6 Easy Outfits For Guys | Tokyo Street Style Spring 2019 | Levitate Style

Hey what's up guys! Welcome back to my channel My name is Leo Chan of Levitate Style In this video I'm gonna show you some spring outfits from my trip to Tokyo, Japan Tokyo is definitely one of my favorite places in the worldto travel to always have a really

good time and I really love their street style there so I'm gonna show you really quick four different outfits that will work in Tokyo for your spring style First outfit is with this suede color fieldjacket I really love this color to match the castles and the colors of

Tokyo I wore this outfit to the Imperial Palace and this area is all about the castle and I think the colors work perfectly with this jacket Tokyo weather is actually really similar to New York so when it comes to spring (April, May) it could get chilly so on

this day it was actually pretty cold I decided to layerup so that's tip number 1 you got to layer up I have like a shirt jacket and then on top of that I put on this suede jacket and then for the rest of the outfit I kept it

pretty simple just blue jeans and of course some black Chelsea boots that you can wear the whole trip so when I was planning this outfit I was really thinking about matching my environment at this place you got thesetting, the bridge and the castles, those colors really match with

the suede color and the black boots so that's what makes this outfit workreally well matching my outfit to my backdrop, to my environment next I have this leather jacket look in Shibuya In case you didn't know, Tokyo is hugeon streetwear they love street style so for this look

I wanted to go with this monochromatic going all black and grey but at the same time mixing in things like my favorite leather jacket with Off-White and Yeezys Tokyo, much like New York City, is such a busy city so I wanted to go with this all-black kind of

street style look once again it's during the spring time so the most important tip is to layer up I decided to go with this Off-White, kind of like a shirt, jacket this is great – I can wear this kind of like a jacket but I can also layer

it under my leather jacket and then throughout the day if it gets too warm I'll just take it off and it's a whole other outfit and to finish off this street style look I wanted to go with something more hypebeast and so Idecided to go with these Yeezy's

350 I'll let my background and my photos dothe talking so different parts of Tokyo is really colorful with all the street signs Shibuya really busy and then Shinjuku, a lot of fun Stopped by this mall that had really cool mirror display on the inside so when you're planning

your outfit think about the places you're gonna go and then if your outfit is gonna be too loud If it's going to compliment If you guys are liking this video so far please make sure to hit the subscribe button that'll help me out a lot I'm justtrying to

grow this channel next up we have this pattern bomber jacket The design on this jacket is perfect for Tokyo so I had to bring this with me and of course this is perfect for the day that we're visiting Sensoji temple now this day I actually really wanted to

match everything the temple has to offer so I was thinking everything red so pieces that have red details on them tomatch my surrounding I like that this jacket is a very lightweight it's perfectfor the spring season perfect for spring style it's also really light so that it's easy

to pack in your suitcase and it won't be too heavy and then for the bottom I matched it with these black and red stripes and then for the shoes I wanted to pack a pair of shoes that I can wear the whole trip, really comfortable these leather sneakers

from Gucci of course for a trip you definitely need whitesneakers and so I wanted to go with these Gucci sneakers because it has thered details to match with all my pieces on this trip Again with the layering I wentwith this red striped sweater the color details matches perfectly

with my outfit same time this sweater is bold enough to be on his own for this outfit overall it's a dressyoutfit but I wanted to dress it down have it more casual having a little morefun with a striped shirt pairing the patterns so different stripes on thisshirt with

the pinstripe on my dress pants and then I have a light Uniqlo turtleneck as my undershirt like dressy but dressed down I was wearing this outfit just kindof touring around the hotel in Tokyo it's just so cool to take in the views andfeel like I'm lost in new

city Last but not least, a souvenir jacket The souvenir jacket was really trendy about two years ago I actually wanted to wait for thetrend to die down so that can get one of my own souvenir jackets are soldbasically everyone around Tokyo but there are a lot that are

the same so I wanted tolook for something that's a little bit different a little more intricate for me, the most important part is the back of course I really love the back design ofthis jacket you got the dragon and the tiger and this actually symbolizes thebalance of power

I wanted something that was black and white that I can wear over and over again not something too crazy that I can only wearonce I think of this souvenir jacket as my souvenir from the trip becauseone I wanted one for a while but it was too trendy literally

too trendy that everybrand everybody was making one so getting one from Japan was definitelymore special to me I wanted to wear this jacket to visit the Shinjuku Gardenit's a beautiful beautiful park we were there in the early spring and so it was justsome cherry blossoms happening and this

jacket really fits in with the vibes andthe style of Tokyo If you guys want to know more ways to wear the leather jacket I did a 2-minute style tip video on the leather jacket how to wear it from work to weekend All in all when it comes to

travelstyle I really like to do research beforehand on the places I'm going tosee what kind of architecture what kind of colors what's to buy and then plan myoutfits around that For me Tokyo is a lot of fun becausethere's street style there is city but there's also castles and

temples a lot ofdifferent colors and different things happening in this amazing city I would love to know which one of these outfits is your favorite thank you guys forwatching