Карина Нигай / Обзор Street Style луков #MBFWR: Марьяна Ро, VogueDiary, Гном Гномыч

Hi! I'm the collection of DVDs you haven't thrown away yet, Gosha Kartsev.

I'm these shitty notes on Gosha Kartsev's computer.

My name is Karina Nigay.

And this is Gosha Kartsev channel.

Street style from Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia.

Review with Gosha Kartsev Karina, what do you do? I'm a fashion influencer.

But I'm a celebrity stylist more like, like media person.

Are you cunning? A little.

Are you insolent? Absolutely.

Do you feel like tearing it up? I feel like telling the truth.

I won't hate it if it's beautiful.

It isn't.

She's wearing boots and black stockings.

She's wearing white boots and a white skirt, right? And here are long socks as well.

She's cold, so she's hidden them under the overalls.

Do you think they want to look expensive? No, they want to take pictures.

There's this huge retail chain “Everything for 60 rubles”.

Why should she need this coffee which says “I bought it for 60 rubles”? Or is it like, “I'm that rich that I can drink coffee for 60 rubles”? What do you mean rich? I like the concept but.



I like it that they all wear beige.

I'm sure they all are stylists.

But look at their outfit.

It kills me.

I sometimes see those stylists on Instagram and think “You need a freaking stylist yourself!” “Hey, go and learn! Seriously!” What kind of stylist is she? She herself needs to change her outfit and make up and lick into shape.

Maybe she's only a beginner.

I'm like a good cop today.

You see, I think a stylist is like a singer.

You have to be gifted.

Have you hidden your old videos on YouTube? “Our wedding”.

It's a beautiful one.

A heartwarming one.

Very heartwarming.

I just wonder if there's a singer on this video.

I don't mind this.

Let's give it a chance.

What's good about it? That all three of them are wearing beige.

I'd polish it a little.

Even with clothes from mass market stores they could style it a bit.




It looks like they got out of this Peugeot behind them.

Car expert.

Obviously not this Mercedes.

This is totally a French street style.

If it's a trench over a trench, I don't like it.

If it's one piece, then it's interesting.

Write in the comments what you think.

Ah, those tricks so that you boost his rating.

Oh! That's a good one! It's one and a half.

Double one.

One and a half dressing.

I'd buy this puffer jacket.

It's cool.

When you wear it alone, not with someone else.

It's such a bullshit.


And this colour.

Fancy that.


Of course, you're lonely.

Have you seen yourself in the mirror? Rooster! Black raven.

This is Maleficent.

Malifistina, this is Malifistina.

Pimpled woodpecker.


Oh! I like the jacket.

The jacket is alright, why is the bun? And no make up.

What are the pearls for? I don't think you should go around the city dressed like this.

She might've wanted to wear something weird for the Fashion week, but she should've done it beautifully.

Ooh-la-la! These always take part in street style shows.

It's like Voguediary.

She's one of thousands who turned from a street style model into a blogger.

It's her everyday style.

She's crazy, so she wears this every day.

Yeah, she's savvy.

Actually, this is Maryana Ro.

She's Face's girlfriend.

This one? Yes.

I think you could be friends, because she hates everyone.

Watch her interview on.



That's my reputation.

What? Do you think you're saint? Minimalistic.

He's cute.

I like it.

Yeah, I like it.

Everything matches, the colours, the chainlet.

Yes, and he's handsome.

Good job.

Look at those pins.

Pins on stockings.


I've never seen it.

Wait, is it her dad's tie? It's a rebus.

“Solve me”.

Is she pregnant or that is because of the wind? These are multiple layers.

Well, okay.

What are the socks for? I'd take off the socks because everything else is hairy and bright enough.

You can see girls like this in Milan.

Chinese by the way.

She might be not Russian.

Maybe because she's like, you know.

What? With squinty eyes like me.

What should you look like for a street style show? Tell us like a granny of street style.

Thank you, darling.

You're welcome, darling.

Well, I don't want to tell you all the secrets.

Assuming that last time half of Moscow came to Milan.

They made me laugh.

You fly to Milan, don't you? I fly everywhere.

How many countries? 57.


This isn't that bad except maybe the make up.

These boots.

They're from Zara or something.

Yeah, maybe.

Again, if you put her in line with them, she'd look weird.

Shoot a fashion machine gun at her.


How many songs by Krovostock do you know? I don't listen to such music.

I listened to Factor-2.

“Tell me, beautiful, what's that you don't like?” This is fake! It's a fake fake! They are not Fendi's letters.

And the proportions, aah! Yes, of course, it's wider.

I told you, look, the pocket is out of straight.

You can say it only by this.

High five.

Yeah, I can tell fake stuff from afar.

This beard.

Why do they need it? If you don't have a proper one, then you don't need it.

Follow Gosha's example.

And 50 more jokes about my bald head from Karina Nigay.

Without this Russian headscarf, it'd be a typical New York style.

Like, “I'm out to walk my dog”.

Gothic style.

Can you see the cross? Street style is supposed to inspire.

It inspires you to have your thematic photoshoot.

It's trendy.

Old man Supreme against the background of NY.

Who are you? Maybe a model? No! I think no-one.

These are these trendy students, you know? No, and I don't want to.

Hanging jeans-yao.

What do you think? Nice word.


A busy chick, I like it.

I don't like it that her hair is unbrushed.

Totally, like she's been ploughing with her head.

The trench is nice.

Yes, so is the footwear.

You don't like it? I don't know.

I don't care.

Yeah? Okay.

You know what I don't like? I don't like this blouse underneath.

All the rest is alright.

What do you think about loafers with Adidas? It's like a stylistic thing, no? Well, okay.

“Pink flamingo” “a child of a sunset” Totally no.

“I'm mama's Leroy Merlin”.

This is just an old lady, right? They're everywhere, these PJs.

Let's give it a name.


Category is Beetroot puke.

“You wear Louis, Louis, Louis”.

I really want you to stop going to the Fashion Week.

For goodness' sake.

You're the generation Z.

Stop acting like thugs.

Do you want to see what Vogue chose and posted as Street style from the Fashion week in Moscow on their site? I do.

Puke! Seriously.

The person in the puffer jacket, two people.

These are okay.

Maryana Ro, let it be.

Here he is, this one, the flamingo.

A copycat of Morgenshtern.

A bad one.

We liked this one.


Vampire from Leroy Merlin.

And this one.

The inverted one, Malifistina Lonely.

And this one? Really? Fancy that.

They've posted it.

And this.

Hello, Russian Vogue, are you alright? I think this is meant to bring more visitors to their site.

But I would've thought so if I hadn't seen this on Instagram.

Here is the question.

What is it? Gnom Gnomych is on the cover of Vogue Russia dedicated to the Christmas Charity Ball.


The idea is great but come on.

If it was Vodyanova and the children, it would be great.

But what is this family doing here? Seriously.

I think Vogue looks cheaper this way.

It's like Olya Buzova on the cover of Vogue.

Okay, forget about it.

In the next part, I'd like you to explain your choice.

We're going to discuss street style fashion from Karina Nigay.

Look, when I saw this eye, it was six months before the Fasion Week, I thought I'd wear it to Gucci.

But I couldn't take it with me.

You can't fold it? No, you need to hold it like this on the plane.

Then I had the idea it should be the elegant Dior.

And it was a success.

All the magazines published it and.



Gosha Kartsev posted stories about it.

What else do I need? It's such a bullshit, Karina! What do you mean? I was shocked.

Everyone liked it! You can laugh at me as long as you want.

If it was a Russian Fashion Week, I wouldn't be surprised.

You know? Because we all are crazy.

Paris is Dior.

For me, it's the same level of insolency as that woman who came out at the Chanel show, you know? Like “here I am”.

It was elegant, you know? Karina, you're wearing an eye head.

Yes, but it's cool.

First of all, magazines really liked it.

Which ones? Optical? Didn't you get a contract from a fish? It was in a French.

It was in Vogue France.

Do you know what I respect you for? That you don't give a shit about everyone else's opinion! You know? Either you're wearing an eye or not.

“Okay, guys, I got your attention”, “Good bye.

Thank you, next”.

And keep going.

And this eye.



It's my style.

Yeah, it's like you don't give a shit.

So you came and to those who'd already come you're like.




Big Russian eye”.

It's like, “Russia, see?”.

I'm more like Anna Dello Russo.


Who hyped on street style and became Anna Dello Russo.

I'm more like that.

You're Anna Dello Russo plus Chiara Ferragni I mean, you're just a trendy product, that's it.

And I feel really comfortable there.

Another question: Karina, what do you need Tik Tok for? Beautiful, la-la-la.

Let me explain, then you'll watch.

You also have Tik Tok, 21 followers.

I think you're a blogger only if you have a YouTube channel.

And now Tik Tok rules.

And I just don't want to realise one day that I'm forgotten.

My audience is really grown up.

They're grown up girls over 20.

That's why I thought I could use Tik Tok to try communicating with the generation Z.

I'm not doing very well though, but why not? You're just.



You're actually a wise woman.

Apparently, expensive background doesn't work there.

You need something like this cheap fake tree.

You know the challenges! You're a freaking Tik Toker! Karina, what do you say when you hear: “She sucked for it”? All this like, “The husband of hers, the house, Rublyovka, the store”.

The first year I cried.

The second I meant to leave.

The third, the third year was tough.

I closed up and left YouTube.

That's when it went down for a while and I still can't bring it back to what it used to be.

And you have to take part in all these.

Yeah, all these cheap shows.

Take part in this and stuff.

I'm fortunate that after my pregnancy, even though I never posted pics of my child, my Instagram rocketed.

And I had to work hard.

Work is work.

If people say shitty things about you, well, just fuck off.

In fact, I have a person who clears up all the negative stuff.

I don't read it.

Wait, what were we talking about? So you sucked for it, then you blocked it.

It's after your pregnancy that you dropped guard.

I considered myself an ugly fat bitch who should stay at home at all times.

I had this inferiority complex about my appearance.

After I gave a birth to my child I appeared not to have gained a kilo.

It's like I had a baby and that's it.

And in a week after that I shot in beachwear for a Calzedonia campaign.

Since that day we've been working hard and thankfully it was the time when my Instagram started working really well.

Even though you show your husband and child, you tell nothing about yourself.

I want to present myself as an expert.

How do you feel about it now? I'm calm.

Karina, could you give some advice to a young influencer.

Find a job.

It's Gosha Kartsev channel.

This has been who? Karina Nigay.

Nigay and Gosha Kartsev.

Like, share, comment, subscribe.

I hate it when you say this.

Go and shoot a video for Tik Tok first, then.



It's just.




Look at me”.

I start speaking like you.

Everyone says you steal things, that proves it.

You read too much of Telegram.

Fuck off.

I'm leaving.

You sucked for it.

Bald asshole.

Thanks for coming.