5 Navy Suit Summer Outfit Ideas | Summer Suit Style | Men's Fashion 2020

– A navy suit is one ofthe most versatile suits you can own.

It's as easy to dress upas it is to dress down.

You can wear it forbasically any occasion, and in any season, yes, including summer.

It's got to have theright elements, though, and in this video we're gonnatalk about what those are and I'm going to show you five different ways to wear a navy suit in the summer.

I'm Brian Sacawa, and you'rewatching “He Spoke Style”.

The number one most importantthing, primary consideration, when it comes to wearinga suit in the summertime is the fabric.

It's got to be light, it's got to be breathable.

There are a variety of differentfabrics that fit that bill, including what we've gothere, which is a hopsack.

Now hopsack is actually aparticular kind of weave in the fabric, not the fabric itself, though we tend to use thoseterms interchangeably.

It's light, it's got some texture, which makes it more casual.

And on this suit, in particular, which is from our collectionwith Michael Andrews, we have patch pockets and a half lining which also contributes tothe casual and aery quality, making it a great fit for summer.

As you can see, I've styledit in a pretty classic way, though definitely witha few nods to the season with lighter colors and seasonal fabrics.

The shirt is HSS MichaelAndrews ice blue Oxford cloth, and I paired that with a great light tan linen tie by Drake's.

Summer fabrics don't justapply to your suit choice, but also to your neckwear.

Even though this iskind of a classic look, we're going with a morecarefree pocket square fold.

Sunglasses are by OliverPeoples, they're the Banks.

On my wrist is the VacheronConstantin Traditionnelle.

And then we're finishing off this look with a pair of suede pennyloafers by To Boot New York.

Aside from the fabric choice, which remember is the mostimportant part of the equation, here we are taking a look atone of the most obvious ways to make a suit more tolerablewhen it's hot outside, and that is by losing the tie.

This particular look is sosimple and so easy to do.

It just looks so cool, so smooth, and so classic in that really casual, relaxed, and summer kind of way.

Cocktail party, date night, al fresco dinner with a slightbreeze coming off the sea, perfect for that.

Those are the scenarios Ithink this would look great in.

Now let's just quickly go over the details of this very simple look.

White shirt is a lightweight poplin, it's HSS Michael Andrews, sunglasses are by John Varvatos, watch is the IWC Ingenieur, and anchored by a pairof chic suede loafers by Baudoin and Lange.

Unless I'm going tosomeplace like the jungle, I always take one suitwith me on vacation.

Robin and I like to go out for cocktails or a nice dinner here and there, and getting dressed up is apart of the experience for us.

Wearing a suit, though, does not necessarily mean that you have to wear a tie, and this look showcases one of the ways that I love to kind of walk that line between dressy and casual withmy summertime suited looks.

The hero piece here, andwhat makes the outfit, is this tan polo from outcollection with Michael Andrews.

It's in a very soft pimacotton but it honestly feels more like a merino wool, more of a knit feel than a cotton polo shirt.

You don't have to dothe collar the way I did over the jacket, but forthis look I like the retro kind of devil-may-careswankiness that it lends to it.

For a vacation look likethis, gotta have a hat.

My Panama hat here is by Homero Ortega.

Oliver Peoples Banks sunglasses again.

On my wrist is the TagHeuer Carrera Blue Dreamer, my absolute favorite summer watch.

And then finishing this look off with the Allen Edmonds GrandCayman horsebit loafers.

Kind of a variation on thesecond look here, though, a little edgier and a lot more casual.

This outfit is actually a great platform to bring up the issue of these categories that we like to kind ofsection style off into.

You've got a suit, that's dressy.

A tee shirt, that's casual.

They don't mix, some people will say but I would say why not? Why is it quote-unquote illegalto combine tailored clothing with casual clothing? Personally, I think it's totally fine and it really encapsulatesthis sort of forward momentum and furthering of anacceptance of tailored clothing into men's wardrobes.

I want you guys to understand that there's not justone way to do something, and that there's no wrong when it comes to mixing tailored and casual.

For some people, like me, it'sreally an honest expression of my personal style and mylove for both of those styles.

I'm gonna get off mysoapbox now to let you know that the tee shirt I'mwearing is by Theory.

The sunglasses, my Hollywood sunglasses, are vintage USS frames with a blue lens that I got from RetroSpecs.

Making a statement withthe Datograph on the wrist, and keeping it sporty, casual, and cool with the Common ProjectsOriginal Achilles.

Another classic suited look though, we're doing it up with alittle more summer style and flare this time.

Regardless of whetheryou consider your style to be more conservative or kind of on the less adventurous side, summer is a great opportunityto have a little fun with color and pattern.

It doesn't mean you have to go overboard and be really loud and wild, just something subtle witha little seasonal color and pattern will get the job done.

Easy way to do that with a shirt is to add a light pink shirt to your wardrobe.

Looks great with a navy suit.

The tie here by Drake's, silk, cool pattern that's playful but not too loud.

Really compliments the suit and the shirt, and makes a great focalpoint for the outfit.

Pocket square is also by Drake's.

Sunglasses are by Oliver Peoples.

On my wrist, once again, is the Vacheron Constantin Traditionnelle.

Belgian Shoes Mr.

Casual suede loafers.

If you think it's too hot inthe summer to wear a suit, think again and I've actuallyput together a playlist for you showing you many, many, many ways to wear a suit when it'shot outside, no excuses.

So click there.

I'll jump into some other suitsand see you in those videos with some fresh outfit ideas.

And don't forget, stay tailored.