Обзор на баскетбольные кроссовки | Nike AIR JORDAN «WHY NOT?» ZER0.3 SE [ENG SUB]

Hello World! Today in this video i want to make an overview on basketball shoes Nike Air Jordan Why Not Zero 3 special edition Let`s go! I draw your attention that i`ll talk about SE version Cause there is a basic version that has several visual differences And the main difference is a Velcro on the top of the shoe In SE version designers decided to add two loops on the sneaker tongue and that makes put on shoes and straighten it simpler Two additional loop fasteners have been added to the outside of the shoe for better fixation During the test i`ve tried several variations of lacing just to understand how effective are those loops are fixing your feet During tight lacing the loop which located at the sock made a little discomfort and the top loop didn`t have any purpose at all Maybe that`s because my ankle is very thin cause with tight lacing i can close two upper loops Shoes itself are created for narrow sole but it gives you an opportunity to use special supports for ankle`s defence Cause this version of shoes is created only in low version.

This shoes give you an absolute freedom of movements in the gym Because of that for some people it creates a discomfort but some people will feel much better and i`m in the second group of people I`ll show you few moments when i played in this shoes just to proove it This fly feeling i didn`t feel for a long time and probably last time i`ve felt that when i tested Mizuno Momentums This will sound kinda loud but i`d say that this shoes are basketball version of Momentum shoes And if you wanted Mizuno but couldn`t find it i reccomend you to look at this model As itself it`s not a 100% analogue, there are Advantages and disadvantages, let`s talk about them During the test i do a test for myself by jumping at the highest point of net At this gym this is the only measure point where i can check how good do i jump at some shoes during the first training I can certainly say that you don`t need to get used to this shoes and it fits perfectly at the first day when you get it As is commonly believed shoes don`t have to increase your jump but it`s quiet possible that if you wear wrong shoes – they will decrease your jump And Why Not 3 don`t have this kind of problem and it`s pretty possible that if i would do a measurements i would do my 330cm standing vert Because instead of used zoom baloon in the front side there is a three-sectioned air zoom turbo Because of that amortization is fuller especially if to compare them to Alphadunks whole baloon Where i can`t even bend them by standing on the toes with 70kilos of weight Why Not`s weight is 335 g in 8.

5 US size the same as Mizuno Momentums but amortization here is much better That`s why potential user weight increases As always i want to say thanks to Kinash sports! You can check the whole range in this shop.

All links are in the description! There you can find an extra coupon Let`s talk about traction, the picture consists of Harry Potter scars which are creating the labyrinth You can see the lines which separating picture of sole It`s because Zoom`s baloon consists of three parts, thankful to that you get great feedback and court feelings I`ve traned in dusty gym and in clean, no problems at all You can use this shoes in rubber crumb without any problems but i wouldn`t recomend to train on the concrete 9/10 to the traction, it`s very good but i know the better Let`s talk about amortization, my weight is about 70 kilos and my jump is about 100 cm, i really had enough of it This shoes will perfectly fit for fast players below 100 kg, i recorded a volleyball training with a spur in the leg at the front side of the foot And i didn`t remembered it even for a one time while i played in this shoes You don`t have to think that this amortization is perfect, it`s good but it`s not perfect If you are looking for perfect amortization it`s better to check shoes which have a whole zoom`s baloon such as Alphadunks From me it`s 8/10 for amortization This shoes consist of light air material with a rubber sizings in most wearing places After long two hours training feet don`t feel any discomfort at all I want to say respect apart for the designers for this perfectly constructed sneaker tongue Often due to the presence of an internal seam it creates a discomfort I don`t have a problem with it here On opposite side there is three loops for laces Thankful to it tongue fixed very nice during the game During the test i had a feeling that this shoe is created from whole mono-sock Comfort and vent is 10/10 no doubt Insole in this shoe is glued and as it seems to me it`s quite strange thought During the montage i was thinking about the fact that every basketball shoes that i have have a glued insole and opposite in every volleyball shoes I don`t know why is that like that but i`d like to ask you guys, which shoes do you use now to play and can you get the insole out of it? Please write it down in the comments The plastic insert in the middle of the shoe is responsible for torsional rigidity Important moment, i test this shoes just to play volleyball and jumping If you want to know how do this shoes do in basketball then i recomend you to wait for Krossovkinet`s video on YouTube Because after my review i`ll give them to him, he really wanted to test them As a result, should you check this shoes for volleyball? Certainly yes They are perfect for fast players with weight below 100 kg This shoes are size to size and if you already had a Nike model then you can choose the same size as you had If you don`t have an experience of buying shoes from the internet then i reccomend you to watch in table size You can always check your foot in cm and compare to the US size From me i really reccomend this shoes to buy especially for those who checked Mizuno Momentums for buying Also it`s really interesting that this shoes have a very high circled heel what`s usually happens in volleyball shoes I told about this not long time ago in my Asics Metarise review, i reccomend you to watch it if you ain`t watched it yet I told more about the fact that volleyball players use more roll of the heel You can find a link on this video in the description Only strange thing in this shoes is this.



i don`t even know how to name it, write please in the comments about it It reminds of some Shark`s fin and don`t have any semantic load cause Why Not 1 didn`t have this thing For those who watch my videos till the end i`d like to ask you a question, do you change a lacing after you buy a new shoes or leave it as it been? Me myself i do change a laces cause fixation of the foot is really depends on how tight are laces As always thank you very much for the view! If you liked this video please don`t forget to like it and leave a comment! Also you can write which model should i overview next If you have any questions about this shoes you can ask me in the comments My name is Egor Pupynin, see you in the internet!.