeah

it's not going anywhere yeah and we just um did her hair with one of those wands that they're called wands and you just wrap the hair around it like this and you hold it for a minute or two and you keep the end out and it gives it

that lets the end stay straight which gives it a very current modern okay you see how she has the curls but then her ends are straight yes very much so and that's easy for you to do at home easy and then cooperating that can I see some more

of the braid on the side it's really nice so what did you do there did you just braid it and then how did you twist it we curled her hair all over which helped to give it more body before the braid so that it would hold better and

it's actually two braids when that starts here and then there was one underneath and we connected them both into one and if you just have a handful of pins it's really easy to wrap them up on the sides keep pinning and then afterwards once it feels nice and

secure that's when you would want to go in and pull out some pieces of the braid to make it look thicker fuller and just kind of fill in that extra space over top of the pins very nice stuff thank you guys for coming in today thank you and

to find your own style you can visit SOG Natori and the Pennsylvanian at 1100 Liberty Avenue downtown that's where bill does my hair maybe I'll see you there