Americans create Korea street style outfits 🇺🇸🇰🇷 BeautyRia1004 Judges!! – Fashion Challenge

hey guys welcome back to my channel andin my last video you guys got to see me do a little try on haul of the purchasesI did in Korea and really it was just me testing out their free size because theyjust have one clothing size that they stick to

pretty much through all theirstores and I confidently shopped like I was a free size so if you guys haven'tseen that go check it out I'll link it down below but this is part two and Iwasn't even thinking of creating this type of video I'm gonna move over herewhile

I talk so I can show you guys some pictures like hot runway trend that theyhave so I grabbed my phone I texted Bri and I was like hey let's go look in hercloset and see if we can put together outfits that look exactly like what wesaw on the

streets of Korea and I figured since I bought so much more thanher that it was only fair that we cannot use pieces that we purchased in Korea sothere you have it let's not waste any more time let's get right into thisvideo I'm gonna shop my closet and this

just needs to be out of the way I don'tknow why I have it okay look at this yes it's a fanny packit's cool okay but this is like what I'm talking about this is going to give meso many brownie points it's gonna push my outfit over the edge

so I'm gonna dothat okay that's on the floor now let me continue shopping ah so American Oh evenmore American oh I forgot about this this is kind of cool but is this morelike old lady Korean this is like this cobweb I mean seriously it kind of lookslike a

cobweb you put this in the maybe pile which is I throw it on the bed andthen it fall onto the floor oh my god you know what I should do I should wearsomething that Bree gave me wants definitely don't mean especially but oneshe'll be like I feel like

this is popular a long time ago this don't askme why I bought it it's like a leotard type thing oh my gosh yes so we have the day andthen we have the night so starting with the day you'll see there's like a blackcamisole this is pretty loose fit

if I remember right I figured I needed somebling here and then move on down we're gonna have this pencil skirt with thistucked in like let's get this tucked in there nice and tight and then we'regonna add this so this kind of like helps with our figure just kind

of giveus that little Korean touch and then of course it's daytime so we need a littleschoolgirl a little casual white sneaker but let's move on to the night time sothis is like one of those like one-piece little diaper clip things I know Ishould know what it is but

I completely blanked but we're going to put this niceLauren Conrad business blazer this material is a little bit thinner so it'skind of hard to call it a blazer but look at the cut like it's a blazer andthen we have these jeans which I recently got that are ripped

all the waydown and we'll finish off with just like a simple black shoe the night outfit this little sportactually and then long-sleeve cuz it's colder at night also cute rufflesanother crop sweatshirt cuz I'm a big fan of the trend and this is velvet okayguys I actually end up

really liking this outfit the only thing that I wouldchange is this brown top like it's like it needs to be cropped more or somethingI don't know but enough excuses I did some really cute Korean touches to thislook at this outfit I'm not gonna lie to you I have

the bestoutfit did you see that breathethat was power move and you're not gonna be me you you wish you wish you good butyou're not going so now that we did the challenge Irealized we don't really know who won the challenge so I decided that we kindof need a

judge so I reached out to a Facebook forum page seeking a dallas-based Korean youtuberand that is why I met Gloria and her username is Beauty Rhea one zero zerofour and I don't really know the background behind your channel name liketell me about tell us about your channel well

the beauty comes from just likek-beauty cuz that's basically what my channel is Rhea is like my Korean nameone zero zero four is tons of which is angel and Korean put it all togetherokay so for the daytime I'll have it displayed up here so you guys can seewhat she's

looking at but this is my outfit that's betteroh this is the better one yeah this is my outfit and so as you can see I kindof did the socks a little bit in a quirky way cuz I saw that earrings areusually mixed matched right so I figured socks

be any pack why do you why is yourface expression that way I was trying to look cool I was trying to look um wellthere's other poses to I do oh I thought maybe it'd look down veryhigh fashion you know okay yeah good old fashion see yes a few

other poses maybeyou should look at your probably scaring you and Melanie another code okay I amjust as scary you're gonna go to the right you stare into your soul thesepictures would you say like am i hitting the mark with doing Korean streetsI see and then you have like

it's like the knit style that's very cute cuz likeKorea's really like they're like flowy kind of like slightly see-through andsexy oh yeah yeah he's like that black I think a tank or is it potato yeah yeah Ijust figured not too much skin real nice cuz Korea is very

kind of conservativestill they're not really too much of like I know it's like short short shortskirts mean nothing here nothing alternative is like please don't likecleavage like that yeah and then I just try it okay I think if you put it moreto the side I mean I'm not

sure like not really sure about Korean anyone I knowin America right now if any cuts are coming back kind of like older Koreanwomen but that's what I was going for this is like 20 is two babies lady ladychic oh this is kind of cool but is this more

like Oh Lady Korean okay I get whatyou're gonna do I feel like you slightly missed it a little bit okay I think theymight come or not come tonight we're like talk about your socks oh hey Imight believe me like oh your socks is falling do you want to

see breatheokay let's pose with hilarious okay let's see I'm going to say I can I giveyou an A for effort but you give her an actual a hurry is this kind of like it'sjust so like normal you know kind of hard to stay it's likewhatever you don't I

mean like is this looks very basic yeah oh my yours islike this unique so it looks different from what Americans would wear okay herseems like a very good can wear this can't see what she's wearing but thinkshe's wearing socks yeah I think she forgot to punch it is

ultimately who woncuz it looks like none of us got 100% on this quiz grade I think I think I thinkI like yours better yes fuck it breathe are you ready for the nighttime outfitoh my god the nighttime is is where everyone is like really trendy and theyjust when

I go to evil there's an eagle arkla do you want a creepy pose give itthem okay okay the same pose here's my nighttime outfit oh man this girl Ididn't know if it was really Korean style but I thought statement and nightI'm like I bet they take advantage cuz

they're so bold and this face actuallylooks good with this night okay do you think more the k-pop stars would wear itprobably okay oh yeah that's what I was going for but that like first time wasold lady this one is a kpop star like the wayabove yeah I gotcha

are you ready for Brees outfit that'sinferior to mine okay so I think she kind of went with the same concept yeahI feel like because she went with the same concept as day tonight it's justthe colors have changed yes no no I feel like she's just went top and

bottom andthat's it I see you know I think if she like accessorize more in this outfitthen you move even like cuz you know it's like street style it's not likemodern-day Korean well the Koreans it's like you knowing what would youwear if you were at like kung Laos or

if you were at dong dong we're like youknow like those like really young places like this is like the you see like everyday oh she's a kid Laureen lane talk did you hear that I think it's the cat sheloves coming I love caste okay all right I think

Iwant to give you oh my god I love this pose oh thank you for you feelingyourself it's cute oh my god literally look at my hand pleaseso you're saying that I want both grounds I think though oh my god is justa chance it just looks oh yeah love

it thanks girl so okay so if you like thisvideo be sure to like it if you want to see more Gloria it doesn't matter cuzshe's gonna be in more of my videos so okay subscribelove you mean it bye guys