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Hey what's up guys! Welcome back to my channel My name is Leo Chan of Levitate Style back again with another spring style video this time I'm showing you 5 to 6 easy, effortless spring style outfits that you can bring on your trip this is part of the travel

spring style series that I'm doing if you missed the one on Tokyo Street style make sure you check it out in the description So, this time last year I was in Asia for a month as you can imagine when you're traveling you don't want to pack everything you

have so I picked out specifically the pieces that I really love for spring and it's effortless for travel the denim jacket now the denim jacket for the spring is a no-brainer and bringing this on travel definitely a must it's such an easy piece to pair and wear with

other things that you bring on your trip this jacket obviously is great you got the light colors I also did a two-minute style tip video on the denim jacket how to wear it from work to weekend so if you missed that make sure you check it out in

the description I went with the light blue denim jacket for the rainbow building because I really love the light pastel colors and it matched perfectly with this lighter blue denim jacket for this look I decided to break up the double denim and went with black jeansinstead and then

go with the light base of a grey t-shirt and some grey Yeezys Another denim jacket look that I did this time going with the classic double denim so I went with a light blue denim, jacket black t-shirt blue jeans and then finish off with these white Gucci sneakers

this time with the double denim we went to the Monster Mansion building in Hong Kong This is probably one of the most famous shots now on Instagram Next up, back again is the leather jacket Here's another effortless leather jacketlook This time I'm just wearing with white t-shirt, black

jeans, and some white sneakers In Hong Kong there's a lot of interesting buildings and architecture and so at this playground that we found is popular on Instagram I wanted to go with this more monochromatic look, black andwhite to go with this like moody and grainy background Second leather

jacket look that I did I went with all black Black t-shirt, black jeans, for night out with my friends and then for the shoes I got this pop of brown to really change up the outfit and this is like a classic Saint Laurent look this outfit is really

great for the night time just hanging out my friend we were just chillingaround the Jordan area walking through the night market Next up it's the light blue suit on this day in Hong Kong we were exploring the central side of Hong Kong this side of the city is

all business a lot of commercial buildings, offices and so I wanted to dress it up a little bit I wanted to wear a suit Hong Kong is really hot there in the spring and summertime and so I wanted to go with a lighter suit jacket as you can

see this is perfect for the spring and summer season A lighter grey, almost has a hint of blue in it this is perfect for that season lighten things up at the same time stay sharp For the look I want to keep it simple and sharp so I went

with a nice white dress shirt and then for the tie I'm wearing a Thom Browne tie and then pairing with these Thom Browne dress shoes now the Thom Browne shoes is the main point of the outfit this is the bold piece in this outfit keeping the whole outfit

nice and simple and sharp the shoes really stand outin this outfit By the way fun fact I was actually born and raised in Hong Kong until I was ten years old and then that's when my family and I moved to New York City Next up the Camo shirt

jacket I noticed that in spring trends this year Camo was making a huge comeback but I think camo is actually a really nice essential to have in any guy's closet I love that this is a nice strong and bold pattern that we can wear casually so I think

you should always be able to wear camo all year round If you didn't know, Hong Kong is a pretty hot city and so when it comes to spring it's already like 75/80 degrees things like this is perfect for that and to lighten things up for spring I love

to gowith brown matching the brown in the shirt jacket here so go with this lighter suede brown in the Saint Laurent boot For the jeans I went with these light blue ripped jeans from John Elliott I love the camo pattern for travel because it's such a strong pattern

and you can really mix and match with a lot of things in your closet and also in a crazy city like Hong Kong you know it's kind of like the concrete jungle so just kind of having fun with that and wearinga patterned shirt like this to go with

the backdrop next we have a striped shirt outfit Hong Kong can get very hot and humid and so there are days where you really just can't wear a jacket that's when a dress shirt like this can come in really handy This shirt you can wear as like a

light layer a light jacket per se just pairing this striped shirt with a gray shirt underneath and some white jeans it's a nice casual hot day outfit next up I have a Thom Browne scarf as you can see we're getting hotter and hotter in this spring style video

Hong Kong can get really hot in the spring and summer season and so when it's way too hot I would evenjust style an outfit with a scarf this is a 100% cotton scarf and this kind of gives you a little accessory to style your outfit as you can

see in thisoutfit I'm just wearing all black black t-shirt, black jeans and I'm just pairing the scarf with my Thom Browne dress shoes this simple pairing can be a really nice way to dress up a simple outfit I'm just wearing all black it's a very New York City

city look and so this is a cool way to kind of add some style to a plain outfit let me know which one of these outfits is your favorite subscribe if you haven't already thank you guys for watching!